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    For those of you that love the hummingbirds.

    They are on the way.

    On the Hummer site on the net, hummers have been spotted from Texas,Alabama and over to Georgia.

    A few sightings have been made in NC. In the georgia where I live they have sightings just below Atlanta.

    So get out a feeder. No need to but the store bought pink stuff. Just mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. "NO" color needed.

    They usually arrive at my house between the 1st and the 15th of April.

    And! the males arrive first and several days later the females arrive.

    I start out with 1 feeded and as more arrive I add another and another. By the end of summer there is a build up of hummers coming through and you will need more feeders.

    By that time I have out over a dozen feeders and 25 -30 hummers around my feeders.

    Happy bird watching

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    Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to my hummers every spring. Like you I start out with one feeder and end up with many. I bought a bag of cane sugar last week so I would be ready for my first sighting!!!!
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    In each of the past 3 years I've had a really special moment with hummingbirds. They've brushed up against me (even in the dark going after night blooming Four O'Clocks) & flew next to my ear in the afternoon.

    My plans are to expand our native plant garden this spring & we're putting our feeder up this weekend in PA. Neighbors who used to feed the hummingbirds moved away, so I definately want to be there for the arrival this year.

    Hummers along with butterflies can take my mind outside of myself. Just sitting on the porch is a visual treat. No need to get in the car to fight traffic to find a good spot to watch. And I don't have to get up early in the AM (when I can't). Talk about lowering stress.
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    Thanks LittleBrownWren (very sweet name, by the way:) I love the little hummingbirds, and these posts have put a big smile on my face.

    When I'm in the garden & I happen to be wearing my cherry lip balm, they hover in front of my face to investigate.

    It's a lovely Close Encounter of the Bird Kind!

    Happy bird watching to you all,


  5. rockgor

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    Amazing birds. Their hearts beat over 1000 times a minute when flying, but when resting can slow down to 50. Did you ever notice the sound they make? I didn't till someone called my attention to it. A sort of a clicking chirping noise.

    Some of the nurseries around the area are regularly visited by hummers.
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    I don't know if it is ok to post this, but it is pictures of some hummingbirds hatching. It is absolutely awe inspiring.

    Hope it's ok, if not, oops, sorry!


    Stop and smell the puppies!

    PS - My hummers usually start showing up in late March, early April. The rufus come first, but only stay for a couple days to fuel up before they head for the mountains. Then the black chins, which stay all summer and late into the fall. The rufus come back through anywhere from September to late October, again only for a day or two, and then head south..

    Around here they say to put your feeders up when the bleeding hearts start to bloom, but at my house you will have little birdies pecking on the windows by then!

    I've had them land on the feeder while I am hanging it up after I fill it. They are so fun to watch!

    More hugzz
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  8. 69mach1

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    outside my patio door...i live in california so alert there are hummingbirds in san francisco area....

  9. littlebrownwren

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    I got the wonderful chance to watch hummers hatch from my sis's home. They accidently found the nest and set up a camera, so was able to watch from the porch.

    In late summer when they go into their feeding frenzy to prepare to leave they will eat out of your hand if you put nectar in a red lid and stand still and be patient.

    2years ago I got the supprise of my life when I had just sit down to christmas dinner a looked out my window at the only feeder still out and there was a rufus at the feeder.

    I could not find the word hummer in my brain and so proceeded to sorta flap my wings and "YELL" it's a, it's a .

    Everybody thougth I was having a heart attack and run to me.

    Out of 20 people here only 5 got to see it and I was thrilled to get to post an out of season sighting for my first time.

    Since I don't have much in bloom right now I will have to make a trip to the garden center for a basket or 2 of impatients to greet them. I am ready for my babies.

  10. 69mach1

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    i had to chuckle at your christmas day sighting....

    maybe if you keep flapping you will turn into a humming bird then you will be able to fly....hee hee

    i hope you get to see more birds to bring some delight to your lifee....

    keep on flappin'