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  1. KJ2003

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    Hi All,

    I live in Texarkana TX, which is quite a distance from Galveston, but they have upgraded Rita to a level 3 hurricane and it looks like this is going to be a repeat of Katrina.

    They are moving all of the evacuees from Houston to Arkansas and evacuating New Orleans (I guess this means the workers and whoever is left in the city) and Galveston.

    We have 3000 evacuees here in the town I live in and, although, we are only being forecast torrential rainfall beginning on Saturday, the weather folks at the station are more concerned with activity from Rita, such as tornadoes and heavy winds.

    Anyway, I'm not worried about us. I've weathered worse. But I have never in my life witnessed what we are witnessing now. It is hard to fathom that just one month after the worse disaster EVER, there is going to be another one. This completely boggles my mind.

    I thought I would start this thread NOW. If you are in the Galveston area, PLEASE post here and let us know of your plans ahead of time.

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    HI Kim,
    Austin/San Marcos area here. I think there is also someone from Corpus Christi that chats with us. Are they going to get hit too? I havent seen the update lately. I wish I could remember who the Corpus person was! I did hear its upgraded to a 4 now.

  3. KJ2003

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    I'm unsure about Corpus. From all of the news stories I've read, they are calling for evacuations for the New Orleans and Galveston areas.

    There's about a 5-hour distance between Galveston and Corpus so I'm not sure if Corpus will be included or not. We'll just have to wait and see what Rita does.

  4. Mikie

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    To the south of us last night. We got wind gusts and rain from the outer bands. Today is dark and cloudy with low lying scud but it is calm. I kept the TV on til 3:00 a.m. so I would know if the storm did a crazy hard right turn like Charley did.

    My kids have a rental house in Galveston and my SIL's Mother lives in Houston. I hope wherever this monster hits, it is in a low-density population area.

    My prayers go out to anyone in the path of this storm.

    Love, Mikie
  5. KJ2003

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Please keep us updated as to how they are weathering Rita, when it comes through.

    mikie, at the station I work at, we are in talks with meteorologists and they are predicting Rita to be as strong, if not worse, than Katrina. Our local Red Cross gals have been in meetings all morning to prepare for Rita. As I've said before, we already have 3000 evacuees. Lord knows how many more we will have before all of this is over and done.

    I've never witnessed, or even conceived in my mind, anything like we have seen with Katrina much less ANOTHER one the size of Rita. This is hard to comprehend.

    This doesn't just effect the folks who live in the path of the hurricane(s). It effects us all as a nation and it is mind-boggling to think of the responsibilities we have now and in the days to come.

    Blessings to all...

    Be safe,