OT I laugh at myself to keep my sanity

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bozey, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. bozey

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    I am the joke in my family but in a good way. We have a motor home on the top side of the driveway behind the garage. We are outside alot after supper. My son and daughter in law to be are here at least 3 days a week. It never fails that I will trip, talk funny or walk goofy and one of them will say, "Been up to the trailer again, huh?" (I don't drink, but the joke is that I have a 'stash' up in the trailer).

    My husband said the other day that he locked it up so I can't get to my stash. When he walked away, I told my daughter in law that it wasn't on the inside anyway, it's in the back in one of the outside doors! LOL Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes to keep from crying.

    Other times, my husband will say 'Why don't you sit down before you fall down'.

    And, when my daughter or niece are here or even talking to me on the phone, they start talking weird, saying the wrong things in a sentence, or saying something backwards. They used to blame it on the house but now they blame it on me. They say it's my aura and it is rubbing off on them. They swear they aren't this way when they are away from me. Sometimes, we laugh so hard we have tears streaming down our face. No one outside the conversation thinks this is funny, they just look at us like we have 2 heads if we try to explain why we are laughing. I guess it's one of those things where ya had to be there. I've had many a sore belly from laughing so hard.

    Just thought I'd share some goofy things that keep me going. I know I am loved.


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    My adult kids are always having a laugh at my expence. For instance this mornig we drove nearly two hours to go to court for my bankruptcy hearing. When we got there and were asked at the door for our ID's I realized I had left my wallet in my daughter's car. I could have died. We had to turn around and go back home and wait for another date. I was so upset to have made my son come all that way for nothing. He kissed me and said, "No problem mom, on our way back we'll stop at nursing homes to see if there's any beds open."
    Laughter is a great healer.
  3. Ridge-Runner

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    We've said for years,that our ability to laugh with and at each other,is one of the reasons we've been together all these years. Of course the ability to laugh at yourself is priceless.

    No matter how bad it gets,keep on smilin'!!!!!

    That keeps everyone quessing. If you can smile and laugh through all the "compost" life throws at you. You have already won the game. Life is just a big game right? Unfortunately a lot of us are dealt a pretty crappy hand to play with.

    Sorry just some of my weird philosophy.
  4. Mary100

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    I, too, tend to be the "laugh" of my family sometimes. Well, you either laugh or cry about it, and laughing is a whole lot better!
    Thanks for sharing.


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