OT: Illinois Woman Left To Die In Hotel Room

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    By Greg Szymanski

    Two stories scream out for national attention, both coming from small Illinois country towns and both demonstrating man's inhumanity to man.

    The first involves Kim Stubblefield, a 48-year-old woman who worked all her life and who has been left to die in a ragged, rundown hotel room, turned away from hospitals because she can't afford health insurance.

    The second involves Darrel Hanson, a 51-year-old man who is being left in jail to rot after recently being convicted for threatening public officials by email over an attempted city "land grab" of his property. For his email violation, he faces a 10 year prison term.

    Both stories are incredibly sad. But both stories indicate how incredibly out of control things have become in 21st century America.

    How can a woman on the verge of dying of throat cancer and bleeding from her mouth be thrown out of hospital after hospital because she can't afford health insurance?

    And how can a man be jailed and convicted as an imminent threat to public officials for sending an email when he claims his life was in danger and his property was systematically being stolen?

    Although both stories are difficult to swallow, friends of the victims tried to shed some light on the stories while pushing back tears.

    "How could this happen in modern day America," said Jo Linton, holding back tears as she told Stubblefield's story this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal. Stubblefield also made a brief cameo broadcast as she talked faintly using an artificial audio box.

    "This is the first time in my life I was near someone who I thought would die. When I came across her in the hotel, I couldn't believe it. Blood was coming out of her mouth. The breathing tube was not functioning and she was almost choking to death.

    "And when I found out about how Kim ended up like this, it just broke my heart. She had been turned away from every facility for not having insurance, essentially being left to die. Then I found out not one elected official even came to her assistance after all the senators and congressmen were notified by friends until a story in the local paper appeared yesterday, as well as doing the radio show."

    Linton was referring to a story written by reporter Jim Muir of a local southern Illinois paper, a heart wrenching story that first rattled the chains of the Illinois state politicians.

    Muir also spoke on the Investigative Journal, saying he told his editor he had stumbled across one of the saddest and most disturbing stories of his career.

    "After hearing what happened to Kim, the photographer and I couldn't hold back the tears when we left her hotel room," said Muir, adding her case showed the total breakdown of the system. "She was turned away and really had no options.

    "Now think about it: If she was an illegal alien she would be getting full benefits. But Kim Stubblefield wasn't asking for a handout. She was an American citizen who worked all her life and contributed to the system. But when she became sick and needed help, the system instead failed her, leaving her to die."

    Although Muir's story and the radio broadcast, brought the election year politicians in Illinois crawling out the woodwork with promises of public assistance, an overzealous but good hearted "Good Samaritan" alternative medical practitioner who got wind of the story from Chicago, beat politicians to the punch and raced to her assistance.

    At the time of publication Stubblefield was en route to her home by train from Chicago after friends and family insisted she return from the office of the alternative practitioner since they were finally assured medical care was now going to be provided in her hometown.

    "She is on the train now and I just pray she is alright. There has been so much confusion and this just should not have happened," said Linton, crying. "Every minute counts as her cancer has progressed and she needs medical care. I just thank God people are starting to come to her rescue now before it's too late."

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    It is sad when you are a citizen and can't get help in your own country! Daneen
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    in the world and our citizens can't have decent health care.

    At least I assume we must be the richest, after reading in the newspaper how much money the U.S. gives away each year to these foreign countries.

    Also, I believe every hospital, at least in my State, has a sign printed in Spanish to let the immigrants know that they are entitled to free medical care. Where is the sign in English, I wonder???

    Do you wonder how much free medical care we could get in another Country? Nil, I'm sure. So sick and tired of hearing about these happenings, I always thought charity begins at home.

    When I say charity, I mean caring and taking care of your own first. OK, that's all I have to say..


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