OT inexpensive beauty tips

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  1. onedaymagpie

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    Here are some inexpensive beauty tips:

    Lemon juice - this one is from Mom. She keeps a half lemon by the kitchen sink and every time she washes her hands, she squeezes from juice, rubs it into her hands and onto her face. It makes your skin really soft, reduces wrinkles (seriously) and has lightened her age spots. At first, it can feel a little sticky, but once it dries, not bad. I use it more on my face than hands.

    Baking soda - is made with super rounded (not jagged) edges. A little soda mixed with a little water works great at ex-foliation (sp?). I like using it on my nose especially for the big pores.

    The Bath - I know this has been posted on before as a detox bath, but I'll go to Costco, pick up epsom salt, hydrogen perox and lemon juice (can't beat the price) and add it all into the tub - wonderful.

    What other ideas do you all have?

    Thanks and hugs
  2. doxygirl

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    mixed with mineral oil is also a good exfoilant!

    p.S. It has to be very finely ground in a food processor!
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  3. 69mach1

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    milk of magnesia to wash and remove make up as well..

    olive oil and coffee grounds and
    sugar/////for cellulite mix i cup of each in a jar and rubb on the skin area...leave it on for like 5 minutes...

    don't drinnk...but i guess it might clean out the colon

    preperation h for the puffy eyes...

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  4. onedaymagpie

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    Yes, these are some great ideas - that I'm going to try. Any other ideas?
    And does anyone know if you can make your own oatmeal bath?
    Cheers, Mags
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    I don't know why but these kinds of posts are really keeping my spirits up so thanks for starting it!!!

    Neosporin (sp?) - to keep your cuticles soft dab a tiny dot on each finger nail. Not only does it keeep the cuticle soft but your nails look nice too!

    I have more but I will have to think about it. LOL I am not here today!!! :)



  6. Greenbean7

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    Coconut oil for hair conditioner. I put it on at night about once a month, go to bed with a towel on my pillow, and wash it out in the morning. Helps to smooth my split ends (long hair, always a problem).


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  7. yourtroubl

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    You make it into a paste and spread it on the needed areas and then wrap with saran wrap. Its only a temporary fix.
  8. sisland

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    We used baking soda to brush our teeth with when we were kids! (guess toothpaste was hard to find!lol)

    Putting used teabags on your eyes is supposed to help with the wrinkles and bags too. I think it helps allitle bit!............................................................I found out that the less exspensive facial moisturizers are just as good as the high dollar ones!
  9. day2day

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    I use baby oil when I am still in shower, I put it on when I shut off shower but before I dry off. a little bit goes along way and keeps my skin nice and soft.

    Just make sure you dont spill it on the bottom of tub or it can be slippery. I pour just a little in my hand and do it that way.

    Another thing with baby oil is, my friend has very course thick, dry hair, she bought the spray baby oil, and will spray some on her hands and work it through her hair when wet, and lets it air dry, it looks beautiful. I had asked her one day what she did cause her hair looked so nice, I was surprised when she told me lol. Her hair didnt look greasy , just nice and shiny.
  10. BethM

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    I prefer to use a product called Un-Petroleum Jelly instead of Vaseline, because I try to avoid petroleum products on my skin. The Un product can be used just like Vaseline.

    I buy the Un-Petroleum Jelly at the healthy foods store (I know Vitamin Shoppe carries it) and they can probably order it for you. It's more expensive than Vaseline, but petroleum is not something I want on or in my body.

    It works well rubbed into cuticles to soften them, and is nice on nails as well.

    I also put some on a Q-tip and put it inside my nostrils if the membranes there are dry.

    Also works as a lip balm, doesn't taste nasty at all!

    Also, please remember that antibiotic ointments have a petroleum jelly base.

    Just my 2.5 cents....

  11. SherylD

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    I make a brown sugar scrub with my daughter...

    1/4 of olive oil
    1cp of brown sugar
    1tsp of vanilla

    Mix in a shower safe container and put on when done showering and rinse...It exfoliates and leaves the skin nice and soft...plus you smell nice and sweet..

    My daughter loves it...We have even put some flower petals in it for some color..

    This is a great post!! I love things like this!
  12. angeljoe

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    You guys are awesome. I love all of the ideas you have.
    I do use the baby oil gel while in the shower. After I dry off I say soft all day long.

    For puffy eyes in the moring holding a cold spoon on them for 1 min. reduces the swelling.

    To help with a dandruff problem add 20 plain asprin to your favorite shampoo. Use it like you normally would. The dandruff shampoos don't have the nice smells that other's do.

    I'm all out of ideas myself, but keep them coming ladies.
  13. cjcookie

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  14. mrstyedawg

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    Instead of throwing out brown over ripend bananas, mash one in a bowl and spread on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Your face will be very soft and smooth.

    About once a week I take egg white (not the yolk) and put on my face and leave it on a couple of minutes until my face get tight then I rinse it off. It temporarily erases any lines.

    Preparation H (for hemmoroids) is great for taking care of puffiness.


  15. lovethesun

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    As you can see it has other uses too.Linda
  16. 69mach1

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    hb or ex to be putting it on in a target or walmart after a night out...

    captured by the paparazzi....


    and you can also use it on your face or cellulite area...i get the cool gel type it is clear...

  17. victoria

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    I also use just plain old white sugar with soap as an exfoliant... &

    honey does make a great moisturizer as someone else suggested!

    Also, when I lived in Missouri I got brown stains on my teeth; my dentist told me it was from the high iron content in the water and that my tooth enamel was soft. So he said instead of regular toothpaste to use baking soda and then use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse. That worked well, my teeth never stained again while I was there... and cheap!

    BTW I also use progesterone cream (for medical reasons) - if you do too, put some on your face/neck the night before you really want to look good, it does wonders for wrinkles!

    all the best,

  18. glenda2

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    this is interesting keep it going
  19. rockgor

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    was on the Tonight Show once. Asked about a household hint he said, "Every houehold hint I ever heard involved lemon juice." Guess it's also a popular beauty tip.

    Being a man, I don't need any beauty tips. I just let my natural beauty shine forth.
  20. Lolalee

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    I have been using this for about 30 years....equal parts Baby Oil (generic brand is fine) and Nivea Lotion. Shake well and apply after shower while skin is still damp. A little goes a long way and it is great for dry skin..