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    Revisited the Movie "The Russians are Coming, The Russians
    are Coming" with Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters etc. a
    couple of weeks ago. There is still something special
    about those older Comedies. I.m waiting for NetFlix to
    Mail my Woody Allen "Take the Money and Run", another
    funny and I'm not normally an Allen fan!

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here and you know, there's nothing better than some great beauty tips to pick up your spirits. I'm afraid I don't have any that haven't already been mentioned here but if I hear some I certainly will pass on. I'm definitely going to try to the lemon thing. And I used to do the baby oil thing out of the shower when I was younger but have no idea why I stopped so I'm going to go back to that.

    I know it's silly, but you guys have really made me smile tonight, thank you.

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    I use a lot of hand lotion on my dry hair and then rinse it out a few hours later. Though, some of my African American friends do not rinse it out and it acts like a leave in condintioner.
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    This is a great thread.

    You can dilute your shampoo with water to make it last twice as long. Most brands of shampoo are too thick anyway. This works with all brands.

    You can also use cheap hair conditioner to shave your legs with.

    Use baby oil (generic) to remove eye makeup; much cheaper than the fancy brands of eye makeup remover.

    I use the cheapest facial wash and moisturizer I can find (even store brand) I just make sure it's not too drying for my skin (I'm 50). I have really good skin. People think I use expensive department store products. They are blown away when I tell them.

    Cheap washcloths (the kind you buy for a dozen in a package) are a little easier on sensitive skin, and much easier to wring out for those of us with painful hands.

    I stopped getting my hair cut really short as I was having to be in the salon every four weeks. I let it grow to a respectable length where I can still manage it and go 6 to 7 weeks without a hair cut. Saved some money there as well.

    You can steam your pores over the sink. Beats paying for a facial. Put really hot water in the bowl and put a towel over your head like a steam tent.

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    Anyone out there know of a good moisturizer for my face, especially around the eyes where those darn wrinkles are, but one that isn't too oily as I break out easy? I have tried so many, expensive and inexpensive, that's I've just been letting myself break out as the dryness drives me nuts.

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm sensitive to... basically everything in shampoo. I started using bar soap instead, but that looks awful!

    Rockgor, how 'bout a photo for your bio? We'd all like to see your natural beauty! :)
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    I'm going to print this list out. Wow, lots of great stuff. Thanks for your tips - fun ideas

    Here's another - for chapped lips (okay, out of season, but it actually really works). The "original" recipe I was told about was - take a regular soft toothbrush, add vaseline and "brush" your lips - it really works great, even for chapped lips. I then switched over to using shea butter, works great,but I don't think as well. So, maybe the unpetrolium BethM explains may be the perfect item for this. (ps when I first heard this, I didn't think it would work either, but I was impressed.


    ps Mrstyedawg - egg white - I forgot that one; I haven't tried it in years, but always thought it mad a nice mask. I would whisk the egg whites first . . .

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    What a great post!

    My grandmother used to sit with her elbows in hollowed out lemon halves, to whiten & exfoliate.
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    This is great...super post.

    I just threw an article away yesterday that said not to exfoliate skin often...a French study said it only temporarily reduces wrinkles, but then could cause more in the long run. So, take care with the lemons, please.

    I'd forgotten the old egg white facial. It does make nice smooth skin. Plan to try the honey...non-pasteurized honey has lotza good enzymes for healing.

    No coconut oil for moisturizer?...try olive oil (extra light; not virgin). I'm too sensitive to smells to use OTC products & highly allergic to petroleum products. Olive oil and coconut oils are great. Almond oil, too (but it's pricey).

    If you use baking soda to brush your teeth...don't use it every day. The sodium in it can cause stomach problems over time. Just read this last week, but can't remember where. I use it and had to back off. Now, I often don't use anything...just a very, very soft wet brush. Don't forget to floss.

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    I read your post about Bobby Brown with total disbelief. Then I realized you meant on his face, not the other end! Duh!

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    I'm always looking for things like this. Here are a few of mine.

    Use yogurt (or milk, heavy cream any kind of dairy) on your face before moisturizing. Rinse it off and then moisturize. Dairy contains lactic acid which is the ingredient in prescription strength moisturizes, it helps the skin absorb the moisturizer better.

    Vitamin E oil (medicine grade, I break open the capsules) as chap stick, then you don't have to worry about whether or not it's safe to consume it, you're getting the softest lips you can imagine and a little dose of antioxidants.

    As a toner I use Apple Cider Vinegar (there is a whole thread devoted just to acv on here somewhere) it has really helped clear up my breakouts without drying my skin. I also drink a little every morning and my hair stopped falling out, you can't beat that. Get the natural one with the "mother", like Braggs.

    If you don't like the smell of a lot of shampoos or are sensitive to the perfumes (us sensitive? never!) try adding a few drops of an essential oil (I use lavender) to an unscented shampoo (unicure makes really good unscented shampoo and conditioner and the list of what you can use the conditioner for could fill this whole post, plus it's natural. Apparently the guy drinks some at presentations to show how safe it is.) Essential oils are great, I add them to cheap unscented baby oil, shampoos and conditioners like I said (just a little), straight to my bath water or dilute it with water or sweet almond oil and use as a perfume.
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    made for eye redness, is good on reducing the redness of acne, a pimple, etc.. Touch up when red turns up!

    My beauty tip! LOL


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    I haven't had an opportunity to try this yet, but I heard somewhere that if your lips are severely chapped and/or burning and you've misplaced your chapstick, to run your finger along your forehead and use the oils from your skin as a chapstick. Sounds kinda nasty, but in a way I guess it would make sense.
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    Save money by only using a pea size drop of shampoo or toothpaste. It really is plenty!

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    This is a beauty/home remedy tip...
    If you are irritated or have a yeast infection...YUCK, I know but keep reading...really works...
    Take a bath and add buttermilk,soak.
    or rub plain yogurt where you are irritated...let set,rinse.
    Not much of a beauty tip, but scratching yourself constantly and being miserable isn't too pretty either...ha
  16. reactions, in some cases. There were a couple other things to use, but I cannot recall them, but.... (yes, I've heard for many years as well, that it is great for puffy eyes, wrinkles, etc) but, also here is something about a friend with MS...who was able to get back on her injectable med, and stay on it this time----thanks to PREP H! YAY!!

    She is a mother of 7 children, all under 17 yrs of age, 3 in diapers, and she has MS...due to the *painful* injection site reactions from her daily injection of one of the MS drugs, she'd *quit* her med.....which is not good when you need it to keep progression and relapses at bay a little (or for some, a lot) better than without the drug, so long as you're fortunate enough to afford the medication or have excellent insurance to help..

    Anyways, she quit for one year, but, her neurologist had a fit, when her disease (on MRI and symptoms as well--though symptoms were slight, on MRI, she'd developed MANY new brain lesions...

    Anyways, a former nurse, who holds meetings, chats, etc to help people, as well as another very smart 25 year sufferer of MS, told her--when she started up her injections again--she was ready to quit in a week--

    She would get severe swelling, redness, welts, from a tiny subcutaneous needle, and pain & itching* as well, so, they told her, USE PREPARATION H---IT WORKS! it helps with the 1.) pain, 2.)redness/swelling & 3.) itching.

    She was singing Preparation H's praises like mad the minute she tried it after injection, and every1 was happy she wasn't gonna have to quit her med again. I was so happy to see how happy she was, because she's a wonderful person.

    So, apparently, it even helped her 1-2" x 4"(some larger than that! my poor friend) red, painful, itchy & swollen site reactions. It bothered her greatly, because she is a beautiful woman, in her 30's, and would attend her childrens sports/activities, and people can be cruel with their not-so-quiet "whispers". Also, the sun would bother the site reactons as well.

    It sure is awful what people go through, to "possibly" slow a disease down. We all do what we have to do..beats being in hospital for 3+ days on IV steroids, then oral steroids, for relapses, (not to mention the disability that may come from the relapse) especially if you're a young vibrant mommy that *has* to keep going. (But really, for *anybody*-we're all important, and deserve any comfort we can find!--I'm not a mommy, but hope I'm just as important, ;-)

    (she mentioned she preferred--a red mark or label on the box, vs. blue? I think? (maybe had added pain relief?) but many many MS'ers & others who have painful injections, sing Prep H's (either kind) praises.

    Also, for the itching of injection site reactions, people have sworn by--Vagasil-- at the site, when hydrocortizone/Benadryll type creams did not work, or were not tolerated.. now, this almost always gets some embarassed "are you messing with me/joking?" chuckles, at first, but, most do end up trying them, and being glad they did...

    Ohhh lordy, I wish I had more help, but, I felt I did want to post this, just in case anyone has this* trouble, because, it really makes a world of difference, for several of my friends that had tremendous site reaction problems (which some, go away in time, after they've been on the med for a few months, but, for some, they dont, and others NEVER have a problem, or just ice before injection, and premedicate with pain reliever/fever reducer.

    Alright, that's my wisdom for now, LOL and readers/friends, I AM SOOOO Sorry that my posts are so long---I'm almost always here when I'm on steroids, or just finished them, and this time---it was a HIGH dose, for 30 days--doc trying to get some adrenal function/support---well, I got a cold, and possibly infections from it......now the pain doc just put me on Provigil----whew!

    :**( I gained well----(wahhh!) 27 pounds!!! in little over a month, and ohhh my, you should see my bloated "moonface" never gotten that or gained so much on steroids before. Myyyy goodness. All for naught, basically. *sigh*

    Anyhow, you're all sweet, so I know you'll forgive my NOVELS instead of posts....or just won't read them, LOL!

    Take care, all, have a good day I hope, it's beautiful here in Indiana, and our town is having it's annual Oktoberfest.

    Laura, aka AintAsGood(or THIN!)asIonceWas :-O
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    "The beauty of a man is in his strength, and the strength of a woman is in her beauty" (to a degree, lets not get THAT shallow LOL) hence, the popularity of this thread for us gals!
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    yes!!!!!!!preperation-h mixed w/ the oils from the inside of a vitiamin -e capsules----rubbed gently under eyes--------am and/or pm---------works great for puffy eyes and dark circles!!!!!!!(sorry about spelling---fibro fog)<p> hair -------tangled when wet/hard to comb out??????---------when in shower------apply conditioner-------lean head foward-(slowly!!!!)--------------gently comb through (start at ends )-----use a wide tooth comb---------pile hair on top of head and finish shower-----while rinsing hair-------comb through w/ wide tooth comb until condtioner is out!!!---------------this really helps me----------my hair tangles sooooooo bad--------wet or dry!!!!!<p>semi-permnent haircolor to last longer??????---after appling-------put on plastic cap and apply heat from hand held hair dryer------or if you have one ------sit under----------for the time you leave on normally!!!!!!!------works great and will not damage hairSEMI-PERMANENT ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!<P. LOVE TO ALL------LAURA
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    For a great mask, beat egg whites until very frothy. Apply to your face, and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water.

    If you have eye irritation, use Camomile Tea. Make a cup, let it cool and then apply to a cotton ball and press against your eye.

    Plain old salt water! Use to rinse your mouth(it kills bacteria), for a sore throat (gargle) and as a sinus rinse.

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    Vitamin E oil in a little bottle from CVS last forever and I use it every night on my lips, around the eyes, mouth, neck and forehead.

    I am 45 and am always told I look about 35-36 (love it).

    I exfoliate everyday -- very large pores and this is must for me and have never had any problems with it.

    I do not even have "chicken butt lips" and I am a smoker" this is due to the vitamin E IMHO... :)

    My daily face moisture is the Equate version of Cetrophil and I love it.

    My body moisture is now Lac*Lotion (Ammonium Lactate) which used to be only available by prescription but now is O-T-C just ask you pharmacist. This is great for those suffering with extremely dry skin especially with thyroid disease.

    Mayonnaise is a great hair moisturizer -- leave in wrapped in plastic heat and let set under heat for a while and wash out it is great.

    Thanks for sharing thee are great,

    Karen :)