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    A - ANIMAL I LOVE: Bunnies, but I love my pup, Stormy even more:)
    B - BIRTHDAY: 07/27/1980
    C - CRUSH: Elijah Wood (since I was 10, LOL)
    D - FAVORITE DRINK: Coca-cola
    E - EATING CURRENTLY: Pretzels
    F - FAVORITE FOOD: Mac and cheese
    G - GO FOR ADVICE? My best friend and/or my husband, Pat (depends on the situation, sometimes my mom)
    H - HATRED: no empathy or compassion
    I - I THINK: How am I gonna stay awake for this overnight shift at work?! (At least I have a good stash of pop)
    J - JOB: counselor for adults with developmental disabilities (full time) and deli counter (aka "concessionaire") at a golf course
    K - KIDS: None
    L - I LOVE: my family, furbabies Pandora (my cat) and Stormy (my dog) included
    M - FAVORITE MOVIE: Sixth Sense
    N - NICKNAME: Bec
    O - OUT OF PLACE OR FIT IN: Out of place, usually!
    P - FAVORITE PERFUME/COLOGNE: True Love (it's discontinued, but it's a rose/flowery scent
    Q - QUIRK ABOUT YOURSELF: So many...while I cook, I sing even though I can't carry a tune.
    R - LAST ROAD TRIP: To my work...I never go on road trips!
    S - SONG PLAYING NOW: None, I am just hearing the computer buzzing and my clicking of keys on the keyboard ;)
    T - FAVORITE TV SHOW: I am totally (and newly) obsessed with "Lost"...so good!
    U - UNDERWEAR: The ones that have strings on the sides...I think it's bikini-style
    V - LAST TIME YOU WERE IN VEGAS: I've never been there. My brother is planning a wedding this April, so in advance, April 2006
    W - WISHFUL THINKING: A vacation off from work where I actually get the house perfectly in order
    X - MOST RECENT X-RAY: A couple months ago, I got an x-ray of my neck
    Y - FAVORITE YEAR OF YOUR LIFE: This past year being married, although I think I am yet to find the absolute best yr of my life
    Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Leo
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    bumping back to page one
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    Thanks for sharing:)

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