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    What's it like for you having your birthday 5 days after Xmas and the day before New Year's Eve?

    For me, it seems like it has always been an inconvience for everyone, including myself! However, I like having it at the end of the year, starting a fresh year.

    Like my father said, at least I made it for a tax deduction that year!

    Celebrities with Dec 30th birthday: Bo Diddley, Tracy Ullman, Sandy Koufax, Tiger Woods, Mike Nesmith (Monkees), Davey Jones (Monkees), Matt Lahr (Today Show).

    If you know of any others, let me know!

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year too!
  2. cerise

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    Now I sound like a pity case trying to get someone to wish me a Happy Birthday!

    It's just such a "difficult" day to have a birthday I was wondering if anyone else went through this too.

    My MIL forgot my birthday, again, but she forgets a lot of things these days. My fellow CFS'ers in our online support group (an off shoot from this board) remembered me, so your greetings are well received.

    Another year I'm alive with this DD! Anyhow, this is my LAST birthday. I'm 49 and holding!!!

  3. cerise

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    My best friend in college birthday is Jan. 6th - a week after mine and that was OK because of the sales and not being right after the holidays.

    I'm just a brat on my birthday and it never works out the way I want it to, which I have no idea what that is anyhow.

    Saw your bio, and you have had this DD as long as I have or about the same time. I was one of the batch on the west coast out of Northern California and the Incline Village (Nevada, North Shore Lake Tahoe outside Reno, NV). I was initially diagnosed in 1987 before CDC changed the name, labeling it "CFS" and creating all these headaches for us. (click on my bio for more info).

    I am a firm believer in the toxic poisioning aspect relating to this disease. Since moving to Oregon from Calif. I have met several people that were exposed to chemicals from the orchards being sprayed where they lived. There is also alot of unknown testing going on in the Pacific Northwest.

    I know I was personally exposed to chemicals numerous times throughout my early career with the Forest Service & BLM when I was out in the woods on wildland fires througout the western states from 1977 thru 1986.

    The year prior to getting CFS I had a severe case of mono and blood poisioning from an infected cut I got while on a fire (the cut not the mono). The mono I also contracted on the job, but that was back at the office from an infected employee.

    Anyway, Happy New Year and thanks for the birthday greetings. Stay warm in NY! (I have family in the NYC.) We are floating away here in Oregon!


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