ot. ive gotta tell you this it melted me heart

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  1. smiffy79

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    ive always considered myself a hard faced old cow with a well nuertured shoulder chip except for when it comes to dogs.

    well ive been talking to this family about adopting a rescue dog into their family and a few emails later they sent this email, i opened it ready to get typing and it was this massive sign that filled the screen.

    it read thanks for your help and merry christmas. my heart just melted and i actually cried! when it comes to dogs and new homes i always go that extra mile as im so desperate to get that dog in a good home and i consider it my duty so when things like this happen i go into full soppy cow mode.

    i was so chuffed i just had to share.lots of love smiffy.
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    How wonderful that you have the capacity to love animals, like you do!

    We took in a rescue on Sunday, not even 24 hours after having our two put to sleep. I certainly understand the feelings you have.

    You are beautiful, inside and out!


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    That's awesome that you work with rescue dogs, etc.!! We have a great place here in Nebraska called Hearts United for Animals that I strongly support. They have a great website too. They are a no-kill animal sanctuary and they fight against puppy mills. They rescue dogs from across the country. Alot of dogs are just "dropped" here in the Midwest along the interstate, etc. and this place rescues them, dogs who have suffered unspeakable abuse, dogs from puppy mills, dogs who would be killed at other pounds and just dogs from all over. It is a great place.

    Anyone who fights for dogs is a fabulous person in my book!!
  5. I have done animal rescue for over 30 years and I know how you feel. It is great to know there are others out there.
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    For all you wonderful people who support rescue animals. You are truly the best.
    We have 11 rescued cats and financially do what we can for shelters here in California.
    I've never met an animal yet that has hurt my feelings, so guess that is why I like them a bit more than some people!
    We always have adopted another animal when we lose one also, Kim.
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    thanks for that,id not seen it before. im crying (again) and my two dalmatians are looking at me(they are very sensitive).

    at the mo i am trying to locate my nearest dog pound so i can take from them on the 7-9th day.
    in english law after day 7 if you have not found the owner of a dog that dog is yours to rehome or destroy so depending on which area the pound is depends on whether the dogs get 7 or 9 days left to live.

    its like im on a constant push striving to do as much as i can.smiffy.
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    now you know the dog has gone to a good home.

    Keep up the good work.

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    erally full of energy. We have a rescued dog and she's given us much more love and happiness than we could ever give her! She is adorable and we feel so so lucky to have her!
    We were visiting a woman who had some rescue dogs with her temporarily. Well, Trixie just wouldn't leave my b/f alone. She kept jumping on his knee and licking his face! I look it as more like she adopted us than the other way around. There is a pic of her on my profile if you want to take a look.

    It's lovely that you got that dog a good home - well done -you should be proud of yourself!

    I see you are in Britain! I live in Liverpool! Shelbo :)
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    My beautiful American Bulldog/Black lab mix is a rescued dog that I got when he was 7 weeks old. And both of my cats are rescued too. I won't get animals unless they are from rescue shelters because so many need homes and it makes more sense to me to rescue then breed. I love my animals and would be lost without them. I like them better than people 99.9% of the time... lol. So great to hear about others that feel the same way.

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    hi both.
    shelbo what a cutie!! that pics is just fab:) im in east anglia and cover much of suffolk but we cover the country and then some :) ive had dogs in illinois whiel my boss has got dogs in greece and spain so its all go :)

    shannagans as for preference to dogs i have a key ring which states the more ppl i meet the more i like me dog.

    i was talking to my boss about thta statement and she laughed, she has the same thing on a magnet for her fridge :)