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    A Jewish Confession

    An 80 year-old man went into the confessional and told the priest the following:

    "Father, I am an 80 year-old man, I'm married, I have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. Last night I strayed and had an affair with two 18 year-old girls. We partied and made love all night long."

    The priest said, "My son, when was the last time you were at confession?"

    The old man said, "I've never been to confession. I'm Jewish."

    The priest said, "Then why are you here telling me this?"

    The old man said, "Father, I'm telling everyone!"

  2. EgyptStarr

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    Thanks Sweetie!

    How are you, Eric, and Megan doing, by the way??? Hope you're all okay!

    Aislyn and I are fine. She's going through the typical 3 1/2 year-old rebellious phase, so she's healthy but being a major PAIN! We're talking BAD ATTITUDE, giving me and her daddy looks that could kill when she's mad, pushing our buttons almost constantly, DELIBERATELY disobeying everything we tell her..... the whole bit! Just like every parent feels at one time or another, we're just about ready to sell her to the gypsies! lol But then we always correct ourselves: we would have to PAY them to take her! lol

    ::sigh:: And now I am getting ready to go take a good, long nap so that I can work tonight! This will be my third weekend working, and by Monday I will have totalled $1500 so far!

    Well, I better go before I type so much that I never make it to bed! I hope you come back to this thread and see my reply to you! If you don't, I will just create a new thread just for you!

    Love ya bunches!

  3. fivesue

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    You have the cutest jokes. That's a real hoot!

    How have you been feeling? Have you been gone or have I just not seen you because I'm not around as much as usual?

    Hope all is well, and thanks again for the laugh!

  4. EgyptStarr

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    Thank you!

    I've been feeling fine, actually..... nothing major to complain about in a long time! I'm not on much anymore since I started my own business and am actually WORKING!!! I only work weekends, but the shifts are overnight shifts and they are 12-hr shifts! I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 6 pm till 6 am. So that, along with still keeping house, cooking, laundry, and chasing Aislyn around keeps me BUSY! I couldn't be doing it all without my meds and vitamins, that's for sure! But it leaves little time for anything else, which is why I'm gone so much now. But we're all good here!

    Thanks so much for asking! Hope you are well! Take care!

  5. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    bumping for Sue and Carrie

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