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    I just got around to reading your responce tonight.When you were expecting baby boy,{alias lobster boy}I read your posts about how you needed to get that craft room done.

    The fireplce wasn't getting tiled, and no-one was showing up to do what they had promised to do.

    My heart just went out to you.I used to hang wallpaper professionally, for about 10 years.I do the faux finish painting.

    I have taught at the college, decorating on a shoestring budget and wallpapering.

    I just finished painting a table that would originally cost 500.00, I paid 80.00.The top was scratched really bad.I made it look like the Corian seemless countertop, in a marble design.

    I designed ceramic tile murals and backsplashes for about 7 years. I sold them to companies. I still have my kilns {4} and all the materials to design with. I had 2 surgeries one on my neck and one on my back in the last 2 years.

    A new bone was made for my neck, a metal plate put in and they screwed me back together. Then I had 7 discs surgery starting at my waist down to my tailbone.Ouch!

    I just love anything to do with houses. I have all kinds of power tools.

    I am not familiar with the beads you are making.Lampbeads?

    I am in a little town called Phil Campbell, in north Alabama.A 2 1/2 hour drive from Huntsville.

    Some people just have simular interests on here and I tend to communicate with them more. Especially if they are crafty. More later.......Dianne

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