(OT kinda) "So when are you going to start a family?"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beckula, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Beckula

    Beckula New Member

    My post title says it all--and I get kinda annoyed! Whenever I go out with my husband's family (very LARGE family, I may add), someone has to ask this. And our answer is always the same, in five years or maybe never. They all laugh and don't get it, we didn't get married to have children right away.

    ARGH! Any of you been in the situation?

    On top of that, I mentioned to my BIL we have two dogs now, and they think it's a waste of money--they have two children. I don't think having children is a waste of money, but I think dogs are still not as much money and I love animals, so it's worth it to ME.
  2. Beckula

    Beckula New Member

    Haha, his kids ask for a dog ALL the time! They absolutely adore coming over to our zoo--they pile tons of our blankets into forts and make a tent for our cat and they love our little shitzu/chihuahua, Stormy, because she's so cute :) They haven't met the new dog yet.

    Anyway, every brother/sister in his family had at least two children and it's like we are aliens now that we are not even trying to have kids! I just think it's rude, especially since we are in our 20s and should just be enjoying life.
  3. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    when my husband and i first got married 7yrs ago people used to ask us all the time when we were going to have kids. i'm from an italian family and kids are the norm. i just honestly said to these people in a nice way that we weren't having kids, we were having dogs instead. it took about two years but the family stopped asking. i found that just saying what our intentions were in a nice way was the best way to get out of the question.
  4. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    This stupid question breaks my heart every single darn time someone asks me. The worst part is that it's always people who know having kids is something I've really wanted for a long time and honestly care to know why I haven't started yet.

    I just don't want to explain to everyone the effects of this non-disease on my body and my finances and my lifestyle.

    I'm crabby at my beloved hubby when the pain is really bad-- what if I was like that with a baby!?

    I've started telling people that my dogs keep me busy enough for now.

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