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  1. I love to wear sweatshirts in the fall, does anyone know a EASY way to decorate a sweatshirt that doesn't cost alot. The cute ones are $40 plus.
  2. simplicity

    simplicity New Member

    It's easy to decorate sweatshirts. There is a bonding material that is sold like fabric by the yard. One brand used to be called Wonder Under. Its been a long time since I bought any so don't know brand names anymore. Just ask for fusible interfacing.

    Anyway, you can take a contrasting fabric and cut out a simople shape ie teddy bear, star, xmas tree, cat, etc. in it and interfacing. Then iron fabric and interfacing onto sweatshirt.

    Take fabric paint and outline around shape to seal edge and decorate it too. You can use paint and sequins, beads, ribbon, etc. to embellish or you can go with the simple outlined shape.

    Makes an attractive sweatshirt easily for little cost. You are only limited by your imagination! have other ideas but tired right now so will get back to you if you want more. Hope this is clear. Let me know if you have any questions. Have fun!

    Keep creating,

  3. srollins

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    if you have a sewing machine.....you can do as simplicity said but cheaper then having to buy all that paint unless u already have it ,what i do is set my machine on a aig-zag stitch. wide but close together and i just slowly zig zag around the fabric design.

    also a fancy little touch for your sweatshirt or even your t shirts if you have a machine is this......... using a matching color thread and a narrow -short zig zag stitch i sew the very edges of the neck band and sleeves and somtimes the bottom. start in the back and as you sew stretch the fabric slightly. this creates a slight ruffled effect. sorta cute. just for fun try it on an old something of that nature to see if you like it as well as for practice. i myself thinks it is a cute touch.

  4. zoemurr

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    right up the middle to make a cardigan. They don't frey. You can whip stitch around the edges, or glue ribbons there to make it look clean. You can even cut hearts/stars out of it and it will keep its shape. Use fabric squares to make pockets, cute iron ons, buttons, the wunder under stuff or fabric glue. I used to teach classes to make these and we had a lot of fun. :)
  5. But now the wonder under, does it go under to stick on the fabric to the sweatshirt? and does the fabric paint outline the design, or is there another purpose? And what about the fabric ragged edges, or do you turn it under? Can you tell I am not a crafter? LOL!

    Yes I have a sweatshirt that I bought that is so cute, that someone made into a cardigan and put on hearts, etc. on it. I would love to be talented. Besides my sewing machine fights me everytime I go to use it! waaaaah!

    Thanks for all the ideas.
  6. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    OK.. get your sweatshirt and cut it right up the middle. I usually use one size bigger if I'm going to make it into a cardigan.

    You do not need to fold the edges in, but you can about 1/2 in for a cleaner look You can slip stitch the edges with bright embroidery thread, or just glue or sew grograin ribbon (the kind with the ridges) along the edges. Use some kind of fabric glue. Aleen's makes one I think. Skip all this if you wanted to leave it as a sweatshirt. :)

    Then cut out whatever you want on the sweatshirt from other pieces of fabric. Use your fabric glue, or the wunder stuff to attach them. This stuff is a thin fabric with a heat activated glue that goes between your layers and sticks them when you iron it. They will have it at any craft stores and it will have directions.

    After you have glued or sewn your pieces on, get some puffy fabric paint. Go along the outside frayed edges of your decorations to keep it from fraying and to make it look nice. You can sew on decorative buttons, bells, whatever, here and there, or draw in other areas with your fabric paint.

    You really can't make a mistake.
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  7. UnicornK

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    Takes me back. In my "healthy" days I worked in craft stores. I did demos on sweatshirt decorating, among other things. So much fun! As you said...you're only limited by your imagination.

    BTW, Zoemurr...your email addy will be deleted (if you don't do it yourself) because posting them is against the rules. If you want to exchange addys, go into the chatroom. It's OK there.

    Fibrobutterfly...have fun! That's the best advice I can give you (since all the rest has been given! LOL).

    God Bless.
  8. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    This sounds like so much fun! Too bad we can't all get together and cut and paste while we gab!

    I used to do a lot of crafts and sewing. Maybe it is time to get the old machine out of the closet! I would just have to get someone to lift it for me!

    hugs Marion
  9. thanks for all the ideas. Now if they would stop making the sleeves soo long! I know you can shorten them but thats alot of work. Do they think we have giant arms or what!
  10. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Do you remember????I tie Dye one in fall colors and one in Christmas colors also do one for the Easter Bunny and Fourth of July.

    So so easy all you need is the white shirt dye and a few elastics....

  11. meme11

    meme11 New Member

    How is it that you can ttye dye? I have seen it before but have forgotten. This sounds like something we can do easily. Can you let me know? You can e-mail me. ppsstylerite@aol.com Thanks Meme
  12. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Mix different colors of dye in small glass bowls......Take elastics and clump and tie some spots on front back and arms of shirt ..........Like little pony tails.....

    Than dip them in different colors of dye...........Or make two ponytails in one spot dip in 2 different colors...........Leave it tied wash than remove elastics and dry......Thats it....


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