OT Menopause question and complete hysterectomy

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  1. Does anyone know, I had a complete hysterectomy 20 yrs. ago and am now in late 50's. I take the lowest dose of premarin. Will I go through menapause still if I go off the premarin. Doesn't premarin keep you from getting altzheimers or help somewhat? I thought it supposedly kept you "younger"?
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    You are going through menopause no matter what.I was told when you have a complete Hys.you go threw it early. Ask your Doctor if you can come off the premarin now. I'm surprised she hasn't talk to you already about this.

    I have not heard it keeps you from getting Alzheimer's. And as far as keeping us young, I personally think the only thing that really keeps us young, is having a sense of humor while we feel the effects of our bodies growing old.:)
  3. But I guess I figured taking premarin kept me from going through menapause. I hate taking pills but scared to quit them also.
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    Like you i Had a complete Hysterectomy at age 29 and Have been on premarin every since! 48 now so almost 20 years! over the years the Dr has changed the dosage off and on!

    Tried going on a different Estrogen earlier this year with no succes! so she told me to take 0.625 dose every other day! and that seems to be agreeing with me! as far as going through Menapose i think it happened already !!...................Had all the symtems about 2 years ago! seems to have passed me by now! But maybe talk to your DR. about it! but if the estrogen dose is agreeing with you, thats a good thing!!.............................................Hugs...............sisland
  5. thanks for the website, it looks interesting!
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    Excellent website!
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    A "complete" hysterectomy is when they take out your uterus AND your ovaries. I think someone mentioned that a complete hysterectomy was just the "whole uterus".

    I had a partial hysterectomy about 23 years ago. I'm 55 now. I have taken Premarin for at least 15 years. The last GYN exam that I had, the doc said that my ovaries were so shriveled up that he could barely find them--so I know they are not functioning! I am now on the 0.3 Premarin--the lowest dose possible.

    My daughter had to have a complete hysterectomy at age 32 and without her ovaries, she immediately started into the hot flashes, etc. She has not been able to take the estrogen due to it causing blood clots in her legs. They are working on alternative treatments now to keep her out of menopause.

    HRT does have its benefits, and its disadvantages. Each person has to weigh her own benefits vs. disadvantages.

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    I had a hysterectomy in 1991. I had some menopause symptoms while finding the right hormone mg. and type of hormone.

    My ob-gyn told me that some women just quit taking them and it causes alot of problems not the least of which is that your vagina dries out and the walls begin to grow together and the pap smear test becomes very difficult as well as sex.

    I guess it is okay if there is no sex planned for the rest of your life but for me there is!! The other good thing is that it helps your bones but you need to take calcium anyway. I've had the same doctor for 20 years.