OT Mgoblue201ARE YOU STILL HERE ?????

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    Hi there I am so sorry I never reread your post on 8/30.

    I do have an email but cant give it to you here.We can only do that in chat.I don't know you might want my husband's .He is the one that taught American Literature for 34 years.He also wrote articles for a magazine.

    Hey you did not fill in your profile.It would be nice if we knew a little more about you.I enjoy Reading profiles .It makes me feel like I really know the person .

    We also care about each other here and treat each other as friends and family.The only difference between us and your real family and friends is that we all suffer from the same thing.That makes us pretty good at helping each other cope .

    Well any way let me know what your up to and if you still want it.