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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jarjar, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Mikie, thanks so much for bringing up The Secret. I've watched What the Bleep about a month ago and enjoyed it but as you said found The Secret way more useful.

    I downloaded it from the site for 4.95 and they sent me an email where I've been able to watch it again for no charge with my family.

    Although I went on my own spiritual journey years ago this film encapsulated on most everything I had learned plus more into a great presentation.

    I cannot emphasise enough the self empowerement this movie gives you. You are handed the tools to create whatever you want in life. I've already had unexpected checks come floating in since using some of the tools.

    I hope this post motivates someone else to go to the web site and watch the film. This film has already been brought up on Larry King and is suppose to be brought up on his show again this week. The Secret web site has the exact date.

    Thanks again!

  2. Mikie

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    You like this movie so much. I took notes but found it so simple that, unlike "The BLEEP," I don't feel I need to watch it again to understand it. I wouldn't mind watching it again, though. I never got the free offer.

    I just read "The Passion List," which is a book designed to help one find and clarify just what it is that is desired. I found it really useful in narrowing my passion and what I want to manifest in my life. I think I learned about it on the "BLEEP" website.

    Thanks for the tip on Larry King. I did catch the show with J.D. Knight (Ramtha) and others. I remember all the talk when I was a kid about "The Power of Positive Thinking." This really isn't anything new but I think the whole quantum movement has made it seem more realistic.

    Thanks for the feedback. Over the years, I have read so many heartbreaking posts from our members who feel depressed, angry, and victimized. I think that we, especially, need to feel more empowered. When we feel empowered, we are no longer willing to accept abuse from our docs, friends, and family. We can participate fully in our own healing. For some, just to know that healing is possible is cause for hope.

    Love, Mikie