OT MOSQUITO bites and treatment?

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  1. Man are the mosquitos out bigtime. What is the best thing to use to keep them off you? AND what is the best thing to use for the itching! HELP! Buggy here.
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    I'm terribly allergic to the horrible little things. We have 3!!! machines. 1 Mosquito Magnet that does quite a good job and 2 other sticky trap type ones.

    At dawn and dusk there are just too many for the machines to handle. I wear light clothes and use a 30% deet spray. Most of the time, I just don't go out at that time of day.

    To relieve itching, I have found a product called SarnaP. It's much more expensive than other lotions, but it really works. It's available sometimes on the regular shelves in the drug stores and sometimes behind the counter.

    If I get a lot of bites, I start taking benedryl for a couple of days.

    Good Luck!

  3. Watch those drinks of yours. I have had bugs floating in my drinks so many times lately. YUCKO!