OT: my brother has mono, how to treat?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shannonsparkles, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Shannonsparkles

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    I got mono when I was 13. I was sick before, but that's when the CFS really started taking away from my life. Made it through high school - just barely - then came home basically bedridden since 2000.

    My brother Dave just got diagnosed with mono. I've never seen him this sick.

    My doctor told me when I was sick, that the only thing for mono is REST. (And he told me I'd be better in three weeks!!!! Ha!!!)

    Surely there is a drug/herb/something available to kill the mono virus? I worry that it may linger for Dave as it did for me, so I want to be agressive with treating it and give him better options than I had.

    Also, how can I keep from getting re-infected myself?

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    I know I'm over-reacting. :) It's a sister thing. I just love him.
    ((xx)) Shannon
  2. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    Nothing they can do. Most people acquire both mono and CMV sometime during their life but never become acutely ill. Interesting that it's your brother and that you had it, too. You can get reactivated. I know that's rare, but dang, probably be just your luck with everything else!

    Like they say, you're supposed to recover within 2 to 3 weeks...they don't even suggest a child being kept out of school for it, but that's ridiculous.

    I ran a fever for 27 days straight and it took me MONTHS to feel back to normal. But actually, I never had the energy level afterwards...and now I feel so bad that I wonder if it came back on me. My blood work currently shows a chronic/recurrent case of Epstein Barr, and this is the marker for both mono and CMV.

    My prayers to your brother for a speedy recovery and to YOU that you'll not recur.

  3. pepper

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    I had mono for 3-4 weeks before it morphed into CFS, then FM. With you being so sick, Shannon, I can understand why you would be very concerned about your brother.

    With all the anti-virals that have been developed lately, surely there is one that could be used for Epstein-Barr. I hope someone here knows about it.

  4. suzetal

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    My DH had it a few years ago.Bed rest was all that could be done.It is viral.

    Please make sure you do not touch his bedding .Also he should eat out of one plate bowl,also use the same cup and utensils.Make sure no one else uses them.

    If you use what he uses even if its been washed you can get it again.Please be very careful.

    My DH said what got him through it was me and our pets.He did not have much of an appetite either he said the heavy meals made him tier even more. so I made him six to seven very small meals a day.Mostly salads soups and steamed veggie mixes.

    Hope he is well soon.

    Take care.
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    EBV is in the Herpes Family. There are also transfer factors which can train the immune system to recognize EBV and kill it. Thing is that sometimes PWC's immune systems will react to the initial infection and then not back off once the infection is under control. I think the TF's should be held back to be used only if the immune system cannot get rid of the EBV on its own.

    Using antivirals can help the immune system with Herpes Family Viruses.

    I would definitely ask the doc about AV's. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I'll ask Dave if he wants to ask for antivirals for the herpes family. He's kind of a "tough guy" so I don't know if he'll be interested. But it's good to have an option to offer. I'll mention the herbs too, Stormyskye. Thank you. Probably wouldn't hurt me to do echinacea for a while too.

    Dave's 21 years old. Poor guy. He's been barfing all night. He has strep throat too, and he's taking penicillin for it.
    (( )) Shannon
  7. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Thanks for the bedding advice. Dave's room has a weird foul smell comming from it now. Never smelled anything quite like it. I'm sure not going in there!
    (( )) Shannon
  8. pam_d

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    I don't think most doctors use AVs for mono, but it never hurts to ask. I got mono in college, and the only thing I did was rest, rest, rest (and I was fatigued in a way I have never been before or since); I also took tons of vitamins & supps designed to build up the immune system, and there are many more now to choose from than there were then, and I swear these helped enormously.

    One thing I wanted to mention...while I had mono when I was 20, and a lot of here HAVE had this in their pasts, I don't feel like "I never recovered" from it like you and a lot of others say...I fully recovered and had another 22 healthy years before getting sick with FM. So try not to just assume that this means the beginning of chronic illness for your brother...he may recover very well from this if he takes care of himself.

    Anyway, I will say a prayer for him...I know you are very worried; he's lucky to have such a supportive sister!

  9. Marta608

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    You would there there'd be progress, wouldn't you? But no. Rest, lots of good-for-you food, water, SLEEP and time is the only thing that will overcome- as in it will go dormant - mono - or EBV. Remember though, some people never have it again. Maybe you're brother will be one of them as long as he changes his lifestyle as I wish I could have.

    How wonderful that he has such a loving sister.

  10. mrdad

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    I'm sorry your Brother is so ill. Had Mono so badly in

    1970 that I had to drop out of Grad school for a whole

    semester. Hospitalized with a temp. of 105 and luckily

    my mother-in-law was an R.N. and "demanded" I go there

    for a diagnoses. Took me mos. and mos. to recover enough

    to feel half-way decent. It can be serious so monitor

    your Bros. temp and try to keep it down. Lots of liquids.

    Hope he has a quick recovery!!
    (Dr.) MRDAD