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  1. ldbgcoleman

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    I have been on the board spaoradically because I Have new horse and have been having fun with her. We have been bonding and just doing great! We had a terrific ride on Sunday and were really clicking.

    I came in on Monday and got Nightingale tacked up and when I asked her to trot. She just did not want to go. I gave her a nudge and she trotted two steps and limped. I was hoping it was just a stone bruise because there was no heat and it was not swollen. By Tuesday morning it was very hot and swollen.

    The vet did an ultrasound and she has a bowed tendon. It is a moderate tear but very serious injury. She is on stall rest for 3 weeks and can only be walked to and from the crossties to be hosed and wrapped. At the end of three weeks she will have another ultrasound and we will see how she is healing. She probably won't be back to normal for 3 or four months.

    This is fairly scary because it is a career ending injury for a racehorse or serious sporthorse. She will always be vulnerable to reinjury. she has so much spirit I hate to see her bored in her stall not knowing whats happening.

    I am so bummed! I know there are alot of animal lovers and horse lovers out there so I would appreciate the prayers and well wishes that my girl will be Ok.

    Take Care everyone! Lynn

    PS we think she injured herself while turned out Sometime monday morning. Maybe a misstep or bad landing she loves to jump the little creek out there.
  2. rockyjs

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    I'm so sorry to hear about her injury. I have found over the years that homeopathics work very well for horses. You might check out the Academy for Veterinary Homeopathy to see if there's anyone in your area.

    We had a dairy goat that broke her pelvis - it was so awful because you could hear it grinding when she tried to move. I had a homeopathic veterinary manual from England and followed the instructions for remedies (which you can get at the health food store). The vet was absolutely amazed because he had recommended just putting her down. She lived many more years and after it healed never even had a limp.

    The two main homeopathics for tendon injuries are Arnica 30x and Ruta 30x. Ferrum Phos is also good during the inflammation stage where there is heat and swelling. You can give them several times a day and the horses love them.

  3. Countrymom

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    I am so sorry. That is a tough one on a horse. My horses wouldn't mind too much, they just stay in the pasture and eat and have babies! Oh, that hurts too. And especially in one who loves to trot and jump.

    I will keep you both in my prayers.

    Hmmmmn, guess you will have to start roller-blading now.

    In His love,
  4. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    My passion has always been horses, and since being ill, developing healing programs for them. It breaks my heart when they have an injury; especially one like yours does.

    I just leased a horse & went out to try him out, and guess what.........he was "lame" as well, but it was due to poor trimming being done. Fortunately we found a good farrier, and I put him on BL Solution for inflammation/pain. Now it's just "time".

    There are many good herbs to help heal; if you're interested I could look up in my many books I've put together over the years.

    Just know she'll love it when you give her massage, carrotts, and soothing talking. If she gets "ansy", there's some great herbs for that I could turn you onto.

    Just let me know.

    Sending healing vibes to your "baby".............

  5. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I actually got to ride today and took a lesson. The horse I used to lease Sophie. She has been leased by a kid and gotten very lazy in the past month! They learn what they can get away with pretty fast!

    Right now I am sweating Nightingales leg daly with DSMO and she is getting bute for a few days the swelling has really gone down. I bought her a ball to hang in her stall and a lick thing to keep her occupied. all the kids in the barn love her and are giving her extra pats and peppermints. I also have decreased her sweet feed and increased her hay to give her more chewing time.

    Nightingale got a new neighbor today. So she has someone on each side now. I left her little feed gate open the whole time I was there so she could look out into the aisle and see what is going on. I also groomed her and loved on her alot today. She seems to have some of her spirt back as she was bumpimng me in the butt when I was cleaning her stall. And trying to grab the end of the pitchfork.

    I would love the names of herbs to keep her calm and anything else that may help. I am premeasuring her feed and adding the bute and putting it in ziplocks for them to feed he r adding anything else would be a piece of cake.

    I have noticed since getting back into horses supplements for horses is alot more accepted than homepathic and supplemental treatments for humans.

    Thank you all for the support! Lynn
  6. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    to hear about Nightengale's bowed tendon. As soon as you said she was confined to her stall, I was concerned that she might get 'ansy' and start pawing or weaving or something that might be bad for the injured leg. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things - stall toys, feed adjustment, plenty of attention.

    Sometimes these things just happen. My pony bowed a tendon after she was retired while running and bucking in the pasture. I'd rather she hurt herself running and playing than spend her life shut in stalls and small paddocks so that she couldn't.
  7. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I have had more experience with tendon and ligament tears then I care to recall. During my professional days it was part of my responsiblities to look after client's horses who were under treatment for these type tears. Here is the protocol we used. (My own horse had a high suspensory ligament tear in 2001 ... was showing full tilt 2002 and hasn't had any problems since.)

    Day of ultra sound - Legend IV injection (hyaluronate sodium) 2. Adequan IM injection (glycosamininoglycan) 3. Bute injection then 1 gram 2xd of bute paste for about the first week or until swelling and heat disappear. DMSO/Furacin painted on directly over sight of injury.

    Supplements immediately added to feeding program:
    1. Recovery EQ - By Biomedica Labs Nutricol = 10,000 glucosamine, 10,000 MSM plus DMG, Vit's E and C

    2. Uckele Chondroitin - 2,745mgs highly purified chondroitin sulfate. This is used by the body to assaemble cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

    3.MVP-3000 - MedVet This is 3000mgs magnesium per dose. As with people, it will help calm and chill the nervous system. Good for those forced weeks of stall rest.

    4. Conquer Paste - Kinetic Tech This company is based in Ky and has many impressive studies done on race horses and injuries. It is approved as an alternative to the injections (Legend) in normal cases and is an excellent adjunctive therapy to Legend in acute soft tissue injuries.

    You can look up SmartPak dot com online. They can package Nightengale's specific supplements in one serving bar. If you have different supplements to feed you will get five seperate little containers all connected across the top. This makes life much easier, no waste, no wondering if she got it or not, no risk of losing potency due to an openned package. Cost is very reasonable and can be shipped to her barn or your house.

    You can research the companies I have listed. Kinetic Tech can tell you all you need to know about their paste and dosing directions. Mine got an everyday loading dose for a period and then it was every other day. This is well worth the effort.

    Other therapies used: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field treament boots. They also have blankets and stands for hoof problems but the boots would serve you well. Look up these companies, Respond Systems ( one I use), Curatronic and Curavet. Magnetic therapy is good, but you really need the pulsed delivery for true effectiveness. This also relaxes them like nothing I have every seen that wasn't in a syringe. They are available for rent ... probably three month intervals, but that would work for your case.

    Low Intensity Laser Therapy. This is for acute muscle-tendon-ligament injuries. Enhances blood flow and oxygen delivery, increases growth factor and releases microphages. You can read more about this at TopsVet Clinic. These are also available for rent at some companies.

    Therapy that I wish was available in 2001, but one I would use in a New York minute if my horse ever injures himself again:

    Vet-StemCell - Proceedure involves collecting a small sample from the tail head ( rump) region of the injuried horse and shipped overnight to Vet-Stem Laboratories. They extract the regenerative stem cell population and return it to vet within 48 hours.

    The adipose (fat) tissue houses 10-100 times the number of mesenchymal stem cells then bone marrow and it can truly be easily harvested from just under the skin.

    They have been doing this for tendon/ligament injuries starting in 2004 with impressive results.

    The stem cells are injected into the injured tendon promoting creation of elastic, normal tendon tissue. They post an 80% non-racing injury returning back to work in less then 6 months.

    For more info you can call at 888-327-8361 or vet-stem dot com.

    After three weeks we generally started controlled exercise meaning they were given a small dose of ace ( tranquilizer ) and we got on them and walked very slowly. With us on them we had the best chance of controlling their movements and minimizing risk of re-injury. Either way they need a little tranqu. after being stalled up for so long.

    Good luck with this. I had very good successes with this protocol. My horse was injured in Late June and was cleared in September to do they fall indoor shows. I didn't do them as I am very conservative and he is my baby after all, LOL. Still, I was impressed with the speed in which he healed.

    I cannot tell you how many boxes of depends sheets (xl size used to protect areas like wheel chair seats, etc) and elasticon wrapping tape I have purchased over the years. Everyday, without fail, changing that wrap .... After a while, I started painting the DMSO/furacin above and below injury sight as it will start to irritate and blister the original area.

    I'll be thinking of you and your baby. I know all will go better then expected!

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  8. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    What I found (not experienced with one) were: cold applications; not Bute, but BL Solution (herbal combo that works like Bute); magnetic & laser tx (as last post).

    And whole herbs including comfrey, kelp granules, ground linseed, ground millet, yarrow herb & Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (the latter is great for calming). A cupful/day is recommended w/feed.

    For calming, the "easiest" one to get is through KV Vet Supply........called "Essence of Peace". All calming herbs.

    That one I always have on hand.

    Oh, and call in the "healing angels"!! They help alot.


  9. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Thank you so much Elsa and caroleye! I have already printed the post out and will discuss this with the vet when he comes back on Tuesday!

    Nightengale definately has her spirit and curiosity and the swelling has gotten alot better. Today I scraped her stall and she had alot of fun chasing me around. Of course she is getting a few extra treats as well, and lots of grooming.

    I am doing the bute and the DSMO so far. I am also giving her glucocsimine and condroiten.

    I am searching for the supps next! Thanks Lynn
  10. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    Lynn, don't be disappointed if your vet poo-poos alot of these suggestions. Unless he's a "holistic/alternative" vet, they usually aren't educated about these.

    Just a "heads up".

    But maybe he has a nice OPEN mind!! And you can educate him! Good luck.......

  11. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Hey Carol I have been through that myself with Drs! I would love to hear about your horses! What kind do you have and what do you ride? Elsa is a big tme competitor on the show circuit. I'm just a girl having fun and feeling like a 12 year old again! Lynn
  12. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    Had to leave my ranch & horses 3 years ago due to my illness. But have had horses since I was a kid; strictly a recreational trail rider. Great fun & huge rewards taking care of them & riding up in the mountains of Canada during the 50's.

    Now I just lease (when able), and have just found a Q.H. to ride trails once the rains stop.

    Only competition I was in was as a teen in the local gymkana ones. Sure do miss those days of natural horse environment, living on hundreds of acres!! And playing "Hide'n Seek" with my friends. Try hiding your horse behind some trees.......ha.......

  13. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    One thing I would add is to completely drop feeding all grain or sweet feed of any kind or only feed enough to get her vitamins and supps down her. Grain for a stall bound horse makes them 'high' and also acidifies their system and can lead to colic which you/she doesn't need right now!
    Beet pulp is a good thing to feed if she is a hard keeper, otherwise plain grass hay free choice is best.

  14. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    We cut her feed in half so far but will cut more if we need to. Last night she chewed her wraps off and up. They were mangled. Today I got some spray for them so hopefully she will cut that out! It also take her longer to eat the hay and gives her something to do as she is pretty used to being turned out daily and grazing.

    I am talking to the vet again on Tues to mention some of the things you all have mentioned. The vet that initially saw her is the junior partner at the practice so I just want to reaffirm and make sure I do everything possible to get her healed up as well as possible!

    Here's another question. I am supposed to go on vacation for two weeks on Thurs. My trainer assures me she will take care of Nightingale which I don't doubt. BUT I am really hesitating. I know theres not much I can do other than groom her in her stall and spend time with her. and the time will go by faster as her next ultrasound is Feb 7th and I will get back on the 3rd. But am I doing the right thing by leaving her?? We have had this trip planned since August. We are going with another couple.

    What do you guys think???? Lynn
  15. elsa

    elsa New Member

    To ask! LOL!! If this happened to mine again I wouldn't be able to leave him. I trust the people who are looking after him 24/7, but he doesn't belong to them .... only "Mama" is going to be so anal as to make certain sure his protocol is being followed correctly.

    I'd have to be there if something went wrong too. However, I guess it depends on who has been the main caregiver so far. Who has been wrapping her, giving her her meds, etc. If you went the Stem-cell route, would you or your trainer be the contact person?
    If your trainer has been handling things up to this point Then I think you should go and enjoy your trip.

    I'm strange (as you know) so what I would do doesn't count. Just follow your heart hon.

    Take care,

  16. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    Ole Granny here would be aworrying way too much.

    When we have to travel, our 8 lb. dog goes with us, and sleeps in our bed..........guess that tells you how anal we are.

  17. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Nightingale is doing well and not going crazy in her stall yet! the sweeling has significantly decreased. I sprayed her wraps with rap off and she is not chewing them anymore.

    Tomorrow I will talk with the more experienced vet and I am armed with a list. I have researched the stem cell and some of the other things mentioned and will let you all know what he says. I ordered the supplements in the smart paks and they are supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

    I am paying one of the trainers to do her wraps and she had a mare with the exact same injury a little higher up so she has experience. I also have a couple of the teenagers going into her stall to groom her daily. My trainer is also checking on her and they will ace her if she gets to antsy. The horse in the stall next to Nightie has a Mom with another horse that had surgery on his knee 11 weeks ago so he is holed up too and she also is gonna keep an eye on Nightie. The one great thing about the people that are helping me is they have all been very sympathetic and know what I am going through. AND they have experience with confinement and lameness.

    I have gotten teary just about every time I go out there. I am having a hard time leaving. We have another couple going with us and I would be screwing the whole trip up for everyone. It is not a very good situation. My husband did promise me if she so much as sneezes the wrong way he will put me on a plane home. She gets another ultrasound 2 days after I get back and hopefully I can start walking her some then.

    Thank you for the advice and kind thoughts! Lynn
  18. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Saw the vet today. HE is the senior vet in the prctice. HE took a look at Nightingale and said she was really looking terrific. The tendon was thick and firm not mushy and the swelling is almost gone. He suggested I walk her 10 mnutes per day and see how she does as she has not limped at the walk at all.

    I asked about the stem cell and he said the tendon was slight or at the low end of moderate and was not serious to warrent the treatment. Same with the BAPH injection. The supplements are fine and he recommended MSM as well which I am going to research right now.

    I really feel better about the whole thing as I had several people tell me he was very cautious while I was waiting for my turn with him.

    Just wanted to give an update for everyone who is interested. Lynn

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