OT: My puppy has the smelliest GAS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PepperGirl52, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I mean this little guy can let them rip like you would not BELIEVE!!!

    He loves to sit in the computer room with us, and when he gets all nice and relax, holy moley!!! Time to grab a clothes pin and put it on your nose!

    I'll hear my husband in there going 'shoooo weeee!!!' LOL!!

    We feed him ONLY puppy food, that is all natural, hard food, with a little soft food mixed in in the mornings. But man, oh man, this dog has a major gastronomical problem!!

    Any suggestions??? He's an almost 4 month old Queensland Blue Heeler. Smart as a whip-totally potty trained already, and has been sleeping thru the night since day one!! We absolutely ADORE HIM!! THANKS! PG
  2. baanders

    baanders New Member

    My husband suggested to make him a concoction of baked beans, eggs and broccoli. Seriously, I suggest charcoal tablets from the pet store. Ha. Thanks again for the laughs.

    Let it rip! Tear it up, little puppy.

    We have a 6yr old pug, named Abby, who is my BABY. We rescued her at 5 months, Feb 12th(?) in 2001, she had been hit by a car, & left for dead :-( she had a broken & displaced hip, severe road rash on her little belly & knees, and lost a couple of teeth---her jaw was broken in 2 places! (teary eyed now...) she had surgery, came home on valentines day, & was up on our bed THAT NIGHT! she only weighed 8.6lbs the vet was amazed...

    ANYWAYS--back on track here---the vet had her on anti-biotics.....which gave her theeee worst! gas ever! how could something SOOO FOUL come out of something soo small & adorable????

    Now, we also have a 5yr old (next month) beagle/daschund mix, we feed them both Beneful.....and it wasn't until (our beagle has for a cpl yrs now-----EWWW) they started eating their poo (vomit* no more "kissies!") that they got terrible gas---insane, huh?(Not to mention disgusting!)

    Our beagle mix, would get gas ocasionally before she decided to.......taste well....ick... but, after she started eating it every chance she got--she not only has gas, but BAD reflux/burps that smell the same as the farts (oh gawd! Nasty!)

    Our pug, for SOME ODD REASON (GOD WHYYYY!!??? lol the pug is MY baby, the beagle is more hubby's baby...)decided last year sometime....that she too.....would try this ...delicatessan (sp)

    I asked the vet what to do...(he was the youngest of our 4 vets...and didn't have much of an answer, except about the poo eating, few useless suggestions)

    Our Pug just had knee surgery, for a grade 3 luxating patella (totally dislocated knee, just stayed popped out of place) and on her follow up, when things weren't so important, I wanted to ask about the gas & burping, etc..soooo bad...but,....as luck would have it, I was too Ill to even take her, so my sister did...

    I hope someone DOES have the gas answer, lol. I'm about to squirt some beano on their food, LOL (not really, but...LORD!)

    They certainly will gag you/run you out of the room!

    Good luck,

  4. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    No advice - just give 'em a smooch and let him know he is normal (that is what I do to my husband - works ever time)LOL
    Wishing you a stink free night.
  5. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    I just thought all puppies did that for a few months or so. Sounds like he has a good diet... but I think I'd ask the vet about different brands of good quality puppy foods you could try that might set better with his tummy. Whew!!!! But ya gotta love em, right? After all, he's family. I'm a dog lover...bet he's adorable!

    Lady Lew

  6. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Pepper, sorry I have no suggestions, but your post reminded me of a funny video I saw on the web. The site is called something like "TootTone". It is just hysterically funny if you think that sort of thing is funny. The video shows a product that is a suppository which when inserted you know where will ring like a cellphone whenever the wearer passes gas. It's a scream!!!!

  7. rockymtnmom

    rockymtnmom New Member

    My puppy has such stinky toots that they literally can wake me up at night (and as an FMS/CFIDS sufferer I don't sleep that well to begin with! UGH!). This is a very unpleasant way to wake up to say the least! I consulted my vet, who told me that it is probably diet. My pup is on an all natural, organic puppy food (Solid gold lamb and rice), and just because it is a quality diet doesn't mean he isn't reacting to something in the food. The foods that seem to be the least allergy prone for dogs from what I have learned from message boards like this one, are the organic/all-natural ones that have salmon, other fish, bison and/or sweet potatoes as their main ingredient(s)have been recommended (may need to obtain thru the internet). Hope this helps! I'm going to get some and boy it will be worth it if it stops these industrial strength gas bombs!!! Kim
  8. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    Thanks for the advice and the posts!

    Yes, they really ARE family, but most of my family don't even smell THAT bad!!! WHPOO WEE!!!

    Hopefully, it is something he will grow out of. My daughter thinks it may be the breed. Her dog has Queensland in him, and he lets them so hard that she can even HEAR them in the other room! HA! THAT'S a good one!!

    My husband said we should change his name to Stinky, but I don't want to do that, not yet, anyway.....THANKS! PG
  9. Summit

    Summit New Member

    When you find out what the dog has, will ya let me know, cause I think I have it too!! LOL Just kidding.

    I would have your pup vet checked, there is a stomach virus or something like that the pup may have (common in pups) my girlfreinds dog went through this. Also, make sure your feeding a good puppy chow and no table food. Good luck
  10. ???

    Lmao, j/k I know this is a problem where I'm alllll alone on it, lol

    I think OUR best bet, for our dogs...is to talk to the vet or groomer, about the spray you can use on the poo so they won't want to eat it...and then *maybe* they won't toot & burp so much. Or at least when they *do* burp, it wouldn't smell like---they poo'd in the floor.!

    I don't know, though..I don't see myself in snow, looking for poo to spray, but, you bet my beagle mix will* actually dig it out of SNOW! ICK! I have nearly broken the kitchen window, pounding on it, yelling "Katie! NO!" lol(if I don't laugh, I'll cry! so disgusting...they were so cute....why lord? Why! must our critters be gross at times???--lol not my housebabies!) :(

    And I agree, probably diet, as well...we can't win though, we buy one food--our beagle mix will get runny stools...on the same stuff, our Pug will get severe constipation...

    Beneful, my Pug still has milder constipation, but, the beagle mix does fine on, and it's more affordable than, say IAMS...??? I dunno.

    Lord help the stinky pet owners! LOL

    BTW, PG, I was laughing my butt off when you said hubby said could change the name to stinky----

    One of my puggy's many 'affectionate' nicknames, which came when she was 5months old and on those anti-biotics after surgery, was---- "(s)Tinky-butt" LOL! (you know, stinky butt---only--i have a bad problem with baby talking my doggies, LOL! who wouldn't? a 13.8lb pug :p Especially back when she was small enough to fit in my hands. :p

    The vets still said she's 1.5-2 times smaller than the rest of their Puggy pts, and by far the cutest! LOL I'll have to post a pic of my furbabies sometime when I get my printer/scanner back running...

    (our pug was also VERY hard to housebreak, groomer/trainer said ALL "smushy-faced" breeds are prideful, proud & stubborn)---so another nickname---"The Mad Pooper" (has struck again)....

    Alright, so I really need a life. My doggies are my constant (gassy) companions, though, since 6 months into my illness. No kiddies, so....they're it while hubby sometimes works 70hrs...LOL

    Tried crocheting--didn't really care for it, and within 3-5 minutes, my hands were crippled...

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  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I would try to eliminate the wet food (canned) for a few days and see if this helps. You can always moisten the food with a bit of water.

    Years ago we had a corgi that came to us like this and it was horrible. I stopped giving her the canned food and the problem immediately went away.

    Hugs & good luck,

    Nancy B
  12. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    I would really looking into the ingredients in the food you feed. Do you get it from a petstore or from the grocery store?

    I feed my Shih Tzu Zoe, Natural Balance Fish and sweet potato, it is an allergy formula. She almost never has gas, let alone stinky gas. It is very cute when she does pass some, she will look behind her to see what happened.

    Beneful is actually a very low quality food.

  13. and told my husband...he buys the diet control formula, I'm going to try & talk to him again...Will it work??? He's the one who shops. Says it's cheap, neither dog gets diarrhea, & abby is much less constipated on it...& if they aren't on weight control,

    He's afraid they'll get heavier again (gee..well---our pug DID go up to 19lbs, once, but we did NOT monitor how *Much* food we gave-bowl empty--put food in--now they're fed twice a day. And, our beagle mix, for pete's sake, was a whole 30lbs instead of 27..lol not exactly fattybutt...)

    Hubby is thee best when it comes to taking care of me, we've been through EVERYTHING in our short 6.5yr marriage, BUT--He is a MAJOR creature of habit. (and HATES when I'm right, for some reason..) So, getting him to change ANYthing, is difficult. His whole* family is that way. Too the point that..it nearly worries me.

    I reckon everyone has to have SOME flaws, though. If that's his biggest flaw,(even though ANNOYING when it's important things..re: him going to a doctor...etc) I think I'll keep him! :D

    What brand would anyone recommend for 5 & 6 yr old doggies, 13.8 lbs Pug & 27lb beagle/daschund mix...I think dog food is like human food nowadays...Hardly ANY is natural, & doesn't contain flavor enhancers, (all kinds of dyes--harmful??? maybe if allergic--doggies can't speak) & other fillers, etc they don't need/shouldn't have..

    Anyone know a good, healthy, low-mid priced doggie food, that has a 'weight control' formula (to make hubby happy...) by monitoring & controlling their intake, & the exercise they get now with our fenced in yard---they are FINE weight wise...

    But, if anyone could suggest? He's from 'the country' and his 17yr old beagle that passed away 2 yrs ago (ran over! not even old age! though she was in terrible shape!) always just ate table scraps...

    For me, it's been many many years since I had adult doggies, we fed our Spitz...?? Gravy train, Ole Roy...Kibbles-n-bits. Many many years ago...


  14. mistyd96

    mistyd96 New Member

    The food is what is causing it. The higher quality food uses better ingredients with less fillers. Ideally the first 3 ingredients should not include any by- products. The old addage you get what you pay for is extremely true in this case.

    Any food can be weight control. You just have to watch the portion sizes, no free feeding all day as dogs will eat and eat. No table scraps......extremely bad for them.

    I would also take your pet in to the vet for a physical.

    Would love to know what you are feeding now. If you switch foods, please do it slowly. Add a bit of new food in each day and gradually increase the amount of new while decreasing the old until you are on new only. If not you get horrible diarrhea until their bodies adjust.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents from a vet tech.

  15. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    I'm laughing to hard to respond....LOL..LOL...LOL..
    Seriously, my puppy's pee is my problem. It smells so strong I want to hurl picking up the puppy pads. Vet said it was the pH level in her food and to try Iams or some other high-end food. Did it, not working...next!! LOL

    Hope you find a solution to your polution problem. The comedian Bill Engvall does a whole set on his dog eating his own poops and the vet telling him to buy this stuff to put on his food to make his poops taste bad and that will make him stop... ^.o Like him, I would think that poops automatically taste bad...whata we know, we're only human.

    Take Care and thanks for the laugh, it was a nice way to start my morning.
  16. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    OK, I DO get his food at Petsmart, and it is supposedly 100% natural, no fillers, etc. Can't remember what the name is, but supposed to be one up from Science Diet.

    BUT, hubby has been adding a little soft puppy food to it in the mornings only, and I (shame shame, I know) give him a bite of cheese with my terri-poo when I get up, so he won't feel left out. He also eats like there's no tomorrow, and I'm sure that puts A LOT of air on his stomach! I think he's afraid the terri-poo is going to eat his food, which is so untrue, or maybe because of growing up with 4 other siblings??

    Also, I give him all natural doggie treats-I mean, they get so bored during the day! He chews on those pig treats, until they are down to nothing.

    So, I suppose it could be any of the above. I'll start eliminating the things that aren't absolutely necessary and move from there. He just got back from the vets', and he was declared VERY healthy, just a little small for his age.

    Love all the responses-what an entertaining post this turned out to be!!! And yes, 'tinky butt' is actually a name that I've used on many of my dogs, as well as grandchildren!! LOL!!!
  17. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Hi Pepper,

    I found charcoal tablets very helpful for this when my dog cleared the room. Can get them from chemist, crush them into food for few days.

    Also, check water source is not fouled. Somethimes this can cause gas.

    Hope this helps.

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