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  1. elastigirl

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    I took my son to an allergist on Friday at the advice of his peditrician.

    Turns out my son is allergic to dust, cats, outdoor mold, and weeds. On top of that, he has sports-induced asthma.

    My son has very few symptoms of allergies, but he keeps getting chest colds, bronchitis, etc., so my pediatrician said an allergist could help us 'pre-empt' these illnesses by keeping his system from getting so weak in the first place.

    Does this make sense? I don't know much about allergies, although I've developed a few in recent years, too. I thought chest colds, etc., were caused by viruses or bacteria. Not getting the connection yet.

    Here's the really bad news: The allergist said my son has nearly 100% closure of nasal passages; that he's become a 'mouth-breather' to compensate. He also said he wanted me to adopt out our cats -- no, he doesn't want to give my son shots to control his cat allergies, saying my son is young and weak right now (?huh?) -- he wants me to get rid of the cats.

    Very sad for us (we have three,) but my son understood what the doctor was saying and understood if Mommy gave away the cats, it would not be a punishment, it would be for his health.

    Also, the doctor wants me to buy dust-proof bedding and and air purifier ($$$). We don't have any extra money at all, plus I've gone on a 'no new charges' budget. So I was very sad about the new expenses we'd have to incur.

    After a discussion with his father, we determined his father will buy the air purifier, and I will buy the bedding. The doctor said Walmart carries some inexpensive items.

    However, in order to place the cats, I will have to raise the money to get their final series of shots. I think this will be $100+. Have been selling clutter for cash; will continue. (I can always charge it, but I'm trying to ignore those dreaded cards.)

    Here's another catch: My son's father doesn't want our son on prescriptions. The doctor prescribed two evefy day rxs and two 'as needed' rxs. I, too, hesitate to put a child on medication. Except for the bouts with illness, he seems mostly okay. However, he does wheeze after heavy activity (he loves to run.)

    I will be working to control the dust, placing the cats, etc. Will I still have to keep him on meds? His doctor says yes, no options. But is there a homeopathic option? I told his father I would look into homeopathic options and get back to him, but honestly, I don't know where to start.

    If you have a child with bad allergies and/or mild asthma, what do you do to control the symptoms?[This Message was Edited on 03/13/2006]
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    I have allergies similar to your son's...cats and dust and weeds. Now that we don't have cats in the house, I can breathe again. We used to have indoor cats, but it weakened my immune system, so I came down with colds all of the time (I could tell if it was a cold or allergies). Basically, I was a mouth breather and had a runny nose all of the time. I think your doc is right...sorry about the nice cats. I love them too!

    As for the meds, I feel your son needs the stuff the doc prescribed. You can't control environmental pollens and that season will be kicking in soon. I also have been getting the shots, because my allergies were starting to go to hives. Sometimes I'd feel them in my throat, so we started the shots. I have not even had a cold all winter (knock on wood!). It is so wonderful to be able to breathe and not be sick all the time. Best wishes to you and your son....Love, Terri
  3. Alyndra

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    I'm allergic to everything as well as an anaphylactic risk to a good portion of my allergies. I have asthma as well.

    Before a good portion of my allergies were under control, my body was always trying to fight off everything and pretty much made my immune system shut down. When I would get a cold, it lasted for months.

    Between the allergies lowering my immune system, getting sick - and having asthma? I was being taken into the hospital nearly 5 times a week.

    I was on the allergy shots at one point, but my body just couldn't handle them. 4 times I went into anaphylactic shock - and the rest of the times I would be sick for days after the shot. To this day all my doctors feel it was the allergy shots that broke down my body and triggered my FM.

    My allergist also recommended that I get the dust free bedding, air purifier & take out all carpet and curtains; even if only in my bedroom.

    I bought the dust free bedding, and for me it was a waste of money. They just never made a difference. Now, I only use the pillow cases.

    The air purifier I was actually able to get covered under my insurance. The doctor wrote me an Rx for one, and I got it at a medical supply store. My insurance covered it 100% and allowed me upto $400 for one.

    While I don't recommend your son start the allergy shots, I definately agree that there will be some meds your son should be on.

    For his asthma a preventative medicine should be taken everyday. It lowers the chance of an attack, but if it does happen - he should also have an 'as needed' puffer.

    As for his allergies, I really think he may only have to take an antihistamine everyday. I believe you can even get childrens dose these days. For me, I take Reactine in the morning and Benadryl at night. The combination really helps me.

    Since I removed the carpet and put hardwood floor in my bedroom, it's really made a HUGE difference. When I had carpet it was vaccuumed everday, and I thought there was no chance it could still be THAT dusty. I was wrong!

    I wish there were more options I could tell you, but when it comes down to allergies & asthma I've learned they have to be taken very seriously. If I get sick, or am having problems with my allergies - I know that at anytime either one of those things can trigger a major asthma attack for me.

    If you have one, talk to your insurance company to find out if they would cover an air purifier as a medical device. If not, talk to your doctor and ask if there's any programs out there to help with the expense of getting one, seeing as it's for a medical condition.

    I hope you find something that works for your son, hopefully without having to load him up on medications!


    P.s. My mother also had to give up 3 cats because of me. It's not an easy thing to do, but it really did help my symptoms.
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  4. cats3

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    I am allergic to dogs, cats, trees, mold, dust mites and the list goes on. Also have food allergies!

    All these allergies caused numerous colds, sinus infections, bronchitis and I was even tested for asthma which I don't have.

    I have 1 dog and 3 cats and never once did my allergist tell me to get rid of my pets and even if he did I would not!

    I take allergy shots and they help!

    I also use dust mit proof bedding and run air purifiers. I got the air purifiers at Sam's Club.

    My allergist treats very young kids and gives them shots if needed.

    Have you thought about seeing another allergist for a 2nd opinion?

    Each doctor treats people differently.

    Here are some very good web sites on allergies:

    American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI)

    Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)(Information about Asthma, Allergies, Food Allergies)

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my son has bad allergies as well...as for the the shots check ou that website...but from what i have been told...cause my son kept getting ear infections, etc...no one smoked at all or around him,,,not even a babysitter.. he didn't get bottles in bed...i had a heck of a time...he got the p.e. tubes that was great...but that por little guy would walk outside and his eyes would start to water..running down his face...

    so he is allergic to tide soap breaks out in rash head to toe...well when he was 3 yrs..old he broke out w/food allergy we suspected the seafood he was just given out at dinner w/i the past few days...so we avoided all shellfish and fish...

    so he had allergy testing done when he was 5 yers..he tested positive to allergies of so many things....animal dander...we had a dog but he was mostly outdoors...we had hardwood floors...i was really a neat freak...we had the luxery of a washer and dryer at the time....

    well the allergiest explained t me and from my college classes i have learned as well, the body goes through changes every 7 years...so what he was allergic to when he was 5 may not be the case when he gets older...so i got him retested last summer...

    he is allergice to even more things...he could do the allergy shots has to dcome in weekly and can not go more than 2 weeks w/o coming in...and yes he tested positive for fish allergy...they said they could test for shell fish but that can be even more a of a sevre reaction, quite possibly deadly...

    i have been thru the mill w/cody...i would not worry about putting him on allergy meds...cody did great with clartin ready tabs..those worked well for myself as well and quickly...he does flonase and he has ventolin for his athsma...fornately he usually only gets the athsma reaction when he is ill....then it can develop into something horrible........

    he can not spend the night at other peoples homes....i have had him do it trust me...but one time he stayed at a friends house overnight...i picked him up the mother is very clean...but she was an animal lover , i can't reacall the if she had cat's but i know whe had birds in the house and little rodent animals....she said cody had a really difficult time she said she felt really bad for him///cody was like around 11 yrs...so he knew what was going on....

    then cody has a friend...oh my god i dropped off at the friends home...i could smell the the cat at the from door...it was awful...but how the heck do you tell one of your son's friends and his mother was one of cody's teachers at school that their house smelled like a sess pool of animal dander and cat box...they had like two cats and and alteast one dog....

    cody paid for it dearly...he did have his allergy meds but was not good enough for him...he has since then stayed ther a couple of times and he had to tell h is friend that he couldn't do it if the house wasn't cleaned up because of his allergies...so forrest cleaned up his room and whatever...

    well cody still is irritated by this and comes back all hoarse and has to take his clothes off outside on the patio and runs to the shower and leaves the clothes outside until i can wash them...and he has to leave his pillow and blankets or sleeping bag outside or else he is wheezing an d a sneezing.....and he gets ill....

    he stayed the night over at another friends home...well i got a call to come pick himup because he couldn't breath...this was when he was like 13 0r 14...so it wasn't like he was scared or anything...he just couldn't breath and he just gets all screwed up and a cold sets in...oh they had gueinea pigs in the house...

    the allergies weaken you immune system......the bronchial tubes get inflamed///and athsma can set in and then the bronchiatis ...then phenumonia then worse can happen...it has to model nicky taylor or her sister i forget which one died because of her athsma...but this serious stuff...

    so cody has finally came to his own conclusion he can not really ever spend the night at anyone's home...he must be in a clean environment animal free...he has other allergies..but when he is sleeping in it..oh boy!..

    i can not be in other peoples home because of their animals as well expecically cats...i wheeze so badly.....and have to grab my inhaler....so i have learned where and when i can to people places///it is awful for us...but it is my health and my son's...

    well now that i have written a novel for you on our trials and tribualtions..sorry for the typos...but i was just trying to get this done...

    i had a friend that had her insurance pay for her daughters air-purifyer as well...med-icaid
    or med-ical may pay for it...so checkit out...likek an ther person posted her for you...and sam's club sells air purifyers as well...i wonder if the bedding should be the ex's to pay for...

    well i just wanted you to know it is serious for your little man...and it can just be awful...and the things we take for granted isn't that way for them....i have to keep my house clean for this reason as well...and when he and i cleanour rooms to do dusting or let's say when we have moved...that dust we have around that we haven't notice thagt will send us into fits....

    well take care

  6. day2day

    day2day Member

    The meds have made all the differnce for my son. He is on sigular and allervert for daily pill for meds. He is also on nasonex for nasal spray.

    My son has an asthma machine if he has an asthma attack, it has happened in the past and was very scary, had to take him to er room and his blood oxegen was very very low.

    He also has an inhaler incase he has a bad attack an not near an asthma machine ( nebulizer).

    Since I started giving him the meds for asthma 3 years ago ( singular, it is also used for allergies), he has not had one asthma attack.

    I am not one for medicating children unless it is absolutely necessary, but this can become a situation that deteriorates in a matter of minutes if your child has a bad episode.

    When he first started with his environmental allergies it was not that bad, and it was not that bad all the time, but I had to rush him to ER room probably 3 or 4 times in a 2 year period due to environmental reactions.

    My son also developed food allergies at an early age, those unfortunately are anaphelatic reactions, so he also has to carry an epi pen with him at all times, and everyone from bus driver to school teachers have to be trained to use it. He had a reaction last year and thankfuly we got to ER just in the nick of time or he would have died.

    It must be pretty hard on him if he is a mouth breather, I bet it would be wonderful for child to be able to breath through nose again.

    As far as cats and shots, we have a local animal shelter that takes in pets and does not euthanized them, and will take them shots or no shots, they keep them till they find a good home for them. To adopt one of these animals the potential new home is screened, have you looked to see if there is one of those in your area?

    Good luck with everything, I hope you find this info helpful, but remember this is just my experience with my own son. Each child is different.


  7. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Wow! This is a lot of information. I see that medications are necessary. I guess I will have to convince his dad of that, too.

    If only this had been diagnosed when he was three! He might have had a much better winter.

    I have not found myself or my son reacting to our bedding. I wash our bedding thoroughly with a little bleach and have started using vinegar instead of scented softeners, so we may be good on bedding afterall.

    There is carpet throughout this yucky place! I personally hate carpet, though I like large, berber rugs to add a layer of warmth in the winter. I cannot afford to tear it up and replace it, but I will be thinking about this future tense.

    The cats -- even though I'll miss them -- are costing us a whole lot of money. Plus, they are terrors in the house, creating a whole lot of extra housework for me. (Our place is just too small for pets.) We'll still have a goldfish. Even though it'll be sad to place them, I think my son's Mommy will be a lot less stressed out if we do.

    I'm suprised the allergist didn't prescribe an rx for the air purifier! I will call my clinic for more info on that. Wow, who would have thought?

    The allergist made sure I had a nebulizer. I do. He said if my son starts having trouble breathing, go ahead and start treatments, even before we see our doctor. He gave me an rx for Albutrin.

    Thanks again. I was so reassured by your responses. I felt terribly guilty thinking of putting my son on rxs, but now I see it's a necessary evil that could protect him from a really bad attack.
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  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    It is not cat fur but the dander. When I had the dogs that was a bit worse, got asthma, but took benadryl and did lots of wipes. Gradually built up resistance. I am supposedly allergic to cats and have four. Allergist told me to get rid of them. I asked do you like cats, hate "em he said. But I use anti dander wipes daily on them. It stops the dander floating about. Also son should not touch cats. You can also spray the air with anti dander spray and make sure cats are not in room where he sleeps. Just a thought for alternative. This has worked for many people I know. Funny thing is that unless he has been like this since a baby, it would be unusual for him to get this when older. Research says that kids brought up with animals rarely get allergies to them.

    Anyway this may give another thought, but of course it is just my 2 cents.

    Also I have been allergy tested and turned out that some of those tests were dead wrong. Mostly it was dust mites.

    Also detergents can be a biggy. Use Ecover or some non toxic laundry and dish soap.

    I don't go now with everything allergists say as I was allergic to the plastic they use to prick the back with.

    Love Anne C
  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but you will see the pay off on how your son will feel..

    and that is the important thing....

    i don't want to sound insensitive about your cats..
    i have friends that are total cat lovers...

    i am a dog lover...

    as far as your ex making the final decision on his medications for your son...does he really have a say so there..?

    you should have full legal custody and the father only joint custody..that is how mine is set up...and i beleive most peoples are...just make sure it is the best for your son...iknow you will..

    thnking of your

  10. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    cromwell -- My mother recommended an anti-dander product, too, but the cats adore my son and crawl all over him whenever they see him. He loves to pet them. I think it would just torture my son if they were present, yet he was forbidden to pet them :(. Really would take away their purpose. So I'm thinking it's best for us just to place them. But thank you for the suggestion :).

    I was there when he was tested for cat dander. Big, red, itchy spot on his arm. Did not look promising. I think his symptoms were hidden from me by all of his end-on-end colds. He does have morning sneezing, just like his dad, so I didn't think much of that, but his eyes are often red and itchy, too.

    I still have some scented detergent in the house but have been buying my new detergent in the unscented form. Can't afford the more expensive brands right now but am thinking switching to unscented is a good place to start :). Thank you for the tip.

    jodieplace -- I have primary custody, while the ex has joint custody. I do what I can to make the ex comply, but he just does what he wants.

    For instance, when my son was returned yesterday, he was dressed in a very thin jacket, a very thin sweatshirt/pants, and a super thin, see-thru undershirt. That's it. It was thirty degrees out! I was so upset, but my ex won't pay any attention to me. He consistently underdresses our son. Consistently. He even tells me not to send his warm clothes! I'm really upset about this, but there is nothing I can do. Nothing.

    My son also told me that the ex smoked a cigar in his presence during his last visit! (My ex is a cigar-smoker, so I don't think my son made this up.) I asked my son if he told his daddy that hurts his lungs. He said he did. I asked what his father said. He said he'd smoke "fast."

    Breaks my heart that his father is being so sturbborn on so many issues. Sometimes he seems to care a lot about our son's health, then other times he completely does not. He has even gotten to the point of accusing me of causing our son to think he is sick by being sick myself. Grrr! Nothing I can do about that, either. Nothing. I'm powerless to change a stubborn person's mind. He'll just keep hurting our son, and there's nothing I can do about it.

    Sorry to be so negative Jodie, but when my son left for this visit, he complained of foot pain. When he returned, he complained of pain in the same foot. So concerned, I called his dad to see if he complained of pain in that foot during his visit. His father said, "No! Maybe he's pretending his foot is hurt from seeing you!" (referring to my recent sprained ankle.) I think he denies too much. How cruel, too, to ignore his son's pain. I'm at my wit's end.
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  11. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    allertgies as your son. I went on allergy shots for 3 years and have not had many problems since then and I still have my cats.
  12. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I have heard of court orders for parents that are reckless reference a childs health.....

    You have a very ill child..that is if all precautions are not taken. Everyone has to protect him...and this father of his is very irresponsible.

    Art Bell's wife, Ramona just died recently of Asthma. He has a radio show on at night, Coast to Coast.

    It is not to be fooled with. His father can not smoke around him and such. I wonder what he gives him to eat, etc.?

    The son can not help having these problems. But father wants him to forget it and get on with his life. Sounds like many of what people wants us Cfids/Fibro people to do.
    They just do not understand.

    It is not something you would want to do, but you might have to stop having him to go with his father. It would be for the boys sake.

    I do not use fabric softner or scented soaps and so forth. I get ill around perfumes, after shave and so forth. Good old vinegar kills germs....as good as Lysol. It cleans and leaves a shine. Cheaper than a lot of stuff also. I do not know if this is an answer for you, but swifter dusters do a great job..really gets the dust easily and no scent. I have regular ones and long handled ones.

    You sound like a great Mom and person. Good luck with all....Love and Hugs.....Susan
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and dragged down to the dr's office w/hi son and let the peditrician tell him what an idiot he is for smoking around him...

    i do know the battles all to well elastic girl...my son's father and well i'll be nice, gf were both smoking around cody in the 2 hour car ride with cody in the car...and was having a kitty cat or two of them..in the house while cody was there...

    his father already new his own son's firsthand expeierices at the dr's office etc...p.e.tubes...

    and when ever cody was sick dad would not do a darn thing...send back for me to take care of and make him suffer...becaue that would mean he would need to be a father...

    i know you can get it into visitations scedules to disallow either parent to subject child to smoke or animals..mine was drinking in the presence of cody...

    i just wanted to let you know i do understand what the heck yo are going thru....maybe you could have a dr's letter sent to him...then you could contact legal aid to change these orders...

    thinking you

  14. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Because of our court orders, I'm not able to change custody. His father gets quite a bit of time. My lawyer warned me right off the bat, "You cannot control how he parents."

    My son's pediatrician tells me the same thing, but he said if my son's illnesses kick up again next winter, we can set up a sting -- where the pediatrician verifies my son is well before his visit with his father, sick after. (This is already an established pattern.)

    But, that's next winter. In the meantime, if I try to tell his father how to parent (through gentle suggestions,) he gets angry and threatens to quit his job. Child support is our only source of income right now, so I can't jeopardize that :(.

    Very sad for my son, but as I said, sometimes it seems that his father cares a lot about his health. He feeds him high quality food and honors our vegetarian ways. He even sends home expensive organic foods in my son's bags. So you see, he isn't 100% evil.

    It's just that he cannot accept weaknesses in our son. He sees them as character flaw. Even though my ex suffers allergies, too, he ignores them and toughs them out. He wants our son to be heavily involved in sports. I think this whole discovery about the allergies really put my ex into hyper-denial mode. Maybe he'll come out of it if he sees our son more functional on his medications than off. We'll see.

    As for personal air purifiers, I bought one for my dad because he likes casinos, but he never wears it. I paid $25. I think if I bought one for my son, it would help him. However, I cannot guarantee his father would let him wear it.

    It would, however, need a snap-away cord (like cat's collars) to avoid a choking hazard. Any ideas on that one?

    Thank you everyone :). You've all been so wonderful and helpful. My son is on Day 2 of the Singular, and I'm already noticing a difference in him :).
  15. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    My son came home from school Thursday with a touch of a cold. On Friday and Saturday, it got worse. Today, it turned into a thick, phlegmy cough.

    So far, regarding his allergies, I've put new filters in all of the vents, installed a humidifier vent, checked the furnace filter, doubled my dusting and vacuuming routine, and only let the cats in to eat.

    Son's father hasn't purchased the air purifier yet. I've been in an alternating pain/fatigue flare and have not even gotten around to looking at personal air purifiers yet :(. My bad.

    To top it off, we are supposed to be spending three days with my mom (starting Tuesday,) and now I have a sore throat, my sign of a cold coming on. Grr.

    These cycles of colds and viruses just seem to never end! I've definitely had enough of winter. I think my flares have been due to the fluctuating weather and the onset of my cold. (I was fine most of the month.)

    Most of all.... Most of all, though.... It breaks my heart to see my little boy sick again. I keep praying it doesn't turn into bronchitis again. I keep praying he'll be able to visit his Grandma. He is my gem. If only I could keep him well!

    There is no real point to this thread; I just needed to share with someone. It's too late to call anyone, and I'm feeling so sad for him. His breathing is labored again. It's heart-breaking. At least he is sleeping well, and no fever so far.... That's good. I'll need to sleep soon. We may have a tough day ahead tomorrow.
  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i understand your frustrations been there done that....

    i am sorry the air purifyer has not been purchased yet...

    that would most likely give him some relief...

    darn fathers..

    did you have any luck adopting out the kitties yet?

    i know that is a touchy subject...

    heart felt concern for you and your son...

    hugs to you both


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