OT: New furry family member

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by morningsonshine, Aug 21, 2006.

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    We picked up a new kitty from a rescue ranch. Click on profile for a picture of Pussywillow (willy)

    It was really hard to get a picture with the digital camera it has a delay and focus feature that makes animal pictures really hard!
    It's enough to drive you crazy.~~

    He is suppose to be purebreed Manx, but it looks more like american bob cat to me, two of his litter mates had bobbed tails but this one dosen't.

    He's a tiger black and cream, with eat tuffs, and those long white guard hairs on him, gorgeous!

    The parents were abandoned and left behind in a house when the people moved.
    He is very affectionate, and very playful at 8 weeks, and has awful diahrea, i'm sure it will get better once he settle in and has a steady diet of good food.

    The rescue ranch is way over crowded, the ladies were nice but had more than they could handle. Our kitty was in a cat cage with his 3 litter mates, plus four more half grown kittens.

    He really stunk, and we gave him a bath when we got home, plus another bath again two days later. Kitties don't like that!!LOL
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    Hi Morningsonshine! Good to see that you are home! I hope all went well with MD appt, and vacation! Love, Tam
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    OMG!! Your fur baby is so adorable!! We have not had a kitty in a long time, but I just love them, they are so mischievous!!

    We have a new white fluffy baby, she is 2 now and a bundle of joy to me and my family, click on my profile to see her

    May God Bless you and your new furbaby


    I hope all works well with your new pet, I am so sorry when I here about rescue ranches and them being over crowded, I will keep them in my prayers too