OT Oprah and Jennifer Anniston yesterday

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  1. Did anyone watch it, I thought she did so well on Oprah not badmouthing or even mentioning Brad or Angelina. I once saw him on tv talk about their marriage and he said he would stay by her until he no longer had the same feelings for her. I thought at the time, uh WHAT! The way he put it , it sounded like until someone better came along. I think she is better without him.
  2. justjanelle

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    He really said that? Horrible!

    I don't usually follow the celebrity stuff.

    I once went to a wedding (friend of the bride) where the couple wrote their own vows. One part struck me so wrong -- they promised to be faithful etc. "as long as our love lasts".

    Now, maybe they meant love is eternal and their love for one another would be also -- but the implication for me was that as soon as one of them decided the fireworks were over, those vows were no longer binding and they were outta there!

    (Another sign of trouble to come -- the groom pinched my bottom as I went through the reception line!)

    Best wishes,

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    LOL on that one!!! NOT a good sign. That was my giggle for the day! I've sure known a lot of husbands who would have one arm around the wife, a kid's hand and wink over their heads
    at someone else, including me. I never failed to shock them by sticking my tongue out at them in clear view of the wife! I hated to make a fool of myself, but I wanted the message clear and I also wanted the poor wife to get a clue what she
    had to deal with. I'd want someone to
    give MY husband the raspberry if he did that over MY head! He'd from then on have a hard time winking with a
    black eye. LOL!

    I saw the show yesterday and I thought she spoke well, but I wasn't
    convinced by her expression that she is all that OK yet. She's SO much better off, that creature he's taken up with is at best mentally challanged IMHO. I saw her dad talking about how much he worries about her sexual antics and habits and if he was right..sheesh! I thought Billy Bob or whatever his name is would have to have lip surgery from her hanging on him and making out with him everywhere all the time, and wearing his blood around her neck? ICK! OK, that's my total movie star critique in a nutshell. I don't normally pay much attention to any of them, but that group is hard to ignore.
  4. I don't think she's as good as she says, but trying. I mean what can you say on national tv! I agree Angelina Jolie seems to have alot of problems and she will probably drag Brad down with her, and then he will be on to the next one as most of those stars are. It is sad really, but I guess they don't live in reality after all, with their million dollar salaries, cars, homes, etc, etc.
  5. Empower

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    Good for Jennifer!!

    I mean, do you all remember the Billy Bob Thornton thing and Angelina Jolie??? They drink each other's blood, or something like that

    What kind of a woman is Angelina if she was so weird with Billy Bob

    It won;t last between her and Brad

    You GO Jennifer!

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