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    Hey Katemac,

    I miss hearing from you! Hopefully, you saw the outcries of protest on the LOST thread, when you said YOU were going to get lost~~~~~~~~

    Please come and just give your general opinions/observations or whatever. You know there're only two more episodes before the big hiatus until FEBRUARY!!

    My birthday is in Feb., so I'm sure that heavily influenced the people at ABC and the LOST execs on when the show would reappear.

    Then 17 straight shows!! I'll need a "straight" jacket, but one that somehow has keyboard accessability.

    If you really, don't want to though....will you still post to me occassionally? Your personality always gives me a giggle or two!

    Love and Hugs...........Jill.............
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    Hey Jill!

    I actually never even saw this and if it weren't for my dear friend Jeanne I would have never caught this!

    I have been on and off a lot lately due to being sick on and off with some nasty flu virus. Plus I normally don't post much on the weekends because we are just so busy.

    I actually have not been back to the LOST thread. I really hope no one took what I said rudely. I did not intend for it to be that way.

    It's just that I don't have a whole lot of time to myself and the time that I do have is mostly spent cleaning the house, jumping on here for a few minutes, hopefully getting a daily shower in or spending some rare moments with my husband and then watching a bit of tv during the week.

    I don't have time to go to all of these LOST sights and I certainly don't have time to devote trying to figure out the deep mysteries of the island. LOL

    I think that is what they are doing so the producers can hook people.

    I watch the show and LOVE it but my brain is in a hundred different places at once so I don't catch all the little details and to be honest I was getting a little overwhelmed. I apologize for that but it was really messing with my anxiety!

    I didn't intend to be rude to anyone by excusing myself from the LOST discussions. I really was enjoying them and I really liked having a little weekly discussion group to go to. I know that sounds weird but it was fun! LOL

    Anyway, maybe one day we can meet up in chat and exchange emails so we can definitely keep in touch. Until then we should keep posting to each other!!!

    I am a bit down today. Just feeling really tired and overwhelmed so sorry if my post is a little heavy. My husband, my son and I just can't shake this nasty virus or flu thing.

    It has been in our household since I had my surgery back in the beginning of September. Yeah. I had to think there for a minute but I had my surgery on August 31st and my son got sick that night with this nasty virus that he caught from my husbands Mother. Then it passed through us all but for some reason I have had it the most. Probably because my immune system is down due to surgery. Now my son is getting it for the second time. So that is not good!

    Anyway, I am taking him to the doctor this afternoon and then off to get a zipper for his Halloween costume! He is too long for it so we have to adjust it a bit. He is going to be a Lobster! LOL Funny! Can't wait to post a picture!

    Okay, well you have a great day and I will try to check in later but can't promise anything today. It is a busy one. I am also getting some food ready for this single Mom on this site that I help out with here locally. I just need her to send me her list so I can get out the door and get to the grocery store!

    Busy day!!!!!!!!

    Talk to you later!


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    Bumping up for you!

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    So sorry that you and your family have been sick. It's tough to be sick on top of what we all ready have to deal with every day.

    I didn't take your "exit" from the LOST thread as being rude or anything like that. I just wanted to restate that everyone who watches the show is confused. As much as I love LOST, I don't analyze ever little thing, like some people do.

    The volume of crap out there related to LOST is incredible, and for one, my mind isn't up for the challenge but secondly, I don't have a lot of extra money to buy all these books etc.

    I'd thoroughly enjoy just becoming pals here on the board and eventually, if we can arrange it, exchanging Email addresses. You better be for warned, though, when I don't have a moderator to keep me in line, I've been known to cut loose with a few "choice words" if you get my drift?? lol,hehe.

    Well, I hope things get back somewhat to normal for you.
    When you can; visit us on the LOST thread just to say Hey!
    I guess after the next 2 episodes, we'll close down the thread (unless anybody wants to continue to discuss matters about the show). The last episode before the hiatus is supposed to be great.

    According to one of the writers, he said "it'll fry your brain!" Personally, my brain's all ready fried so perhaps just a light sauteeing? would be enough.

    Write me back when you can.......hugs......Jill........