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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by getfitat40, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    I just posted a picture of my new puppy, Bella. She is 18 weeks old and she is a Puggle. We are struggling to adapt to each, but she makes me giggle with her antics and is so nice to be welcomed home...

    If anyone has potty training tips they would be most welcome. Her previous owner had crate trained her, but she had a big backyard with a fence to play (and potty) in. I have tried pee-pads, picking her up and placing her on the pad while she does #2...nothing. She does #1 on the pee-pad most of the time.

  2. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    What an adorable puppy!!!

    Try going out in the back yard with her. Eventually she will have to pee and poop. Like human toddlers, after they eat is the key time to work on her training. The poop chute is "open" so to speak.

    Once she does, endless praise so she knows she did the right thing in the right place.

    Since she's so little, you will have to do this frequently at first - they're just like human toddlers - no way can they "hold" it for hours upon hours like an adult can.

    Gradually you space out the intervals to longer stretches of time.

    She may have "accidents", just like toddlers do. Don't make a big deal of it.

    It's not really dog training - but if it was called "human-training" people would probably be more reluctant to do it (LOL).

    Madame Curie

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  3. belly_acres

    belly_acres New Member

    She's adorable and I think the name suits her. As for training tips - I have none. My family is going to be getting a new puppy at the end of May. Ours will be a Giant Alaskan Malamute. They get huge! Our dog will be an outside dog just because of the size - but he will have a luxurious 40' x 40' pen with a dog house, igloo, trees, grass, and hopefully soon a water feature (according to my twins). We have to keep him in a pen at night so the wolves won't attract him away - I will post pictures when we get him - oh I just love puppies!!!!


  4. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Dont laugh but I trained our puppy with kitty litter.
    And it worked.

    By the way how do you put a picture in ??

    Have fun!!

  5. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Oh, so precious! I would have trouble training her, she's so cute!

    What I have always done with mine is take them out a lot when they are little, on the leash (even though they aren't leash trained yet, I don't drag or pull just follow them around). I tell them to go potty and when they pee tell them "Good Potty!!" They soon learn that go potty means to pee.

    With my Golden Retriever, Rey, I also taught him to do "business". He know that means he should poop. You don't really need two different words and I think Rey would now do what comes naturally no matter what which word I use.

    The ideal situation, of course, is that Bella never goes in the house and never finds out that she can! When mine had "accidents" I told them sternly, No, Outside! Then took them out for a few minutes even though they no longer had to go. No rubbing the nose in it, especially if you find it later. I also crate train so I know there are no accidents in the night.

    One of the reasons I train mine on lead is because you will eventually have them somewhere that you will need to keep them on the leash and they will need to go. My lab does not like to poop when she is on lead, but will if she is desperate enough. Turning them loose in the yard and then going into the house and coming back out for them can make them feel abandoned, and, of course, you won't know whether they went or not and then when you bring them back in they will go on the rug!

    I make a habit of taking them out about 15 minutes after they eat. I don't free feed, pups get three meals a day, that way I can have a little more control over bowel movements. It also teaches the pup that YOU are in control of everything, even the food. Dogs feel much more secure when they have a leader who takes care of their needs. Then they know where their place is in the pack.

    I stay out with them until they do what we are out there for, then tell them good potty. Telling them good boy, girl, dog, or there name doesn't reinforce the good behaviour they just displayed. (Sit, good sit; down, good down; come, good come.) Then we can play outside for a bit, or we go in and play in the house. I don't food reward, I want the dog to do things for me because he respects and loves me as his leader, not because he might get a cookie. Mine get lots of cookies now that they are "adults" (I'm not sure any kind of retriever ever really grows up!).

    You might also consider training on all kinds of surfaces. I had to retrain the lab because she was only trained to go on grassy surfaces. Rey was trained to go in gravel, on grass, or on pavement. My sister trains seeing eye dog puppies and they teach them this way, too. They also train on lead but stand in one place so the pup walks around them in a circle until the go. Now her adult dog still walks in a circle to go even when she's not on the leash!

    You can tell I am a bit fanatical about how dogs are trained. I love dogs and hate to see one thrown away, or worse, euthinized because the owner never learned how to be the leader the dog needed. Most of the training I do is taken from what "Guide Dogs for the Blind" uses and I have gotten a lot of tips from watching and reading Ceasar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

    Good luck with Bella, she really is bella!

  6. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    What a little sweet pea! I have problems with my hounds going potty too. THey can spend all day outside and still come inside and go potty!

    Grrrrrrrrrr.... So tips would help here too!

    We have 7 dogs, all but one is a rescue. We also have 6 cats all are rescue situations too.

    Hey Ms Manning Alberta! We have malamute/ lab mixes. I love them! They are so big and fab!! Eeeeeeek it is fabulous! Hope to see some pics up for your pups! I was born and raised in Calgary, and lived all over Canada. Llyodminster, camrose, edmonton, airdire. I been everywhere man! eheh

    Happy animals post! I think this is great Brenda
  7. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    Yesterday she was voted cutest puppy in the neighborhood!! She is a people and dog magnet - super happy to have anyone or thing take notice.

    The big yard thing with playing and potty training is indeed what she needs, but I don't have it. I live in a vintage 2-flat in Chicago. Oh and I live in the top flat so we have lots of stairs. So I know a lot of it is from the major transition from the 'burbs to the city and she'll come around.

    mme_curie - I just found a trainer and I had e-mailed her that I was the one who needed training - how ironic that I just read your reply!

    Peggy - I hope she doesn't get much bigger. These mixed breeds like a puggle (beagle & pug mix) are breeded by two purebreds. There are labradoodles (lab & poodle) & there is a lot of controversy over the breeding. But once I saw Bella's face I fell in love and that was that!

    Cori - I can't wait to see your new puppy - and I love puppies too but I gotta tell you that I did not think it would have been this much work...but it is fun and she makes me giggle a lot which is the best medicine!

    Jordane - I thought about the kitty litter but I didn't go that way because her other mom told me she would go outside only. And maybe at her house she did but not at my house. BTW-You click on your profile and there is a box to add a picture. You search for the picture on your pc and it will upload. I had forgotten how to do so I searched for it in previous posts.

    Green Bean - Thanks for all of the advice. I know I am supposed to be the alpha dog but she is so cute and funny I am probably helping her build bad habits. I would love for Bella to be a therapy dog, but first I need to get her to walk nice on a leash without chewing the leash!

    Jane_Canuck - Maybe it is the hound in then - no worries. She is little and so has little potty to clean up if she misses - she tries...but misses.

    I did find a trainer to do some one on one training for me!

  8. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    I am not sure if it is the pug that brings the wisdom out in our pups or what. Some of the puggles have more pug-like faces but your dog's face reminds me of Bella's face so maybe it is the pug - I thought it was the beagle in her...so who knows. I am so in love with this dog it is not funny....

    I will update pics! Currently she is not a good model because when I take the picture she usually has moved and I have a lot of pics of her tail!

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