OT: Porch Light Is On Vol. 4 (Closed--Scram!!)

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  1. mrdad

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    VOL. 4


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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'll still be asleep when ya get this. In answer to your
    question, I haven't done the Chat Room as my typying is
    slow and my brain slower. However, willing to try if
    you need to speak with me for any reason there. Sorry
    I wasn't available to get back wiff you at that time.

    Will "speak" with you at Coffee. Hope you got a good
    restful nite's sleep!


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  3. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    So glad to find you all. I love the title "The Porchlight is On." Makes it easy to find.

    It's just been another one of those busy weekends. Too many distractions and it often limits my posting time. Doggone it all!

    Sounds like Mr. Dad did his own stir-fry Rice-A-Roni. Of course you would pick that, seeings how it's made in your town!!

    I must've missed something. Is the party at Mr. Dad's place this weekend and we're all bringing stuff? In that case, then I should be responsible (!!) for bringing Sunday Brunch. Maybe I'll have it catered and we can find some really cute waiters for the girls. YEAH!!

    Have had very little sleep (as usual) and its early middle of the night thirty. So not feeling too witty. Surprise, surprise!

    Carla, your post on Tips & Help is just totally terrific. (Just like YOU are!) That is so helpful and nice to have, and thank you so much.

    Anne, I've been finding as many update posts on you as I can, and trying to keep up with how things are going for you and especially Geoff. Your post about taxes is really something. That is terrible. Who was it that said, "Born Free, Taxed To Death?" Sure is true.

    I can't answer everyone now because all the posts I'd read are on Volume 3!! An' I forgot to take notes!

    Still gimping around here, just like the rest of you. I go around in little circles in a big fog all the time.

    I start a lot of things and don't finish much. Trying harder, though.

    I hope everybody who passes through these parts is having a good weekend!! Glad to see more names on these posts, too. The more, the merrier.

    Just jump in, like I did. You meet some great people that way!

    I still can't think of any witty re-parties for Mr. Dad. LOL!!

    Have a good one!!
  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I was thankful to turn on the lap top this morning and see that Volume 4 is up and running. Thanks mrdad. Now I can just drink my coffee and talk to my friends.

    It was cool again this morning...low 50's but will be in the mid 70's by this afternoon. It does not get much better than that.

    My son and I set out two small beds of pansies and I got one container changed from summer plants to pansies. I hired a landscaper to do a large bed and do some things that I just can't do. It made me so happy. I have not been able to help at all the last few years...I spent some quality time with my son.... and pansies are just so BEAUTIFUL! The faces of each are so unique and now the range and mix of colors is unbelievable. I did buy a few that didn't have a face....they just do not have the character of those that do.

    I was exhausted though but yet so thankful. Two months ago I would not have dreamed of being able to do anything.

    Has anyone talked with Marta lately? I'm missing our Canadian friend and I do worry. I would love to hear from her again and I wish we could help. She was in such poor health and now she is so alone without our support. It makes me sad. Marta if you see this please pass along our message.


  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hy. Just catching up with both posts here.

    So sorry that Oktoberfest was a bummer. I thought it well may be. But at least you now know what you were "missing". There used to saying, something like The Hereafter - if your not hereafter for what i'm hereafter then you'll be herafter i'm gone from here, referring to drunken bums.

    Lolalee I love that pic of you. We almost moved to Southport NC and I suspect this is maybe close to where a couple of you live. It was because a) I love the ocean b) the golf was cheap c) and mainly due to the fact the schools there use TEACCH and have for years which is a teaching method for autistic kids.

    The problem is that a bunch of people moved to the Wilmington area (we were also thinking boiling springs) who have autistic kids so the Schools got overloaded. However, like the people who move to Frederick is it in Maryland as it is a huge deaf population, we also thought Danny would always have friends as there are so many kids like him who will become adults like he will be.

    The houses in upsate new york are pretty cheap in comparison to elsewhere, in villages around here, one can even by a gorgeous with wrap around porch Victorian for under $100,000. We had a lovely 1900 stone house with all oak carved woodwork, about 2,000 s.f. on an acre we sold 2 years ago for $155,000 no work needed. It is the taxes that are so bad. If you go to realtor sites and click on Cortland area, you will see what I mean.

    The ski resort here, Greek Peak, is about to finally open a four season resort next year, with an indoor pool and wave pool slides etc. We already go to the little lake there to swim. They are also opening a golf course. Houses there are pretty cheap right now. If school does not work out this year for Danny we may just move out there before the property prices go up, but it is a bit too rural.

    I do like being able to walk to all the schools here and the stores if needs be.

    Rockgor, I hear you on that charge. We have had people do the same stuff to us so many times. I was going to change my name to D. Ormat once.(LOL)

    I have to call Geoff's wife now for an update. Looks like no one is home. I always think no news is good news. We are still planning to travel up Friday, but we may all be coming down with colds, so we shall have to see.

    I agree that we did get a fantastic education when we were scared NOT to listen to the teacher. I am impressed with the stuff they are teaching Danny this year though. The teachers are stuck with this No Child thing which really hampers their teaching style as they get forced to teach to test which they all hate.

    There are so many loopholes in it too, that some schools cheat. It would be best being abolished as it fails to take into account culturakl differences, special ed needs, the fact that kids learn at different rates too. Also the big bias is that wealthy areas get a better deal. Also like here, lots of parents pay for private tutors to boost their kids which means their kids do OK and skew the numbers.

    Bring back the one room school house!!! We were actually debating whether having big schools and bussing kids is actually cost effective. In out area in 1950 there were 23 schools, small and kids doing well. Now there are nine schools serving more kids.

    Well, doing OK today except all the pain has lodged back in the left neck and back. This travelling pain is a bummer, I swear someone has a doll they stick pins in!!!

    Love Anne
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    all you porchaphiles. Yes, Sweetie, panseys are sweet. Did you know there is a pansey orchid? They're called Miltonias and come from the Andes.

    Gordon has some. He says they like cool weather and pure water like they would get from a mountian stream.

    Used to be only the wealthy could afford orchids but due to new growing techniques in the l920s and then in the l960s, orchids are now affordable for everybody.

    It's kinda like buying liquor. You pay for time. Most orchids don't bloom for 5 years so a 5 year old orchid will cost a lot more than a baby. You can buy babies for a dollar @, but then, of course, you have to wait.

    Carla, that was very nice of you to share your computer expertise. I looked at your directions. Will go back and make notes when my brain feels less fuzzy.

    Certainly is pleasant sittin' on the old porch w/ friends. This rocker is really comfortable.

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I left a message for you in Vol. 3 last nite concerning
    the names of those books you were referring to!! Go
    back and take a "look--see". OK. They may be available
    on Amazon.com or EBay?? New or used??

    How was HIGH MASS this morning??

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  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I did see your note about our Canadian friend and have passed along your concern and good wishes which she appreciated. I offered to bring a message back but she says that while she wishes everyone well, she must move on. In spite of how sick she is, she's a very resiliant woman and very proud, as you know.

    Her girls sent her a wonderful box of food so she's estatic albeit a bit overwhelmed to have so much at once. I'm relieved. She was hard-hit there for awhile.

    Speaking of which, I'm still having a flare or crash or something so I'm reading here but not posting a lot. I find that the Internet wipes me out and I'm saving as much energy as possible for my son's visit. I think I'm also experiencing my usual fall crud that I get when the weather turns chilly. My dad told me not long before he died that one reason they went to Florida in the winter was that he wasn't well in Michigan in the winter. Talk about genetics!

    And I'm not cleaning, Rocky, although I did make some chicken soup in stages - chicken and broth cooked one day, vegetables today... I had planned it for the night he arrives and will sip on it myself through the week.

    Sweetie, good luck with the mold problem. Anne, I hope Geoff continues his progress, and good luck to both of you with your husbands. There are advantages and disadvantages like all other things. Wives too, I'm sure.

    Everyone be as well as possible. I'll be around like a shadow, sitting over there in the corner, until after The Visit. I'm the one with her stuffy nose in a book.

    My best to all here on the Porch,
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks so very much for your update and I do respect her
    wishes. Glad that she has you to talk to and I'll cont-
    inue to keep her in my thoughts and wish the best for her!

    Hope you will get over that cold very soon! Pull your
    chair up on the Porch as you feel able, "K"?

    Get well soon.
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Think I'm gonna take a couple more englesh classes so
    I can try to speak and write as well (if poss.) as you
    do. My American always gets me in "Dutch". Wasn't that
    John Wayne?? Maybe Rocky knows how he ever got that name?

    Am gonna try and make a contact wiff my friend on the
    board and get my email add. to ya. Sound like you are
    a bit blue?? Have to get ya cheered up.

    Hope ya get some rest tonite. It's still early Aft.
    here in California, but not a vey nice day in S.F.

    Sleep tight,

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    John Wayne was Duke and Ronald Reagan was Dutch.

    Marta, my best to our friend. Tell her we all miss her and wish her the best.

    Carla, you are doing so much. Just hope you don't overdo.

    In my youth, when folks were sittin' around the on the porch during a summer evening, if you lived near the school you could hear the band play. (I played the flute; I was lousy.)

    If there was a kid handy you could send him to get some popcorn. Our village had a popcorn stand that had been in the same family for 3 generations. They grew their own popcorn. Better than any you could buy then or now.

    A bag cost a nitchel. Another nitchel if you were a big spender and wanted butter.
  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I just wanted to check in on everyone. I've actually tried to cook something today and pay some medical bills (ugh!). I had to turn over the bill paying privileges to my DH when I became ill. That has been my responsibility since I was 16. We use Bill Pay through our bank so it is much easier than writing checks and addressing envelopes. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is so easy and doesn't cost anything. It has been such a long time since we've bought stamps. Just a few clicks and everything is done...all your money is gone. I could not do it if I had to do it the "old fashion" way or do it alone.

    I will try to read everything later and be back.

  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    She and I were writing just today about how we miss a sense of community and how the board does supply that in a virtual way. I wish she could sit here on the porch with us. For me, virtual community is the only sense I have since actual socializing overwhelms me. Which I'd best get over by Thursday....

    Carla, I know what you mean by doing it all yourself. It sucks sometimes, doesn't it, when you're feeling real bad. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else handle things now and then? I'm amazed at how much you get done. You're amazing.

    Thanks for the good wishes, MrDad and Rock. I like it here in the shadows of the porch. Now if I could just get warm!! Where did you say we kept that bankie?

    Hugs to all,
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  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks so much for the correction on the Dutch thing.
    You are absolutely right. Think your memory is great
    as I'm the one who seems to be havin' the problems!

    Ron Reagan wasn't one of my favorite people politically
    but really liked him as a personality. Was goin' to
    Kollidge here in the 60's and respected him for trying
    to keep the schools open but he was too far to the 'right"
    4 me!

    Tried to walk into my Amer. Hist. class after the Nixon
    Cambodia issue flared up only to have two guys who came
    up to Sonoma State from S.F. State blocking my classroom
    doorway telling us that a boycott was on and I wasn't to
    go in to the class!! I told them to "get out of the way"
    and that if they were the ones that planned to take over
    after the Revolution, I didn't want any part of it!!!

    Lots of Hippies going to school there then but they even
    rejected the idea of the "carpet baggers" comin up to our
    Small rural College dictating to us what to do!!

    I still maintain Faith in the Constitution and hope that
    it serves the Country well in eventually righting the
    wrongs! (Guess that's the old Civic's teacher comin' out)

    Hope you are having a good day! Should be ready in about
    a week to take that case to the D.A.!!


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  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well pretty nice on the porch tonight. A little chill but OK with the sweaters on.

    Think we will have to drag over the firepit and toss on some logs, get out the old toasting fork and get some hot toast going here, maybe some nice hot chocolate with whipped cream.

    OhOH here comes mrdad with the chef boyardee.......

    There was an old cockney song called "Me Dear Old Dutch" (short for dutchess)

    (for the yunguns cockney is a Londoner born within the sound of the Bells of Bow or Bow Bells as we say)

    Don't recall why Reagan was called Dutch was it after some movie role? At one time in his life he was an ardent socialist and ran the actors union. Cheerful chap though.

    Before I forget, I will be gone from Friday to Monday visiting Geoff. He is doing a little better, starting to shrug and move a little and breathing off ventilator for an hour at a time and overnight for five hours. He cannot talk yet but blinks he is not in pain.

    Love Anne
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm so happy that Geoff seems to be doing so well!!
    How many hours drive is it to his town in Canadia? Does
    Dan help with the driving? It does sound as if you have
    a wonderful house in the Upstate. People ask me if I've
    ever been to N.Y. City? I always reply that I have little
    interest in seeing it as if you are born and raised in
    S.F. why would I wamt to?? However I add that I would
    pass it by gladly to see Upstate N.Y.

    Anne, did ya know that the fellow who was so instrumental
    in the Mars lander golf cart expedition is a Phd. Geology
    Prof. from Cornell?? Wrote his name down somewhere 4 ya?
    If ya need it or what it sometime.

    I know I spent all day since mornin' coffee happily on
    this Machine talking to ya all! At least I do know where
    the Day went. Did Danny have a good weekend? I bet you
    all look forward to a little break from it all!!

    Little "bummed" out today. See my OT: Fredericka post
    and I think ya will understand. I be OK though. I'm like
    and old jacket I have, I very reversable!!

    Hugs to both you and Danny,
  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yes. Steven Squires. Lives right down the street!

    We have friends (sorta really dad's friends) who are Nobel recipients here. We are alma matas. dad prof emeritus. Why mom was at dinner last evening with the brother of Bill Pulman too, an old high school teaching chum-wonderful artist, we have some of his stuff. Jimmy Smitts is seen around now and then. Dan goes to lectures with the Mars people. We sold his mom and dad's house which was yards from the synchetron.

    We miss Carl Sagan around town, he was quite the character. Alison Laurie lives here. Lotsafolk. Google Cornell and see how purty it is.

    You know what they say about Ithaca: 5 square miles of heaven surrounded by reality. It really is gorgeous around here. We no longer own that Victoian house. Now we have a ranch practically on campus.

    We are so "far out" here we have our own money, Ithaca dollars, we barter with. I have a friend who moved here from CA and she "dresses" you know, hair, makeup etc. Very few people do that here, we are a bunch of scruffs to be sure. She gets shocked by it. I love it.

    Just been running Danny through his speech. Made big poster. Little rats are stealing the posters. I have NO idea what this job entails.

    Talking of jobs I am thinking of applying for a counseling job next week. Need the cashola and I am doing better on the Zithromax too. May consider going back into designing as another option.

    It is about 180 miles from here to Hamilton, ON. It would take others four hours but we drive slowly. Dan actually does the driving more than I as I find driving very hard with the neck and hands.

    Have a nice evening. \\\Love Anne

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Just had to jump on the porch long enough to tell you about the scripture that was used today at HIGH MASS. It was Numbers 11:24-26, if I recall correctly.

    Anyway, it was all about your ancestoral cousins....ELDAD and MEDAD. It seems the Lord God showed up at the Meeting Place and everyone was there BUT ELDAD and MEDAD. They were still hanging out at their tents. So, the Lord God went looking for them....what happens, well you will have to read for yourself.
    (The Lord God wasnt' mad at them I will tell you that much).

    But I couldn't get the smile off my face.

    Still makes me chuckle.

    Nitey nite.


  19. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    You're right...Num 11:24-30. It's a good story! God does have a sense of humor (just look at a platypus!) and He uses it to teach us. LOL

    We're doing Luke in SS here. And Elijah in PM service. Pastor is doing a topical study on relationships in AM service. We get alot done in church on Sundays! LOL

    Maybe MRDAD can do like ELDAD and MEDAD, ya think? LOL Scary thought!

    Gnite all!

    God Bless.
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Maybe I can get ya before beddy bye! Anyway, interesting
    about MR. Squyres as I was always very impressed with
    his professional dedication and how well he made we lay-
    men understand what was going on. Sounds as if you live
    among an interesting bunch! Jimmy Smitt is a good actor
    and I watched hat show for quite a few years when I lived
    up North.

    Joe Spano, the slightly built Jewish detective on "Hill
    Street Blues" was a year ahead of me in Cath. school.
    The descipline most likely prepared Joe for the Hours of
    standing around on the set doing nothing!

    Back in the mid-seventies when my wife and I had our
    restaurant in the Sierra, a Hollywood crew hit this
    small town of 4,800 and it fell all over these self
    absorbed characters! They were filming a Pilot for
    a T.V. series called Wolf Boy whereby this kid had been
    raised by Wolves in the woods! It was embarassing to
    see what fools this small town made of itself to these

    One evening, the front door of my restaurant flung open
    and a fellow with a theater style hat, brim pulled back,
    stood in my doorway and flipped his long cape saying,
    "do you have room for the star of WOLF BOY and the crew!!!
    I turned around from the antique wood cook stove where
    we kept our coffee machine and quipped back, "well, the
    Crew can come in, but the dog has got ta stay out-
    side"! (Anne--ain't ya glad you stayed up for that
    story!) ?? Go to bed now, ok? Sweet dreams!


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