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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wew! We are moving along Sister Mary Gregory.
    Hope you are proud of us. How was the weekend retreat?
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have to go do my homework i'll check in later. and tell fredricka hello for me.

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I knew you were busy doin' sumthin' this weekend but
    didn't 'member 'til ya just got back wiff us! I don't
    know how ya do it! Bet ya looked real cute in that
    Cheer leaders uniform and pom poms. That and a fulltime
    Mom, law school and the roller derby team, don't know
    just how ya get it done! No time left for a BF I guess!
    Yet George Hamilton just keeps hangin' around your swim-
    ming pool. Maybe he will "get it" when the rain sets in!

    We did miss ya though. Sorry about the "Cross Posting"

    Start the week off well, "K"?
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  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    The BBQ....what is Tri-tip? How was the stuffed zuccini made. what with?

    A favorite here is take any kind of beef.....round or sirloin, etc. Cut into strips, more bite size, Put in pan with one or twp green bell peppers, onion or two. Then pour a bottle of Italian dressing over all. Cover and rerigerate
    a few hrs. or over night.

    Bake or put pan on BBQ grill, with lid or foil covering, and let it cook until done. It is so tasty and tender. The dressing will tenderize any inexpensive beef amd make it great.

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  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I made TOAD IN THE HOLE last night for Danny who loves it. First prize for whomever can guess what this is will get a free year subscription to Ken's Book Club.

    Sassy what did you do to your leg? I missed some posts being away twice. Hope you are doing OK.

    Jodie, you are doing so great with your studying.

    Love Anne
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  6. jole

    jole Member

    Just a quick hello for now. Anne, I know the answer....want me to ruin the fun already? I'll wait awhile and see if anyone else gets it, okay? We used to call it the same thing! Or rather my kids did.

    Hi mrdad. Darn, I already forgot the shift thing and forgot what was said by the rest of you already. But it's good to know you're here anyway.

    Later -
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Anne: It's really good to see on the back on the Porch
    again after your long trip! Have you spoken with your
    SIL yet concerning Geoff? Did the Danny Boy's finish
    off "that" Hedgehog pie ya baked for them before you
    left last week? Must be just like Mincemeat pie, uhm-uhm!

    Carla-NL: Why up so early? Do you have a problem with
    sleep? I assume you do as you appear to have eradict
    sleep hours. I sleep hours and hours a day! just isn't
    ever enough! Down loaded Prickles Site but still could
    not bring yours up! Gonna have Sweetie 'splane that "Cut
    and Pasty" thing to me again. "Hang on, that rotary phone
    of mine seems to be ringing again'!! Oh, technology.
    Instead of the big white sheet of paper on the wall, can't
    ya just setup a special folder on your computer that you
    can refer back to as a rememinder source? Just curious??

    Anyone remember when Rock said he would be back from Port-
    land, Ore.? Maybe he didn't mention it at all, can't mem-
    ber.(??) Think maybe he was goin' up to cut in on my time
    wiff Fredericka! Hope not. Miss his humor and historic

    Sassy: Best wishes for the Doc appt. today. Hope the
    stitches get removed and that all is on the mend.

    Dona: Did the Wedding tired ya out? I remember catering
    a Wedding and a large Pool Party for a local dentist on
    the same day plus prepare for and serve lunch and Dinner
    at the Restaurant. Arrived at 6 a.m. Sat. morn. and left
    the Restaurant at 1:30 a.m. Sunday! I was only 29y.o then
    but no way today ifeven if I was well! Very hard, stress-
    ful work. I admire your effort and committment to the
    job. Rest up if 'in ya can.

    Lola: Where "R" "U"?? Hope you are feeling fairly well
    and just sleepin' in.

    "Talk" later my Friends, "K"?
  8. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Just wanted to stop by the Porch and say hi. All the Autumn decorations look wonderful and those pumpkins are great!!! We have a store locally called Fresh Market and they have the hugest pumpkins I've ever seen. I'd need a forklift probably to lift one....plus they cost about $40. So there they sit in front of the store...wonder if they'll sell?

    Anne, toad in the hole...I'll bite (yuk,yuk) I used to make that for my boys. You make a hole in a slice of bread, put it in a hot, oiled skillet and crack an egg into the hole and fry it up. Is this the way you make it?

    Oh now I'm hungry....don't see any snacks around the Porch and the coffee pot is empty. Looks like I'll have to bake a couple of batches of those lovely scones everyone loved with a little orange zest and dried cranberries. I'll bring back some French Roast coffee, as well.

    Take care y'all. Be back soon.


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  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I know that the Vols. move pretty quickley but you can
    always refer back to them. Don't want to miss one silly
    and friendly reply, do we?

    Hope things are well in Kansas. Say hi to Bob and Mrs Dole
    and The Eisenhowers, and of course all are friends from
    "Over the Rainbow". Beware of the rabbit holes today!
    We want ya back on the Porch later!

    Take care now!
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow I really need to stop all this all night partying, yeah right. I have gotten into the habit of sleeping until 11 am everyday. I go to bed anytime from 10:30-midnight. I don't get it. I wake up but have no problem rolling over and going back to sleep..

    Last night I took my nity-nite pill at 8:30 and got in the tub watched Extreme Makeover and Desparte Houswives, yes I have a TV in my bathroom, that is my guilty pleasure.

    Went to bed at 10:30 and still slept until 11. I know most of you have not sleeping issues but what about sleeping too much.

    I did post a new picture of my latest but not greatest work.

    I did finish my stained glass project last night but didn't listen to that little voice inside that said "be carefull or your gonna break it" and I broke the corner panel. The came I was working with was old and been moved and got kinked some.

    So I was trying to smooth it and close it after I framed the glass. I put too much pressure and heard the crack. I nearly cried. Because it was too late in the project to cut a new piece, so I will add this to my "collection". My collection is made up of all my defective or broken peices.

    I may make another one just like it and use it in my pie safe doors. Nothing more discouraging than spend hours or days working on a piece then break it when it's done:-( Oh well, that's the breaks.

    Sassy- what were the results of your lump removal, I hope it was just a lipoma.

    Mrdad- we sure have a lot in common- I was in the resturant biz when I was younger. I have been everything from a bus person to the manager. I was a night manager for a resturant called Country Kitchen. I was new in town and all the waitress's where 50 and over and had been there for years. So the owner want new young blood to manage this "team". Wow- they made my life a living hell.

    Then there is the antique thing and refiinishing furniture. I hope your enjoyed your Rigoleto and Chateaubriand. I loved Million Dollar Baby- but cried my eyes out! Oh and the Hemocrapatosis! I go for blood work on Wed but won't know the results until late Nov, but had to change his schedule.

    Marilyn- glad you were able to have a good time with the Knights. My papa was a Kinght too, they know how to have a good time.

    1Sweetie- I hate the lost post thing- While Carla-nl has done a wonderful job of helping us with all the "tricks" I can't seem to remeber them the next time I post. So I just open up wordpad and write in it then copy and paste. That way I can go back and forth between Vol's or take a break if I am distracted by critters, phone etc. I save it before taking a break.

    I have more posts lost because my computer freezes, so this way I can go back.

    Anne- Toad in a Hole- I must say I have no idea but the bread with the egg sound better than than the toad!

    Jodie- What is dragonspeak natually? Glad your son got some real play time in his game.

    Marta- thanks for the movie review. I love Jennifer but will not see this movie until it comes on cable.

    Prickles- Hang in there girl-I know what you mean. When I worked I was almost glad when bronchitis would put me in the hospital just to get a rest.

    About you being hypermobile- Does your skin stretch really far when you pull on it. I have a freind that has a genetic disorder which I can not think of the name. But she is hypermobile too. She can pinch the skin on her arm and stretch it several inches. Get some rest if you can. We need you!

    Lolalee- I went to the Pumpkin Festival a couple weeks ago and saw a pumpkin that weighed 964 lbs. I guess they had to use a crane to get the sucker to the festival,lol That would make a very scary jack o lantern,lol

    Carla-NL- thanks for pulling up the EBV stuff. I can't find my copy of the results. I am going to discuss this at my next appt. I still don't understand if it is dormat what triggers it to become active. I'm brain fogged today.

    Well, I better get busy. I have laundry I did 4 days ago sitting in pile waiting for me to put it away. That is the price of doing my glass. I have to let everything else go. Can't do it all anymore.

    See ya later- CK Carla

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  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Oh just had to edit a blooper I made, got confused wiv numbers. I have to go check if anyone sussed out Toad in the Hole now.

    Prickles I know how you feel I feel totally wiped out because we went shopping for an hour. My get up and go sure got up and went today. Must eat more hedgehog pie....(LOL)

    Betcha Prickles knows wot Toad in the Hole is-it is not egg in bread by the way, although that sounds good too. My mom used to put mashed potato in a ramikin dish and break an egg into the center in a scooped part, then sprinkle wiv cheese. Don't know what it was called.

    Anyone else for Toad guesses? We also, in UK have a pudding(desert) called spotted dick and roly poly pudding(not actually what you would call pudding) and bubble and squeak(another Danny favorite and definately NOT hedgehogs!!! or mice). I can tell y'all what Black Pudding is though. It is a sausage made of congealed pigs blood and fried-the saturated fat content must be sky high.

    My dad used to love them. What do you expect from a country that relishes eating tripe and onions(boiled stomach), steak and kidney pie and liver and roast heart. Though this was years ago so tastes have changed. We won't even mention Haggis that has all sorts of offal in it including the bag it is stuffed into. Wasate not want not eh?

    Well now I have put you all off dinner.

    mrdad I watched on the prog I could get, last night a PBS special on SF and I swear I saw you waving at the camera in that restaurant where the chap who wrote the Godfather, wrote a lot of the Godfather.

    Love Anne
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Sorry, I forget who it was, I think one of the Carlas who is good at this dumb computer stuff. There came in our e-mail this morning or last night something about updating our Yahoo page or womething. Luckily, I did not tocuh it but DH did this A.M. He said that it really screwed things up and he had to fuss with alot to be able to do anyting. ( he is not a computer wiz either). To make a long story hopefully shorter, now I cannot find any of my Favorites and had to find you (this board)through a google search.

    Can anyone give me any kind of help on how I can find my Favorites on my computer. This message board is of course one of them. What a pain !! I looked all over and even did a search but I still could not find it is among the missing. I will keep on trying !!!grrrrrr

    Ckball - how neat that your father was also a KC. They do so many wonderul things for others. Yes, you are right they do know now how to have a good time and how to PARTY !

    Linda -Sorry it is getting so cold by you. It is cold here today but nothing like your area. It was in the 40's this morning and I guess it is in the 60's or so now. Haven't checked. Hey has anyone thought of putting some walls around this porch and getting a heater. That is unless this porch does not really need one because the weather is ALWAYS perfect !!! I have always been a hothouse flower and cannot stand the cold. Good thing I live in Texas but it does get plenty hot here but I would rather have that than the cold. Plus it makes me so much stiffer !! I don't remember if it was you or Sassy who was talking about the scones and banana bread and some hot coffee ? Sounds great to me !!

    Sassy - Glad that they removed stiches finally and hope that you can get into your tub son. I klnow what you mearn !!!

    Cromwell - Some of those dishes you were talking about surely sound "interesting" but not to sure I would want to try them. The Toad in the hole actually sounded like one of the tsstier ones -: !!

    Lolalee- Hope you get back soon with some nice hot coffee and scones with cranberries. That really sounds delicious.

    Anne - Glad to see you back from your long trip. Hope youa re feeling well after all of it.

    Has anyone heard from Wake? I might have missed her while I was gone. I hope that she isn't feel worse.

    MrDad - Hope you are behaving yourself (-: Have you been keeping up your skills while I was gone on flirting with the gals?<> Just have to tease you about that but that's OK! Hope also that your legal difficulties are getting straightened out or will be soon.

    Gotta run now and get something else done around here or at least think about it. There is always work to do around the house that I don't feel like doing.

    Have some chorale practice to do tonight so probably I won't be on later (unless I check in before I go) and tomorrow another group goes to nursing homes and performs there. Then at night is a smaller group practice with some ladies we do barbershop type music and other older songs. Tuesday is alwsys my busiest day.

    Bless you all,

    Marilyn (that granni)

  13. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    you know, I love popping in and reading up on the Porchies.. reminds me of when we used to have the Chat board here!

    Sues1 - Tri-Tip is a tender cut of beef from the bottom portion of the sirloin. It's like a small roast usually 2 to 3 pounds. This is a piece of meat that used to get ground up into hamburger but one day a butcher threw it on a grill and found that it bar-b-ques up quite nicely as a roast then you slice it to serve. Very popular in California! Our restaurant specializes in it!
    I forgot all about Italian as a marinade... used to use it all the time! Good stuff!

    Carla I didn't realize you were from Holland! The picture on your profile is beautiful!

    Anne... Isn't toad in a hole a sausage in mashed potatoes?? guessing.. I know I've heard of it before but it's been awhile.

    Prickles.. Makes perfect sense to me. I think that often, instead of limping a long struggling to keep going it would be nice to be able to just rest a while! Sorry about the shoulder. Jeez, what a drag!

    Mr. Dad! You were in the restaurant business? COOL! Somebody knows what I go through!
    Yes.. The wedding wiped me out good.. I've learned to try to always schedule my day off following a wedding. I slept till 3 in the afternoon on Sunday and took a couple of vicodan to get moving at all.
    I've done those long ones. We had a caterout we did north of Stockton that I left with the crew on a charter bus at 5 am and we returned at 4 am the next morning.. (We are in Coalinga.. Harris Ranch, where all the cows stink up the highway!!) UGH!
    I gave up banquet Manager as I couldn't hang with the hours. Now I sit my butt behind a desk and book the events except for my brides who I just don't trust to anyone else.. that and I get to work the high profiles - We had the govenator in a couple of weeks ago! It's exhausting.. but it gets under your skin and I do truly love what I do.

    Lolalee.. I made those for my kids too.. we called them hobo sandwiches!

    Linda that Banana breads sounding pretty good! Starbucks even better!

    ck - Desperate housewives is my weekly fix too!! LOVE IT!! I admire your work. I tried stained glass in high school but never got very good at it. The one on your profile is georgeous! What a drag that your project cracked. My mother was an artist and I know she would get pretty emotionally attached to her work, she would have been crushed!
    I bet the old waitress's did give ya hell! The restaurant business can be really full of cliques.

    Sassy - I'm so glad your results came back good. I'm the same way with pain pills at night. If I take one I have to take tylenol pm with it or I'm up all night. Get some rest.

    Well... I guess I better get my sorry butt back to work. Hope everyone has a great day!


  14. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Had a rough week! Migraine from Wednesday to Saturday. Spent part of Friday on the bathroom floor...blowing psychodelic cookies, as my dear brother says...so I was in a world of hurt at church yestiddy. Had to do some shopping today, so I'm just now trying - mightily, I might add - to catch up.

    If I've missed anything of importance...I assume the kitty cake is long gone :-( ...someone please update me????

    I got my new laptop and am now in the process of learning a whole new way of using a mouse. Wow! Who knew!

    I checked out Prickles' new website...I am speechless! Literally!

    Well, I gotta go print out some stuff for my doc appt tomorrow. This is the pain doc who wants me to get him info on FMS. Boy! Has he opened the barn door or what! I'll try to feed it to him in bite-sized chunks.

    In the meantime...get some rest for me. 'Cause I'm obviously not getting much for myself. Oh well, I think I can schedule a crash on Wednesday or Thursday...if I get my homework done.


    God Bless.
  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Toad in the Hole is sausages baked in the oven in a sort of pancake type batter. (same batter as pop overs in USA and Yorkshire pudding batter in UK).

    Bangers and mash is sausages and mashed potatoes.

    Bubble and squeak is mashed potatoes and cabbage precooked then fried up.

    Spotted dick is a steamed "roll" made with suet and flour with currants in and served with hot custard sauce.

    Roly Poly pudding is similar to spotted dick but rolled up with jam center.

    My fave food in the world is Indian food curries and such. THere is one Indian restaurant in our town. In UK there are tons of places to eat curry.

    Today I made a curried dahl soup which was delish....a meal in itself. Indian food is largely vegetarian and easy to prepare in one pot and uses very cheap ingredients but very healthy ones.

    Well I have to listen to the final CD of The Secret Life of Bees, see how it ends up.

    Night night porchers. Hope all your problems are gone by the morrow as well as all our pains.

    Love Anne
  16. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Oh My Gosh!!! I'm so proud of the work you have done on your site! This is truly awesome! I've saved to favorites so I can explore every bit! Kudos!!
  17. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Carla you too!! You girls are too cool!
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    mr.dad oh, my son and that gf of his is debating again on the phone. i am asking for a a prayer that one of them get so sick of this relationship and ends it soon.

    he had his worse homecoming, didn't even want to go. he said he would've had fun w/anyone but her.

    and for george he just hangs aroung the court yard just waiting to get a peep at me. but i dont give him much time to get a peep. i keep the curtains closed when i am home. then when i wake up and off to school i then leave the curtains open, to get some solar heat in the place.

    ck: before i forget, dragon speakingnaturally 9.0 perferred is what i have. i am trying to use it and get all the punctuation part correct for me. still figuring it out.

    it will do those commas and periods for me w/o asking it to.

    i speak into a headset and i also have bluetooth capabilities as well, but let's not get too crazy here yet.

    so this system is voice recognition. i can add my email list to it as well and some other things. so i can just speak and give it commands to do things for me on the computer then have it printed out for classes.

    like term papers and essays...

    this is why i purchased it.

    well i need to take a break right now.lol and go study.

    i have another quiz on wednesday then a test coming up 11/2.

    i didn't really read the first chapter i thumbed through and study for my vocab test and still mainted an a+ in psychology. thank goodnes... i have another quiz on thursday. a math test on wednesday. so i will need to study for that and do the homework required as well.

    well everyone i need to throw something in the oven for dinner. i am so tired i dont feel like eating.

    give me protein bar (kashi lean) i'm good to go. i think i have a salad from trader joe's in there tri-tip steak one.

    my son complained about it yesterday. he wanted to leave a bbq early. too bad for him. i had tri-tip steak, stuffed zucchini, sour dough bread. and lot's of hor's ders.

  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    tri-tip, was done w/italian dressing by a fire chief. i figured he learned a few tricks in the firehouse through the years.

    my friend is married to him. so hands off for me. great man talked to cody about what he should so if he wants to become a fireman some day.

    his mil law thought he was way older than 16. the women were talking about how handsome he is and what a great body he has. i had to say they have to wait a few years till he's 18.lol

    well when i get his new football pic/and or homecoming pics i'll see if he can scan them for me for everyone to see who i am talking about. if you're lucky maybe one of me.

    and mr. dad they ran out of cheerleading outfits there so i had to bring my own from school in the eightie's. i never cheered, but i knew how to wear those mini skirts.

    and the big hair.

    as madonna's song said, "Like a virgin for the very first time!" i think siser mc gregory would've been proud of me.

    why do you think george keeps hanging around?

  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    she uses sausage and parmasan cheese. and i beleive some sour dough bread crumbs as well.

    i used to use it w/ground sirlion, tomatoe sauce and herbs then some mozzerella cheese on top.

    throw in oven covered and bake till done. poke it w/knife should go in smoothly.

    we had home made quacamole dip, california sushi rolls, vegetarian and seafood from trader joe's, brie cheese w/sundried tomatoes and cracker, green grapes, and i had to bring some chocolate chip cookies for the kids. and some red wine from trader joe's. 2.99 a bottle good stuff from italy.

    i didn't drink it, sipped it. yummy.

    they said i brough too much sushi rolls, cookies, and the vino. was all.

    and a belated b-day present for my friend's 8 yr. old whose mom and dad are going through divorce. i feel for her. and my friend. she didn't deserve it (cheating part), but if she wants to get married she'll find another one.


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