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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope no one else is starting this simultaneous.

    (I know it's an adverb. Just quoting from an old radio program called Vic 'N Sade. Once one of the top ten programs on the air; now pretty much foregotten.)

    How many e's in forgotten?

    There will be a spelling bee just before recess.

    More to follow.
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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just deleted MY Vol 44. so let's leave yours up. "K"?

    You and I are just getting too "sufficient"!!

    Think SMG sure has us trained! When's Advent?? Gotta

    get her out of our hair for the Holidays!

    Your Bud,
    JOE[This Message was Edited on 11/13/2006]
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  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It means there aren't as many posts to respond to... Bad of me, I know.

    Good job of opening, guys.

    Joe and Granni, you're both right. Go late and leave early, and suck it up. I guess - and I WILL shut up about this - it's that I wasn't consulted, after we've always had Thanksgiving here. I shall live.

    Sweetie and any other friend of Honora's: While I was gone this morning I got a phone message from her. She's too tired to type so will call back later. She sounded exhausted and she has such a lovely voice, not that that has one thing to do with it but I'm always impressed with her voice when I hear it. Beautiful. I'll let you know more after I talk to her. I'd call her but I don't want to chance waking her.



  4. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I've missed you sooooo much. Joe (MrDad), Advent begins on December 3 and word has it that our dear SisterMG will be headed for her annual retreat (where is it that she goes?).

    Promised myself I wouldn't whine today, so in honor of my promise here's a joke for Joe and Rocky....(well and everyone, else of course....just that the joke made me think of our two beloved jokers)

    Three old guys are out walking
    First one says, "Windy, isn't it?"
    Second one says, "No, it's Thursday!"
    Third one says, "So am I. Let's go get a beer."

    la la la la la la.....la la la la la la ....la la la la la la la LA LA!!

    and here's one for the ladies...

    It's called "Getting Old is not for Sissies"

    I feel like my body has gotten totally out of shape. So I got my doctor's permission to join a fitness club and started exercising....I decided to take an aerobics class. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down and perspired for an hour. But by the time I got my leotards on, the class was over.

    Yuk, yuk, yuk!!!

    And some more good news....Myles is singing in the sunshine and doing great!! And...what I hadn't told y'all (at least I don't remember telling you) was that in the middle of the kidney/hospital crises with Myles, my son, Joe (his daddy)got notice from the owners of the house they are leasing that they should vacate the premises before Christmas. The owners have decided to move back to the house my son and family are living in.

    Sooooo, Mama (that's me) got on her knees and, my friends, God is awesome!!! I received an IM from the kiddos today that they found a new house...bigger and better than the one they are in!!!

    I'm thankful today and glad to be on the Porch with all my friends who appreciate corny jokes and can share my good news.

    Big Kiss,


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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Took me half a dozen tries to get here. If West of Hollywood were here she'd say, "Goodness had nothing' to do w/ it."

    "West of Hollywood" is the crossword clue for "Mae".

    Lolalee, the "Thursday" joke was on the Jack Benny readio program about half a century ago. Only goes to show:

    l) there is nothing new under the sun;
    2) old jokes are best;
    3) Lolalee listens to old radio programs;
    4) none of the above.

    Along the same lines:
    "Glad to hear you got a wonderful new hearing aid. What brand is it?"

    "Oh, about 2:30."

    Mr. D. were you referring to Allen Greenspan of the Fed? Dave Barry described him as looking like a constipated squirrel. (The squirrels may sue.)

    Joann, welcome to the porch. Don't know about Mercury being retrograde. I once owned a Mercuy Comet. Had it so long some of the letters fell off, and it became a Mercury "OM".

    Great car to mediate in.

    Hi Shar, Welcome. My partner Gordon grows the orchids. Has hundreds. Lincamp, I found out after I met Gordon that the Minnesota state flower is an orchid. The pink lady slipper is a phapheopedilum.

    If you want to grow orchids w/o a greenhouse, just grow the ones suitable for where you live. Gordon doesn't have a greenhouse. He says even a cheap one costs $3000.

    We saw hundreds of beautiful orchids y-day at Norman Fang's nursery. "Our orchids are FANG-tastic." They are too.

    Ha det bra
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    posted here in the last hour. Stars Above!

    Something is being very difficult today. My machine or the server or the internet or the phases of the moon. Who knows. Anyway I got severed from my bridge game.

    And things too fierce to mention.

    Marta, say Hi to Honora for me. Miss her like crazy. Just got back from feeding the feral cats next door. They are very shy. One hides at the bottom of the garden. The other is aboreal and spends a lot of time on top of the garage.

    Went to the diagonal thrift shops today. St. Vincent's and the Good Will are kitty-korner from each other. I got more than a dozen paperbacks for about $9. In view of my extreme age I get a discount.

    They don't bother to ask anymore: "Do you qualify for our Senior Citizen Discount, Sir?"

    They just take one look and give me my change fast. They're afraid I might keel over right there between the register and the second hand bric a brac.

    See ya later, agalators.
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Lola: I hope this means that you our out of the Flair
    thing! I'm so happy that Myles is doing so well! The
    "Lil buggers are tuff! Yea, thanks Lola, as I knew that
    Advent was upon us just couldn't remember when! Ya payed
    better attention in school that I!!

    SMG should soon be leaving for the Vatican until after
    Christmas. She helps Andy Warhol touch up the Ceiling
    of the Sistine Chapel and gets the Sistine Choir ready
    for the season. Practice, practice and practice! Maybe
    we'll get some "downtime" from her constant tuteledge! We
    shall see!

    Did ya ever have a class in Koolidge whereby the test was
    multiple choice "Spanish Boot" questions? For instance:

    Is the answer a, b, c, d, e, or a and b, c and e, a and e
    all of these, none of these?

    Yea, Rock. That same Allen Greenspan! Did you know he is
    married to Andrea Mitchell? I can't even begin to guess
    her age anymore. She is an intelligent and very profess-
    ionally objective journalist for the most part.

    The spelling bee. do we get partial credit for wrong

    Marta: I'm glad you at least have contact with our friend
    and hope she will be doing better very soon!

    Hope you are doing well today!

    I'll be back a bit later Kids! Hope Dono checks in soon
    but she is most likely very tired from working the week-


    P.S. Cute joke's Lola!!
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  8. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Porchlight is on#44
    11/13/2006 (For our dear Sister)

    Hi Guys ,

    I snuck out the back door without my sons seeing which way I went. Kids even when they're adults still miss all that parents do. Now that's a good thing. Want some beef stirfry with white rice for a side?? They did their darndest to get to the bottom of the woks. Little brats!

    Glad to see all the smiling faces here. Hi Sister,Rocky,Mrdad, Lola,...Ah I'm remembering more all the time.

    Going to sit a spell now and watch what's happening.Been a very llllllllloooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg day. Doc is talking about another xray seies of the old back. I promise there will never....I mean never allow another manipulation of my back. She seems to think the IDIOT may have mucked up big time. Had a vacation session early this morning down at the hospital. Tried to locate Momadove but they said they had nobody with that name. Maineweezie
  9. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    Is it the entire internet or just this site? I can only get on some threads and not others, weird.

    MrDad, just in case you didn't see my last post on the old porch I must confess that the picture in my profile is alas not mine. Did not mean to perpetrate a fraud, it's just from a post last week about my stepson and his girlfriend. I tried to change it but the cyber gods will not allow me into my own profile. What can I do to appease them I wonder?

    Marta I'm having my own small T-day problem. We were invited by friends and according to my husband they assume we are coming. I would like to go because I get out of the house so rarely. He on the other hand loves to cook for the holidays. Last year he made a huge turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, a lentil dish he loves, and a carrot/broccoli dish. Plus of course rolls and cranberry sauce. All this for just the 2 of us! He's willing to compromise tho'

    Lolalee, love the jokes! Strange that my husband isn't really old but his responses to me are similar...

    Rockgor, I take it you do a lot of crosswords? Seems I've seen these references before. I wanted a greenhouse so I could grow veggies into the fall but as you say they are expensive. But hundreds of orchids? Wow I'd love to see a picture.

    Sorry if I left someone out but DH is hollaring for me to come watch tv with him. You night owls keep the porchlight on.


  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I'm glad that Marta admitted she likes new threads also. I thought that was my secret. They are less complicated.

    Marta I was so glad that you will talk with Honora. It was odd that you mentioned her voice. I use to have men call the bank to hear my voice. They thought it was sexy. I've heard that so many times before but it is just my natural voice and I did not know how or care to change it. It seems like years ago. I am so glad she has you for a friend and I'm glad we have you too.

    I guess I missed some post I see where you were invited to Thanksgiving. Does everyone with this disease have sensory overload? I am taking some medication that helps some and hopefully it will not be too noisey. I also have a Boise noise reduction headset that I use.

    I am falling asleep as I type. I was very tired and I just took a Benadryl for my allergies and I think I need to say Good Night to all.

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Linda: I'm glad that, although it was difficult, you made
    it through the day! It's so awful when ya really need to
    sleep but can't. Do hope you sleep better tonight and be
    rested for a good day tomorrow. Glad ya left those Patent
    Leathers home. Don't what to get them all scuffed up!

    Weezie: Ya doin' OK? Sorry about the back problems. I do
    understand they can be so, so painful! My "Wife's" Hus-
    bands has had several operations and being shot up in
    Vietnam too hasn't helped!

    When I here of the State of Maine, I think beauty and the
    old movie "The Russians Are Coming"! I just rented it
    a while back and those old sudtle comedies were great!
    Especially funny in that the Cold War was for REAL when
    it came out! I think it was filmed up there somewhere?

    Shar: Don't worry about switching the Pic. We can just
    follow the policy of "Don't ask, don't tell"! What hap-
    pens in Mayberry stays in Mayberry! Ya look marvelous!

    Sweetie: You have had the best weather in the Country to-
    day along with Florida! Finally got our cool rain in the
    Bay Area but we need it. I use that Benadryl for itching
    due to Liver problem and it does make one sleepy! Rest
    up and shall "speak wiff ya" in the A.M.

    Anne: Hope you are OK as I haven't "seen" you today?
    But many other of our Friends are M.I.A.'s too!

    JOE aka MRDAD
  12. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi Mrdad,

    Let's just say I'm doing. After a certain point I swear my body goes on autopilot.Think hubby was kinda upset with DR Cheryl for allowing me to come home. Heck knowing that most of the experts I'd need for this wouldn't be around for a day or two and and MRIs should be set up,then possible OR time??Must have fasting bloodwork............ All meant time I would have to twiddle my thumbs. Besides I needed to come here to borrow a blankie that is soft and warm. I'll go when and if things can go smoothly.Meanwhile I can rest up at home much better. Gotta build up strength in order to do this all right. Docs also concerned about the thyroid issues making meds they'd have to use etc problematic. I'll do ok meanwhile Thanks for asking. I rest here and keep the campfire burning. Maineweezie

    Had a blonde moment. I haven't watched that movie in years. It sure looks like part of our glorious state that's for sure. Hubby might well know if it was filmed here as he's a movie buff.[This Message was Edited on 11/13/2006]

    Wow just caught a glimpse of the clock.... med is kicking my butt. Be back tonorrow sometime. Good Night all sweet dreams.
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  13. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Hi kids,

    Guess I’ve been one of the mia’s today. We had some high winds last night so I didn’t sleep real well.

    Marta I too like to jump on the post when it’s new – makes things a lot easier. Otherwise it’s just so much writing and remembering it gets tough.

    Welcome Shar! You’ll like it here – goooood folks.

    Rock my dad-in-law used to raise orchids; he had a big greenhouse and belonged to clubs etc etc. He even named a couple new varieties. I remember going down to visit him and how incredible and intricate the flowers are.

    Lola, good news about Myles and thanks for the jokes, the more and the cornier the better ;-)

    Welcome back Carla-nl, glad you’re trip went well and it’s nice to ‘hear’ your back.

    Weezie what did happen to your back? I take it from what you say it was a quackypracter or an osteo?

    Linda I’m glad you survived work, we should sign a pact that if one of us wins the big one we will all share so no one with this stuff has to work!

    Sweetie you and Marta and I are the new thread club I guess. The sensory overload is one of the hardest things for me too, I have to just go hide sometimes. That’s one of the symptoms that people have the hardest time accepting I think – I have family members that think I am just being rude by needing to get away from the noise and light etc. at family gatherings.

    Dad, Jodie, Marilyn hi to you guys and hope to see you tomorrow.

    To anyone I’ve missed ‘hi’ to you too

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    like aka joe says it's raining out here. well my body doesn't like it at all. i have to finish my term paper. and turn it in at 1:30 pm on thursday.

    i am too analytical. then i write too much. so i have to edit it down. it only needs to be 5-8 pages. and welll i have such a long hx w/the exhb 23 years of him and his bipoar stuff.

    so it so hard not to write a novel or a screen play.

    i would be happier doing that. well need to hit this keyboard some more. classes in the morning then it is tuesday, wednesday then the day to turn in that paper. i will be so happy to turn it in.

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----was there somethin' wrong wiff the Website tonite?
    It seemed as though it didn't move for a long time. The
    Porch was quiet for about two hours. That is most un-

    Jodie: I know that it always fealt so good to get that
    paper turned in an over with! I also had a tendency to
    do way more research than necessary and end up cutting
    back on the total content. I loved to write however, as
    I were good in englash! Never losted that skill over the
    years neither!

    Foggy: Ya got a glass of water for an old guy? You must
    have sent that rain downthis way as it has been doing so
    pretty much all day! We need the water to make Ice for
    to put the "Absolute" over. Right Marta?

    Maine weezie: Hope all goes well with the Doc. Have they
    done that Cortizol test thing? I'm sure they most likely
    have. You know, my medical quest is to just find some
    definition to my illness even if a "cure" is not at hand!
    It would help to deal with things if we new the "WHY".
    Does help to eliminate other illnesses that may even be
    more threatening I suppose. Ya have a good day tomorrow!

    Rock: You're the late shift. Take over and I'm gonna'
    hit the Hay. JOE aka MRDAD

    Good nite Mary Ellen, John Boy, Billy Bob, Ben, Grandpa,
    Grandpa, Grandpa?, Grandpa? ? ?
  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have my reference page done now. so now i can go cite any quotes i may like. i have 5 books, she asked for a minimum of 3 references.

    i hope i am not boring anyone here. i have a book about dyslexia-cause the ex tried to convince me the voices he hears are from his dyslexia, that's what his therapist told him...three perfect voices one from the left brain the other from the right side, then the neutral voice. hmm, i couldn't find that in any books. or any of the dr's i talked to.

    and no, i have not read all of these books. i already could write one almost. just need to get it published.lol

    i would let my ex-bil proofread it but i don't want him reading all about his brother. and trust me i have to minimze alot of the crap he says and had done.

    my sister knows..

    well i need to get my arse in bed. wake up go to class. then come home make a phone call or two for auto insurance.

    then do my research part of the paper. it will come to me once i start writing it.

    my son said he would proof it for me. also i still have some time for the teacher to look it over. and if i need to make some changes. i will be doing it until it is done.

    something is better than nothing. i can do it. i am the little engine that could.
    i think i can i think can. toot toot

  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    That is so funny, she also should have added Botox and Laser and neck lifts and eye lifts as she sure has had "the works", even though I like her.

    Rockgor, I love your humor. Do you like Flanders and Swann songs I just love them. As my 60th is coming up on the 30th this month Danny is trying to get hold of some CD's of theirs. Anyone who loves a chuckle should try them. My favorite one is The Weather Song and I'm A Gnu. But there is one song about canibals where the little canibal son complains he does not want to eat people and his dad says"If God did not want us to eat people he would not have made them out of meat" (the song is a pun on being vegetarian).

    All of you I am busy, sick and brain fogged at the moment so forgive my brief appearances and not replying to everyone. I am reading what you are saying. Have a ton of meetings re Parent Group and Danny right now too. Plus a so called friend(of 12 years) has treated us all very badly and she knows it. So I am down to one friend and she is becoming more and more of someone who gets in touch if she wants something, rather than anything else and my dear old friend and DH of 25 years we hardly see yet remain constant.

    We will be spending Thanksgiving at their cabin in the wilds.

    There was something Joe, I wanted especially to reply to you had said in 43, asked me a question and I cannot recall what it was. Geoff is doing a lot better. breathing alone 14 hours a day now bless him.

    Did anyone watch Prime Suspect 7 on PBS this Sunday? We love Helen Mirren.

    Love you all.

    Love Anne
  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning, Porchies!

    I continue to work on my attitude over this stupid Thanksgiving thing. It's beginning to let up a bit so any time now I'll get up off the floor and give up on my tantrum. I amaze me with my own ridiculousness sometimes.

    Lola dear, so good to see you here. I missed you. I'm also happy to hear the good news about Myles and appreciate the reminder that I should spend more time on my knees and less here on my behind. Thanks for the jokes, too.

    Rocky, I'll certainly say hi to Honora for you when I hear from her. I know she misses you all. I was poised for the phone all afternoon but she was evidently resting. If I don't hear today I'm home, I'm going to call her later. The last time I called her I didn't realize that I wasn't covered on International calls and we talked exactly (the phone company keeps good track of these things) 78 minutes. Arrruuugh.

    Carla NL, welcome home! You were missed.

    JoeDad, I must say that I'm relieved that SMG will be officially gone for the holidays. We can have that party on the Porch without fear of rulers. Maybe she'll stay there awhile since they do have a lot of things to accomplish at the Vatican these days.

    Mainwheezie, do put your feet up and rest. You're just going too fast and doing too much, ya think?

    Shar, feel free to send hubby here where he can cook dinner for me anytime. I do understand his love of Thanksgiving food prep. It's love on a traditional platter.

    Linda, you made it! I thought of you yesterday and wondered how you were doing. Glad this morning was a bit easier than yesterday. Thanks for your understanding about my pout and for Julie's new song. It's so true!

    Sweetie, you didn't miss much from me; I've been whining about my DIL and promised yesterday I'd get off that kick very soon. Good to hear you feeling a tiny bit better.

    Gretchen (and Sweetie), yes, we're the new thread sisters although you wouldn't know that to look at this post. When I get enough sleep, which is not reliable, I can take 50 mgs of 5-HTP and feel the fog lift. It's amazing! Has anyone else tried it? I can read instructions. I can actually reason things out patiently! I remember those days. [Caution: do not take 5-HTP when taking SSRIs - had to do that in case any of my Porchie friends didn't know].

    Jodie: Good luck with the term paper. I admire your work ethic and determination. You manage to have fun, too.

    Ooooooooooook. That's it for me for awhile. Everyone have a good, tantrum-free day and I'll do the same although I could use a nap.

    Hugs all around,

  19. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It's going to be another beautiful day in central N. C. today. mrdad you they were right about the weather yesterday. It was great. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to start and last for a couple of days. The weather has been strange lately...varying 20 degrees in less than 12 hours. It really affect us when it changes so much.

    The board was strange yesterday. At one point I could only get 1 page up so I decided not to post any more. I have enough problems with lost post. I was trying to type last night and I took that Bendaryl and I was so drugged. I was typing strange things (worse than normal) and my eyes were closing between words. I closed down the puter and went to bed.

    I have a couple of busy days. Today I have to drive myself to get a haircut and highlights to help keep that blonde in my hair and go to the drugstore and tomorrow I have to go to Durham to see the specialist because of my exposure to the mold. Hopefully he will have some words of wisdom for me. It is another long trip but I have to see someone that is knowledagable in this field.

    Linda, I am sorry you had a tough day. It was always hard going back to work after a vacation let alone after pneumonia. Be kind to your body.

    I've got to go...have company.

  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have my laptop back BUT they they didn't return my power cord :(

    So I am on battery and of course it has not been charged since last week. They tell you to remove it before shipping.

    I was getting ready to paint my studio when DHL showed up so I haven't spent anytime yet to ketchup on everyone. I need to check my email- I came straight here.

    I hope everyone is feeling good and any problems have solved themselves.

    This has been a challenging week for me. I left my purse in the grocery store cart in the parking lot and drove 14 miles home before I realized I didn't have it.

    Thank god for honest people.An older gentelman rolled the cart into the store and said he found it in the parking lot. I had $500 and a diamond ring in it. A freind owed me the money and just paid me back and the ring was from where I took it and had earrings made 1/2 carart each. The 3rd stone is still in the ring to do something with it later. It was my grandmothers. That alone took a few years off my life.

    Still battleing the insurance co over my one day issue and social security is making me pay back money where they lowered her health issue and I did not report, didn't think about.

    I have spent more time with my animals, Smitten will not come out of her "home" I try everyday and she jumps out of my arms and runs back to hide.

    The girls found a deer and I was able to follow them this time and they are on lock down. I have 25ft leashes and they only go out to potty, they are not happy but I need to work with them on obeying me instead of running from me when I call them in the house..

    I will check back later as I need to get busy and get these walls painted today.

    I should get my power cord tomorrow or Thurs, I will kethup on the board then. Need to reserve my power for now.

    I hope everyone has a great day. I missed you all! Ck Casla