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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    New Vol. Please see Vol 16 for past Posts

  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just looked up the exotic erotic ball in san francisco...

    i don't think i will be going this year...

    have been in the past...too many peepers wanting to be gropers..male and female didn't matter..

    well i think may do a little homework and head to bed early..
    cause last night my most recent neighbors that moved in diagonally from me...were having a a domestic dispute...

    i was going to call the police...but then i realized she let him back in her front door....

    she was throwing things against the walls. and screaming..i don't know if she was crazy or what...

    but i try to stay out of peoples beeswax but i hated the thought that the little girls had to hear all of this...
    there are more than one familia living there if you know what i mean...w/o breaking rules...

    it used to be quiet until they moved in..but not so know..

    well have the real dr/ appt in the morning for my elbow...

    then next week is the real appt for the cortisone..i was playing dumb blonde today..

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh yea! Just what you want is neighbors fightin' all
    nite keeping ya from getting sleep! Did you really
    go that Ball? Do look like abunch of Preverts to me
    and I'm no prude but it all looks so decadent and sicko!
    A prevert is one that is still in training but hasn't
    fully graduated yet to become a pervert!

    You and George Hamilton still hanging around by the pool
    all day drinkin' them MINT TULIPS and getting TOASTY??
    Hope you get some relief for the arm tomorrow! Let me
    know. Hope Freddie is feeling OK but I don't get quite
    as concerned if I think she will be checkin' in soon!

    P.S. I think Rock and I "R" gonna' half two cancel the
    opening show in Peoria Sat. night as he doesn't
    feel very well. But that's OK, will do it nex wk.!
    Don't want ta be flyin' that Lear Jet in bad wea-
    ther anyway!
  4. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    I guess I need to check in more often; this thread moves so fast that you all were 2 volumes gone when I wandered by! In fact Sister Mary here started 17 whilst I was reading 16 - good thing I 'refreshed' before I posted.

    To those of you with the gnarly weather I hope it's easing off and everythings OK.

    Rockgor I hope you feel better after some rest, it's no fun when the ol' sledgehammer gets us is it?

    Carla-nl, so sorry about not answering your question about the juicer/blender thing - like I said, this thread just got away from me. Yes, juicers are different than blenders. Juicers separate the liquid from the fibery part where blenders just grind it all up together.
    I always think it's such a waste (with a juicer) to throw out the bulk of the veggie/fruit in question but I guess the aim is to get the benefit from more veggies that you could possibly eat at once.

    To the rest of you I'll just say hi since I'm shot for the day and terminal foggyness has set in. As usual, I enjoy everyones posts and it's comforting to set out here on the porch and listen to the conversations and pass the cookies.

    Allllll right, who ate the last of the cookies????

    Nighty night all

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    yes, i have been there two times...first time, my then hb went and we were told how much fun it was...by our friends..one is a photographer for local news in the bay area...

    hey i did make a cover on the web...well selected i didn't get paid for it..darn it..

    well i was cute...and very conservative compared to most those people..i had on this leather mask that is like a kitty face..white w/wiskers...i made good money for that at the reniasance faire...

    and a nice leopard pvc teddy thing that showed no cleavage...

    tail and fishnet panty hose...and some nice white platform boots..

    hb..about knocked a guy out...while he was off getting my friend and i a drink...some pervert from the san jose areana football team, he said he was a q.b...told him to buzz off basically...man wouldn't leave me alone...my friend stepped in and said get your hands off from her she is married to a really big man///he said he didn't care...she said you will when he comes back..

    the two men ran away...hb. was p.o because i didn't scream for help like those little dancers did for him at work..

    i said i had to learn how to deal w/men all my life because you weren't around...

    well he calmed down and apologized...and was mad at himself for not being there for me...

    well that's in the past...second time i went w/female friend in a limo and other friends....left the hb at home..cause he didn't want to go...so i went...

    he rented and paid for the deal for our anniversarry...he spent good money on it...

    but times were going bad for us...well because he was messing around..i just didn't know it yet...

    so no more balls like that for me..

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----leopard teddy thing?

    ----fishnet panty hose?

    ----and no cleavage?

    Hope ya didn't go to Church looking like that in the

    Morning!! Heavens!!!

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    male..and that is being nice...he was getting to darn orange for my taste and then he was trying to sell me some growth hormone stuff that is supposed to be like the fountain of youth...

    i told him he knew i was a single mom, he should atleast give me a sample...he wouldn't even do that...can you believe how cheap that man is...

    atleast i know you would have a buy one get one free deal for me...

    well cody is busy putting his bedroom together...cause he put together his own computer...piece by piece...he says it's easy...and he loves his computer now...we don't have to share.....but i have a printer...and he doesn't

    he says it's really fast...and it's pimped out to the max...for video gamming online...

    we'll see if he decides to be a fireman or a video gamming developer... i hope he goes w/the gamming, but if he want's to be man in uniform and put out fires for a living then he may...

    maybe that is why he likes red head's they have that fiery of a temper you know...they have smoke coming out of their ears...

    i guess he just made first string defensive tackle today...

    so we will see how he does against drake in san anselmo...this saturday...drake hasn't won a game yet...

    off to get my meds..

    i think i hear freddie is gonna call you soon...i know that will make your ears ring...

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I hope Anne will have a good trip. I heard that "they"
    expect 6 ins. of snow in Bluffalo tomorrrow! Think
    Linda needs to drive to work too! Hated that driving in
    the snow in the Sierra 'cause the other guy always put
    ya in danger from the other side of the road! We would
    get up to 2ft. or more over nite some times!

    Glad it doesn't snow in S.F. with the Hills and all it
    can be dangerous enuff. Don't need a wet snow too!
    Most of ya are beddy bye but the Carla-nl should be a-
    wake soon. Hope she's warm. Think it's gonna be an
    early Winter for all of us! Don't know what Freddie
    and I are doin' this wk.end? She had planned to do a
    Stir-Fry using Rice-a-Roni just to please me. She is
    as thoughful as she is beautiful and intelligent. Who
    said a guy can't have it all!

    Gotta "sleepy-bye", "K"?
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Happy Friday the 13th.

    I just staggered through the snow to the porch and had me a little conversation with you all before I realized I was on the OLD porch and no one was there. I hate it when that happens.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Trying to exercise and my body thinks it can't do it without protest.

    No WoW WoW yet, MrDad. Good thing too, it's too cold to p** outside - not that I tried it or anything....

    Stay warm - or whatever temperature suits you best. I hope Anne can avoid Buffalo! Sounds very nasty over there on the East coast. Warm hugs to all of you there.

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope all are having a better today.

    Mrdad you did a good job of getting the porch cleaned up.

    Rock- hope your feeling better-could you please pass the cookie dough before you bake them please.

    Lin- I haven't see the news yet but I think Mrdad mentioned 6 in of snow. Hope you keep your power on.

    Marta- It is really cold here today too. I let my dogs out around 6 am everymorning. They usually stay out until I get up around 9-10. 20 minutes after I let them out they were barking to come back in, then Twila snuggled me back to sleep. Do you have a fence?

    I didn't do the wordpad or shift thing now I can't remember anything else right now.

    Had another "crappy night". How long does the abx do this you after stopping taking them???

    My dentist told me to stop them yesterday. I don't even think I took my morning dose yesterday and ate very little. oatmeal, ice cream, applesauce.

    If you missed my post in 16, I get to go to the Dentisit on Mon and he feels I should wait about 3 more weeks but will be glad to make me some new choppers that will fit. He talked to PA and corp and I guess they figured out who should pay for them. At least I don't have too.

    I miss my teeth, I feel like and look like someone else and it ain't pretty. :-(

    Today is my day at the antique shop, I want to call off so bad- but when you only work 5 hours a week that is pretty lame to call off.

    Maybe once I get showered, teeth in and a little makeup I will feel better- or be ready to back to bed.

    Mrdad - do you have great find stories from your antique shop days. My boss told me about 10 years ago she found a Carnival glass compote for 3 bucks at a yard sell, it was worth $12,000. Almost makes me to want to get back out and shop again.

    I hope everyone has a healthy and happy day.-Ck Carla
  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well thanks to Linda, I checked the weather today and Buffalo is in a state of emergency with almost 23 inches of heavy wet snow and power out to 250,000 (probably Linda too).

    All non essential travel is cancelled. We went down to the greyhound station and the woman who acts as if we all know the intracacies of her job, with a withering look said the bus was still travelling up. We said that yes, but once it gets up, it will not be allowed through, the roads including the interstate are closed, so people will just be stuck outside the metro area with nowhere to go. Plus Niagra Falls now has about 12 inches I think.

    So they said, your ticket is good for a year, just come any other day to use it, so I will try again Sunday if there is a through bus, who knows.

    Boy, had MY name on it again see. I almost left 12th, then decided 13th. All packed, had my sandwiches all ready etc. Hey Ho....

    Love Anne
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope this message finds all doing wellon the Porch wiff
    their Hot tea, chocolate, coffee or coffee and brandy!
    It sounds pretty cool and snowy in the Upper ranges of
    the Mid-East and North East. Suppose Anne is on her
    way to see Geoff in Canadia and I wish her a good trip!!

    CK-Carla: I admire you wanting to go into work today
    but feel it is a gesture "above and beyond" for you
    at this point in your "recovery" from oral surgery!
    Never did any "big finds" in the Antique Business that
    I ever made "big bucks" on. Did own an early 20th C.
    landscape Calfornia painter that I ended up selling
    to another dealer who made some pretty good $$$ on it!
    Sold it to a known collector in the County!

    I do know that lots of dealer's are in the biz to pur-
    posely work that angle waiting for that "big moment"
    that's gonna make 'em rich! Nevewr thought that was
    gonna happen to me so never really went there. Most of
    my efforts were in furniture as I also refinished alot
    until 'know-it-all-Martha Stewart and the Antiques R.S.
    convinced Peeps that they should live with their pieces
    lookun' like trashed juke!! It's OK the refinish a
    1940' Duncan Phyfe Table. Maybe not wise for a hand-made
    18thC. Chip 'n Dale table! People don't understand the
    diff!? Sold most of my "stuff" in order to "downsize"
    and be more mobile. The "Keno" Bros. wouldm't make a
    Special trip to S.F. to see anythng I have presently!

    Carla-NL: Hope ya got a lot accomp. yesterday and last
    night on your project! My Son was here and is gonna'
    try and set me up with a new browser for email. It is
    the same one as yours! He's affraid if he attempts to
    upgrade my old iMac again it may be a negative to the
    preformance overall! (I'm NOT gonna' get a 2nd opinion)
    I trust his judgement on this one and most times in

    Marta: Yea. Might be better to wait until after the
    Hollidays and find a Puppy in the Spring! I hate to
    go outdoors in the cold Winter to TINKLE either! Do you
    have a Kittie? They also are of course great pets that
    oft times want to cuddle and sleep w/their person! I've
    had some great Cats! I even got to pick one out on my
    own ONE time! Hope you are doing well.

    Gonna' take a break and turn on the News!

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry after all the prep that the weather turned on you
    and it's so early in the year for snow! (Well, maybe not
    in Bluffalo). I'm sure that Geoff wouldn't want ya tra-
    veling in this! Will turn on the Weather Chan. and take
    a look for myself. Boy, ya don't want to get stuck out
    there in a "blizzard". 'Member the Donner Party? And
    they got caught up there in the Sierra on the 3rd week
    in Oct. if my memory serves me! Ya just don't know on
    a "Greyhound Bus" what that person next to ya may end up
    tasting like, ya know what I'm sayin'?

    We evidently overlapped our Posts a few mins. ago. Hope
    the Danny's didn't eat all the food you prepared for
    them already and have to head for that Chinese Smorgie!
    Should be able to freeze that "Hengehog" pie ya baked
    for them and take it out just before the real trip to
    Canadia. Well, just stay home and stay warm. Wonder if
    the playoff game betw. the Oakland A's and Detroit will
    be cancelled? I think the "gIANTS" are out of it this
    year! Hard to find a good reliable Steroid provider that
    takes Blue Shield anymore.

    "Gonna see the weather repout back there and in the NL!
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    But there's nobody home. That doesn't apply here.

    Sassy: What is a flat top guitar? I know Johnny Cash sang a song about one. Saw Johnny at a concert back in the 60s. He wasn't the man in black then. He wore denim. June and the Stattler Bros were w/ him. Great show.

    I always figured if Walter Kronkheit sang, he would sound like Johnny.

    MrDad: I think if you fly in a private jet, it will probably be a Leer Jet.

    Jodie: I bet you were cute as a button in you kitty costume. Too bad about the noisy neighbors. Cities are lousy places to live.

    The last time I called the Los Angeles cops about nosiy neighbors, they said they were too busy to come. I said but this is LA where arguments quickly escalate to homicides.

    "Well, call us if it gets to that point, Sir." They always say "Sir" in such an insulting way.

    Foggyfroggy: I think I posted this before, but what the heck. What you do w/ all that fiber left over from the juicer, after you've made 47 carrot cakes, is dry it, package it and sell it for mulch.

    Or you can buy 200 legal pads. Rip off the cardboard back. Now shape the fiber into furniture and duct tape the carboard around the outside. Voila!

    Carla nl: I just figure it out. "nl" stands for Netherlands. Yes?

    Marta: Is today Friday the 13th? Oh-oh. Good thing I don't believe in superstitions. My astrologer told me I was too sensible.

    Carla: The cookies still aren't baked. You know how it is. I had some energy and good intentions when I bought the dough, but it's been downhill ever since.

    Ann: I hope you are staying warm. I haven't had to worry about snow for the last 40 years. When I was a kid in Minnesota there was always people who died in blizzards. Maybe it doesn't happen anymore now that people have cell phones.

    Speaking of phones, has anyone got the number you call to get rid of telemarketers? I've had it 2 or 3 times, but I always lose it before I make the call.

    There's one who calls me everyday. In a nasal voice she says, "Um, Fran, I just wanted to let you know we're making loans on homes in your neigborhood..."

    Does she call everybody Fran? Oh, what a kawinkeedink. There goes my phone now. Well, it wasn't anybody selling anything. It was Gordon's chiropractor.

    Ok, that's it for this edition. G'day!

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    As the World Churns is on here in the AFT! Would be
    interesting to see if the episodes are in "Zinc" with
    the ones in Holland?

    When ya say it's 20 degrees, is that European or Amer.
    temp?? (F. or C.) ??

    Anne didn't need to get caught in that Storm. Looks
    mnasty in Bluffalo!

  16. jole

    jole Member

    G'morning, all!

    Here you are all about to quit for the day and I just get out of bed. Can't seem to sleep at night for the pain, but this morning when I should have been getting up I slept really well. :)

    Mrdad - I absolutely love SMG's initials! She has such talent, it's amazing.

    Rock - glad to see you're better.

    Ann- It's such a relief to all taht you aren't caught in the storm. there's always another day. You are sure having your share of "luck" lately, huh?

    Everybody - Still haven't learned the scroll trick, but enjoy all your posts. This porch is what keeps me going some days! You all are so kind and have such a good sense of humor for all the pain we go through.

    I haven't left the house in a week now, and hope to get out tomorrow to go to my grandson's football game. He's 7 and those little ones are pretty darn good. By the time they get to high school they really have a winning team in their small town. Not sure how good it is on their bones, but it beats sitting in front of the TV constantly, right?

    I know nothing - literally - today, so will go. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you! :) Maybe I can find some humor in me tomorrow. Love ya all~~~

  17. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    That'a what Mr. Spock called marshmellows in one of the movies...Was it "Voyage Home"? I'm guessing.

    Painful day here. Don wanna move. Threw a bunch of stuff in a crockpot and I'll call it pot roast. There is actually a roast in there somewhere! LOL

    Did the dishes, and now I think I'll go crash onto the couch. Took pain meds (BTW...gotta sign says "I took my pain pill - Why are you still here?" LOL Anyhoo, I might take an extra sedative sos I can sleep some of the pain off. Weather change here. Got "cold" last night. (What's cold to one is comfy to another...hubby wore longjohns, I think. LOL

    Yak at ya later, I hope.


    God Bless.

    BTW...found a new muscle rub yestiddy. First ingredient is "organic cannabis sativa seed oil". Actually seems to help a little, but I think that may be the camphor and menthol oils. Watcha think?
  18. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Better move to Oregon you all in the nasty weather states. Of course you are guaranteed major depression when the rain sets in, but no snow shoveling.

    Anne sorry you did not get your trip in. At least you can eat sandwiches instead of cooking I guess. I hope you can get through soon.

    Carla-nl Good luck on the juicer, I do feel better when I can manage to get out to the kitchen and have some consistently.
    As to men, just do what I did and marry one younger than yourself - it'll take longer to wear 'em out that way.

    Mr. Dad you're in fine form today - loved the steroid gibe.

    Rock is baaaaa-aaack! I was thinking of making fiberboard/waferboard and building a new house. Or you can send any old legal pads you have laying around and I'll make some 'art' too - maybe I'll become famous!
    Actually we feed it to the chickens who absolutely love it and you should see the egg yolks!

    Unicornk my kids love that movie and watch it over and over. How is it that kids can watch a movie 50 times and never tire of it? I can watch them 50 times right alongside them because I don't remember them from the first 49.

    Sassy it's the same here with the snow lol. No-one can drive in it either; school get's canceled at the second inch. I'll take some of those brownies!

    See ya!

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just want to thank you fro those very kind words for all
    the Visitors and Friends who congregate daily on the
    PORCH. I'm so glad we have you and one another as I
    think in so many ways we are more special than the most
    of the friends we have and opportunity to see "in person"!

    Never met anyone from Kansas or Missouri that I didn't
    like! Many had become friends including my former "Old
    Squeeze's Father from Salida Kansas! Old pioneer family
    farmers and railroad workers! Wonderfulman who always
    was doing for others and worked into his 80's mostly
    helping others. Wife was from Arkansas and although
    they were Republicans, think she voted for the Bill C.
    more than once!! You always know were you stand with
    them and never any pretext!

    I'm SURE that you too are in that mold!

    [This Message was Edited on 10/13/2006]
  20. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I bet she is stuck wivout lectric as they are saying lectric will be out mebbe three days.

    Well, we discovered that 100 miles of the thruway was closed anyways, so I would have made it to Rochester, period, then been stuck in the bus station with the Donner Party 11 mebbe overnight!!!

    Had the woman who runs the bus depot(boy would she ever make a great movie, what a character, runs it like her own personal space) ever thought bout telling people, ya can get ON the bus, but ya won't be able to get OFF!!!

    Seems as if all the trees down and rain now are making matters worse. They had severe thunder-now 400,000 without power!!! Poor Linda, and I really have her to bless and thank for giving me the heads up on this. They got 2ft in 12 hours! First time in 37 years it even snowed this time of year there. Anyone ever see that funny movie with Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds when they went to Buffalo and Florida from LA when they were getting hitched? That was a funny movie.

    Ya, we ate the cheese and tomato sandwiches. We also ate the chicken pot pie and mashed potato and cauliflower too!!! The hedgehog pie was a little sharp in taste....

    Gypsies in England when I was a kid, used to bake hedgehogs by caking them(once dead) in clay and putting them in the fire, then breaking open the hardened clay. I believe that some shallow bowls were called "hedgehogs" referring to the shape of the broken clay, (but they were made sans hedgehogs commercially).

    Well I still have to read up on porch posts, answer comments etc. You are right Rock, Leer jet is just right for mrdad. Carla I tried to post pic but I don't know how to get on the pictures I was hoping I could scan a pic into ???

    Hey mrdad wivout saying too much, wiv exception of Hilary, most politicians in NY are right minded if you get my drift, so who knows, the taxes may come down before everyone has to leave. Our local taxes are geared to rich students and professors. Honestly it ticks me off they give student discounts when I see the cars they drive and the MONEY they have, evry few there at Ivy Leagues these days who are poor-they say about 12%.

    Well, mach69 talking of college did you have a test today?

    Love Anne

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