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  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Please refer back to Vol. 17 if you must

    Sister Mary Gregory (S.M.)
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Lots of Posts and replies these week! It's wonderful.
    So sorry the weather appears to have turned so soon!
    GLAD that Anne isn't stuck in a Greyhound on some High-
    way going nowhere! Hope Linda in Buffalo is warm and
    safe. She must have a lot of experience at these things!
    Bet she got those old "Buffalo Hides" out of Summer sto-
    rage and is keepin' warm. Hear it is the earliest snow
    ever there! "By the Skin of Our Teeth"??

    Sweetie: Glad about the good news with Mom! It is very
    encouraging isn't it? You be taking care of yourself
    too though, don't ya know! (That was for Rocky, don't
    ya know) Looks may be like a bit of rain here?? Been
    watchin' weather everyelse but here it seems.

    Oh. Rock. Do hope you're doin' better! Just keep work-
    ing on that new material for our Act! Don't think we
    what to see if it will "play in Peoria" this weekend any
    - way! Better weather next week?

    CK-Carla: Doin' better wiff the food choices? How did
    it go at the Antique Store today? What kinda' stuff do
    they deal in? Furniture and smalls in balance there?
    Use to get a lot of old Granite Ware (Gray) from the UK
    when I imported and just would go right out the door. It
    looked very similar to Amer. Granite Wear. I remember
    selling a beatiful Pink Glass and Pitcher Lemonade Set
    to a resort and restaurant owner who had a great eye
    for Antiques. Brass lite fixtures and oil lamps were
    very good sellers. I'd come down to S.F. where that had
    little functional value and take them up to the Mts> were
    power and lites went out all the time!

    Well friends, gotta move on to a project!
    All please have a good weekend, be back later.

  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I did make it at the shop, after the shower, hair, makeu and teeth I needa break. Then carried on and had a good day. Couple nice people coome in. I meet a woman who told me she had Fibro- I told about this palce. Hubby in a hurry so off they went,

    She an big assortment of items.$5000 punch bowl to a Retro dress for $5 bucks and aeverything in between, It not bad, our toen doesn't really hava good antique stores to chose from them.

    I bought a green pie safe with chicken wire door inserts but will sand and stained back to wood and put some purrty glass init. All I have to do now is find out how they cloned than sheep a few years ago,

    Did you ever deal in coins or bills? There is company coming to our town next week wanting to by coins, silver, gold, watches.

    I do have one very good 1914 2.50 gold peice. So I have running around here and there looking for clues to the goods or rare ones.

    When I cleaned my mothers house you would have not believed it over 1500 peices of depression glass. She never threw away anthing. We did not find the million dollar peice we had hope to find. But I do have some rare silver certicate. Some have gona as high as 100 for a $1 bill.

    Still got sum figgrn to do before mon.

    Glad your nice and czy in CA, it;s a little colder here at 32 but no snow- wow I feel sorry for the ones that got blasted.. It only happed to me once in a freak ice strom in VA

    To those that work-enjoy your weekend. I am going to attempt to finish my stained glass peices. I have had to change it as I go because the glass is being finiky,

    CarlaNL- hope your herx is over, I won't know until 3 am, that's when it kicks.:)

    Anne- sorry your trip got changed, it was all for the best. I feel so bad for everyone without powwer.

    Rock where is my cookie dough you don't have to bake them to eat them. Right now I can gumem pretty good
    Have a great Sat

    Well of to bed with myself-CKCarla
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  4. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I've missed you all. I'm not even going to try to ketchup with the goins on around the Porch. I am toooo out of it right now to understand English, let alone Porch talk. I am in an awful flare. Went to the Infectious Diseases Doc yesterday and at least he was very pleasant. I did end up having to tell him that I had been diagnosed with CFIDS but wasn't sure about that and was concerned that I might have a virus. He was really supportive and compassionate about the CFIDS diagnosis so that was a good thing. However, it seems that he has in the past treated CFIDS by checking for viruses and never found CFIDS patients with viruses. So much for that.

    I told him about my mercury experience..don't remember if I told y'all...well real quick, in case I didn't...many years ago when I was trying to conceive I would take my temp in the AM before getting out of bed to check whether or not I was ovulating...you know, temp goes up when ovulating. Anyway, I would lay down with the thermometer in my mouth and sometimes go back to sleep. On a couple of occasions I awoke with a start and bit down on the thermo and it broke. Of course, I spit out what I could, but wonder now if I ingested any mercury.

    Soooo, the Dr ordered a Mercury/Heavy Metals test and also is testing me for Rickettsia Virus. I think he really is doing this just to do something. He pretty much said that Doctors don't know how to help people with CFIDS. Like I said, he was very nice and very apologetic. Oh well.

    Temp dropped last night and between weather and Doc stuff, feeling really puny right now.

    Feels good to come to the Porch where there are always smiles and lots of warm comfort. Do I smell Hot Apple Cider...and ginger cookies? Think I'll grab a blankie and sit a while with some cider and cookies and wait to see who drops by for a "nightcap".

    Sweetie...yippee about Mom!!! I'll write more as soon as I recuperate a little.

    Mrdad...thanks to you and Sister MG for keeping us moving right along here.

    Stay warm everyone. Hugs,

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  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla you are a real trooper! Went to work today bec.
    ya fealt you really should be there! We are so proud
    of you. May be you can feel well enuff to get some
    glass work done. Don't know much about coins other
    than condition appears to be very imp. Non-circulated
    beingthe most valuable they say. Have a few that I
    found in old antiques. One is a 1851 (??) Indian Head
    penney! E-Bay has a whole section on Coins that ya
    might look at. Know that those old Gold Coins can bring
    very big bucks, depending. Antique jewelry use to be
    big but has fallen in pop. 'cause Peeps are affaid of
    attracting muggings!

    Hey Lola: Hope you are doin' better! I hope wiff Advent
    coming SMG will be a little less "visible" around here!
    She gets on my nerves at times! Wanted to know why my
    "penmanship" is so poor. Told her I use to be "left
    handed 'til I was "forced to change with the ruler"!
    That's why----Sister Gregory.

    Hope the weather mellows out tomorrow 4 everyone. Diggin'
    out in Buffalo I guess! I'd stand in that Kitchen win-
    dow in the Mtns. looking out at the beautiful snow,
    watching the Wife shovel the Drive Way. Wonder what
    happened with that relationship, huh??

    Gotta do beddy bye soon,
    P.S. "PLease leave the Porchlight On Tonight, OK?"
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope ya had a good nite's sleep and are feeling a bit
    better today. It's tomorrow tonite there in the Hague.
    Hope the weather is good for you this weekend! Haven't
    heard anything about the Weekend from Federicka yet and
    I'm startin' to 'cummulate lots of (2-4-1) coupons!

    It's too bad I can't send them to Maze in the NZ as she
    loves American Fast Food cuisine so-o-o-o much. Hah Maze?
    She would be an easy date to please.

    Spoke w/Daughter tonite in Oregon and I'm have trouble
    finding an article on the School Library File that I
    need to down-load. Think her Mom is gonna'try to find
    it in the morning and paste and send to me. Think my 'puter is just gettin' too old to be keepin' up with the
    outside upgrades and improvements. (Kinda' like me!)
    It's hard to give my Girl advice if Ican't see the ma-
    terial the paper is the centerpiece for.

    Bit concerned about Shannon as We haven't heard from her
    for a few. Perhaps tomorrow. Weather has been cold al-
    ready up there in Canadia. Was very surprize to exper-
    iece how cold Oregon was last November while I visited
    my Daughter, "wife" and her husband!

    Well, Carla, I'm chewin' your ear off! Better let ya
    get starte on your day. Have a cup of HOT Choc. and
    a donut and sit on the Porch for a while!

  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    More good news for me this morning. The weather person missed the forecast (imagine that) and we did not get a frost last night nor will we in the morning. The low was 36. I'm so happy that I will have a few more days with my summer flowers. They are so beautiful now.

    I'm really glad we added a fireplace to The Porch & Lodge. I'm afraid we have lost the wildflowers though. I hope the animals in The Barn are alright. The Barn people will make sure everything is OK I'm sure.

    Carla, glad that you are feeling better. I can't imagine still crunching numbers now. LOL What a mess I would have! This memory thing is strange...still remember how to make loans but have trouble writing checks or writing anything by hand. I quit trying to figure it out. I love listening to soft ambient music...helps with pain, stress, & sleep. Hope it helps you today. I have a nice relaxing CD playing on my headphones now. Who is Norah Jones?

    mrdad, we have to find a way for you to get a lap top...great invention especially for those that are sick. Of course, you always have a lady on your lap so we have to make sure there is room for all. I think it's great that "the kids" still call or come home when they need help. You are a good dad. Do you and Fredericka have "plans" for the weekend?

    Rock, just wanted to check and see if you are still feeling "sluggish". I was in that situation for several days last week. I know it's not fun so I hope you feel better very soon. I can't wait to see The Comedy team in action. A performance on The Porch would be a great place to start because we love you guys and would never throw anything at you.

    Lolalee, I was glad to hear that the doctor was interested in your case. I'm sorry you are so exhausted. I so hope he can help you. Take care of yourself.

    Anne, What a relief to know you are at home! I was listening to the weather yesterday as I was getting ready to go with my Mom to the oncologist...could not get you or Linda off my mind. Glad you are much smarter than the people at the bus terminal! How is Danny and Geoff?

    Linda, hope you are doing alright and that you are warm and safe. Let us here from you ASAP.

    Prickles, I can't keep up either. Don't worry. It is always so good to hear from you. I hope your flare is better. Many of us are in or have been in flares recently.

    To all my other Porch Friends, I wish you a good day and hope to hear from you soon. My memory is fading now. There are several missing people, it is my hope that everyone is not in a flare but are having good days and just do not have the time to visit recently.

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...is hard to dooooooooo, so I just dropped in to say hello. I don't have the energy to make sure I get everyone but MrDad, you do an amazing job of hosting. No wonder all your old girlfriends come back to visit you!

    I'm so glad to hear that Anne is home; I was concerned about her getting in and out of Buffalo.

    Lola, sorry you're ailing. Sounds as if you're right about your nice doc. Well intended but no clue, like most.

    Sweetie, I take it from the notes here that there is good news about your mom and I'm happy about that.

    Sounds like some of us may be reacting to the change in temperature or barometric pressure - or something. Hopefully we'll all rally soon, those of us who need rallying. Speaking of needing to rally, our Canadian friend has been very sick. I feel so helpless and wish she could post here for the support I know it would give her. If she would....

    It's cold here but the snow is gone. That was a very freaky thing. Earliest snow ever here in MI.

    Gooooooooooooooooooooo Tigers! I need to find out when the game is on here. Meet you in the Lodge - I'll have a fire going in the fireplace, hot cider and apples from just up the road.


  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I miss my Canadian friend very much and want her to know that. She needs to come home to The Porch. Everything would then be complete.

    What can I do? I just don't know what to do. I hate to feel so helpless.

    I am sorry you are in a flare too. I am just trying to recover. I was not on The Porch much last week either...just could not keep up.

    Take care of yourself. ((((HUGS)))) to ALL.
  10. lptopcat

    lptopcat New Member

    Wow, just heard there's a fireplace on the porch!!! That's so nice. It's cold here in MI especially for mid-Oct, well not freezing at least.Like others here, have been feeling OH, SO, Crappy!!! The warmth from the fireplace will help!

    I haven't posted too much lately either, flare and cold and blah,blah,blah...I can't keep up either. Must be the fibro-fog taking over. LOL

    To all...feel better

  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Glad to see your post. I think the change of weather is playing havoc with most of us.

    Take care of yurself. It was good to hear from you.

    We had to put in the fireplace...getting much too cold on the porch without it. We probably will not need the bug zapper as much though.
  12. lptopcat

    lptopcat New Member

    1sweetie, I am feeling a bit better today at least I got out of bed without having to "roll out",LOL!

    Yes the fireplace is definately needed on the porch. Are there electical outlets on the porch?? Maybe I can bring the heating pad & electric blanket!!!!

    I swear, I feel like 100 year old these days, and I'll only be 51 coming up in a few weeks. Hate that!!!!

    Well, grandson is here, so need to get him some breakfast/lunch. I'll try to get to the porch tonight.
  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    RE: our friend. I don't know what to do! I wrote her that I'd decided that if she wasn't better soon I was going to write her pals on the board and yell for help. She really needs this contact. Of course, you really wouldn't have known what to do either so that would only have been upsetting to you. Unless we petitioned the Powers That Be or something and she would be embarrassed by our doing that.

    Fortunately today she's a bit better and was able to get out for a short trip across the street! I wish she'd reapply here. They might soften their decision since she never got a warning if she wrote to .... whoever. Thing is, our girl is very stubborn and/or feels it's her fate.


  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A shame so many are feeling less than peachy keen. Well, sitting around the fireplace as Marta and Topcat have suggested will probably help.

    Hot cider sounds good too. W/ a cinamon stick. Haven't had that for ages. Decades ago used to have people over for the holidays and serve warm cider and egg nog w/ just enuff rum to be festive.

    Prickles, you're right. It is hard to respond to everybody some days. The good thing is, we don't have to. Everybody understands.

    Shannon, your menu sounds wonderful. It's cool and rainy here in Los Angeles. Perfect weather for a bowl of hot soup.

    Carla, you can't eat the raw cookie dough. It has eggs in it. You might get salmonella. Or is that what you get from eating salmon?

    Sweetie, thanks for your warm wishes. Lola, hope you unflare soon.

    MrD, you're so busy. I don't know about a comedy act. I think I'd rather be a song and dance man like Gene Kelly. Can you carry a tune?

    Gordon went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Just heard their CEO makes 27 million a year. Hard to believe.
    When I looked in the want ads I never saw any jobs like that being advertised.

  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Please tell her we are also stubborn and I do not believe that is her fate. I do not believe it is our fate to be without her.

    If she would write a letter, we could follow suit. I believe that they would reconsider the request. She has so much to add and I would be making the request for us because we need her wit, wisdom, and LOL someone to keep mrdad and Rocky in their places!

    I am happy to hear of the tiny improvement but isolation is not good for anyone as you know. I am glad she has you and your wisdom and that we have you too.
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    MRDAD just deleted an entire reply to ya's awl!! Oh, NO!!
    Yep! This is after I just spent a long time "kettin'"
    up on my emails from the "FAN CLUB". Keeps me s-o-o-o
    busy answering as it is. 1/2 ta get back wiff ya awl
    later. "K"?
    Marta: Be watchin' the big game I bet!
    Looks good for the Tigers.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mr Dad - I have done that myself, what a _____ tht is esp after writing along post with all kinds of info in it and then al of a sudden I push the wrong thing or something and POOF it goes. Sorry about that !!!

    Did I hear that there is fireplace on the porch??? Well, if so I will spend alot of time here, but not for awhile . I think it is in the 70's here in Tx., and we are having a cool front. It is supposed to get warm again in another day or two I think. I thought fall was here, but that is Tx in the fall - Ya never know !!!

    Sorry I haven't had much time on the porch lately but have been so busy with lots of music to practice in my new group, etc and for the larger group too. Tha doesn't cound anything else around here and trying to get to clean once in awhile - ugh !! That is not fun but did most of the vacuuming yesterday but still need to finish and by that time I will need to start over (-: !!!!

    Sorry to hear that some of you are not feeling well. Hope tht will pass soon. Just try to stay nice and wrm and cozy. I can't believe snow, but then I can believe it. I used to live in NY.

    Well sorry but I have to run now. Have to help DH work at a festival for a few hours..

    Take care and stay well all. Hope to be bak soon/

    Many hugs ,

    Marilyn (tht granni)

  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I ran right over here after a long email reply from our friend who absolutely refuses to consider readmission. Says it's better for her now. Sooooooooo, nothing to do but the little I can. Back to letting it go since I have never met a more stubborn person. Gotta admit she's cheerfully stubborn though.

    MrDad, I'm very impressed that you said only Oh NO when you lost a post. I've been known to be a bit more forceful than that when I lose one. You know I'll be cheering the Tigers at 4 o'clock.

    Good to hear from Rocky again. You'll notice we didn't let anyone sit in your chair while you were gone. Besides, there's a big pile of books in it.... I think Gordon was by.

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just nipping in to say bye as hopefully this time I WILL be on my way tomorrow morning. Will be away a week this time though, so probably you will not hear from me till Saturday next. I will pop back on tonight.

    Thanks for worrying about me. We were so lucky to have had that warning from Linda as weather.com was way behind with the forcast, saying roads were fair when they already had 20inches!!! I really owe it to her that I did NOT get on that bus. We saw a clip on the weather channel showing all these trucks and buses lined up on the blocked thruway. Dan said, "There's your bus!!!"

    Geoff is still poorly. They are trying to wean him again off the life support and it wears him out. BUT he has to get off it as the longer they are on those things the more infections they get. Viscious circle.

    1Sweetie please tell our canadian I am up there next week, in Hamilton and I miss her a lot as she and I were definately on the same wave length in all ways. Maybe when I get back she will let you pass on the email as I intend to swap emails with one or two folk, though it is behind Dan's back as he is neurotic. Tell her this: BG HUGZ and get well.

    I was pleased Shannon popped in but Wake is missing. See Fight popped in and then erased reply real fast.

    Well I have three kids with autism here today ages 18, nearly 14 and my 12 year old which is fun for them. The 18 year old we have not seen in a while so glad to have him back in the fold-but his mom has lost like 25 lbs since I saw her in summer-looks super.

    Well Dan is gouing to give me a massage whilst the kids are busy amusing one another.

    I will pop back on later.

    Love Anne
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Had ta take a Nap after that last message derailment
    of mine! Thanks Carla-NL for the info. on the "Lost
    in Space" problem with the Posts. Now if I could just
    fine someone to really explain the game of Crickett to
    me, I'll consider my world in order! Where are you ANNE--?
    You're on!

    Marta: Any chance of a "Craigslist" contact with our
    friend as a possibility? I've used it for other things.
    One time to find a Buddy of mine who disappeared. His Son
    contacted me from France!! These 'puters are somethin'
    else, amazing! Gotta watch the B.B. Game!

    Gotta make lunch! "Tube Steak" anyone and Pot Salad??

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