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  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Are we there YET Sister Mary Gregory?
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  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I just can't keep up at all!

    Mr. Dad... if I could enlist your help through the holidays I would in a heart beat! That's what I have been doing all day today is auditing christmas partys to make sure they are all set.

    Prickles.. I used to love heels!! Can't even think about them now. But I know what you mean. Something really enpowering about a sexy pair of shoes!

    Ok.. just a quick check in, gotta go back and read vol. 34 and see what I missed!

    Hugs to all!
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla-NL: We DO know you aren't NUTS! But hangin' around
    on the Porch wiff the rest of us everyday makes it dif-
    ficult to dispell those rumors I would suppose?
    It's really ugly back there weather wise hah? Raining here
    also, however. not cold or windy. My Son leaves for N.Y.
    City (New Amsterdam) on Sunday! Told him more than likely
    could drop "upstate" for Dinner wiff the Cromwell's and
    a first hand tour of Cornell U. That would be exciting!

    Foggyfroggy: Lot's of friends now in Oregon. I think
    Freddie leaves fairly close to both my "wife" and Daugh-
    ter! Lena is up there somewhere also. Love to see the
    Williamette Valley sometime soon as it is suppose to be
    beautiful. Lots of History of the Old West there!

    CK: Ya doin' OK? I think things are gonna' improve 4
    you now that you have that dreaded ordeal behind you!
    Just everyone has to stay safe, warm and cozy 4 the
    Winter months! We can do it.

    Rock: You around out there somewhere?? Is it rainin'
    down there too? Would help greatly with the fire danger
    if it is. Ya been workin' on the routine this week?

    Just had a nice lunch with my Son and he payed the check
    so I've got some extra money saved now for Marta's Prom!
    Can even buy her a wrist "flower thing" now! Sweetie
    knows what to call'em, she does flowers!

    OK, Nap time! I already have my blanky and thumb is in
    my mouth.
    MRDAD aka JOE
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there porchers,

    Well, I am finally back. It was only a few days but seems like longer and am now trying to get things back together, what ever that means. Besides the washing, etc. I am also trying to get my body back together from all the walking around and up and down on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Had a great timet hough drinking margaritas and seeing the sites.

    Prickles - I am glad you had a good time. I cannot wear high heels for a long time either . Plus, I feel like if the shoes are not a really stable I may fall and break something - just what I need with my severe osteoporosis too. I do have a few pair but do not wear them that often.

    Carla-NL - Sorry to hear abaout your bad headache as well as your weather still not being very good. Ours has started to cool down finally here in Texas and it is supposed to get in the 40's tonight. Time for the heaters to go on in the house but it warms up quickly during the day, most often at this time of year.

    MrDad - Yes, we all need to TRY and stay warm and cozy for the winter months. I never could take the cold damp weather and now it it is worse, even if our weather is nothing like yours in the east or other really COLD places ( Germany also). It can get too cold for me, really easy, even if it is not that cold in TX. Been there and done that with the shoveling snow and all tht stuff in NY - YUCK ! Hope all is going well with you.

    Yes, we can all sit by the fire all buddled up in our blankies having a drink of (??) fill in the blank , your favorite hot beverage, or try to warm yourselves up beverage like wine, margaritas, or whatever you like. (-: !! Hot buttered rum comes to mind also but really do not know about that, since I have never had it. Port wine sounds like a good choice to me if you all like wine.

    Sassy - How are you feeling and how is your neck doing??

    Dononagin - It looks like alot of us have the same problems with the high heels. They surely look nice but usually pay for it afterwards, one way or the other.

    Where did Lin go too? Hope her terrible weather has imporoved also.

    Bye for now. Just had to check with you all after our trip.

    Hope all are feeling not to badly today. Sorry Carla -NL has a bad headache.

    Lots of warm hugs,

    Marilyn (that granni)
  5. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hey gang

    Just checking in to say hi. I hope everyone had a nice halloween. I am sad to see it go. I just love halloween too much!

    We took the puppy in to the vet this afternoon. He is scheduled for his neuter tomorrow and will come home on Saturday.

    November is shaping up to be a fun month. 2 concerts planned, a new tattoo and hubby's birthday is on the 19th.

    This weekend I'm traveling 3 hours to Orillia to Casino Rama with a girlfriend. The theatre there is putting on the play Frankenstein; A Rock Musical :)

    rockgor, if you read this, the site I posted
    http://www.myspace.com/devinityinmotion if you look under my main picture you will see a tiny little link that says Pics. There are more photos there. Also, you can check out my online gallery: http://luxuria.smugmug.com
    Everyone feel free to take a look! The site I have at MySpace I update and blog frequently.

    I hope everyone has a good night. New Grey's Anatomy for us fans tonight! YAY!!

    Take care all,

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Have you caught up with Shannonsparkles yet? She is a-
    bout your age and lives in Calgary. Think you would
    fineone another interesting! Ya seem to be having fun
    no matter what.

    I'll have to speak with SMG about that Op. on the Puppy?
    Not sure it's gonna' be accceptable. Ouch!!! My Tom
    Cat refused to have that done on religious grounds. He
    claimed to be a "Cat-lick"! Oh, NO!!!

    That's a joke I've used so often over the years that it
    has a number now, Joke # 13802 Then we laugh! HA-HA-HA!

    Have fun this week and the Month of Nov.
    MRDAD aka JOE
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Anne: I watching Keith Olbermman on MSNBC and I think
    he is a Cornell Grad from something he mentioned the other
    night?? The BBC was broadcasting from the Golder Gate
    Bridge with a Panoramic View of the City in the backgound.
    Katy Kay seemed real impressed! They were talking about
    Arnold S. and the coming General Election! I've decided
    that I'm not gonna' vote for any General's, IKE doesn't
    trust them!
    My Son is headed your way on Sunday. He's flying into
    N.Y. City were he has two Friends living. Then later
    by Train to Montreal. I'll bet that is a beautiful trip!
    Are the trees yet in colourful leaf?? He is hoping so. Did
    ya notice that I spelled color wrong??? Again!!!
    Wet back there too I hear. Hope Linda is doin' OK in Buf-
    falo. Of course it's wet up there also. Maybe she will
    check in soon!

    Cookie: I've been waiting 4-U to get back so I can tell
    you the story you requested of me! It's so-o-o-o bad it
    has to be true! HERE GOES>>>>

    One hot Summer afternoon I decided that at 3:30 on a Fri
    afternoon an 108 degrees after ckecking my appt, book, de
    cided to close shop early, take a shower and head to my
    Neighborhood Tavern for a "big gulp" of COLD draft beer!
    It was perfect as I opened the front door of the Air Con-
    ditioned Bar and spotted two empty bar stools side by side
    at the bar. Adjusted my eyes to inside darkness in con-
    trast to the previous bright sunlight. Pulled out both
    bar stools and sat down.

    Big John, a retired Police officer, now bar tender, walked
    toward me asking, what can I get ya Joe? I replied, I'll
    take a Pint of Draft, and oh John, would ya get a tall ice
    water for my imaginery friend sitting beside me here? He
    eyed me wearily but complied with my request. I had my
    beer and "my friend" had his tall, cold ice water.

    A few mins. went buy and John noticed that I had not
    placed any money on the bar top to pay for the libations.
    He said, " that will be $2.75 for the beer, but the water
    for your imaginery is on me"! I replied, "well John, you'
    ve already been payed by my friend"! John took a couple
    of steps toward me, leaned with elbows on the Bar and as
    he looked me in the eyes said, "and what did your Friend
    pay me with Joe, imaginery money? I looked right back in-
    to his eyes and said, "of course he did John, what other
    kind of money would he have"?

    Aren't ya glad I gave you the short version of that story?

    Joe aka MRDAD (And it's True)

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  8. ckball

    ckball New Member


    Excuse me but I must laugh so I won't cry.

    Thanks for the help Joe-Joe with the Cat joke.

    Warning the following is a rant on dealing with my computers and tech support

    The enter button on my laptop touch broke. It still works but doesn't pop back up. It is still under warranty so I have to send it to Dell. They are going to send me a empty box to return it in.

    I first tried to connect my laptop to my PC, I got it to access the internet thru the laptop without too much hassle, thanks to Carla's tips. But I could not access the files from either one.

    I did everything, over and over, making sure firewalls, settings,ect. So I called Dell and a tech and we went threw the sames things, still no files.

    I have been having issues with this thing since I got it last Dec. It freezes at least one a week and other little things.

    After an hour or so on the phone the guy put me on hold, I told him early in our conversation my phone number because my cell drops calls, I live next to a major cell tower. So if he lost me to call me back. Did he?- nope.

    Waited for a while and still trying to figure it all out, then got another customer service rep, told him everything and he said he would switch me over to tech support and got a recording that the number had been disconnected.

    What happened to customer service? It was nearly 4 and I still had to go to Walmart before dark.

    So I went back on the PC and tried to get online without my laptop and it said I had no modem! really I see it there in COM 3. I did all the things I was suppose to do and it still won't see it. So I gave up, I spent about 5 hours and accomplished nada zip, . The PC worked fine the last time I used it.

    So now I get to send my laptop back and no modem on the PC, I won't replace it. I just did that last year.

    I don't know the turn around on the laptop, I still have to contact tech support by email to see if someone will call me.to send me a box and RA number. Gees what's a girl gotta do to get a break.

    Thankfully I don't have to the shop tomorrow, I called my boss and she said the other girl can work. My gums are killing me and they need a break from the dentures.

    Sorry to vent all that out.It's like everything I touch has turned to ..it.

    I took a break here and bathed the dogs, I was trying to get all that taken care of before Grey's comes on.

    Joe-joe GOOD NEWS- my ferritin was 40.

    Carla-NL Glad to hear your not NUTS- -I hope you are feeling better- While I do prefer the finer things in life, food is not one of them. I'm a steak and tater girl. No veggies. Pasta, pizza, spagetti, then of course dessert, now we're talkin.

    Did you see we both posted at the same time basically telling 1sweetie what to do, too funny.

    1sweetie- what happen to you- did your computer get gremlins too.

    Marta- I gave up popcorn and heels a long time ago. How is your tooth? My daughter is sporting 5 titatium screw in her back teeth, well where her teeth use to be. You can see the heads of the screws sticking out. She has to wear them for 6 months then she will get crowns on them.

    Grani-glad you and the Margis had a good time

    Prickles- glad to see your back- I hope you had a good visit. Your are right about the heels, I'm 5'3 and can use all the help I get,lol. But had to give them up due to back issues, then a foot injury.

    Dono- you're a busy gal

    To everyone else have a great day-CK Carla

  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    By speical requests I have changed my picture in my profile.

    This is Missy and Twila tonight after their bath and romp. Twila (black ears) was laying in Missy's spot and wouldn't move, of course I had been stretched out on the other end.

    Where is everyone? I hope I didn't scare anyone off with my ranting.

    I'm fine, all I have to do is look at this picture and I feel better- CkCarla
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's really quite tonite but I think it may be do to the
    weather in most places in the East and West. The puppies
    are great. Thanks for fulfilling my request to see them.
    They look pretty content to be right there with you!

    Leave the Pic up for a while so all can see them. Smit-
    ten will get the next "15 mins" of fame. Watching a
    movie . Something are hardley ever do on reg.T.V.
    "See" ya tomorrow,
    P.S. Glad the Ferriten was so low. My results are not
    in to me yet.
  11. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    Hope all's going well in your little corners of the world!

    As long as it is still going, then I guess we're alright, eh?

    Someday I'll "ketchup" but it's time to stop holding my breath on that one. I was turning blue.

    Am sloooowly increasing some time on computer now. We'll see how it goes. I just started.

    I hope everybody has a good day. I think it is TGIF! Used to mean something back in the good old working days. Now I can barely remember (or figure out) what day it is.

    Need more coffee. Sorry for the say nothing, rambling post, LOL.

    I'll be back!! It's time to unclench all those 2-fers outta Joe's hand and let them lay out on the table to dry. Then somebody needs to scrub all the black ink off his hands. Any volunteers? I didn't think so. Well, he can go soak his..........hands. LOL!!!!

    Now I really must stop. Later!
  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Where is everyone- Please come on the porch- I promise to be nice.

    Today is a new day and I have the day off at the shop. My boss has another girl that works on Sat and sometimes she can do Fri too. She is in cosomotology school and can use the extra d $.

    This week has been a non-stop week. I am glad I was able to get threw it, but now I need a couple days of nesting. It got down to 25 last night and a high of 45. So nesting seems like a good plan.

    I'm going to call tech support one more time to get my puter fixed. Then I will copy everything I can on to CD's then take it off my hard drive. I don't want some stranger reading everything on my computer. Would you do that too?

    I'm going to try to take some time to ketchup on the board. I basically having been reading just the porch this week.

    I guess the week or so I will be off the puter I will work on glass. No appts for the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I will feel lost without my puter. But hey I might actually accomplish something. I tend to spend more time than I should on it, then the day is gone and didn't have anythiing to show for my day.

    I have a zillion details to finsh on my house projects, like getting my molding and baseboards down. Still have to finish some peicing on my drywall in my studio, then paint it.

    I have rambled on enough, I'm sure some have had to have an extra cup of coffee after reading my post aka boring put you back to sleep.

    Have a great day and I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy. I built a big ole fire in the fireplace and put a big jug of hot coco on the table. It is a little chilling for the porch.

    Joe-Joe- what movie was you watchin? When was the last time you had to have a fleabotomy? I think it is about a year for me.

    Freddie- glad to see your improving even if small steps, I know Joe-joe can't hardly wait to use those 2 fers, may have to iron them first Ck-Carla
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Fredericka: It was great to see you on the Porch as I
    awoke this A.M.!! Didn't get an Email return from U so
    I knew you weren't feelin' well. Please never feel ob-
    ligated to have to return one as I understand the cir-
    cumstance. Do hope you are improving and can get back
    to us as you can. My Daughter last nite said it had
    been raining pretty hard in Portland yesterday. The
    Kitties want to stay in the house allday out of the
    cold and wet. It's rainin' off and on down here also.

    CK: Oh no about your 'puter! I've only had one for a bit
    over a year and don't know how I managed without one. So
    much information and communication sources here. The "Woo
    Woo's" looked so-o-o comfy on the sofa! Does Smitten get
    on well wiff them? Oft times there is no problem at all.
    My Lab and his "Cat-lick" Bro. were REAL Buddies! In
    Winter, they would lay out sleeping at night beside the
    woodstove with the Cat against the Doggie! Miss havin'
    animals now wiff this 4 Lane Blvd. I live on, I would
    just worry about them darting out the door someday!
    Have the "Keno Bros". dropped by the Antique Store late-
    ly? P.S. Just had a labotomy, not another 'til Fedruary!

    "Talk" later Friends,
    JOE aka MRDAD

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  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i was dripping in the north bay, then headed down to concert in moutainview. no rain. a light mist at the end but really not much of nothing.

    i met some of my exhb's acquaintences. first they were trying to hit on my friend and i. then the topic were we live ect. came up. then i mentioned my exhb lives in san jose and thought about givng him a call for a good club to go to. or we could sleep at his house.

    well turns out they knew who he was and also said he or they had met my exil's in sunnyvale. i am assuming in scruffy murphy's.

    the concert was really good. areosmith rocked and so did motley crew. and yes tommy lee was the drummer.

  15. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Hi ho everyone, it does seem like a lazy day today doesn’t it? It’s 11:00 here and the only thing I have done today is watch The Incredibles with my kids (we don’t have school on Fridays here).

    Carla-nl we do know you’re not nuts ;-) and I’m really glad about the horses as I am a horsie person myself and even if I weren’t the animals lives are just as important as ours I believe. They can’t even rationalize the suffering. I remember when the same tragedy happened with Katrina – so many horses and other livestock lost. I hope your headache is gone.

    Ck-Carla your dogs are really cute, what are they? I have one that looks kinda like your one with the dark ears but she’s hairier – we think she’s mostly Border Collie. Very intelligent but also very hyper and boy does SHE need a bath lol! She smells like a fine combination of wet dog, pheasant sh** with a whiff of skunk thrown in. Real eu de dawg. Nesting sounds like a great plan, I think winter has hit us for good this week and it’s time for a little hibernation. You must have the patience of a saint to deal with that ‘puter without hurling it out the nearest window! Talk about stress!

    Welcome back GrannyMarilyn, I hope you had a Margarita for me, I love ‘em. Glad you had a good trip – catching up on all that laundry is always the worst part of coming home isn’t it?

    Prickles, going out in high heels sounds like such fun – I am taller than my hubby when I wear them so that is cool hehe.

    MrJoeDad, loved your silly cat joke, I love word plays. I think you would prefer the Willa Metty valley in the summer, all this rain gets mighty old. I do live in the second oldest white settlement in the state so that’s a fun factoid that the town (all 1500 or so of us) exploits for the tourist $$.

    Fredericka, good to see you back, may you continue upwards – I have to severely restrict my computer and reading time when I’m in a flare and life sure gets boring.

    Hi Bekah and Jodie (*waves*) I love concerts and theater – sounds like you kids are having a good time. (I used to hate it when my mom said “you kids” but I’m licensed to say it now)

    Anyone I’ve missed, sorry it’s not a’purpose my eyes are fried so off I go in search of hot tea.

    Everyone have as good a day as possible!

    Later, Gretchen
  16. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Dearest Carla(s): Many thanks to both of you but I could not salvage my post. I copied it to my documents but it was such a mess and I had an appointment so I finally deleted everything. I am now scared to use Word. It worked great the first time I used it.

    This has been one *** of a week. I can't even tell you how the meeting went. My attorney told me to tell the truth but to not say anything. Try that sometime. It is not easy. I bet I said "it varies" 20 times or more. The attorney was very late to the meeting which made it very late Monday night when we got home.

    An update to the mold in "my sanctuary", the bonus room that I used to have to help me with my recovery and where I slept. The ac/heat unit that was installed was producing so much moisture because it was over sized for the space that it was creating mold. I have told you about this problem. I just had to have an environmental specialist ($$) and the room is highly saturated with Aspergillus (the very bad mold). It affects allergies and the frontal lobe of your brain and many other bad things. Guess who already has problems with the frontal lobe of their brain and who has been having bad allergy problems? What we thought would be a cleaning of everything with special solutions and air scrubbers just turned into having men with HepaVac (sp?), carpet removal and replaced, all upholstered furniture, mattress, etc must be removed from home & cleaned and all fabrics sent to a special cleaner. It is really more in depth than I can explain. To get my room into a safe living space will probably cost between $14,000 to $25,000...definite numbers will be available next week I hope. Looks like another attorney and I still do not have a place to sleep. This is especially dangerous for someone like me with a compromised immune system. I have to go to a specialist in Durham in a couple of weeks for a possible detox procedure.

    The door was not completely closed on the freezer last night and hundreds of $$ of frozen meat and prepared meals are lost or have to be cooked ASAP. The vegetables & desserts are in the trash.

    This has only been a small portion of my week. I just wanted to tell you why I haven't been on The Porch. I wish I was there...the place with no problems.

    I don't even want to go into more details because this has not been a positive week. I keep looking...needless to say I've been sick. Stress is poison to me.

    It was good to read your post and hear some good things. Glad that Jodie is able to go to concerts, that mrdad got to see his daughter and that his son is on a great trip, and what really made me feel good is that those horses were rescued. It's good to here good "stuff" after dealing with negatives.

    Thank you for keeping me thinking of pleasant things. Things will get better...I just have to believe it!
  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I don't have it in me to reply to everyone this afternoon but I was happy to see Fredericka again and see Sassy's going to take a break - but I understand. We'll save your chair with only hugs on it, Sass. I also want to give Sweetie a big hug - this is just NOT a good time for you lately but it will turn around, it always does, so hang in there.

    This morning an old friend (in more ways than one) came to visit with the help of her caregiver. This once lively, independent woman is unable to walk without help or to use her arm and leg due to a stroke. She cries a lot, not just because she's sad, but because of the stroke's affect on her brain. Lordy Lou, I felt strong as an ox by comparison!

    Anyway, after tea (not Absolut, Joe), cookies and some conversation, they went on their way. I'm so glad I could have them here. I'm counting blessings this afternoon.

    Hugs all around. Cookies too.

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just feel compelled to address you first here!! It is
    so awful about the mold problem as if you need to be going thru that at this time (or any time!) Sounds like some-
    thing out of the Bible along with the plagues, pestilence
    etc. My lord! Yea, that mold isn't good to live
    with and a knowledgable contractor should have known bet-
    ter and should be accountable beyond just the damaage
    to property! Maybe you'll will be living in the
    contractors house after this is over, yet ya sure don't
    want to be going thru this.

    Take some time to rest if you can Sweetie, "K"?
    Thinkin' of ya,
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A BIG hi to all on the porch today. I haven't had the time to really check all the posts very well but I sure did catch Mr Dad's little story about his invisible buddy !!!

    Mr Dad/Joe - Now that was some story you told me about going to the bar with your invisible friend. I like your sense of humor BUT some people might not. I am sure you know what I mean. How about the bartender when you told him that your invisible friend (of course) paid him with invisible money ?? Did he have much to say about that??You are so bad !! (in a cute and funny sort of way). DH and I both have friends with VERY dry senses of humor and sometimes it is hard to tell whether they are serious or not also. However, most of the time we can tell though. Thanks for telling that funny story !!

    Sweetie - So sorry you had such a bad week. Hope things get better for you. Yes, it is nice to come here on the porch where things are cute and funny and we get to vent, tell stories and escape from the real world, even if only for a little while.

    Carla (forget which one) - I hope your weather gets better really soon. You can keep the wet and cold stuff ( but I know you really want to give it to someone else, but ot me). At least, if you could send it to someone else without CFS/FM, etc.

    Hi also to Prickles and anyone else that I might have missed.

    Lots of blessings and soft hugs to you ALL,

    That Granni (Marilyn) and also know as Cookie to MrDad.

    Now that I keep saying it (the name) I seem to remember someone in our family way back in time was called Cookie and I do not remember who. Now, that is going to buy me. I know my mom would remember but she is no longer alive.
  20. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    LOL!! Love your joke!!! You and my husband share the same name :)

    The vet called this afternoon to let me know that Monty came out of sugery fine. It was a laser surgery so he will heal faster with less pain and swelling. They also operated on his nasal passages to remove some of the extra folds of skin. Monty is a Pug and they have a tough time breathing with those scrunchy faces. The vet said he is breathing wonderfully with his new nose job. :) He gets to come home tomorrow.

    Feeling pretty good today myself, glad it is Friday :)

    I haven't met Shannonsparkles yet. Always glad to meet a fellow Canadian :)

    Hope everyone has a lovely day


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