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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Is it Happy Hour Yet? Oh, sorry Sister!
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  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Happy hour that is!!

    Boy I just barely got in behind closing time on that last thread!! lol!

    Hope all is well.. Got to go find my bride.. rehearsal time!


    Oh yeah.. Carla.. your not crazy
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wow! Yea, those busy weekends! Luxeria has a JOE also.
    I know you are at work but hope all went well with your
    Daughter the other nite! When my kids were raising me,
    they didn't have an instruction booklet either, but I
    came out OK anyhow. They did their best!

    Cookie: Sometimes Peeps don't realize that I'm kidding at
    times. We have three Peace Officer's in the Family. All
    three were assembled at once for a Wedding of one of them
    a few years ago. It was an outdoor Wedding in San Jose.
    I susequently told a friend how nice classy and dignified
    the Wedding was until the three cops decided after a few
    glasses of bubbly that they were gonna take the empty bot-
    tles out to the parking lot and do some PISTOL practice!
    People can be gulible and I can say it all with a very
    STRAIGHT face. Even in San Francisco!!

    "Talk" later Girls,
    JOE aka MRDAD
  4. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Linda, That is way too cool!! What a miracle for you to be brought together when she needs someone in her life so much!

    Joe-Joe.. things have calmed down with the wild child.. In fact Joe is finally laughing (not in front of Micaela of course) about her out running him! Needless to say though, she is grounded, can only use her car to go to work and lost her cell phone as well.. You know I really can not blame her. When I was her age we didn't even have seat belt laws. I drove an old beat up station wagon and used to cram a good 20 kids in it to go to the drive in at $5 a car.

    I know I would have broken that rule... BUT she can lose her licence till she is 18 if she gets caught by the cops instead of her step-dad.

    The cop story is funny. My rehearsal tonight the father is an ex cop turned Minister who did the rehearsal with the whole black jacket white father collar. Now he is in the bar drinking scotch. Bizarre.

    Ok.. I'm heading home. Joe's brothers are over watching prize fighting so I'm going to fix them some munchies and see if I can slip off to bed.

    love to all
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea. Ya know the thing with the law and teenage Driver's
    is I wonder if the Insurance Co. would "honor" a claim
    if ln', heavens forbid, she happened to get into a "fen-
    der bender". They are so good at trying to do that as
    they find a loop-hole! (??) Yep, tell Joe you are going
    to bed as you're down for the "Mandatory Eight- Count".

    Linda: what a neat story! That's wonderful! It is a
    small World. I have a cousin who was a Catcher for the
    N.Y. Giant's before they moved out here to S.F. He was
    a native born San Franciscan. On a trip to a Wedding in
    Lake Tahoe I stopped off to see a friend of mind I knew
    who owned a Tavern in a little resort town where I use to
    live in the Sierra. My date and I walked into the Tavern
    and an older gentleman was tending bar. My friend had
    left for the weekend.

    The bartender had the Giants game on T.V. and I happened
    to Mention that my cousin had been a catcher for the N.Y.
    Giants prior to them moving to S.F. He looked at me and
    asked JIMMY----?? I said ,"why yes, how did you know"?
    He said, " We use to play baseball together when we were
    kids in San Francisco"! Talk about a small World!! Only
    about 135 people live in that town and it's 4 1/2 hours
    from S.F.

    "It happened that way, movin' West" Right Rocky?
    Glad your ammonia is worse that means YOU must be getting
    better!! People ask: "Well how's that cold'?? Oh, the
    Cold is doing great! "But I'm really feeling ill"!
    Oh. boy!
    JOE aka MRDAD ^^^
    (Relativity Question)

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  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I'm to say goodnight. another day like yesterdsy dejvue,

    My mom is due for her yearly case work up, so I spent at least 2 house finding everything. I really do need a profess oragnizr.

    I need a computer student to help out, I use to be so smart, I was always the one that set the office up, handled purchusing, installing. Now I can't connect one computer to another,

    My brain is really fried and can not read anymore directions,

    1sweetie0 i wish you well, I thought I was having a bad week.

    Sassy-come back when your ready.

    It like I will be gone for abouta week or more while my puter taks a trip,

    I am not really sure is I am going to save everything and delele or just leave it.

    I am mush tonight, did get a few things done maybe finish tomorrw.

    Keep warm-CkCarla
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sassy, I'm so sorry you are having such difficult time.
    I'll keep my best thoughts for you and please come back
    as soon as it is feasible for you! SMG has graciously
    signed an EXCUSED ABSENCE FORM for you. She shall glad-
    ly welcome a speedy return!

    CK: Rest up a bit and we hope that 'puter is back soon!
    The movie I watched last nite on BRAVO was a Harrison
    Ford flick about a melt-down of a re-actor on a Russ,
    submarine! It was an OK movie but not as good as "Hunt
    for Red October". Seldom watch movie's on T.V. stations.
    Too many interruptions and normally can't stay awake!
    Please take care Carla! A pet for the Doggies and the
    Smitten Girl!


  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    anywho. just watched my son's team win again. 41-0.

    boy were those referee's bad. call all sorts of bad calls that are on tape for one.

    well we did still win.

    i just found out as well calhighfootball will be interviewing our team at carl juniors on wednesday this coming week. and they are paying for the junk food for the team.

    i beleive if it works out and they go the distance to state they get to go to l.a....did you hear that rocky, back in your neighborhood. i'll have to pick you up and your friend as well then we can go watch him play.

    then we can tell new porchlight stories.

    oh the lady from last saturday, that was verbally out of line at the game w/me...was crocked tonight, so i guess that explains the verbal accoust from her. her life is miserable.

    she needs a good 12 step program. feel sorry for you son.

    well i need to clean up my house some. i have been busy going to school and doing the concert last night as well.

    i took my beauty nap around 3 pm. then went to the game after the nice hot shower.

  9. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Warp speed, please! I want to see my future self! LOL Love all you porchies. :) I'll try to zip in later.

  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Whew, the last Porch flew by so fast I can't find it. I'll just have to wait until it pops up when I'm not looking. I know Joe kept everything and everyone under control...OK, so it was SMG.

    And Cookie, about Joe: consider him sweet and very seldom serious and you'll do just fine. Fine lad, though, our boy Joe.

    Lin: What a beautiful story of the two Leahs! It gave me chills and reminds me of the Rule of Sixes. Know what I mean? I'm so glad your daugher works with the elderly. They get so little attention these days.

    Dona: So, your daughter got her comeuppance, did she, when she let all those gurls in the car? Like you, most of us would have done it too, but that's the frustrating part of being a parent; we know we were just as "bad" but we're the 'Rents and have to make 'em toe the line for their own sake.

    Joe: Another story to make chills - or maybe I'm just cold! Amazing, out of all the men on the team, he would know you were referring to your brother. You must look alike. Remind me not to invite your brothers to the Prom.

    CK: Good luck with your Mom's case workup - and come back to us as soon as you can. I'll look for more wonderful glass pieces too, unless you decide to sew instead.

    Jodie: Back in the Saddle Again....... I remember somebody like Gene Autry singing that. Is that who it was Rocky? You have the best memory for those things. I'm glad that woman at the game showed you her true colors but like you, am so very sorry for her son.

    Carla NL: I'm staying in Awe until after tax season.

    Shannon: Believe me, friend, we're better off not knowing the future. Live for the moment instead.

    I'm doing laundry today and being happy to have a warm house. For some reason I still treat weekends like I did when I worked.

    Hugs all around the Porch,

  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    My mind is mush and unlike CarlaNL- I am crazy. My nickname in VA was Crazy Carla. I miss those days.

    If anyone sees a my mind running around will you get the butterfly net and catch it.

    Carlanl- Yep, I did all of those things, even with tech support on the phone and my PC is being contary. I did it get on line the other day, but couldn't find my laptop. So yesterday I reinstalled and was able to make a disk to load in the PC. Everytime I restarted the PC the network wizard did it's thing, then just as it finished I got that stupid message about a illegal process and won't finish.

    A question about CD's. I bought CD_R's instead of CD-RW. Now I saved my pictures but they are read only now on the CD-is it because it is a CD-R. SO when I delete a picture then reload it back to the hard drive it won't let me.

    That is great news they saved the horses.

    I really need to get everything off my laptop before I ship it back. They said I should receive my box in 3-5 business days and they will have it 5-10 days.

    I am just frusrtated because I was always the one to fix problems, I use to have a brain. My biggest issue with fibro is my coginative issues. My memory is nada.

    So today I am going to work on the house and finsh some small projects I have left undone.

    Joe-Joe loved the story about the cops at the wedding. I am not a big tv movie person either, my attention span can't handle the commercials. I forget what I was wacthing.

    Lin- that is an amazing story, it really is a small world. That is great your daughter works at a nursing home. I admire anyone that can do that. It is a hard job at times. Most 17 year olds would not be caught dead in a nursing home, let alone work in one. You have a good egg there. I hope you are starting to feel better

    Marta- thanks for reminding me about laundry. I have a load in the dryer and one in the washer that I started yesterday and forgot about it. I just got up and changed them over.

    I use to be a great organizer at my jobs but my home files are a mess. So trying to find all the things I need for mom's review was a challenge. I have started to reorganize but never finish. I did find my dental records I lost a couple weeks ago.

    If I want to go back and find a porch vol, I click on Joe-joes bio and see where he posted vol 35 closed. Or look in my bio for my posting in a vol.

    Jodie- good eye on the woman that was rude. When I see a angry or rude person, I try to look past the actions and look in and see someone who has many issues to resolve. I don't take it personally.

    That's great about the win-good luck on going to the state finals. Aerosmith, it is hard to beleive they are just as good as 20 years ago. I have always liked them, I didn't know Motley was doing tours again. I have done my share of concerts in my day, the 2 I wanted to see and never did was Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons. Glad you had a good time.

    Anne- thinking of you today- I am putting the plastic up on 2 windows day, the only 2 that had not been replaced. They are odd sizes and have to custom order and we all know what that means big$$$$$$$$$$'s. So plastic will do this winter.

    Foggy- thanks about my doggies- Twila is a Austialian Sherpherd mix- she has the most gorgoeous eyes, they are a mix of blues with some black, they look like marbles. Missy is a lab mix, her daddy was a solid black lab. She was the only white one in the litter. She is very bullheaded and talks back to me and quarrels with me when I tell her no. It's hard not laugh. I try to work with them in the Dog Whisperer way but it is very hard to be "calm" myself when they are totally disrepecting me.

    Well the sun is out here but still chilly- I hope everyone has a healthy and peaceful day- I'm goiing to give it my best shot. Ck Carla aka Crazy Carla

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  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    darn you are all so good w/your memories of the name of who posted what and when. i have to take it slowly. one by one.

    ck you are right! so said for her. and i remember her son saying this summer to me. he had to stop smoking the wachy tobacky. i didn't not comment much except. it isn't good for your brain.

    but i have learned so much this year about this team it amazes me more every game. alot of those young men, are pill poppers, wantting to by vicodin or oxycotin. it saddens me to think of this. are they doing this because of the physical pain they are in or are they doing it because they are escaping their home lives.

  13. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Marta.. you are so right.. In fact the wild child throws it in our face all the time... So, I was a child in the 70's. A little wild myself. Doesn't mean I'm gonna let her do what I did! She tried to get out of trouble for outrunning Joe by saying at least I didn't outrun the cops. (Joe's last DUI before he got clean he tried to out run the cops. Spent 60 days in jail for it. Luckily he learned and has been clean and sober for 9 years now)

    Mr. Dad.. I was wondering about the insurance as well. I did ask the Sherrifs and CHPs that frequent the restaurant what the penalty was before we discussed how long she was grounded. But I guess I better check with the insurance agent as well. Luckily she is a friend of the families.
    I know this isn't going to stop her because her boyfriend doesn't have his licence yet and I know darned well she is driving him around. We just haven't caught her yet.

    Getting ready for another wedding.. Nice group, Military, law inforcement and preachers.. ought to be interesting.
    Lucky for me it starts at 1 and I should be home in bed by 9! Off tomorrow.. my sleep away day..

    ShannonSparkles, I saw you popped in.. Mr. Dad's trying to introduce you to our new friend Luxuria. Look for her post to you.

    All of you... have an awesome weekend.

    Love to all
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I do hope all are managing to keep warm and dry! I feel
    real rebellious this weekend. Think I'll play tag, dodge
    ball and hug a Kid! Anybody with me on that?? Good thing
    SMG is on a religious RETREAT this weekend. Wew!

    CK: You are so lucky to have those furry friends and they
    you!! Ya know Carla, don't know if that Harrison Ford
    guy in that Submarine movie I watched really has any poss.
    long term career in the Acting Business! What da ya
    think! He's gonna go by the way of Sean Connery I think!
    Tell your friend MATT to stick around awhile. You able
    to walk the Girls today?

    I go up to the Park and watch the Bow-Wows play and they
    very seldom ever get into a fight, unlike the kiddies on
    the adjoining playground! Interesting? Gonna miss ya
    while your 'puter is in the tech hospital. Hope it gets
    back soon.

    Lola: Gonna 1/2 ta send out and A.P.B. on ya soon! You
    doin' alright? Check in wiff us as you can. Lots of us
    our M.I.A.'s and I think it's weather related largely.

    Gonna make a "tube steak" for lunch me thinks. Got a
    good deal on a package at Safeway. 97% fat free!! When
    ya only have to pay for .03% of the FAT, now that's a
    deal Kids!

    Warm thoughts to all!
    JOE aka SMG's Flunkie! Oh. no!!! Not that!!!
  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Mrdad- Yes I did walk the girls day, still having Butter "Lead" us. I put a lease on him beofre we left in an attempt to train him, but he just freaked and froze. I guess it is going to take awhile.

    Poor lil feller got hit by a car once, right in front of his house it was dark and a teen driving, he was laid up awhile but cme right back, Now when I walk on the main road with mine on the lease, re runs ahead and stands in the middle of the road when cars come by. They have had to stop at times.

    Thank goodness we don't have a lot of traffic of up here. Might just have a few cars on each walk.

    Are you talkin about my friend DOOR, all he does is lay around all day letting people walk over him.

    I like Harrison Ford, but no one can compare to the real 007, Mr Connery, he still has it and isn't he about 70?

    Funny about the dog park and the kiddy park,hm.

    CarlaNL- Bless you sweetie, I really wasn't asking for any more help on the network thing, but thank you so much for all you have shared with me. I did get the pictures back to the hard drive, that was usere error :). I wanted to save it in Carla's Pictures but I had a Carla's Pictures on the CD, I had to find the file on the hard drive, duh. I had been trying to put it back on the CD.

    All this computer stuff is making my brain hurt. I can't install a moden on the PC because I replaced it last year and they did not give me a disk. The modem is installed on COM 3 but Com 3 doesn't exsist in my device manger. I followed all the help instuctions but by then my eyes were killing me. So I will try tomorrow.

    I hope you are getting you some rest, I read you post on your progress. It would be great if they could say without a shadow of doubt "This is what is wrong and this is how we can fix it." But there are so many cross over symptoms, so many factors it is just too much.

    I commend you on all the documentation you do for yourself as far food, meds, etc.
    And still handle a career. I have been worse than I am now about 3 years ago. But as long as there is not too much stress and forced activity, I do ok most days. Then the days I just wish I could crawl in a cave and hibernate. I do pre emptive rest for the days I know I will have to go out to appt, or work at the shop.

    But too much will put me right back in a flare, so I pace and thank goodness I have a great Dr who gives me the meds I need to function.

    I just dropped by while I was taking a break from hangin drywall. It is just small peices that needed to be filled in around the patio doors, then maybe the top of the wall with the vaulted ceiling.. And i wrote a small novel, I don't mean to ramble on but I guess it is because I have no other means of communications with the human race most days.

    Better get back-I'm losin daylight- CK Carla

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope all is well with everyone today. I have been busy tody so haven't had the chance to check you out before. Did anyone make or bring goodies today?? When I checked before very quickly I do not remember there being any. I probably would love some brownies today but I am to tired and lazy to make them. Sorry, if I got all your hopes up!!

    Linda - What a story about the "Leah Hazel"s and your daughter at the retirement home. That is really great. I am really into geneology (or try as much as I can) and that is one fantastic story. It is great for both of them and the rest of the family too. Glad that you are feeling a little better.

    Dono - I can relate with teenagers. I had one daughter (had 3 of them and one son) that gave me lots of worry as teenager and they surely take lots of patience for sure. She, besides my FIL with alzheimers that was living with us at the time were two of the stress factors in our lives at that time that I believe start this whole DD. I wouldn't tell my daughter that now but she knows how naughty she was and tells all her friends to listen to their parents (Mothers). However, she knows now that parents aren't so stupid and mean (-: !!and has her own 16 year old son.

    However, she and her x husband are now divorced and her oldest lives with the dad. That is another (LONG) story. I am not to worried about the car thing now as they don't have much money and he will be lucky if he can get one to use. As you said also, the driving laws are so much stricter now esp the DWI laws.

    Ckball - Sorry that you brain is still feeling frazzled.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again all,

    Sorry but I was posting to CKball and I pushed the reply button and off it went. Didn't mean to do it so soon. I wasn't done. Speaking of frazzled brains !! DUH !!

    Mrdad/Joe - That was some baseball story you told. Gee you sure do have alot of them !!

    Ck Carla - Have a good trip and get back safely with your puter.

    Shannonsparkles - You were absolutely right about saying that this is a very fast moving porch. It is very hard for me esp with all my activities and my brain being the way it is. Sometimes I cannot read and actually absorb everything everyone is saying on the porch . So I hope that all will excuse me if I get my facts wrong - double - DUH !!We might evenneed to get an extension on this porch with all the people coming on it (-: !!!<>

    Hi also to Jodie, Anne and CK Carla , Marta and to anyone that I miught have missed today.

    Carla-nl - Thanks again for your help with the two screens which helps alot with posting "on the porch".

    Everybody stay safe and warm and have a wonderful weekend.

    Dono - Yes, it is time for my glass of vino ( and whatever you all drink)at Happy Hour !!!!!

    Warm hugs and blessings,

    That granni (Marilyn)
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    feeling a little down today, i think because i took some visteral to help me w/my sleeping. well that is all i have been wanting to do today. still want to. and it is depressing me. because i need to do my apa style term paper.

    i can't see much out on the porch. cause i fell asleep on the couch.

    gonna try to wake up some more. i did vaccuum my floors thinking the noise would wake me up.lol

    the bed look better afterwards.

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    You doin' OK tonight? Just had a thought that it may be
    better not to set up a "RED FLAG" with your agent con-
    cerning that insurance question. What you could do is
    log-on to CRAIGSLIST in your area under the Legal Discuss-
    ion group. Usually you can fine some concensus eventually
    on any legal question! I've used it myself concerning
    some of my recent legal issues. Just a thought!
    Sometimes seemingly innocent things come back to haunt
    us, if ya know what I'm sayin'? Think ya do. Hello to
    Big Joe 4-me!!
    "Talk" later "K'?
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  20. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Thanx Joe..
    Yup.. I'm workin.. just slipped out of the wedding to down a cup of coffee and a pain pill.. Partys all ready dying out. I have the feeling they will be done by 7:30 or so. The bride is in the family way... so they aren't drinking.
    Good thing for me. I'm pretty well shot tonight.

    Gran.. I blame my children for everyone of these grey hairs I keep having to dye!!

    Any of you have degenerative disc? I'm having trouble with my hands going numb and don't know if it's from my neck or if I'm developing carpol tunnel on top of everything else?

    Check in when I can. Hope you are all having a great night!

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