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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I changed the Porchlight a bit early so I can get in
    line at the Polling place early to perform gladly my
    Patriotic Duty! Please vote and enhance our Democracy!

    "I endorse this message" -SMG-
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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    "Happy Selection Day"! See you at the Poll!
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to be back on the porch. Bmadan and A Tiledsner, there used to be a chit chat board where people could joke and kid around. It was a break from talking about drugs and symptoms.

    But that board was discontinued last year, so we just come here to the imaginary porch when we feel lonely, want to take time out, let our feet down and put our hair up, etc.

    Always glad to see new faces.

    Ever read about the tulip mania in Holland some 300 years ago? People went crazy. Would trade a horse for a tulip bulb.

    Kikakeem /frederucjam Kubm /Wweetue

    Good Grief!!!

    Sorry to hear some of us are having flares: Lolalee, Fredericka, Lin, Sweetie et. al.

    Anyway, it's good to be back. If this were a real porch and conveniently located I would bring over some lemon bars Gordon made.

    They have something on top: not frosting. I guess it's lemon curd altho that term always makes me think of curds and whey. No way I want to eat churds and whey.

    Hi Marilyn, Jodie, Carla nl, Dona; anybody I missed. My brain fog has been especially bad this last couple days. I've been typing wrong words for the last couple years. Last few days I've been saying them.

    To wit, "I'm throwing this shirt in the trash." Only I meant, "in the laundry basket". Oh well, as my mother used to say, "Will it matter in 100 years?"

  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and mr.dad.

    i may be in luck, i was perusing my software i downloaded yesterday and came across a voice recognition tool. so it said plug in head phones. this will be awesome if i can get it to work properly. otherwise i will need to type. and deal w/the pain of that. but i will perservre.

    forgive my mispellings. as well.

    i did my math re-do i think i have it down now. started homework for wednesday. then i have the psych quiz on pavlov. and conditioning. sort of interesting. i learned about it years ago in the 80's in college.

    but i was looking thru chapter came across section about how farmers will inject litium in their sheeps or rabbits so the coyotes don't want to attack them for prey.

    sorta said seeing a nausiated coyote lying on its side feeling ill. but the farmer are grateful that they haven't killed their livilyhood of farming.

    well i am not flaring so badly for some weird reason. man was my buttocks down were burning badly. felt like i had a normal reoccurance of my shingles w/o the blisters.

    well you lovely men have a great cup of java in the morning.

    i need to get some of the fatigue to fantastic at a local naturopathy/pharmacy to get the b complex for the energy.

    i have been wiped out and out of it for abot 2 weeks.
    i am seeing double sometimes and just want to crawl into bed or anywhere.

  5. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    You three are either up late or up early. (NAW! Ya think? DUH, Fred.)

    I'm up after not quite 3 hrs. sleep. Durn. Might get a couple more hrs. later if I'm lucky, that's how it goes.

    Yesterday I polished up my rowboat and oars. We may just be needing them soon! It started raining a few days ago and has hardly stopped!

    In my last post, I mentioned planting a bunch of bulbs. I was having a conversation with 3 yr. old GS about it, and a bit later, he came to where I was, and had a light bulb in his hand, and said, "You mean like this?" ROTFL!! Bless his innocent, sweet heart!!! He thought I planted a bunch of light bulbs!!! Oh, how I wish I could preserve that innocence and sweetness for him!!

    Thought you might enjoy that little story this morning.

    YUM, lemon bars! They are so good. Nice to see you, Rock.

    Finally, election day! The negative ads have really been awful, as have the phone calls!! I let most of them go to the machine, and one candidate was actually yelling!! Bill Clinton even called. Now that was funny. A recording, of course. DS took the call, so I don't know what he was promoting in my state of confusion.

    Jodi you're up late. I hope you get that program to work for you so it eases the typing pain. I should get one of those, too. Don't fry your brain with all that studying. I was teasing you in the other post about the free drinks. I remember you said you hadn't even drank it. Youse is a good kid!! Still chuckling over that guys comment about you girls having good DNA and it wasn't you fault. Whadda line! Funny.

    I got a funny picture of MRDAD/JOE as a kid in school. I will put it in my bio for all of you to see.

    Good for you for doing your civit duty, Joe. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.

    Did anyone else catch "Larry King Live" the other night? He had on Steve (forgot last name) - - - the guy who can impersonate almost anyone, and the guy who does George Bush so well. He did several politicians on Larry's show and Larry "interviewed" them. It was a riot. Poor Larry, he was laughing so much he could hardly ask questions sometimes. LOL. Really enjoyed it.

    Thinking of you all...hopefully I won't be off my rocker by the time you all join the Porch!!

    The early bird gets most of Rock's Lemon Bars!! MMM MMM GOOD.

    Have as good of a day as you can, ok? : - )
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning friends,

    So good of you and patriotic too, Joe, to put the flag out on the porch this morning when you went to vote. You know they say that voting is like picking one mosquito out of a swarm, especially today (I added that last part ;>).

    I'm up a bit earlier, not to vote because I've done that, but because I can't sleep. I suspect the sleep med I take is rebelling. Anyone else have this before? Starts out OK, then after a year or so instead of helping you sleep, it does the opposite. Ambien worked that way too. Sooooo, I can look for a night job soon. Maybe I can learn to play the git-are or sumthin for the Rocky and MrDad Show.

    Good to see other early porchers here: Rocky, Jodie and Fredericka. Of course some of you were here veeeeeery early in the a.m. along about when I was taking my non-sleeping pill. I see the lemon bars are gone but I dabbed a crumb with my finger and, whey, I can tell they were delicious, curds and all.

    As suspected I'm having second thoughts about a cat. I had two old guys (cats!) who were like two of my kids for 16 years and when I lost the last one in June, I thought I'd die and then never have another one. That thought is resurfacing, but I think it's temporary. I got an email from the Petfinder folks and they suggested I come in and see allllllllll the pets. Oh oh. Hard to hold it to one when you're seeing all those sweet faces.

    I'm thinking about all our Porchers this morning and the various concerns you/we all are dealing with. No life is perfect, is it? I often think as I look around at other people, that they're all dealing with difficulities in their lives, just like I am. 'Course they're awake to do it..... Do you suppose that's worse?

    I put the coffee on.

    Hugs all 'round the Porch,

  7. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    Hey - you people need to get more sleep (lol). Today is going to be a busy day for me. I have to drive 40 miles, round trip, to see the doctor. My sister wants me to drop by and see here also. So I'll be exhausted when I get back.

    Don't you hate knowing you're gonna be worn out, before it happens? I've been dx'd with fm, but the fatigue is worse than the pain most times. It was good to see Rock back. I've missed his posts.

    Freddie love that pic of mr dad. That was a sweet story about the grandson with the bulbs.

    Mr Dad glad to know you're off to the polls early. I have no idea what that would be like in the big city. Shucks, out here in the country, we like to wait til we have a few neighbors to visit with. Our polling place is in a small volunteer fire dept. station. It turns into a regular party for us.

    Jodie, girl, you make me tired just reading about all the things you do. I'm sorry you are in a flare.

    Marta, you could have left me a crumb? I think a cat would look good in your pic. It would probably love your favorite chair too.

    To all I didn't mention, I hope you're well. Gotta get up and get going here.

    later tater, sees
  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well if it was a gall stone it migrates to Belgium as the scan was "normal". However at the docs I recalled a drug that had really helped this pain, which in turn really really helped my back and neck etc pains I had used in the past called Clidinium that is now called Chlordiazepoxide.

    Here is the take. The nerves that run through our bodies get involved when our digestive system moves about (like all day) and the pain spreads through to the back, neck, legs all over the place and then our muscles tense up too. By addressing calming the digestive system, the domino effect works. I took just one pill last evening and slept soundly with a great reduction in pain. I used this drug many years ago and recall it ended a flare then. I am hoping that as I continue the pills the pains will go 'way.

    Thought I would pass this on for others to give a try to.

    Dan was out early voting his straight line-I don't get to vote, but can exrecise my right to offer support to the candidates.

    I just know that Joe and others here will be up hoping and dancing about as we will be.

    All have a great day. Ken if you are lurking. Just finished a great book by Jodi Pioult called Keeping Faith that was brilliantly written and a very intriguing story about a little non practicing Jewish girl who develops stigmata. Just a ripping yarn and hard to put down.

    Love you all-try and get out to vote.

    Love Anne
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have been reading old messages. I liked the small world stories from Lin and MrDad regarding Leah Hazel and the ball-playing kids who met in a bar years later.

    You know in a village, it is often said everyone knows everyone. Sometimes we even know people in the next village.

    Here's one along those lines. I was playing bridge at a commercial bridge club in Los Angeles. At some point I reacted to something with "Uff-Duh!"

    One of the players, stranger to me, said, "You must be from Minnesota." So I admitted I was.

    He said that altho not from Minnesota, he had gone to the University of Minnesota some decades earlier. He asked where I was from and I told him a village called Harmony.

    Turned out he had a roommate at the U of MN who was also from some small town in SE Minnesota. He remembered seeing a road sign about Harmony. It stuck in his mind cause he knew there was another village named Harmony near San Simeon in California.

    He couldn't remember where his old roommate lived or his name (well, 40 some years had gone by) but he remembered his roommate's dad owned a grocery store.

    I said, "The town was Preston and your roommate was named Gene Wubbles."

    He fell off his chair.

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well today is the day my puter goes back :-(

    Thanks for the banana nut bread, it is so good. I will miss all these calorie free treats while I'm gone.

    Anne glad to hear no gallstones, I hope the new meds work.

    Freddie- LOVE the picture of Mrdad, is that SMG with the ruler?

    I honestly don't know what I am going to do without a computer to get online with for 8-10 days. I was hoping to get some work done around the house but my back is still giving me trouble.

    Poor Smitten decided to come out this morning while the dogs were in my bedroom. She meowed and zoooooooommmm here came the girls and the chase was on. I had to usher them outside then climb up to the top of the kitchen cabinets to get her down.

    I just held her and loved on her but she wanted to go back to her safe place. I am still trying to work with the girls about going after her. I open the door to her cabinet and sit there with the dogs and tell them No hurt kittie and they are fine, then Smitten will get hissy and growl at them, then they go after her. It really is a no win situation.

    I better get busy, still have to make a list of things wrong with the puter before I put it in the box.

    I may check in one more time before I pull the plug- I will miss you all

    Mrdad- keep track and mark the days off as I will be too.

    You all take care of each other and hope every comes out of their flares

    CarlaNL- I hope you get to feeling better- I miss you-

    See ya in the future-CkCarla
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea. Ya guessed it. Don't tell Carla-NL and CERTAINLY
    NOT -SMG- but I confess that I just "lost" another
    Post to you all! And I know how I did it. Think I'd
    learn. Had replies almost to all and it's GONE!
    Think I'm gonna' have ta impose on Marta for a couple
    of SHOTS of that Absolute, as starters! Gotta get off
    the computer soon so that my "dial-up" won't interfere
    wiff those automated POLITICAL Calls comein' in!

    "Hello, my name is EARL WARREN and I'm running for Gover-
    nor of the Great State of California, And I would"---

    Ya see what I mean?
    "Later" my friends and hope all are doing well today!
    MRDAD aka JOE aka JOEJOE
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MrDad -

    Already did that - vote that is. We early voted and it is a good things as today has already been a blur with to much to do. Dear me, I cannot believe that you actually lost another post. What will SMG say to that ?? (-: !!Big <>.

    Hi Rick - those lemon bars sound great. I like your description of "the porch". Yes, we all do all those things here. Welcome back !

    Jodie - is that From Fatigued to Fantastic, a book? I think I have heard of it before. Can you get at any healthfood store and do you think it has helped you? Sorry you are feeling so tired !! I do to but have only taken alot of vitamins and CoQ10. Somehow, I just push myself to get things done but yawning all the way (-: !! How much B12 have you bben taking. I have some in my multivitamins tht comes in a package. A daily supply of all is 5 caps with lots of stuff in it, not cheap though.

    Lin - I am glad your pneumonia is finally cleared up (been there and done that). However, sorry that your are all in a flare . If you don't have one symptom it just gets replaced with something else it seems though !!Yuck !! Yes, it is a big decision on what meds to take or not. Wish I knew what meds you were on so I could try and comment on that. However, it is al our decision and we are all so different. I am having a little bit of the same problems. Worry, worry !! I am still trying to figure out what to take besides the gen. flexeril and Klonopin at night. I have been taking 1/2 pill of gen. Darvocet once in awhile. My doc said to take it daily but I am not sure if I should.

    Carla nl - Hope you are feeling better.

    Bye CK Ball -I know your will miss your putter and we will miss you.

    Hi also to Freddie, Marta and Cee Cee and anyone else I might have missed !!

    Lotsa warm hugs to all,

    Marilyn (that granni)
  13. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hey everyone

    I hope today finds you all well.

    Mrdad, I just read the last post you left me in the older porchlight. LOL, you just crack me up! Keep those laughs coming :)

    Doing fairly well today considering it is cold and raining.

    I took a roadtrip over the weekend to Casino Rama in Orillia (a 3 hour drive up Northern Ontario) with my girlfriend. We went shopping, did some gambling but our main reason for being there was we had tickets to see Frankenstein; A Rock Musical. What a fun time!!! It was a really good peroformance. The actors all had great voices.

    Sunday I went to see Saw 3 for the second time. I just cant get enough of that movie!! It's so scary and so good!

    Puppy is doing great after his neuter.

    I hope you are all well.

    Take care

  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know! When that Tom Cat of mine years ago threw up

    that being a "Cat-lick" excuse for not doin' the Op.,

    I reminded him that since he was so religious, he would

    make an ideal "Alter-ed BOY"!!

    Love how much fun you, your friends and Hubby have!

    MRDAD aka JOE

    P.S. I'm sure Shannon will be wiff ya when she spots
    your Post in her Bio.!! Stay warm up there! My
    Son has a small group that plays music here in
    S.F. A friend of my owns a Tavern that has
    some top talent performing near nitely.

  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi, Everyone. Did you all go vote? My son reminded me when he was here that more people voted for American Idol than voted in the last election. Hmmm, p'raps we need to make it easier to vote, 'ya think?

    Sees: Aw, I'm sorry I took the last crumb from the lemon bars this morning but I did leave you some nana bread that Linda brought.

    Lin: Interesting that the immunesuppressant worked for you but I can see why you wouldn't want to say on it very long. Good nana bread, by the way.

    Carla, ck, that is, is on her forced sabbatical. I hope she stays out of trouble as busy as she is. Maybe she'll create The Masterpiece of all Stained Glass, as if she could improve.

    JoeDad: you keep losin those messages and I'll figure it's you in the Absolut instead of Jeeves. Just in case, I bought you a new bottle, the "big size" this time. Never could remember what they're called so I just point. Check out the 'frig.

    Granni Marilyn, so good to see you here today.

    Bekah: A movie called See Saw 3..... sounds scary alright.. I'm not real comfy with those scary movies but I'm glad you like it.

    Time to go see what the newscasters have to say about the election. I'm sure that will be about all that's on tonight. Fingers crossed that the right guys and gals are elected.

    Hugs all around the Porch,
  16. jole

    jole Member

    Sorry, I haven't been around for a few days to the porch, but I'm feeling a bit better:) Mrdad~ I wish I could pull off just a few of your little jokes! Love the one above. You always make me laugh.
    Rock - good to see you here again with your stories, as well.

    I am sooo proud of myself. Had to take my transcription to the clinic this morning and get blood work done before I went to vote. Went to the clinic, over to the hospital, visited with my ole workmates awhile, got a few groceries and came home. An hour later it dawned on me that I had forgotten to vote!!! So much for having a GOOD day!!

    Remember I was worried about my psych eval? Mrdad you gave me such good advice and made me not worry about it. Well...... I start seeing a psych tomorrow. guess they think I need it. and I suppose they're right. Just decided not to fight it. I talked to my doc and asked her if I could lie - she said "sure, they're not the IRS". They just find out a little slower is all. I think I'm just a little old to be going through all the childhood stuff now, don't you??

    Marta, I really think you need a cat. Mine is inherited from my daughter - she can't have it in her rented home, but it has really won my heart. My hubby hates cats, but even he has decided this one is okay. She is sooo funny, and they are much more self-sufficient than dogs.

    Everyone else - hope your days are pain free and everyone accomplishes one fantastic thing today! Thanks for the banana bread! Still haven't figured out the trick to finding everybody back, and didn't take notes- sorry - but I love you each and every one!!

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Freddie: Really enjoy seeing myself and SMG reliving those
    educational moments. "Should be entitiled, 'I use to be
    left handed', like Bill C." The kid even has my former
    blonde hair! SMG phoned my Mother and accused her of
    "bleaching" my hair when I returned from playing base-ball
    out in the Sun all Summer. My Mother didn't even color her
    own hair! Don't care what color it is now, as long as I
    have it.

    Don't know if I'm gonna be here tonight as I had a Suite
    reserved at the S.F. Hilton Hotel to watch my Election
    returns come in! Won't be until it is too late tomorrow
    before they realize I payed for the Suite on my State
    Automobile Association Card! ( I'll just pull one of those
    "I apologize" political things and all will be just fine!)
    Is Mark Hatfield still runnin' around up there Freddie?
    Need good Politicians like him again no matter what Party!

    Marilyn: Happy to hear that your Civic Duty has been done
    for the day already! I think you are two hours ahead of
    us here on the "Left Coast". Peeps will be getting off of
    work soon here and hopefully voting! Interesting Day.

    RocK: Loved your incredible story about the Minn. student!
    My "Old Squeeze" years ago was traveling alone in Europe

    heard her name being called out at the Amsterdam Air-
    port to turn around and find her cousin standing there!
    Neither knew the other was in Europe.

    Anne: Glad ya don't have to do an OP as you already have
    plenty on your plate! No additional pain needed either.
    Hope Geoff is continuing to improve and that things are
    going well at school for Danny!

    Linda: Did you do work today? Ya do work, husband, kids,
    clean house, law school and the roller derby team? Just
    don't know how ya do it all, the miracle of ASPRIN? You
    are just GREAT Linda and always such a positive contribu-
    tor to all of us! You neighbor Tim Russert did a great
    job Sunday morning! Bet he remembers a SMG look alike!
    Think he had the Christian Bros. in High School. Worked
    garbage Trucks in the Summer mos. while in College! Wow,
    and rightfully proud of his Father and bluecollar upbring-
    ing! It's great to have your objective Med. contribution
    and experience on the Board!

    "Gotta" see how the Chef is doin' on my Dinner!
    MRDAD aka JOE
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey Linda - I guess I do like Dr. Phil but I don't even know when he is on any more. I am out often at nights and busy to during some of the days so don't even know what is on on TV any more. It seems like I am on the computer more that the dumb TV.. Dr. Phil's show is at least "clean " I think. I haven't watched it in a long time.

    God knows what Mrdad is going to say about that..

    Can you tell I am a little bit old fashioned? I just can't get used to SOME of the shows on TV or the movies either and thatis why I don't go to many of them either. Boy, am I showing my age .oh,oh !!!( I had better be careful about that) Also, forget about those scary movies !! When I was a teenager I liked some of them but they were more silly than scary.

    Lin and Jole - I m x RN too but it has been a VERY long time since I worked and things have changed SO much !!! God bless you both. You wear me out thinking about all you do and also some of these other gals on this board and porch.

    Gotta get off this putter and do something else . I was supposed to be at choir tonight but our car is in the shop and hopefully I will get it back tomorrow.

    Hope the newbies Barbara and Dianna will come back to visit soon. Hope we didn't scare them away (-: !! Big <>.

    Love and warm hugs to all,

    Marilyn (Granni)
  19. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    OMG - I almost took my day med instead of my night med, DD!
    My brainfog is soooo bad sometimes. Just as I was about to swallow, I realized what I had done, and spit them out in a napkin.

    Can somebody volunteer to keep a watch one me!

    I had a very busy day, went to doc, late lunch with sis, visit with my Mom, this evening.

    My Mom is 80 today. She is so funny. The other day when we were shopping, The Rolling Stones were playing on the overhead, Jumpin Jack Flash and I looked over and my Mom's hips were swaying and her foot was tapping. That woman gets around better than I do. I said Mom were you just dancing to the Rolling Stones and she said well I don't know what that is, but I like it.

    Talk to everybody tommorrow. DH is making clearing throat sounds in the other room - that means get off puter and come to bed. Nite all

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  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    granilusu-i bought the vitamin b complex fatique to fantastic today after school.

    i had cody drive himself to school today again. i got up around 9:30 a friend of mine called to check up on me this morning to make sure i was alright. how sweet of her.

    then everyone drum roll.....roll.....i still have an 1+ in psychology.yippee. i did get an a on the test. and here i stressed so much over it.

    another student age thought this last test more difficult and he recieved an a as well.

    well miss anxiety is my middle name.

    now i need to finish my math so i can get started on this term paper. and when that is done that will spell relief!

    then if i want to do some extra credit than i may. the teacher said the next three chapters were more difficult compared to the others.

    so study study study for me.

    i was awarded some money for school here yesterday. it should be coming soon. around december or so. so that is cool. helps pay for gas and car payment.

    got to go and hi to lincamp, rockgor, aka joe, and everyone else i can not remember. but i do really


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