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  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Here we go Kids!
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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It sounds as if you have a great young Doctor! It was a
    young Lady Doctor who diagnosed my blood disorder and
    most likey saved my liver and my life! I do hope that
    they find the cause of your illness(ES) and are able soon
    to direct a protocol to improve your condition. It's great
    to have you as a new Friend!

    Have arestful eve.
  3. bmadan

    bmadan New Member

    I have to admit that I have slacked off on paying my bills. Thankfully, I am still working full-time but I have been too tired to sort through my mail.

    Finally got that all under control and guess what, I got a bill in the mail yesterday from a lab for blood tests my rhuemy ran. A bill for $945.00.

    This is from the same lab that lost my 8 vials of blood and had to send a tech to my office the day before my original doctors appointment and put a rush on the new tests.

    Needless to say the doctors office had to reschedule my appointment because the lab didn't have the tests done in time. Now, I get a bill for almost a grand because they also seem to have lost my insurance information!!!!

    So when I return their bill, with a lovely letter regarding their unprofessional and incompetent staff as well as my insurance info yet again. Hopefully, they will finally get this straighted out.

    Sorry to bring my "horror" story with me on to the porch this evening...I know it's supposed to be a place to unwind. In my defense, I did bring a steaming pot of hot tea and freshly baked oatmeal rasin cookies with me.

    Barbara :)
  4. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Thank you MrDad,

    Somehow I think I been calling you Dr all evening.Dr.Cheryl will find answers if anyone can.?? is when.Not her fault,she's doctor 31 I think.
    It's nice to be among the wonderful folk here. It's so very important to have solid backing of friends who walk the same path we do. I've read messages for sometime but haven't the umph to type some days. What the heck that's what it's all about. Knowing our limits and pacing as need be.

    For the next friend coming in. It's harder somedays to leave behind the major parts of our lives such as the DD. Thing is that you know how hard it can be ,yet we all get thru with the help of our friends. It's important! Thanks for the cookie. Maineweezie

    C is for cookie that's good enough for me........Cookie,cookie,cookie starts with C
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Boy I understand why you would be upset about that bill
    after they "screwed up" (Sorry Sister Gregory) everythin'
    they have done! I'd go into their facility with Bill in
    hand and demand a considerable "adjustment" for all the
    incompetence and inconvienced they have subjected you to
    Barbara. If need be I can send "Guido" wiff you so you
    can physically present them with an alternative.

    Never apologize for coming to the Porch with a needed
    "VENT" as we all do it from time to time and that is part
    reason for our being here, to give support and understand-
    ing. I'll "grunt" at "Guido" about the problem in the
    A.M.., "K"?

    Rest up,
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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    incompetence is sweeping the land.

    If you believe this, it is (we are told) a sign you are getting old. On the other hand, maybe it's true even if we are old.

    Got a catalog a couple days ago. It is offering the following:


    Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins

    As my mother used to say, "Reason Totters!"
  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good job as always, JoeDad. I often wonder if you're sorry you volunteered for this job. Or wait? Did you volunteer or did we draft you?

    Barbara: your horror story reminds me of the last time the lab lost vials of my blood. Arruugh!

    Rocky, I love the term "tsunami of incompetence"! I've noticed the same thing but thought I was being a grumpy old woman. Gone is pride in doing a job well.

    Enough complaining on this lovely Sunday morning. I do appreciate the oatmeal cookies and the hot tea, Barbara. I hope everyone is doing well and will have a peaceful day. I'm cooking a chicken (dead) and preparing my application for volunteering at the Animal Shelter. Interesting that they need applications from volunteers but that's the way things are going these days. Can't be too careful I suppose but I wonder what would disqualify a person who was willing to scoop poop?

    Hugs all around the porch,
  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Well, I just lost a post in the middle of typing it. I hit shift and the letter I and everything disappeared in "the box"...the heading stayed. I know mrdad and I drive Carla crazy. I don't understand this one at all. Once again you are getting a condensed post.

    I just want to check in on everyone and welcome all the new people to The Porch. Everyone is so nice....food, water, blankets, and flowers. What a great group that visits The Porch.

    mrdad, I just have understood your problem concerning high levels of iron after reading your recent post. I find it very interesting. My cousin has this health problem. She was very ill and no one could find her problem for quite some time. Now she has to have her blood removed as frequent intervals to keep her levels correct. We understood that it is a genetic disorder but we did not know of another family member that had the problem. It makes me wonder now....

    Sorry I'm not able to "talk" to everyone individually but I'm still checking in whenever I'm able.
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So where do you suppose everyone is this Mornin'? Very
    quiet. Is it the weather?

    Anyway, interesting about the "application". I'll bet
    you could go to a Community Center Thanksgiving Morning
    to volunteer to serve dinner and no one would ask any-
    thing but your first name! That "Salami" of incompetence
    is (in personal experience and opinion) a direct result
    of the Educational permissivenes that permeated the Edu.
    Philosophy of the '60's and beyond. No accountability
    for students in the schools has led to many of our present
    societal problems. Anyway. Hope you're having agood day

    Anne: I've just watched Chris Matthews and for 78, Andrea
    Mitchelle looks marvelous! The longer she is married to
    Allen Greenspan, the better she looks! Amazing!

    Has my Son showed up a your doorstep yet? Told him that
    you make a great Hedgehog Pie that it tastes just like
    Mince pie! Think he heads for Montreal so gonna warn our
    pretty Canadian Girls upthere. His male friends call him
    the "Chick Magnate"! (I have to tell people, NO
    he is NOT ADOPTED!!) How rude people can be!
    It's raining here today but that's ok, we were getting
    so bored with that warmth and sunshine day after day.

    I'll make arrangements with Carla-NL to get ya my Email
    address next week if in' ya have the time as I've delayed
    that due to your many other priorities at home! OK?
    Hope you are having a restful day.
    Huggles to You and Danny,
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sweetie: I know that frustration! Lost 40 mins. of re-
    plies to eveyone 'cause I lost my dial-up at the very end.
    One was aresponse to you concerning the mold problem and
    other things.

    This Iron problem is interesting in that of my other
    4 siblings, none have actually come down with the dis-
    order thankfully although they have the "defective" gene.
    There is a Website in Florida www.americanshs.org and
    it's best to contact them between Hurricanes! It is easily
    detectable thru a simple blood test of Iron and Ferriten.
    There is also a genetic test that puts positive definit-
    ion to things. CK-Carla has this disorder also. The sym-
    ptoms are the exact same as people with Iron deficiency!
    Wonder how many took "Geritol" thinking they had a lack of
    Iron as futher endangered their health?

    Linda: Ya know you did have a very busy day on the Porch
    yesterday. I got my Neiman Marcus Catalogue yesterday so
    instead of battling the crowds this year, I'm gonna fine
    something for Fredericka there. No (2-Fers) there! Lots
    of things half off in Victoria's Secret Catalogue, but it
    isn't refering to the PRICE!! Beside's she already has
    most of that "stuff". (Have Ya seen my Son yet?) He's
    headed up to Montreal via the train. He may stop off to
    visit and get a "freebie" meal!

    Better go! I feel a Xmas story coming on! Oh, No!!
    Have a restful day. Missed Tim Russert at 8 A.M. this
    mornin' NBC. Tell him I'm sorry, "K"?

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i went to football game, they won. it sounds like they don't even have to do the usual county play offs because we are 8-0.
    i might have the games off on the wons.

    so afterwards, the exhb came over and bought some pizza to bake. papa murphy's. then they left to cody's dad's house.

    i went to local sports bar to see some of the guys. i had a beer. then it turned into 2.

    the interesting thing was on halloween weekend my friend and i met these younger men. mine was 30. hers as 25. i'm still 41 and she is 38 years. well anyways. saw my friend's so called dinner date for last night down there w/another younger woman. not nearly as smart or pretty as my friend.

    i saw jessie and he asked hey what are you doing tonight? i said going to the city tonight, well gonna go home and change.

    i ended up talking to the friend's dinner date that had no class to cx their dinner date. i called her and told her what i found out. i did some sleuthing. well what i do know is this was a new female on his arm. and he had no class.

    i would say more. but don't want to break any rules.


  12. bmadan

    bmadan New Member

    Hello all,

    Made it back to the porch for a little rest this afternoon. Haven't done much at all today but feel extremly pooped.

    My aunt and uncle stopped by for a little visit from Houston, so that was nice.

    Kind of hoping to just sit here and enjoy your company.

    I am trying to keep up with what's going on with everybody, but even on a slow day like today. Having some trouble.

    Love to all,
    Barbara :)
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    when you bang away at the keyboard and then it all goes PUFF and disappears. I couldn't get anywhere w/ Carla's helpful hints, Sweetie.

    Don't know if it's me or the machine or the server or the softwear or the phases of the moon, etc.

    Anyway, For long posts I have done this. I type it up like I'm going to send a letter. Every few paragraphs I hit "save as a draft". When it's all done I cut and paste to the message board.

    This procedure limits what can be lost to a paragraph or two.

    Gordon and I are going to an orchid nursery this afternoon. The place is owned by Norman Fang who creates new hybreds. His slogan is, Come See our Fang-tastic Orchids.

    Gordon bought some kind of disposable camera. Get this; it was made in Mexico, but the box is printed in English and French. There are no instructions.

    If it works, maybe I can post an orchid in my profile.

    Hope you are all having whichever you want: a peaceful afternoon or an exciting day.

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good evening Everyone,

    Such a good day that began sucky. Seems my DIL has decided to make dinner for her parents and brothers at her folks house for Thanksgiving which sinks any plans for here. I've always done Thanksgiving and love it most of all the holidays so I have this inner tantrum going on. Hurt my feelers, it did. I shall suck it up and be The Grown Up but I sure get tired of that role.

    Anyway, once more I took me to the Animal Shelter where I slumped on a bench, petted pets and talked to Ani-mule people for two hours this afternoon. I even "sold" two sweet cats, littermates, that I had thought I was going to have to bring home just to keep them together. I came home covered with dog drool and joy. I'd heartily recommend it.

    Joe, I agree about permissiveness in schools but also in homes. I could get in trouble here but I think when women burned their bras, they also hurt their families. (OH! I can feel the wrath....) I'm generalizing, of course, for the sake of brevity but I do believe one parent needs to be home with the kids. OK, shoot me.

    Jodie, there's no accounting for some guy's taste in women - or some women's taste in men. I'll stick with Joe and Rocky for now, thanks.

    Sweet Susan, Keep on keeping on. It will get better.

    Linda, no Lin. My idea of excitement has dwindled to going to a regular Walmart during the day w/o a bf. Ugh. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother..... hugs.

    Barbara, don't worry about keeping up. We do repeat ourselves from time to time. Just keep coming to the Porch. After all, we have a chair with BARBARA on it!

    Rocky, in lieu of skill, I've developed a fatalistic attitude re: posts. If they disappear, they weren't meant to be read. Orchids! Did you buy many? I hope you can show a picture. Better yet, a picture of you and Gordon.

    I think I'll have a spot of Absolut before the help drinks it all. Anyone care to join me?

    Hugs all 'round the Porch,

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  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    mrdad thanks for the info. I see Dr. Lapp in Dec. and I will mention it to him. Does your normal blood work come back OK? With my cousin, it was a big deal. The local doctors had know idea what was wrong with her or how to treat her. She had to go to a university hospital for treatment and hospitalization. She would have violent shakes and was so tired. She was under lots of stress in her personal life when she became sick also.

    Rocky, I will try that. I've tried lots of things. I wish I could go with you and Gordon today. Orchids are so sophisticated and fragile. I show a really interesting show on them once. I learned a great deal but of course I forgot most of it. Hope you have fun.

    I went to my favorite massage therapist yesterday. She is so good. Her touch feels like it just melts the muscles. She is very talented and finds those trigger points. My daughter took me. We have to drive 2 hours round trip for a massage from my home. I feel like findmind sometimes and feel like we need to move closer to civilization but there are advantages to where I live especially for someone with sensory overload problems.

    My sweet and beautiful daughter loves me BUT she does just not understand CFS/FM...especially sensory overload. It is hard to understand why your Mom isn't normal anymore. I don't understand it. She wanted to go to Outback for dinner and Christmas shopping. I told her we would have to go when there was not many people. She got us in quickly but it was in the smoking section and it was so loud. There was a party beside of us and before I knew it there were tears coming and they would not stop for awhile. I was quite the social person before and it is difficult to not be able to be in noise, or with certain smells, and certain lights. I was trying to do my best because I really do not want her to worry so much. I tried to go in a store with her but that didn't work well either....too many people and I can't stand up but for a few minutes at a time. She had borrowed a wheel chair for me but she could not pick it up and so it did not go as I wish it could. We used to have such fun and spend hours and hours shopping together. We loved the holidays and now it is such a mess. Does anyone else have these issues or have you learned to accept it? I am usually home bound but some times I do try for them.

    I just wanted to know how you deal with trying to be normal or do you still try or are you able to do these type of things without problems. Sorry for bothering everyone on the porch but I don't know who else to ask.
  16. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    I am loving this porch. Such a getaway.

    I didn't make any goodies today as I have been very busy being crafty today. I did however bring a couple friends (his name is Fernando...for the men I brough Jeanelle)who is going to give us each a LONG massage!

    So Rocky...perhaps "Mercury is in retrograde". I hear it reeks havoc with electronics.

    Jodie- Glad to see you did the GNO even if it didn't quite go as hoped. Hope you had a beer for me.

    Joe- Nice to meet you. Glad you are enjoying the catalogs. Mail sure does come in big stacks this time of year, I think my recycling has quadroupled!

    I'm going to close my eyes now and enjoy the message.


  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Just taking a look at the Porch before I shut this down for the day and saw your hurting here.

    As a mother, I understand what you want so badly to do for your daugter. You want to be all the things you feel she needs you to be and you want to be able to enjoy time with her as you used to do. I have no great words of wisdom for you but I can put lots of hugs in your chair and tell you that she'll love you no matter what because it's true. Now you get busy loving you too.

  18. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi Friends,

    Glad to see you all looking fine and dandy,dandy and fine.It's raining quite hard here and Son saw little white doo hickies(will not say the four letter S word) mixing in awhile ago.Weatherman's saying we'll have it all week. Ouchers! The Lord's Angels have dandriff that's it. And here I missed summer again...oh well we get one every year.

    You too Sweetie1. You do seem a little discouraged but you don't have to be. Pardon me for saying this but have you given yourself permission to not be the person you were when compltely healthy? It's wonderous the love your daughter has for you. I can't see it from this angle and she sounds like a definate keeper.She loves you because she wants to. Give yourself a break Hon. You deserve life too no matter how bleak it may sometimes seem. Nough said?

    Not to be rude guys but as I just went to greet you other's my mind went walk-about.Duh foggy and no sunshine in sight. I'll get your names yet.

    Spent the morning at a friends house as her hubby and mine had to do some welding on our van's frame.It only took them a half hour and an hour for the male talk in the garage,but it gave us time to visit. She was tickled to see that I'd come up with him. A long nap later and I made my way here. I love the comradie this place offers. Money can't buy it.Maineweezie
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Marta: Let's see! Am I correct to think that you have NOT
    been invited to your Son and (DIL) for Thanksgiving? I
    hope that isn't the case! Could be that they think that
    the preparation is just becoming too much for you and wish
    to ease things up for you. Is that a possiblity? If so
    it just may be a difficult act of kindness for you to ac-
    cept. That would be very understandable. These holiday's
    can get so complicated though.

    Sweetie: I also had to decline an invitation to meet my
    Son and his friends for a movie last Sunday nite for sim-
    ilar reasons. I was able to meet them later in my neigh-
    bor for a wonderful Chinese dinner. But I was not able to
    even think about sitting in a Theator with Surround Sound
    and all those people! We just have to do what we can when
    we can. Can't feel guilty or let it get us down! I'm glad
    you brought this to our attention as we are here for these
    times as well as the better ones! Right?

    Yes, my blood Iron and Ferriten are down to normal now!
    Must do a blood draw every 120 days to eliminate the ex-
    cess Iron. Carla also does this but less often. I have
    Cirrhosis because the Iron blocks oxygen from entering
    the cell it fails to "burn" properly causing the
    death of the Cell. As a result I only have 40% liver
    function! I was fortunate that they caught it in time
    and it could have been a Kidney! Can effect any organ(s)
    including the heart.

    First the hematologist examined my liver, she stepped
    back from the exam table and blerted out, "do you have a
    drinking problem"!!!??? I exclaimed back quickley, "only
    if I'm out of money"!!! The Doctor with her(in training)
    burst out laughing and couldn't stop for about 30 secs.!

    It happen that way "Movin' West"! Right Rocky?

    Linda: So ya goin' back to work tomorrow? Hope you feel
    well enough to do so. Ya have a good day and don't be
    wearin' those Patient Leather shoes to work tomorrow!
    Save 'em for Church!

    Joanne: Hope you had a good day today! We are so happy
    you are here wiff us! That's one more person to help us
    share the blame! Ya know what I'm sayin'? We didn't do

    Rock and Gordon: Hope you guys had a good day and had
    some fun too! Friend of mine use to grow beautiful
    orchids in a hot house in his backyard back in the '60's
    and it was the first thing he would do after arriving
    home from work each afternoon! And he did it in one of
    the foggy "est" parts of the City.(??)

    Jodie: I left a reply for ya on your Post! It was a
    great season thus far for Cody. I'm so sorry you are
    in a HURT at the time. You are a "brave 'Lil Soldier"!

    "Got ta see about Dinner"
    "Talk" later,
    P.S. Hello Lola and Dono, hope ya doin'
    OK! Everyone else too!

  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Linda, I have been thinking about you and your return to work. I do wish you the best. Take it easy and you will be in our thoughts. We will miss you a lot. Let us know how it goes when you are able.

    Marta and Maineweezie thanks for your words. I know you understand. I remember when your son was coming home and how bad you wanted to make it special for him. As mothers we have always tried to make things good and special for them and it is hard as you know to accept that we are different now. Mine think they can make me well and if they could they would just like your son would. I love both of them dearly. Marta please tell our friend that I still think of her and truly miss her.

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