OT: Porchlight is On Vol. 5 (Closed see Vol. 6)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Start Vol. 5 here kids!

    Sister Mary Gregory has been to her straw bed since

    8p.m. I'm "covering" for her!

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    look just darling in your wimple!

    Good thing you don't have a scooter. You'd probably kill yourself on those San Francisco hills. Haha.
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey! We have a new Kid up here on the Porch, Erika.
    Boy, she doesn't know what she stumbled into does she?
    Let's be easy on her for awhile until she catches on
    to how this thing gets curiouser and curiouser!!

    Always nice to have someone new come by. Hope she stays
    for awhile, right Rocky? Kinda' slow on the Board to-
    night as everyone is worn out from the weekend I guess
    and gettin' ready for Monday.

    Well, think we got this new Volume started OK so I'll
    leave some room on the stoop for someone else.


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  4. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Whadaya mean scram!!! I totally missed hanging out on the porch on Vol.4. While y'all have been partying on the porch I have been pretending that I'm well...BIG MISTAKE. Boy...did I get blindsided by a crash today. After all my big talk about taking it easy and not pushing myself, I did it again. Yeah, big talk is all it was. It's gonna take a long time to change this gal.

    It all started on Saturday afternoon when my hubby picked me up to take me to the marina near our home to watch the sailboat regatta and have burgers. Well, I got a taste of freedom...ahhh, fresh air, people laughing, having fun. So, even though I crashed last night and woke up feeling lousy this morning, Sunday( no high mass, MrDad..matter of fact haven't done that for years...long story for another time, maybe...I'm definitely a Christian (attend another church when my health will allow), just not a Catholic), I pushed myself again today.

    I watched Nigella Lawson as they have finally brought her to U.S. TV on Food Network and she made chili topped with cornbread..so you know I had to have some of that. Went food shopping, dragged my body home and actually cooked. My chili was "the bomb" as my kids would say. I actually made chicken chili with beans and took a tip from Nigella and added a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa....to die for..yum, yum!! If you guys want some leftovers, come on by...there's cornbread, too (added a little cinnamon to it).

    Carla, Sweetie, Anne, Mrdad, Rock..everyone, I don't have it in me to answer posts from some of you right now....I've definitely hit the wall. Leave the porchlight on for me and I'll check back as soon as I can.


  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry you crashed a little. Hope you feel better in the
    A.M. Go back to Vol. 3 where I left a message for you
    concerning those Humorous Books on being Catlick!

    No need to response 'til ya feel well,OK?
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    chili and hot chocolate...

    well anne c. invited me over here for some tea...

    i am of the clan mc gregor's, "robin hood of scotland"

    and yes i look fine in that plaid skirt...it is just shorter than the standard kilt...
    you know me i am a little bit more on the wild side...

    thank goodness i have fibro and all the physical ailments to calm down in my middle age...
    well i need to go do some homework

    i am turning on my red light on my porch tonight..i don't think anyone will mind...the color..maybe i should put a orange light in there halloween is coming up...

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hope you are somewhat recovered from your crash by now.

    Great picture you put on your profile. You look relaxed and cheefull. That studio backdrop is great. Almost looks like you really are sitting at the beach w/the ocean in the background.
  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning,

    I can see how this lovely place is going to work for me. As much as I enjoy being here to watch the sunset, I'm with Sister Mary Gregory at 8 p.m. So to speak!! But in the early morning hours, with cup of hot water and lemon at hand, I like watching the sunrise just as much, to begin a happy day.

    You know, if we should get chilly, there's that wonderful large common room behind us here in the lodge. We can light a fire in the big stone fireplace, sit in any one of the comfy chairs or sofas, put our feet up on the ottomans and even pluck a book from one of the bookshelves. I'm so glad we decided to do the walls in knotty pine..... Did you notice we have a view of the lake through those windows?

    Today is the countdown toward The Visit and includes a trip to the library where I realized that 9/28 was just a few days ago so my requested books will still be there. It takes me awhile but I get it eventually.

    I'm thinking of you all - Carla, I know you'll find a good solution for that sticky wicket deadline today. I share your sadness on Sundays.

    I was glad to see new faces here: Jodie, you do look adorable in that shirt but don't your knees get cold?....Sassy: I also love the smell of laundry dried outside. I can't have a clothes line here but I hang things on my screened porch.......Good new picture Lolalee! The chili sounds wonderful. That might be good instead of stew for this weekend's gang. Where's Sweetie? Sleeping in, no doubt. I see Rocky's not here yet this morning, either. (I feel like the woman on that kid's TV show long ago, looking through her looking glass...What was the name of it?)

    And to any I've not mentioned sitting here quietly in the early morning shadows, Hello. Just for today we give thanks.

  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    So many new neighbors making visits to The Porch! How happy I was to see my "new neighbors"...especially neighbors that cook. I can just smell that warm apple pie. I'll make "real" whip cream...my specialty...will taste good with the hot chocolate or the apple pie. Please remember we do not use "sugar free products" on our porch unless it is a medical necessity.

    Oh Marta, your description of our lodge is so perfect that I can actually visualize being there now. I bet if you look through the windows at the lake that we will see the leaves beginning to change color and the reflection of the colors on the water is awesome. Thanks for relaying our best wishes and good thoughts to our friend. I will always respect her and think of her often.

    Again a lovely day in North Carolina. I could get get use to this weather. Weather does affect us so much.

    I, like Lolalee, made an attempt at being normal yesterday. It worked for awhile but I stumbled with that and ended up resting....really missed you guys and gals. I wasted my good energy on paying bills...yuck. And Lolalee if you read my post that said I was trying to cook please know that this time I did not start a fire. I only burned myself. Aloe vera does wonders for burns though. It is a rather large burn on my arm but there is no pain now. It doesn't seem quite fair that we can not have a little fun without crashing. I hope you are feeling better when you read this.

    The boat regatta brought back so many memories to me and they were great memories. I do not think that I have mentioned that I have been married to my DH twice with a 5 year period where we were divorced. During that time I was engaged to someone that lived in Blowing Rock, NC....a beautiful quaint town off the Blue Ridge Parkway that winds through the Appalachian Mt's. He owned a cabin cruiser and the boat was docked on a wonderful mountain lake. There is something so special about those mountain lakes. The water is so clear and it had a lovely clear green color. Anyway...we always participated in the boat parades and we had so much fun!

    Anne, Southport is very close to my husband's office in Wilmington. What a lovely area also. They have become "very proud" of their real estate and the land values have soared. My home is in the Piedmont section...midway between the beach and the mountains. I have always lived in this area but I agree with the lack of the "everything". When I was mobile, it was fine but now I need to be closer to ...well everything. I am so isolated. When is the election? I do hope that Danny wins. I rather enjoyed your "mouse" post. I'm glad that I am not the only person that reacts so negatively to those creatures.

    Rocky, I love orchids also. They are so exotic. I have never attempted to grow them..thought it was so difficult and expensive. I learned a lot from your post.

    Carla, have you recovered from your Sunday night blues? I remember having those when I worked. Now I would love to work... You were so right about the DH's. They are nice to have around most of the time. I have a unique situation though (I guess everyone does). If you read my entire post you will see that we were divorced for 5 years. There were reasons and sometimes those reasons or similar reasons appear again and bring me back to why I have PTSD. Yet it is nice to have someone to cover your back, that is if they are not stabbing it the next day. I have a Bi-Polar marriage...extreme highs and lows. To be honest there are more positives than negatives but I wish there were no negatives. I am in agreement with you too about closing the thread like mrdad did. It will save the problem that we encountered earlier.

    mrdad, Did I read somewhere that it is over with you and "Freddie" or did I dream this? I am going to try to catch up on the board.

    My dear beautiful, sweet daughter is coming to visit today and bringing my "Granddog". My dog, his brother, will be thrilled. I can not even say their names or my dog will be frantic until they get here. This is an unexpected pleasure. She took the day off work and we get to have "girl time". I miss that. She is coming to check on the pansies too.

    Can't remember now who enjoys the smell of fresh laundry but I second that thought. Along with porches people also had clothes lines. I still have porches but my clothes line is no longer. I miss it!

    Another big Welcome to the Neighborhood (Mr Rodger's words I think) to Linda, Spacee, Jodie, Sassy2, and Erika (the clueless)! Where is findmind, Unicork, Wake and all other missing neigbors?


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  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    It dawns on me that someone should save all of these threads and we could turn them into a book!!! Boy if those ladies posing in the buff can do it so can we!

    Lovely day here, in NY but that lodge sounds wonderful for sure.

    Rocky-those are cute jokes you have posted OT.

    mrdad I think they hit it on the head saying your relatives were Eldad et al. Right on!

    Know what my favorite name of all time is? Uriah Heap from Charles Dickens Great Expectations. Can you imagine being called Uriah Heap? I love all of Dicken's characters they are all so individual, what an imagination that man had.

    mrdad that is one funny story about your restaurant and the film crew. Reminds me when Dan and I were walking by the lake in nearby and gorgeous Aurora NY (home to Wells College-which incidentally has now gone co-ed)we used to live there-super village like a postcard and cheap Victorian houses all with porches too.

    Well, I digress, we bumped into a bunch of actors from some movie they were making there and they were really upset as we did not have a clue who any of them were, and I guess they were expecting accolades. So I told them, "Well I am a very famous British actress and you do not recognize me." Of a sudden they were all over me everyone of them recognizing who I was, "oh yes, Hayley Mills." Famous for five seconds right!!!(not really Hayley BTW)

    The doll lady who made the fortune from American Girl now lives in and has saved Aurora with her millions, but many locals are opposed, guess they would have preferred the place to fall into ruin. McKenzie Childs with their quirky pottery and furniture is there too.

    Feeling good today, except I GOT GAS. We are finishing the patio (for real) so as to welcome all the newcomers onto the porch. It is great to see you all. Carla, hope you are doing OK hon, and lolalee enjoy the grandog.

    Marta blessings.

    Havtago to the old home depooooo. Love Anne
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Sassy and Erika and Lincamp. Everybody is welcome here(except Uriah Heep).

    Yes, Sassy, laundry fresh from the clothesline is great. When I was a kid every home had a closeline in the back or side yard.

    We had babies when I was a teenager so there were lots of diapers (no such thing as disposables) to hang out. LOL When I got married I was the one who had to teach my wife how to change a diaper, feed the baby, etc.

    Lincamp, that's great you had a good two weeks. Maybe next time it will be 3 weeks. Anne, I did a crossword couple days ago. "Appalachian city" turned out to be Ithaca.

    Sweetie, yes, orchids are easy to grow provided you grow ones suitable for the climate where you live. Otherwise you need a greenhouse, etc. Gordon says here in Los Angeles, even a modest greenhouse costs $3,000. Fit them up with fans, a misting system and temperature controls and the cost is substantial.

    Marta, many years ago I went camping in Wisconsin. Stayed in a lodge on a lake just like the one you described. It was so peaceful to walk in the woods.

    I am mailing my brother some tapes of Irish music for his b-day. We have ancestors all over the British Isles plus some Vikings back there somewhere.

    I have a replica of a Viking ring I bought a couple years ago. The original is about 800 years old, found on an island that was once home to a convent. The original of the ring is in a museum in Reykjavik (which I guess is near Ithaca).

    I see the cookies are all gone. Do we have any popcorn?
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya need me to "PULL YOUR FINGER"?

    Love your story about Hayley Mills! Think you Rocky and
    I are probably the only ones who even no who she is!
    Let's Get together Yea, Yea, Yea!

    Ya know Anne! I'd be very comfortable in your part of
    the Country me thinks! Sound like my kind of Peeps. And
    beautiful as well!

    Hope Geoff is continuing to do well today, and that Danny
    has a good week! Glad he has Ebony to help him wiff the
    Political stuff!


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  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I sent you aMessage over the weekend but don't remember
    where I left it?? Glad to hear that you are doin' a
    bit better. That big tent thing sounds familiar as I
    saw a BBC broadcast on Octoberfest interviewing the Brew-
    -er whose family started it years ago! Interesting if
    it was the same place that you went to?

    Your presentation went well from what you said. I'm glad
    that it's over for you. BF will be flying in this wkend
    as planned? That will be great!! Hope the Profs are
    treating you a bit more kindly and considerately!

    "Talk" later, "K"?
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm glad we found you!! I just read your Bio. and see
    that you are an R.N. in Buffaloe. I'm in S.F. Ca. but
    when I lived up North I knew an R.N. by the name of Angela
    that was raised in Buffaloe! She would be in her Mid-50s
    about now. Just interesting. Don't go near the Falls with-
    out your barrel on. OK?

    Lots of interesting friends stop by to chat on the PORCH
    and I think you will enjoy what they have to bring dailey!
    Welcome again,

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  15. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I'm still feeling yucky so this'll be quick. I've been reading other posts here and just cracking up. First of all I think it's so funny that there is so much going on that none of us can keep track of. Someone just told me to enjoy my granddog...ROTFL...not me..I don't have a pooch. It's just funny, though, that we can understand how one get's mixed up and laugh about it. It's great to see so many new neighbors stopping by the porch, especially those bringing food. Welcome everybody, please forgive me for not welcoming you by name.

    MrDad, I have to look up those books you told me about. Hey, Anne better watch that finger!!! Don't forget I had a household of guys once upon a time...hubby and 3 sons!! Hard for a girly girl like me who was raised with no brothers and two sisters. Hey, I remember Hayley Mills. Didn't she do a movie or a tv show where she had a twin? Was it the "Parent Trap"?

    Oh yeah, now I remember, it was Anne who mentioned the granddog...Anne, it was Sweetie's daughter's dog. Anne, have you tried Anise for gas? After my hysterectomy, I had horrible gas pains and boiled Star of Anise and drank it like tea with a little honey. Did the trick. Sorry for the indelicate topic, buy, hey I didn't bring it up!!

    Sweetie, so happy that you are having a daughter day. Yippee!!! Send her over here when you're done. I could use a daughter. I do promise I'll answer your other post soon as I can. Glad to hear you didn't start a kitchen fire, but burning yourself is not good, either, girl!! I keep a tube of First Aide Burn Cream in my kitchen drawer.

    Hey, Rock, thanks for the kind words...I really should be in bed, but just love visiting with y'all. Glad you liked the background on my photo sitting. It was a grand day...worth every achey muscle!! How are you feeling these days? Still staring at the TV screen?

    Carla, thanks for the weight loss info. I haven't been a size 4 since I was 4. I was rather slim and petite years ago, but like I said my metabolism left town and never returned. I know I'm not processing foods well, otherwise I'd be a smaller size. Speaking of eating...tell me about Dutch apple pie.

    Hello Marta..Glad you liked my pic..had a wonderful day with my hubby. Good man, that one. I'll be happy to bring a huge pot of chicken chili..it really is the best recipe I've made. It's really spicey, so we can swirl some sour cream in the center and sprinkle with cheddar, chopped scallions and chopped avocado....serve with a big hunk of cornbread (super moist).

    Prickles,honey, glad you're spirits are up...that pain is a big bother isn't it?

    Ok, I've lingered longer than I planned (as usual). See ya.

    Mmmmmwaaaaahhhh (Big Smooch)


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  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Oh I will try that Star Anise for sure. Dan says I am so cheap I won't even part with my gas!!! Not sure pulling the finger will work.

    Sorry about the grandog mix up. Brain FOG!

    My favorite Hayley Mills movie was one called "Whistle Down the Wind" written by her mother. John Mills also starred as did Alan Bates. Bout a group of kids who think an escaped convict living in their barn is Jesus. Very sweet story. The BBC Radio just redid it a couple of Sundays ago as a play.

    Boy I am getting to think we would make a great company of friends living on a community. There is a local Echo Village here BTW but pricey really, and I am not too keen on the location. I can see the advantages to having kindred spirits about, but maybe we would be too wild for them!

    Prickles, I am so sorry you are still in such pain. See, I have a problem going up to Canada as everyone smokes there too and the smoke, perfume and stuff all gets to me and makes me unwell too. I have to say again that I DO think the antibiotics have lessened my pain and I recall we have very similar symptoms, the crackling bones etc. I used to wear a lot of psychedelic clothes once-wadayathink? Think it could be the clothes. Dan will NOT wear dark socks as he swears the dyes affect his brain. We DO absorb a lot via our soles as well as souls!!!

    mrdad I think you would love it here - people are very outspoken. My friend, the midwife, who lives near you, thinks the SF folk she hangs with are a lot like the Ithaca folk. Appalchian City though- well I guess we are on the foothills. Did you, Rockgor ever read Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods"- good story where he walks the "trail" with his slobbish friend Katz. Funny thing about Bill, I love the books but in real life he kind of looks wimpish, he also looks a LOT like my ex, maybe that is it.

    Dan is going to try and work out how to post my pic, but I will only post for a few hours in case I get swamped by the three members of the Hayley Mills fan club.

    Hey, people dropping in-it is not barging, it is great. Life should be this way, where everyone is welcome, where everyone is at least pleasant as they can be and also know it ok to hold opinions that have a different drum beat.

    Love to all


    OOH- Buffalo gal- who is it- well where can we stay that is near Niagra Falls but not expensive like there? When we visit Geoff we want to take Danny on the way back to go on the Maid of the Mist, but prices of Motels there are sheesh!
    So if you have any ideas of somewhere on the American side South of Buffalo heading towards Ithaca, that may be decent to stay just in case we get tired driving or get held up at the border.
  17. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    mrdad: Who is Hayley Mills? You were correct I do not have a clue.

    Sassy: Sorry about the allergies. I forgot about waiting until the "proper" time to air the linens. I also remember how stiff the towels, denim, and linens would be if you washed them and dried them on the clothes line. The pants would stand up without anyone being in them. It's good to bring back long forgotten memories but I do love a clothes dryer with nice fabric softener now.

    Sugar cookies are a favorite of mine. Please bring some with you when you visit again. I miss cooking. My cognitive problems and fatigue have made it impossible for me to do so the last few years. Lately on occassion, I have made attempts but it's minimal. I have to set timers even to boil water. I hope for improvement. It is dangerous. So until I improve, I will enjoy the cookies and chili from those of you that can cook.

    A walk beside the lake sounds intriguing....maybe I can ride with Ken in his chair. The leaves will probably be at the peak of their color. I love the brilliance of the maple trees as the sun light hit their leaves. Yes, a short stroll be the lake is a grand idea.

    We will have to work on stocking the lodge. The weather will soon change to cool and then cold. There will be work to be done.. firewood to be gathered but the Porch Light will remain on.

    Prickles: I have wanted to hear from you. I've learned so much from you about Germany...had no idea that there were so many smokers there and that one could smoke so freely. Do you have MCS also? It's amazing how it can effect us in such a negative way and people are inhaling it into their bodies. My husband, son, & Mom all smoke.
    It is a source of disagreement of course. No smoking is allowed in the house though. They have no concept of how it smells on them and their clothes. Everyone has their rights but when ones rights infringes on another ones health there is a problem. I can speak on this with compassion from both sides...I am an ex-smoker. We are the worse.

    Have you had the opportunity to rest and recover any from your move? We have been concerned. I am happy that your BF will soon visit...
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  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hayley Mills goes back to the 60's when I was in H.S.
    (1960's) not the oh well---and was a bit younger"singer"
    "actress" played in a movie called the Parent Trap and
    "sung" a song that was in the top 10 (don't know how).
    Entitled: "Let's Get Together" yea, yea, yea! We could
    have a very good time, yea, yea, yea! (You take it from
    here Anne) yea, yea, yea! Didn't miss a thing Sweetie!
    Makes you just still young and beautiful instead of old
    and beautiful like a lot of us!! Right Rocky??

    North Carolina looked beautiful. I had a young lady Doc
    a few years back that was from, Ibelieve Raleigh that
    I just loved. She was about my Daughter's age and on
    her last day at the hospital I wanted to see her before
    she left. Showed up a 5 p.m. with a big hug and a few
    little presents to share with her husband who was also
    a Doc. Wonder where they MET hey? She is the one that
    diagnosed my blood disorder and most likely saved my
    life. Still think of her all the time. Hope she is doing

    Hope you are getting some rest Sweetie. Always enjoy
    seeing your Posts and "speaking" wiff U.

    P.S. Sweetie: I don't know what's going on wiff Freddie?

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  19. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    I just don't understand what you all are doing! I'm so lost. What is going on?

    PSYCH! Ok, I kid. Because I'm a kidder. I love to write, have fun and be silly and semi-sarcastic. It's great levity for our DDs. (Yikes, that sounds like a bra size!) You all just let out a huge can of worms. What a fun, cute concept you all have going. Have you all heard of the "Prairie Home Companion?" I'm sure some of you have. That's what your stories remind me of. Really great!

    Anyway, THANKS for the warm welcome! This will be fun. :)

    Here's my schtick for now: I'm getting ready for this family wedding in Indianapolis. We're leaving Thursday. Packing for a trip with fibro is insanity, and add to that the new, illogical airline regs, and it's chaotic exhaustion on a popsicle stick! The new airline regs are kinda cuckoo. You can take a quart-sized ziploc bag on board of all your favorite liquids, but they must be 3 oz. or less. And a quart-sized bag is pretty small. It's a joke. Why don't they just say "pack it all"?!

    I'm in a major "Calgon, take me away" mood. (Remember that commercial from years back, anyone?) Someone stick me on an cushy chair with some iced tea out on zee porch. Apple pie sounds good too! Hmmmm.

    Peace, love and good health to you all.......Erika :)

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    " Let's remind one another that we will change the Porch
    Post to a new Volume betw. 30 and 35 'Hits". Sister Mary
    Gregory may not always be available to make the "proper"
    changes at the "proper" time herself. Other committments
    could necessitate the need for one of us to fill in on
    that duty. She has assured me that it is so easy to do,
    that even a "Public School" student could do it!!

    If you have any questions, please raise you hand but
    don't yell out or speak out of turn thank you.


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