OT: Porchlight Time Vol. 23

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockgor, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Everydobby

    I will be your host in absentia. I am busy packing a suitcase. Leaving in the early AM for Portland.

    Going to visit my brother the forest ranger. My other brother is a cop. I am the only one that doesn't wear a uniform. Haha

    Also going to visit an old college roommate. He has a gay son. I am gay and have a straight son. Ain't life funny?!

    So, you all have a relaxing time on the porch, and I will see you next week. Tinkerteetonk as P.G. Wodehouse used to say.
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    with a gay son. and i am glad his dad has a friend like you.

    it takes all kinds of people to make this world go round.

    i hope your brother has smokey the bears back in the forest.

    in michigan we used to talk alot about saushsquash, who know the almost human thing with big feet? they nicked named him big foot.

    well my car is going to get washed and waxed tomarrow. i called the consumer insurance affairs office they said i can make a complaint online or they would mail me they paperwork.

    they said i have the right to cancel and they should so so..

    the nissan dealership said no problem. come in on saturday to clear it up. and sign the papers to stop it.

    saturday is a bit inconvient for me, but i will make it work some how.

    cody's football game and it is homecoming, the he is rushed home for shower and off to dinner w/gf., then the dance, and finally after hours party w/2 males and 15 females.

    i'm sure his gf/w get mad that night about something. i just keep waiting for the day he wises up. but right now i guess she is his one and only friend he hangs out with.

    most the boys on the team well do the bad things we don't want our kids to do.

    well i am going to get comfy and do some dishes if i can/ i had the shots in my wrists for the carpal tunnel.

    love and enjoy your holiday trip to the forest and seeing your old college roomy.

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    We are the only ones up this late! Thanks Rocky for
    resetting the Porch Post Vol. 23. Just talked to my Daug-
    ther in Portland so say hello again when you see her!

    Jodie , I will talk to you tomorrow "K"?

  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Make sure you have a safe and un trip and tell us how your trip went. Blessings......Susan
  5. jole

    jole Member

    Rock, Jodie and Mrdad - - I'm up later than you guys, and I'm not packing a suitcase or anything nearly as much fun! Just not a night to sleep, I guess. things on my mind so came to check ya all out and see what kind of trouble you were in. Wow, Sus slipped in there too.

    Talk to you tomorrow if I can drag myself out of bed before this post closes!!!! Have a great time, Rock!
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  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is midnight here in cali.

    i need to get my arse in bed.

    beauty sleep at my age.

    plus i have to plan a day of going to san jose to some clubs or restuarant...my friend that is going through a cheating hb divorce. needs a friend.

    he wanted to bring his adultress to the family b-day party and the one his exw to be was invited to go to....his family is really angry at him right now.

    he has been lying to everyone.

    well night all

  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It's getting coder and coder here in Michigan. I know that's inevitable but like it less every year, lovely though it is.

    Waving goodbye for now to Rocky. Good to see he turned the porchlight on and I hope he has a good trip to the forest. I wonder if it's the one behind the Lodge??

    Jodie, darlin' if you have carpel tunnel, what you be typin' alla time fer? Rest those wrists!

    I have nothing marvelous to say so I won't say it.

    Everyone enjoy their Friday! And somebody: when does the World Series begin?! I looked it up online and thought it said November 4th but then I heard a sportscaster talking about "The Series game" as if it was sooner, like this weekend. ?

    Hugs all around,
  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Goodbye Rocky. Have a great time on your trip! It sounds like fun. Thank you for starting this thread. We will try to behave. SMG will still be here to watch us I hope.

    The sky is full of clouds today in my "part of the woods". The temperature is 72 but will be dropping the rest of the day and it is supposed to be cold tomorrow. It is so nice to have The Porch where everything is perfect.

    Thanks to all that sent good wishes for my FIL. He is now placed in an assisted living home. It is hard for both him and us but there is no other choice. There is a big porch (for real) at the facility with many rocking chairs. It made me think of our Porch.

    I wish all that are in flairs and not feeling so well a big cyber ((((HUG))) and appreciate all that are doing better now a big thanks for keeping the thread going. Where are my porch friends?

    I have to try to find some energy now. Hope to "see you later".

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla-nl: I just sent ya a reply EMAIL. Do hope you are
    relaxing a bit today! I'm gonna try amd "ketchup" on
    the house work, or at least get started!

    Marta: Ya most likely know by now (in answer. to your Q.)
    that the World Series start tomorrow nite in your back-
    yard. Sell some parking spaces in front of your house
    to the Fans looking for a spot to park! Big Bucks. Go
    Tigers!! (There National League, ain't they?) The S.F.
    gIANTS will be back next year, or the year after, or the
    year after the one that's after the next one! Oh, boy,
    now I'm confused! Hope you are doin' well!

    Sweetie: It's 75 out here in S.F. today and thankfully
    we don't have the humidity yose guys have on the Right
    Coast! I can handle a dry heat if need be, but today
    is just very pleasant. Had brunch wiff my Son yesterday
    and he is getting excited about his trip to N.Y. City
    and Canadia next month. Nice to be healthy and young!
    And I'm so happy for that fact!

    Jodie: Are you and George Hamilton out by the Pool up
    there drinking those mint tulips and getting "Toasty".
    Sweetie and some others from the South on the Board
    know all about those sippin' mint tulips out on the va-

    Gotta get back to "cleaning house", "talk" later friends,

    P.S. Hello Anne! Hope your home soon.
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    SMG is going to be mad if that porch is not decorated. What shall we do? Most of the "Porchies" are in a flare. I believe that Halloween originated as a pagan holiday. She may bless us if we just decorate for Fall.

    rocky and anne are gone. mrdad is having to clean and will probably be in a flare soon and your boss (Carla nl) is giving her the day off and letting her turn her brain off.

    My brain and body has decided to take a break and so has Lolalee's...Granni is away for the weekend also, Linda is still digging herself out of the snow,marta has been here already today, fight has been on a date, and jodie has been quite busy. Where are the other "Porchies"? The Porch needs attention.

    mrdad: The humidity here is quite bad usually but the fall and spring is usually nice. It is quite nice today with a gentle breeze. The cold weather is not coming now until next week. The fall flowers are so pretty now. Hopefully we will not get a freeze next week. I still do not have all of my plants in their place. We got an estimate from the landscaper and his price was a joke. Hubby said he and our son would try to do it but doubt that happens now after the issues with his Father. This is really going to affect my SIL that I care about. I'm glad you had a nice lunch with your son and that he is healthy. Is he like you mrdad? From what I know of you, he is lucky if he is.

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  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    There won't be any decorating done by me tonight, Sweetie. I'm in some weird kind of a flare too.

    Betcha though when we get up in the morning it will be done; that is, if that's what you want to do. I'm not a big Halloween person, myself. I'd be happy with that big pot of mums over there by the door.

    Meanshile, here's to sleep!

  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Your idea and mine are the same about Halloween. We do not decorate at my home. I do have 4 gigantic beautiful mums though.

    I'm sorry you've got the funk too. I think I did too much and then there has been so much stress lately. You haven't felt so great since you had company also. How sad it is that we can't have normal visits with our children without getting sick. I always try harder when they are around to act as normal as I can. I bet you do the same.

    Carla, it would not surprise me if Linda is exhausted. It is so much work when you are living under the conditions she is living under. She probably has to used her energy. A storm like she had can take "your spoons" for many days in one day.
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla-nl: Gee you are sure up late! Thought you would
    be sleepy bye by now! Hope you are warm and feeling ok.
    Think it's gonna be quite on the Porch this weekend as
    many don't feel up to much with flares and all. Think
    Linda isn't feeling up to much the last few days! Anne
    hopefully will be home this weekend with some positive
    report on Geoff. Bet the "Boys" are gonna be happy to see

    Sweetie: Thanks for your kind words concerning my Son
    and I. We gotta get cha into Politics! You are cer-
    tainly a Chrismatic personality! Get three bids for the
    landscape stuff. It really pays to do that as long as
    they are all providing the identical final outcome. My
    (SIL) just had a job done and thought it was pretty
    expensive but the Company did all they said they would
    do and it looks great. So who know's. Important thing
    is to let them know right away that you will be getting
    other bids. The package is most likely less than if not.

    Hope thinks are going alright with (FIL) and that the
    Family is not taking on personally more than they can
    handle. Luckily my disabled Sister (69) is in a great
    Residential Assisted Living Facility that is like a
    Hotel! She is so well treated and happy there. It means
    everything to us.

    Marta Girl! Ya just gotta restup for the Big Game tom-
    orrow nite! Is you Son out here in Cal excited about
    his team being in the Series! I'll bet he is! They are
    favored I understand. My cousin was A Catcher for the
    N.Y. Giants but quit baseball when they talked of trading
    him! The next year they moved out here to S.F. were he
    was born and raised! I didn't have much talent at base-
    ball, but they let me play 'cause it was my ball and bat!
    "Talk" later. "K"?

    Gonna Cook Din-Din,
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  14. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Popped in to check up on the Porchies and nobody's home!! Dang!
    Well, I'm just dropping off some pumpkins.. Some guy brought a bunch of specialty pumpkins into the restaurant and they are coming out of our ears! There are striped ones, green ones, white, minitures.. got a ton and there free.. now if we can just muster up the energy to get them carved... Got to have jack-o-lanterns for halloween...
    I guess if we don't get them carved we'll have to bake them for Thanksgiving.

    Hope you are all getting past your flares and doing well..

    Rock.. hope your trip was fun and I'm thinking that your friend with the gay son was probably much more excepting of him from the gift of knowing you. Haven't been to Portland in years. I suppose it's grown a bit. Used to be a beautiful city.

    Mr. Dad.... what are you cookin? San Francisco is my favorite city in the world. Grew up in Santa Cruz and it was my Mom and my favorite escape. Lived in San Mateo for a while so that was even closer. Haven't been there in way too long. I miss the smell of the ocean... the city lights...the bright colors of peoples hair... lol! Seriously fun town if you like people watching. I so miss the coast.. I'm in central valley now, horrible place to live!~

    Jodie - I lived in San Jose back in 73.. Have fun girl.. that town always did have a nightlife!

    Linda - So what is guitar hubby playing? I'll have to bring my guitar along some night!

    Well to the rest of you porchies have a great weekend!

    I'll come by and visit again soon..

    Hugs to all
  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It seems like we are all in the same boat instead of the porch.

    I was exhausted yesterday and knew I had to work today so I took a me day. Jammies on the couch day and a long whirlppool and back in clean jammies.

    What ever you all what to do to the porch is up to each of us. I think it can be different for everyone, it's whatever you want it to be.

    I have popped in a few times in between work and started a new stained glass project. I cut my pattern and the main glass.

    I hope this one doesn't take me 2 weeks like the last one!

    Jodie- that's cool about you getting new wheels, we single ladies need a dependable ride, especially if we get lost,lol

    I got lost in a town in PA recently and thought about you and your run around you had a while back. I even ended up getting a ticket for going down a one way street. Hey - I was only going one way, it just happened to be the wrong way. I was following directions from a local. ANyway the cop was sitting at the end of the street waiting for me and gave me a ticket for $106.00.

    You got to watch out for those car sales people, they will slip anything they can in if they can. Glad you were able to take care of it.

    To everyone else, I hope you all feel better soon, it has to be all these weather changes getting us all down. Wed I had the AC on while I was cleaning in shorts and a t-shirt and walked the dogs in them. Tonight it's suppose to be a low of 32.

    Have a good weekend-Carla

  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    marta i have had the carpal for ten years and counting. thye really hurt today from the injections. it doesn't matter what i do it is like ouch!

    well my son's has homecoming tomarrow and i have had it already. i have been out all morning since 7:45 am. droppeed him off at school, came home, went to school, left to go to burlington coat factory.

    he informed me the the gf didn't want him to wear what he was planning to..by her demands...

    well he says to me last night is it too late to get a tux. i could've slapped her silly. cause i called about this a month ago.

    well i am so darn tired and he took off in my car, not the new one, said he was going to watch his gf's game. well i am about to go look for him now. because he said he needed me to get him some new knee high socks....for football.

    he should have about three pairs. so now he said they must have gotten lost in the laundry room.

    then he said he had to look for them in his room.

    well chow everyone. he has ruined my night and possibly my friend's as well..

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Again!! Just impervertedly deleted a whole REPLY to about
    everyone!! Sorry my friends.

    Linda: Good ta see ya back and feeling a bit better!

    Sweetie: Thanks for your kind words regarding Me and my
    Son! You, Marta and Carla have been "holding up" the
    Porch today! Good to see Carla CK on now also! Hope
    Rocky will have a great trip to Oregon and has a great
    visit! (Better stay away from Fredericka while he is
    up there though)! Better not try an "beat my time" if
    ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Marta: Are ya ready for the Game! Tell me where you will
    be sitting and I'll wave when the camera passes by your
    section, OK?

    Dona: If in' we start talking about the Santa Cruz Mts.
    we will be on wiff one another all nite! Spent alot of
    time in the Big Basin area when in Elementary School as
    a S.F. had a Cabin down there on China Grade Rd. I was
    the one who would come back to the City without the
    POISON OAK! I could pick it up and never get it while
    my Bro. would just have to get within a few yds. to be
    in misery for a week! Funny how that goes. For me at
    least, not him. You and Hubby make a VERY atract. couple!
    Hope you two will always be as happy as you look in the

    Also taught in the JeFferson School Dist. in San Mateo
    Co. for awhile so I know we bumped into one another some
    where in the Bay Area. Hope you and Hubby have a great
    weekend, "K"? (SMG is on a Novena this weekend so I have
    extra duty. Oh, boy.

    "See" ya Kids, Hello Jodie!! Didn't what miss ya!

    P.S. CK-Carla, did ya work the Antique Store this week or
    where you not feeling up to it?

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  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I'm back. Remind me never to travel by bus again. Journey out, great. Journey back....yuk!

    Geoff is doing better in that they think they may have the pneumonias in check as his lung xrays they do every other day are looking better. He is so fed up on being on the ventilator though he is breathing with just back up for longer and longer periods. I was so sad as he pleaded with me(he can only mouth words) to unhook him. I figured out that he did not mean as in "let me go" but rather, "I need to be off the darn thing". I was totally drained with the whole five days. Nice to get closer to the family up there, especially my SIL.

    One thing to comment on. The bus stops in the USA were largely filthy hovels out in the seediest parts of town, except for the very large ones, but in Canada, even the smallest stop was spick and span with nice uniformed information person(s) and snack bar. Mayabe they value people more in Canada, who cannot afford to drive, or are infirm, who knows. The depot in Ithaca was dreadful, and all those architect students at Cornell and Ithaca College-there's a project for them. Maybe I'll write and suggest it to H and G, let the design students compete to fix up the bus stations.

    The other moan I have is the people who travel who think they can play hip hop, video games and rap as loud as they wish on a bus of sleeping people!!! GRRRRR. All wowmen BTW-did they hear of headsets?

    OK nice to be back griping on.....forgive me, but after a 14 hours on a bus one gets freakyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    What y'all been up to? Did ya miss me?

    Love Anne
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Glad you had a "good" visit with Geoff! Feel so badly
    for him but glad that he is having some improvement!
    I'm sure the Boys are glad to get you back as well.

    Yea, the Bus is a horrible way to travel in the U.S.
    Most of those oold depots were bulit back during the
    Depression years of the 30's and little or no maintain-
    ence is done on them. It's like 13 hours from S.F. to
    Portland. I can fly in about a little more than an hour
    or so out of Oakland for $180 rd. trip! They don't allow
    radio's etc. on the Buses even Muni without earphones and
    that is enforced! SMG trained all the Muni Police! You
    must be very very tired. Try to rest up OK?

    Huggles, &
    MRDAD Hello to Dan and Danny!
  20. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Sounds like a few of us are feeling extra-yucky lately. I can't get myself going here. Just wanted to drop by the porch this evening and say hi.

    Rock, it was so kind of you to get us started here before leaving. Hope you have a wonderful trip. It's great to catch up with old friends. We'll miss you big time!!

    Yippeee!!Welcome home Anne!!! Sounds like that bus experience was not fun. Take good care of yourself now that you're home. You probably used a lot of spoons on your trip. It's time for Anne to take care of Anne. Glad your brother is better...must be so frustrating for him, though.

    Marta, can't remember if I thanked you for your sweet words about my pic. I'm not that young. One of these days I'll let my hair color go natural...I'm not brave enough yet. I love your pic. You remind me of a good friend I've known for 30 years. Don't know if your real name is Marta or Martha or neither, but I thought of a movie I watched again for about the 4th time. It's a foreign film (German) called "Mostly Martha". It's one of my all-time favorites. It's a foodie-chef type sad-happy love story (German Woman Chef falls for Italian Man Chef). I check it out of the library over and over. Love the soundtrack, too.

    Mrdad...Not again!! I know you must be frustrated about losing your posts. Luckily you're never at a loss for words (that's a good thing). When I find my post is getting long (like this one) I've gotten into the habit of highlighting and clicking on copy. This way all my precious energy is not wasted if I accidentally hit the wrong key and lose my post. It stays saved on the copy clipboard.

    Sweetie, it's great to see you on the Porch. I'm glad you got your FIL settled. You've had way too much stress going on my friend. I'm with you and Marta re Halloween...not into that scary, spooky stuff. Pumpkins and Mums and some hay, maybe a scarecrow..that's it for me. I do have a pumpkin collection that I've acquired over the years. So I usually do it up for fall around our home.

    OK that's it...I'm pooped. Good night everyone.


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