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    by Dr. Marie Savard


    Did you know that doctors base up to 80% of their diagnoses on what patients tell them about their symptoms, history, and lifestyle?

    Just imagine—80% of your diagnosis is based on what YOU say! Preparing for a trip to the doctor not only helps you to get your thoughts in order, but also helps you better understand what your doctor is talking about.

    How many times have you left the doctor's office and THEN remembered all those questions you wanted to ask? Why not walk into your next visit with those questions right in the palm of your hand? It's well worth the time and effort.

    Here is a site which has a great form you can print for office visits to help keep track of information.


    MERCK SOURCE is a great resource for patients and it had all kinds of forms you can print for you own use. Registration is free.



    Karen :)

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    I always prepare a list for a doctor visit and then, don't laugh ....I feel too stupid to take it out a look it over in front of him/her. I have no idea why I get this self consious...but, I bet I am not alone.
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    Good idea.

    I started preparing lists for doc visits a while ago when I was very ill and seeing different doctors. All of the doctors - and I mean all - give me their attention when I say, I have written some questions/concerns that I have. It seems to help them and I'm sure they feel really smart if they know the answers.

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    I want to thank you for all the great info you have put on the board about doctors and doctor' visits.

    Last night I read about medical records. I got a copy of some of mine recently and found errors. I called to tell them there was errors and was told that my medical records could not be changed.

    I had planned to send a corrected copy back to them and let them fix the errors. They were to call me back and they did not. I had said their was numerous errors but only gave them an example of one on the phone.

    I later got a letter from the doctor stating he had misunderstood me and this letter was to note his misunderstanding. They say and were adamant that the original records can not be changed even if they are at fault.

    To show you how they just make up things, the error he corrected was he stated that I had tears on my labia due to sex. I wish. Sex was never mentioned. He just made that up. I told him I was bleeding from the vagina and I have had a hysterectomy and he thinks I have that confused with a fissure that I have. I may have brain fog but I still remember body parts.

    I do take a list now because I can not remember why I am there. I keep a list of medicines, supplements, surgeries, and a list of complaints for every doctor's visit because I can't remember or spell it for them. I am praised for being so organized and they notate that as being a bad thing when I try to talk about cognitive problems. I don't know what to do.

    Another thing he does is give you a limit of 2 to 3 things you can mention. On my medical records if it is not one of the things he lets me mention, he puts one my records that it is fine.

    I am in a middle of a lawsuit with a LTD company and when they get my records from him I don't know what will happen. They are totally different from my CFS/FM doctor.
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    I do hope you all will check out the site it really is a great resource for patients and does have some good forms you can print for you to use such as medicine lists, calendars for appt's, quick medical history to carry with you.

    I really like it and have used the site for a while. I keep every thing in seprate folders so it easy to find what I need.

    They have one called Doctor Visit I just fill out before an app't and I am ready to go. It is neat it has places for questions I want to ask and for any notes I want to take and for follow up app't etc...

    You print them and then fill them out that way you are not putting you information online.


    No they can't change the original medical record but they can add that letter explaining the mistakes. I am so glad my little posts are helping you some.

    If I can help you in any way just give me a shout put my name in the title of you post. Sometimes I am not on for on here for a few days because I work but I always try to pop on every few days or so.

    I am sorry I forgot everyone names when I started to post this but thanks so much for reading.

    Best wishes to all,

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    Having been to tons of different doctors appointments and having varied successes i can whole heartedly agree with the fact that PREPERATION IS KEY!

    I always write down the points i want to discuss with my doctor. Usually if i don't i get to the office and forget why i wanted the appointment in the first place. When i write down ideas/questions/symptoms/problems i can go through them all step by step with my doctor.

    At my last appointment my doctor even said he appreciated how organized and researched i was :)
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