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    Hello Everyone,

    I thought I would post a different topic (than I usually post) on here, just for a change of pace.

    I want to know...how many have either experienced some Psychic abilities (themselves) or have gone to a Psychic and have interesting stories to share?

    I myself have experienced sort of "deja-vu" type psychic experiences...I often have occasions where I remember something from the future. For example if I'm having a conversation with someone all of a sudden I feel like I have been here before and seen this conversation take place before and then I can tell the other person what they are about to say. It's really crazy!

    I also experience other intuitive abilities...such as I know when the phone is about to ring and who it is.

    I hope that I am not coming off poorly to any of you who might be reading this...I should clarify i do not consider myself to be psychic. I merely experience certain abilities...and I am not saying that Psychics do or do not exist.

    I just thought this would be an interesting topic...and I also wanted to see if any of you have had any experiences similar to mine.

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    I had my wonder"mama" back home. She is a wonderful person.

    To put things SHORT: She said 13 years ago that I would move to the US, she told me about my son Matthew, and Angela, and how old Matthew would be when I had her. She told me only basic information, no emotions, bad experiences, health issues that I didn't need to worry about. She told me alot more than this, but she have been right on the money SO many years ago!

    She also said I would eventually move back home. There she said no more, and it was over. She told me alittle what I worked on to grow stronger. I am very curious about why she was silent about the time after I moved back home, maybe it was just that I didn't need to know anymore, I sometimes wonder if she saw things happening that would be harder than other things that happend so far.

    I don't know. She is the best, she does her thing, and she have never been wrong. I used another lady as a complement to her readings, she was very soft and "light", and saw more emotions and healing karma.

    I had many experiencxes,but those are the two that matters to me. I've seen many more, but none of them got even close to things, they seemed to have tapped into the stuff in my sfere instead of actually reading what was outside my sfere, but would become part of my life down the road.

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  3. valleyann

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    Thanks for sharing your story with us! I really appreciate it!

    I've heard a few stories now that really seem to prove that (atleast some) Psychics are real. But what I wonder is how do we know where they are getting their information from (good vs. evil)?

  4. Juloo

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    I've had some experiences, although they are sporadic. Here's one:

    A couple of years ago, my husband was away for a long weekend, traveling with a friend of his. They were about three hours away and were planning to stay three days.

    On the second day they were gone, around 2 in the afternoon, all of a sudden I got a flash that they were going to skip the third day and actually come back that evening, so I started cleaning up the house (I'd been involved in one of my 'projects' that takes up a lot of floorspace). I pulled open the fridge and started planning dinner instead of just eating on the run like I do when I am by myself.

    Sure enough, a couple of hours later, my husband called to tell me that they were halfway home.

    Whew! Good thing I've got good radar.

    Here's another:

    About 10 years ago, I got this idea one day that my husband and I should send money to one of his brothers. Later that week, my husband brought up the same issue, and the amount we proposed was coincidentally the same amount. We didn't have tons of money, and we hadn't seen this relative in a while, but we both felt very strongly about it. The brother's wife was having health issues, but they were both very proud and were not the type to ask for help. When we sent it, we told him it was not a loan, that it was a gift.

    We found out just last year that the unexpected check arrived the morning that the brother had an appointment to start the procedings for personal bankruptcy -- his wife's medical bills had pretty much drained them dry. To make a long story short, he deposited the check and cancelled the appointment. He never did have to file for bankruptcy, and has been in the black ever since. He hadn't wanted to tell anyone how close they had come to losing everything.
  5. valleyann

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    Thanks for your post! It's really nice to know that someone out there is experiencing the same things that I am.

    I agree that it is really odd and I don't understand it at all either. Whenever this happens to me the conversations that I have never seem to be all that significant...maybe if I looked deeper I'd figure it out.

    Everytime it happens though it definitly throws me for a loop! I almost feel like I have a high! Crazy!

  6. cjcookie

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    dying during the summer after freshman year. Shortly after that, I got a letter (remember when we used to write letters?) about his death. I used to have things like that happen a lot but when I had this one, I tried to turn it off. I don't want to know when anyone is going to have bad things happen to them - it's like living through it twice..

    Before my son was born, I dreamed that I was walking through a neighborhood looking for him and I was scared. After he was born, he was helicoptered to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis. Imagine my surprise when my Mom drove me over there (hadn't been there before) and there were all the buildings I had seen in my dream. Glad I didn't know what that dream meant ahead of time. I just thought it was a kooky pregnancy dream.

    When I got older, I became a little less scared of the stuff. When my niece was pregnant with her second child, she walked into Grandma's birthday party and instantly I knew. She didn't even know yet. I told a friend to "document myself." I'm not saying I'm psychic but I've had a few episodes. I can't try to make it happen, it just does sometimes. I wouldn't like to be one of those people who knows things - it is way to scarry for me.

    I went to a psychic once who saw me in medical offices and hospitals. We assumed it meant a future line of work. Little did we know......
  7. valleyann

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    Thanks for your post! That is very intuitive of you to know that your husband and his friends were going to come back a day early! I think sometimes when we are really close to someone we have a supernatural connection with them.

    I think that is really good of you and your husband to send money to one of his brothers! And perfect timing too! :)

    Thanks for sharing your stories with us.
  8. valleyann

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    Wow! That would be so scary to have dreams about death! I would want definitly want to tune that out too.

    I wouldn't mind being a person that knows things about people but I think that with that ability would come a lot of responsibilities and obligations...so it might end up being quite stressful.

    Thanks for sharing your stories with us!
  9. UnicornK

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    a friend had a palm reader come over to read my palm. She said I would have a girl, between 8 and 9 pounds, on February 4th or 5th.

    I had a girl, she weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces, and she was born on February 9th (4 + 5).

    The really weird thing about it all is that (this was before sonograms were a regular thing), the doctor told me that the baby was due in January.

    I'm a devout Christian, but this gave me pause.

    God Bless.
  10. ckball

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    I just posted a long story about one of my expereinecs, then the owner of the bulldog, another story in itself, came by to take him home and were outside chatting for awhile.

    Anyway I got disconnected, DIAL UP<ARGGGGGGGGG. and lost it all.

    But I have had many expereinces. When I walk in a house I usually can feel if someone died in the house. I have done this for years.

    I dream of things or people than it happens. The story I wrote was about my ex, I had not seen him in 14 years, I dreamed about him twice and looked at pictures of him with my grandaughter in the same week. He showed on my front door to visit my mother. That was so weird. We had a nice visit. But I haven't dreamt of him since.

    A couple of psyhics have been dead on about things I gave no info for. One told me I was a healer and told me how to heal my sick cat, I did not tell her I had a sick cat. it worked. I wish I knew how to heal me,lol.

    I can't wait to see what others say, there was a thread about this a while back. I love this stuff-Carla
  11. Pennygirl2

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    Wow Sea Dove, that is very cool that you are a psychic healer. I believe in that so much. I was in an accident and had massage therapy and know they can take in physical feelings from the patient and have to be careful.
    Right now I am reading Louise Hay's book, You can Heal your Life and thot you would approve. luv, Penny
  12. angellwolffe

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    first thing, psychics are not supposed to tell you anything bad that may happen because if a person tries to change something they could cause it to happen.

    second. I've had many psychic experiences, I am not a psychic, or I don't consider myself one. Most people have these experiences some time in thier life. usually during adolescence when the homones are all messed up people have more. Adults usually get a (i'm going on a limb here) telepathic link with their spouses and children, they just know when something is gonna happen. Good detectives quite often have some sort of intuition, which can also be considered psychic.

    I can tell you many stories about these experiences. My favorite one to tell is the first time i was in Texas visiting my mil. I had never been to Texas before and we went to the hills where hubby grew up. it was a fun day, really exciting for me. On the way back to Houston, I turned to my mil and asked what was down this one road. she said nothing. so i turned down it, drove all the way to the end and turned around. She just said "see!" We got back onto the main highway and there was a crash about 10 minutes past that road we turned on. If i wouldn't have turned on it, we would have been in the middle of the crash.

  13. misskoji

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    Know just what you mean. My first experience with de-ja-vous was in 4th grade. I remember it so very clearly! We were all having a conversation, and I stopped everyone and said we've already done this, then a dizzy feeling? I argued and argued with classmates that yes, we have done this before. Anyway, they just looked at me like a freak and moved on.

    Had many experiences like you where you know someone is going to call. You think of someone, and you run into them. You dream a similar happinstence that you run into next day. My friend and I even had the same exact dream in one night years ago.

    Last week, had the djv and the wierd dizziness when my cousin was saying about my other cousin stapling his arm, yeah for fun...lol

    Just today I called my vet office. I said hi Carrie, and she said, that's so weird, I was just thinking of you this morning.

    I believe our minds have so much more capability than we give them credit for! Of course we've all heard of woman's instinct, I believe in that... I think it would be really great to hone these abilities to use for positive things to help others.

  14. halo52208

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    on the right path in your life.

    I've had lots of readings done and they were all right and accurate.

    One time I was going to use that tide scrubber(you put liquid tide in it) to help get stains out. It wasn't on the shelf where I normally kept it. So I looked in two other place twice and couldn't find it. Then I looked at the shirt and there was the container upside down on the shirt. I knew right away an Angel or Guide put it there. I couldn't help but laugh about it. I asked my phsychic about it and she said the guides did it to let me know that I was on the right path. I was blessed with her becauase she really helped me through hard times and had become my friend.

    They say were all born with phsychic abilites but most of us put it out of our minds when we grow up.

    I loved all the stories here, it reminds me to remember the other side of life.

  15. valleyann

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    Thank you all for sharing your stories! It was really interesting hearing all of your thoughts on Psychic experiences...

    Keep 'em coming people! :)

    I have always thought that my "dejavu" experiences were signs that I am on the right path in life! So I found it interesting with halo5228 said that!

    I have always felt like, I have done this before! And I've always wanted to tell the other people involved but I never do... or even finish their sentences cause I know ahead of time what they are going to say. I'm sure that would freak them out a bit!

    Anyways, once again please keep the stories coming...
  16. ckahele

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    A psychic had told me I would be attending 10 funerals in the next 12 months and 2 would be family members.
    She was right, though tragically one of the family members was my 17 year old nephew.

    Now she also told me I would be married 3 times.
    I've only been married once and it was abusive so I am looking forward to this...can you tell I haven't been kissed in awhile!
  17. valleyann

    valleyann New Member


    I'm very sorry to hear about your 17 year old nephew...it is so sad when people die that young. I'm also sorry to hear about the other deaths in your family.

    You have lots to look forward to in life, I'm sure! But the thought of getting married again must be really exciting! I really hope that you find true love.


  18. Loveyame

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    I am new at this site and was reading the board. I am able to see some things- at the time I see them it shakes me up but it is helpful in the long run. I can see death on people-they usually pass away within 3 days after I see it. I also have my fortune readed every two years. It helps me to prepare for the future. I don't try to change the events, I just prepare myself to get through the drama. When I was young and saw death my mom explained that it was a "gift" from God and that he was just helping me to prepare for the news. I have found that when I "know" I am able to take care of the others around me that need extra loving and caring. I also have dreams that come true-but yet again it is to prepare me for the day's drama.
  19. valleyann

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    Welcome to the board! Thank you for replying to my post. I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to see death on people...that is one responsibility I wouldn't want to have.

    I have never had my fortune read but I have considered it. My family is strongly against Psychics and getting your future told...so I have a interest in it but at the same time I know I would feel some guilt if I did go to see a Psychic.

  20. Cinlou

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    Yes, I have had many psychic experiences, mainly picking up on energy from other people, sadness, fear, anger etc...I have done a few readings of the Tarot for friends, family. I practice Reiki healing, hands on and distance...

    I think maybe this illness is from being sensitive to receiving these energies.....and there is something to the Kundalini also...we do need to protect our selves from negative energy....I always call on the white light of the Christ Consciousness, my guides, angels and healers to be with me in any healing or energy work. Always I will ground myself to Mother Earth.

    Psychic experiences, healings, energy work are all very interesting topics to me.. I believe we all have gifts, some people are more open to it then others...I believe in reincarnation also....very interesting. These kind of topics take my mind off of pain.