OT Question about Canine Kidney Failure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. elliespad

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    Anyone have advice on effective treatments for Advanced Kidney Failure? Specifically interested in herbs,supplements that will help remove Urea, Amonia.

    My (almost 9 year old Shar Pei, Ellie) is in end stages of Liver and Kidney failure. She was poisoned when a neighbor put down Scotts Turf Builder II, which contains HERBICIDES and Iron. She was instantly like a stroke victim, or severe poisoning, staggering, frothing at mouth, heavy panting, disorientation, restlessness. She has progressed rapidly, losing 14 lbs., barely eating. Her breath is holy-cow awful (kidneys), oozing bloody, sores on legs, as her Gastro, blood and even skin is HIGHLY acidic. She was at deaths door 3 weeks ago. Could not stand, not eat, and was vomiting (more like wretching) continuously. Doc gave a shot for nausea and did more blood work. He couldn't even speak when he came in with the lab work. He felt she was suffering severly and had no quality of life. I was not convinced she was in pain, just feeling PROFOUNDLY TOXIC AND WEAK, much like us. Her appearance was that of the dogs you see in abuse pictures.

    I had IV bag of fluids with B-Complex to administer her to help flush kidneys, and pills for the constant vomiting. Also, Pepcid AC to help reduce acid in gastrointestinal tract. Clavamox (an antibiotic) for the infections forming all over her skin. He felt it was way too advanced to even bother with a low protein diet, we didn't expect her to live more than a day or two. He said she may start having seizures and stop processing urine.

    We were on vacation at the beach for the summer, and the kids took time off work to keep vigil with Ellie, take pictures and stay close just talking softly and giving ear rubs. We all had private time with her and I prayed hard that God would let her recover enough strength and vitality to live again, and prayed that she go easily and quickly when her time comes, as I am not mature enough to put her down.

    So, the next day, I start my own regimen, to regain her health.
    1. PB8 - My probiotic, now hers also
    2. SeaMeal - A Solid Gold supplement from the sea. 19 types of sea vegitaation, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes. A can normally lasts me a year or more. I gave her 2 cans in 3 weeks!
    3. Bentonite Liquid - A tablespoon poured down her daily
    4. Home cooked food - Cooked Barely, lentils, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, 2 oz. salmon, mixed with 1/2 can dog food, topped with her 3-6 teaspoons of seameal. She is SPOONFED 4-6 cups, usually twice a day. In just one day, she started to come to life. She started barking to be taken out for walks and potty! Has even gotten demanding about it. She has a spring in her step and can get into a trot. She is interacting with us and is interested in life again.

    I was sure she had gained back about 7 or 8 lbs, which would be a MIRACLE. I stopped at the vets office on my way home, and was surprised she had only gained 2 lbs. She has apparently lost a LOT of muscle mass. Even so, the Vet saw me, and says, NO WAY!. He was really shocked she was still with us and wants me to drop a line telling him what I am doing.

    But it is not enough. I am starting her on Flax Seed Oil, Life Extension, and Green Cow (Tripe) all from Solid Gold. Also will try their Holistic Blend kibble, but she won't eat much kibble. She probably knows it is too much protein for her.

    If anyone has specific recommendations on supplements for ridding the body of Urea, Amonia, I would appreciate any leads. I know I used to take a product called Cleanse & Build, which contained L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Ornithine AlphaKetoglutarate, which I used to take for the same purpose. I haven't had my internet all summer and will be fervently researching every option. So, any advice, ideas, please, please, share, and I will research further. This is one special girl, and is truely loved.
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    I had been thinking of you the past few weeks and even looked up your username in the search then realizing you said you were going away for the summer...I can't believe I missed all your recent posts!!! I didn't know you were back and then I saw your post about something on the first page and just had to be nosey and check WHEN you came back and I saw this post about Ellie...

    I am so sorry this happened to her (and you) but I see you have started a wellness program for her...As usual you are taking charge and taking care of her the best way possible...Those that do so much for their furry kids always seem to stay on my mind, that's why I missed you here...

    I don't have anything to add as far as what is good for her kidney health and by the list you provided, I know you are doing the very best for her...

    Ellie has a very good chance of getting through this with your loving hands to help her...If it's possible to get her through, you will...

    Prayers going up for all of you, thinking good thoughts esp. for you and Ellie...Just repaying for the help I recieved this morning when I brought my Daynie to the doctor...All is fine for us now...Wishing the same for you!

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    Milk thistle and Sam-E are what my vet used with my cat Hobbes when he got hepatic lipidosis to detox and support the liver.

    Unfortunately, despite very intensive treatment on our part (including home nursing from me, an experienced vet technician) he was just too sick and kept going downhill until I knew it was time to put him to sleep.

    Good luck with Ellie - it sounds like you have made solid progress - I hope it continues.

    Madame Curie
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    Thank you Stormy, mamadove and madamecurie, for all your kind words. Sadly, Ellie is losing ground fast. She is at her lowest weight ever, and her entire right rear leg is a mass of bloody oozing tumors. I don't know how much longer she can last. If she rebounds again, I will be surprised. I'm still waiting for 2 products I ordered online last week, but she really is doing poorly. I love her way more than I am sure is healthy, but she is truely a special dog. I will keep you all updated.

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