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    I see two doctors 1) my pain management doctor (who does not communicate well and 2) my family doctor. My pain management doctor received the results of my thyroid blood tests (I had an appointment with him yesterday) and told me there is a problem with my thyroid.

    He prescribed synthroid and said it would help with fatigue, depression, weight loss, etc. This tells me (I think I have hypothyroidism).

    He then said the test results show I'm producing 8 times the normal amount. Producing 8 times the normal amount of what? I don't know and, as I said, he's not one to explain. I thought hypothyroidism mean that I was under-producing thyroid hormones???

    I see my family doctor in a couple of weeks and I'll get an explanation and a second opinion from him but - in the meantime - can anyone shed some light on this 8 times the normal amount business. I googled but couldn't figure it out.

    Anne Theresa
  2. cobie

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    Dear anne. I assume your DR means that your tsh level(thyroid stimulating hormone) is high,which is secreted from the pituitary gland. Its function is to stimulate your thyroid gland.If it is high(tsh) it means your thyroid is not responding to its request,so the thyroid is not functioning correctly. So you need some sort of thyroid replacement. Hope this makes sense. regards Cobie
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    This makes perfect sense, thanks for responding. a.t.
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    Cobie makes a lot of sense. If your TSH was 8 x too high, it could be at 8 to 10. My endocrinologist keeps my TSH around .1 something. I'll get a copy of my lab report the next time he checks this.

    My family doc used to keep my TSH around 5.5 and that was too high and I always was constipated and tired (well I am still tired) and had other symptoms of hypo.

    Good luck. I feel everything will work out for you. Do get a copy of your lab report as that is yours and they have to give you a copy.

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    I appreciate your response. This is all very new to me. I haven't started the thyroid pills yet because I'm leaving today for four days at the beach and I don't want to start a new medication (and have to contend with possible side-effects) while on holiday.

    I'm hopeful the new medication will help with some of these troublesome symptoms (which I've been considering were from the FMS/ME, diabetes etc.). It would be wonderful to feel even a little bit better. God bless, Anne Theresa