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    I have been going to the same PCP office for a little over a year. They have several doctors in there and each time my husband and I have gone in there the last doctor we saw was gone. They take in these doctors that can prescribe etc but still have a final residency period I guess. Anyway Wed we went in for my appt and one of the regular doctors saw me. I had NEVER seen him before.

    I am 5'2" tall now, have lost an inch to
    Osteoporosis in the last couple of years and this guy looks up at me. He is in his 50's I'd say, I'm 58. He has about 4" curly hair that is white (pretty sure a perm, but that is neither here nor there really). He is one of those "little men" who has a Demi God syndrome and it's obvious from the moment you meet him. But with me he acted like he KNEW me and I think I know why..later.

    Anyway, I had blood work done a couple of times before this visit and it showed an
    ANA anomoly. I came here and sweet heart of a person, I am having a momentary fog so I can't remember her name, told me to request a double strand ANA test to be sure it was right as there are often false positives on the ANA test.

    So I went in to see about that (they didn't let me know for a year and it was when I asked after calling in for months!)..he was barely listening to what I said. He proceeded to go down the list of my ailments and medications and made a
    "hmmmmm" noise when he saw my dose of pain medication. I have a pain specialist separate from their office which whom I have been for about 7 years or so. My pain specialist is well known, respected, has no complaints with our Board of Medical Examiners and is a very thorough fellow.

    So this little man asks me what the pain specialist's name is and I told him. He then pronounced it wrongly (on purpose I
    thought) and asked me where his office was. I told him, it's about a 30 minute drive to a very exclusive area of medical
    buildings..I followed him there when he moved from nearer to us. He again said his name wrongly and said he'd never heard of him. I repeated the correct name and said I doubted he had heard of HIM either as I had not.

    He then shoved a grey piece of paper at me and told me to sign it. I asked what it was and he said it said that they would only be prescribing my Asthma, Osteoporosis etc and Lorazapam medications and NOT any pain medications. I said "Fine, I didn't and don't intend to ask you to!". I didn't have my glasses and took him at his word but my husband
    was in the room. I am going to ask to read it when I go back.

    Anyway after insinuating that my doses of my pain medications were high..it took about 4 years to reach the levels I take and they haven't been changed since May of 2003..so I'm doing fine..he said he wanted new bloodwork which I agreed to as
    I wanted the double strand test as well and he quickly filled out the prescription for blood work. I asked if he was including the TSH, TS3 and 4?..anyway I got it right and he said yes. He said I am on a large dose of Asthma medicationa also and I told him it
    is ALWAYS right on on bloodwork but I don't mind having it tested again of course.

    I tried to ask him about the trigger finger I am developing, I KNOW what it is but wanted more info on whether there is
    physical therapy or something I can do before surgery might be needed. He told me "It's a trigger finger"..which he repeated twice and twice I said "I know". End of subject.

    I wanted to address the fact that since I had a chest infection and a SMALL case of
    Pneumonia a couple of months ago which caused heavy coughing, my voice has been hoarse ever since. I like to sing around the house, was the soloist in high school
    and take kids out on Christmas Eve to sing for the neighbors. Now if I reach a
    certain note my voice cracks like a young boy whose voice is changing. I wanted to
    know if he thought it will clear of if I
    should have it looked at. He ignored my
    question because he didn't HEAR or listen to it.

    He asked me about my last pap and I told him it was about 2 years ago but I prefer the woman I went to. She's a Gyno but he
    didn't hear that. He just said "We have that "breed" here and marked down an appt with one of the female doctors in their office. I didn't say anything but WILL go the person of MY choice.

    He asked if I'd had a colonoscopy or mammogram. I said NO and before I could tell him why on either one he said "I'll just write down that you refuse because you don't LIKE it". LIKE IT? Who does? It is NOT my reason but he was not listening.

    I knew I didn't like the peep squirt from about the second minute I was with him but the more I've thought about it the more angry I've gotten! He was totally condescending and at the least RUDE to me
    from the start. I might have thought it was the newly noticed thing I've seen with my age. Suddenly more and more people in ANY degree of authority treats me like an old lady for the first time. With that comes an attitude of "you are
    just on the verge of senility so be quiet"! It's not fair and totally WRONG
    but eventually many older women go through it.

    Well I also got to thinking about how he acted like he knew me..or OF me right off the bat and light bulb went off. It may just be paranoia but I had ONE other experience VERY similar a few years ago.
    That time it was a local pharmacist and I
    won't go deeply into it but he caused me
    all kinds of stress and disstress that required my husband and I going to every
    pharmacy in our city to get letters from every pharmacist saying he didn't know me or of me, that I had never had a prescription filled at their pharmacies etc. to get it settled..along with a call
    to the pharmacy main office in Utah.

    Anyway THAT one ended up over the pharmacist being friends with the doctor
    who was my mother's primary care doctor when her cancer was not discovered due to
    negligence. Her doctor had been on the front page of our biggest paper here as the "Worst doctor in Arizona" more than once, though we didn't know it.

    She was finally diagnosed in the ER by a doctor that offered to testify that her cancer would have and should have been discovered by a simple hands on exam. I took a charge against him to the Board of
    Medical Examiners, where it was dismissed, even though he had 13 outstanding complaints when mine was made and had dozens of others in the past.

    I am NOT a betting woman but if I was I would BET he knows or is friends with this doctor who I believe directly caused the death of my mother or certainly contributed to it. I base it on his unusal familiarity with me when I got there, on his repeated mistakes in my pain specialists name, on his obvious disapproval of my pain medication, on a
    transaparent disbelief in Fibro ("Yes a lot of those diagnosis are out there"),
    his questioning of WHY I would go SO far to see this pain specialist, rudely and without cause having me sign the no pain medication paper and his refusal to even LISTEN to the complaints I came in to see
    about in the first place. That holier than thou dismissal of me as human being much less a patient with multiple health

    THEN two days later his nurse called and
    told me to write on the prescription for
    my blood work "also Theo check"..to add
    checking my Theophilline sp. level of my Astham medication. I am NOT writing on ANY prescription and they can CALL him for clarification on wanting that test. Too easy for him to claim I added it of
    my own doing and without his consent! I just do NOT trust this little dictator. I don't like him if he has NO alterior intentions and I just think he does.

    My pain specialist is in my insurance book, my insurance company covers my meds and he REALLY has nothing to say or do with it or about it. But I DO think he could try to stir up problems with my insurance company for me if he wanted to.
    Just making me out as a "difficult patient" due to the colonoscopy and mammogram thing.

    I asked him about the heat tests they do for breasts first..and about the fact that some specialists think that smashing a breast that HAS a tumor is really bad news..about echo cardiograms etc and he just dismissed any and all things I asked about and have researched on the subject.

    He also said my Osteoporosis is "BAD". I said "The last doctor in here told me it
    wasn't bad and was just beginning"...so he looked at the images again and said "Well it's not THAT bad but it's bad I
    think.". ?????? I really think he was not paying ANY attention to what I said and
    asked and was being very dismissive of me and very rude at the same time.

    I will do these tests but will be looking for a new PCP right away. In the first place I only switched to this group because my regular doctor retired. I thought if I didn't like one I might find another in the same place without having to go on the hunt. Now I just want as far away from HIM and his office as I can get once these tests are done; a chest exray, bloodwork and a bone scan. Six months with a newly diagnosed Osteoporosis patient who the first doctor told me wasn't very bad seems awfully soon and a little unreasonable to me anyway, but I'll do it.

    So anyone who stuck it out reading this rant, thank you. WHEN will be be able to
    have a place that lists doctors names, ages and all that but also patient opinions of the doctors. They may look fine on paper, qualified and all that but be the biggest boob you ever met! So far I've run into more of the later in my life! Bambi
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    need the support badly!

    Bump! Thanks!
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    I read your post and I can see why you need to rant...
    I just wanted to share an experience my mom had with her PCP..
    First of all my mom is 82 years old now...She started having balance problems and seeing problems. She went to her PCP that told her to get a cane, that she was just getting old!
    Well, my mom has this very nice cardiologist and she asked if he could be her Primary Doctor, he said, yes. She got an appointment the next day.

    This wonderful doctor sent her for an MRI immediatly...he said just skip the neurologist and go directly to get the MRI....They found a brain tumor, it was cancer!

    She is still alive today due to this wonderful doctor doing his job........My mom has TRICARE and does not need a referral to see a specialist, but her previous doctor treated her like my mom needs "HER" permission to see a specialist..

    My mother has been through ****and back last year, she is doing ok now. The cancer has begun to reoccur, she has decided no more treatments...

    It is so hard, I love my mom, I am so thankful for her cardiologist, he has given my mom a few more years...

    Please, if there is anyone that is treated that way, go for another oppinion. We all deserve to be treated with love, and respect...Just "getting old" is not an answer..

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    Holy moley!

    I have gone through that kind of nonsense, but have used a choice of words for these doctors that they have been glad to have me leave.

    And leave I do.

    With all the doctors in the world I would walk over one and then the next to find the right one.

    You===have a lot of patience.

    I wish I did.

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    I just had to laugh when you said I have patience. It's the worst thing I fight all the time is having NO patience. I think I've just gotten SO slow over the last few years with this dd and spending so much of my time alone. My husband is my main conversation partner daily and if he says 100 words in an evening I'll eat them.

    People like this jerk doctor say and do things that seem to just fly over my head at the moment. Then I get away from them for a few hours, then a day or two and more and more I think about what happened and it HITS me.

    A friend visited last year for a weekend, first visitor I've had in several years. Her husband said something to me and I just said "Hmm?
    Oh yeah." or something like that. He looked at me and said "I used to ALWAYS be able to get you riled up with comments like that and now you
    just say "Oh yeah". What happened to you?".

    I was never a smart aleck exactly but I did love a quick come back and lively conversation. I've just lost the touch because I don't do it any more. Every thing seems so serious all the time I guess. So when this doctor was being such a ... whatever, I didn't even catch it until I was out of the office. In the old days his ears would still be ringing!
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    Why wwas this doctor haprping on you about when yo had your last pap test, or a mamogram or the colonsocopy? What does it all have to do with his treatment of you. IF he is not your gyno or you Pcp then it is not any of his business to ask you about your female health. As he is treating you for your ashtma only what does it matter if you have had a mamamoram done in the past 5 years?

    Why was he so pushy about the doctors you have seen and complained that they are different or giveing you far to much medications?

    I would get your chart and all the records you have from him and go find some one who is a real doctor. Who will consider you as a person not a qustionier. It sounds like you really had to medical visit just played 20 questions that really did have much to do with the problem you were seeing him for.

    You can tell me to mind my own business , but i hvae to say that he woulds really strange. I Hope that you find a doctor who is really willing to listen to you and not play 20 questions with you and make snotty remarks . You need a doctor who will treat you and respect you . I Hope that you find one. I hope that I am not out of line with my comments as I was reading fast and may have missed something.

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    Dear Bambi:

    So sorry you had all these problems with this guy. I would consider sending a letter of complaint to your state medical board. I would also suggest that you contact your insurance company to complain about your treatment. You might be surprised to hear that some insurance companies use consumer complaints to determine if they will allow doctors to be part of their coverage.

    Your PCP should be the one who coordinates your care...not second guesses other doctors and overrules your preferences.

    He obviously has a bad case of Napoleon Syndrome (you know, little man's inferiority complex). Just think of him as a little person (not meant to slam the real little people) with no real people skills and go on and find yourself a real doctor.

    Good luck to you.

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    who is more caring...what is up w/him....does his blank d blank do stink....




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    here yesterday or maybe the day before, I've lost track. We had a huge rain and wind storm two nights ago that came leaking in under our back door and through the laundry room and into our spare room. We have had all of our things in boxes and others stacked up in that room while we try to do some fixup on our house.

    We spent hours sopping up water and moving boxes etc to another bedroom and the livingroom. I was washing the towels and all we were using when the washer went out. Sounds like a sob story but true.

    My husband had to take the next day off of work to get the rest out and the carpet all dried out. He has pain issues too from a back deformity and Diabetes 2 neuropathy, so it was like two half people doing all this, and me the least help. Today he is putting a new threshold in the back door and new sweep and trying to make sure this doesn't happen again. I did get a new washer out of it, but..!!!

    Thank you all for your replies. I WILL write the letter for my files and request a copy of my files. It's not easy to get them these days. A stranger has an easier time getting them that we do. I AM going to notify my insurance company and the pain specialist. I just think this guy is up to no good and is NOT thinking in
    my best interests at all!! Thank you
    all!!! Bambi
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