OT: Rat incident, Windblade and Hangin and others

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    I posted this on the worship board, because that is where the topic came up at.
    But thought it would be fun to post here also!!

    My girlfriend, abit of a high maintainence girl, but alot of fun. Also a city girl use to nice things, not a lowly farm girl like me! smile

    Well, she separated from her husband, and was moving into this old farm house. Before her, lived a single mom with abunch of kids, they allowed animals in this house, (farm animals) chickens, and cows!!!

    House is pretty trash, you can imagine. She's a do-it yourself kinda girl who never thinks about the money involved in something. So she decided she's going to rip out the whole kitchen and redo it!!!

    Anyways, i get this phone call from her one day, and she's absolutely hysterical!! I'm thinking something really bad happened, and try to get her to calm down so i can understand her.

    It turns out she had pulled the stove out, and found a dead rat behind the stove. At this point i just start laughing, i'm like so what just throw it out of the house.

    Well little miss priss is freaking out!! ( I love her! that's half the fun) She's demanding i come over and get this rat out, then want's my husband to come over.
    He's a deputy.

    Sorry honey, that's not in his job discription! LOL
    I'm making her laugh on one hand and on the other she's just getting mad. One minute she's laughing the next she's yelling at me to come over!!

    I finally convince her to just go get a shovel and scoop the thing up and throw it out. You know a little commensence! "Oh! that sounds easy" she says. Duh!, did she think she had to pick it up? He, He,He,

    So, keeping me on the phone, she gets a shovel and starts scouping, then i hear a screech, and things flying. I'm like What... What.... ( She's a bit dramatic, that's what make this so fun!)

    She gets back on the phone, (I think she had threw it)
    "It MOVED!!!!!!!" She screams. Now, I'm in hysterics, because i'm dying laughing!!!

    Finally i calm her down, and tell her, no it's not alive! It's dead! It just wiggled when you picked it up on the shovel. I finally get her to scoop it back up and take it out side.

    She flings it out in the driveway, and i hear, "oh- wait a minute"; I'm like what now? Did it get up and runaway?

    Then i hear her laughing her ass off!!!! I'm sitting there trying to get her to tell me. Finally i hear, "fake, HA, Ha, Ha, the rat, He, HE, HE, ....rubber"... roar with laughter!!!

    It was a fake rubber Rat!!!!!!!
    Can you believe that!!!!??
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    One of the previous childrens' toys, no doubt.
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    Thanks..that is so funny......loved it.......Susan