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    20 years ago while living in Germany a very strange and heart breaking thing happen to one of my husbands medics. I just have had this terrible story on my mind and need to tell it.

    We use to invite the younger soldiers to our home for Holidays and football games and stuff. They were our family and many were 19 or early 20's so they enjoyed being around a family when they could ,being so far from their own. Being in Government Quarters was better then a cold barracks.

    One of his medic came by one day with his girlfriend (she was of another country also but not ours or Germany. They were young I think he was 19 .They both seem like very sweet young adults ready to share their life's and began on a path together. Nothing seemed strange or different about this young man .He was very polite and friendly and I believe in love.

    A few weeks later my husband was called at home very early to come into work that there was a problem. He did not tell me what but I could see stress come over him and a deep concern moved him into fast gear to get out the door.

    Later that day he returned home with the most unbelievable news I have ever been given .His young medic was accused of murder .The same young man that sat in my home weeks before was arrested and in jail for the murder of a civilian German cab driver. A very horrible crime.

    My husband and I had taken a liking to this young soldier partly because he was just a really nice young man and he would call my husband "Dad" trying to make him feel like an old man. It was a joke ,but touched both of us because it was a term of endearment or respect. The next several weeks were going to be hard ones in a Military court room for a trial.

    I went everyday, my husband had to testify. We sat in the small room while this young mans life was told and his mental health examined over and over with testimony from fellow soldiers ,Officers and family. I watched my husband struggle with feelings of responsibly for this young soldier .

    He told me he felt that the crime was so horrible that He should have been able to since a defect in this young man and his mental Illness. That if he had ,maybe he could have prevented this horrible thing .But NOBODY foreseen anything wrong with him ,He just broke mentally and stab the cab driver to death on a quite road not to far from where we lived.

    The prosecution claim it was to rob her but I don't think a normal person could have done such a crime unless there was some mental breakdown .As they brought forth his personal bills and debts to try to prove this was why ,I sat in amazement knowing that his debt was nowhere near what some of the people I knew had. I never believed and still do not believe that was the reason this happen.

    The military lawyer stood with pictures facing outward of the crime . Those sitting next to me and myself could see the horrible attract and this poor women's cut up body .It sicken me and was shocking ,I had never seen anything as up setting as those pictures.

    My heart felt such pain for the cab drivers parents sitting in the courtroom .I also felt pain for his parents .

    My husband and I talked with his Mom and Dad and were quite taken back.This family was of above average and very well educated .We even found out they were moving to our hometown to work with a big corporation. Two young life's damaged beyond repair.There were no real answers or reason anyone would convince me of, that seem to fit.
    He was convicted and sent to the US to a military prison for the rest of his life.

    I remember seeing him in the hall outside the court room .He looked so broken down and even confused as if none of these things were real. As people push to get by I was put right in front of him and we looked right into each others eyes and I called him by name and ask, if he knew who I was. He said yes Mrs .... I do. I reached over and gave him a quick hug and said we love you and will always be praying for you .That was the last time I saw that kid .Twenty years ago.

    My husband and I still think about that group of medic's even twenty years later. Yesterday he ask me if I knew how long it had been.I realized at that moment his desire to become a teacher ,to reach out and help young people was probably even connected to this horrible memory.I do not think He even realizes this yet.

    Please pray with us for these families and those of us who have experienced our own mental health problems. Only threw the Grace of God our life's could have ended in a cab on a dark street or in a courtroom in a Military trial .And Twenty years later there still is no real answers for any of us.

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    We are all complex human's. We all woner about such as normally we do not think of ever doing anything like that.

    How compassionate you and your DH are. I wished I had an answer.

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    What a story! You never found out why? So very sad. And what a waste of so many lives. I will certainly pray for you, there is healing through the power of Jesus Christ!

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    We never found out why. I think it had more to do with mentel health and just a total breakdown.He testafied that he was going to get dropped off at a empty lot and was going to kill himself but he blacked out when he woke up he remembered someone grabed his arm and then he saw blood all over him and fell out of the cab and I guess got up to run.He took a kids bike and went back to his barracks .

    I think he must have had mental health problems before this ,but like many people he crashed on that day at that moment.
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    This is something I don't think I'll ever forget your right.
    If you have read any of my old post and know I had a mental breakdown and did not know who I was and was lost for several hours one day.I went through several months trying to get well . I was not violent but I was not my self at all.
    Now after several years I am back to being me except for having CFS/FM
    I think of this young man and wonder if we experienced something similar only he handled it with violence .I wonder if he was ever treated for the mental illness and like I said before only threw the Grace of God, my life was protected during those hours I was loss mentally and physically.

    I do remember praying in my head for hours ,days to months for God to help me with all my confusion.If it had not been that I felt close to God during my breakdown who knows what could have happen.

    I also feel for people we hear come up missing and no one ever see's them again .I am truely blessed ,I made it back.

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    How tragic that your young friend's mental illness led him to murder. What a sad world we live in at times. Good thing there is hope, healing, and redemption, too.

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    I think the real story is that we were all just ordinary people it could happen to anyone.

    So as much as I complain about this DD ,I still know how Lucky I am to have the life I do.
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    I have seen a little of this, a 13 year old boy sexually assaulting an 11 year old girl. ??? What the he**? I have seen the narcisistic behavior of a few kids who really are dangerous for that. And two out of prison that raised the hair on the back of my neck.
    Today a confrontation with a young man who usually is very quiet and compliant, however, my read on him was that he was a spoiled brat and I was right. It took all day to get him to do one simple thing.
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    How old was the boy and has he showed other problems?

    I think the difference is the young man in my story had no history before this and had a black out .
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    I too was in Germany in the 80's. We also had young friends come over for holidays and just to get away from the barrack. I think it gave them some feeling of family.

    Most of these kids had never been away from home and family. I don't think they really knew how to deal with it much. I also know that alcohol played a huge part on some of them.

    The army provided lots of opportunities for getting alcohol. It was very cheap on post. No taxes.

    Every event sponsored by the army served alcohol. Parties etc.

    On the economy, German's LOVED alcohol, Beer Fests, Wine Fests, Oktoberfests. Drink until you dropped. The German exchange rate was really good then, so it was very cheap to get totally drunk.

    Did your young friend have a drinking problem?

    I know many of our young friends would drink until the blacked out.

    Looking back, it was a terrible thing that they drank so much. I wonder about them today.

    Sorry for your continued pain,
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    nice to meet you sounds like we have sharied alot . No I do not think he had a drinking problem or that would have come out in court,
    Your right that can become a life long problem for those young people trying to just deal with their life.
    Thank you for reading my story.
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