OT ReneSo sorry to hear about your Mom

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    I started this new thread. I just wanted to tell you again how sorry I am to hear about your Mom. I am glad that she is at a really good hospital. You are a truly wonderful daughter.

    I wish that we where closer so that I could help. Please remember no matter how hard it is that you need to take care of yourself.

    I want to thank you also for being there when my Daddy was in the hospital. Also for you prayers for my Grandson. We still do not know for sure when he will be born, they are hoping to wait as long as possible.

    Do you have any other familly to give you support or help? I know sometimes that is not possible.

    How is your Mom doing now? Please keep me updated.

    God bless; Pam
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    Bump for Rene
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    Hi Pam yes I wish we were closer too. You are a great help just on this board.

    My mom didn't get her angiogram which upsets me. The nurse didn't know why but I asked the dr to call me tonight. The nurse said it could be that they don't have enough techs or that they want my mom more in better condition, the nurse didn't know she was guessing. Both nurses were really nice and good.

    I have big concerns (this sounds awful) but they keep delaying it and the nursing home won't hold her bed for more then 8 days. If she has to go to a bad nursing home as they are that will be awful. Maybe I am in denial how bad my mom is I don't know. But compared to the last ICU she looks 100% better to me.

    I have 2 half brothers and thats it. I called the one in Hawaii and he never called back. He did call back the last ICU when I told him she's dying and he didn't come out.

    My other one is kinda a bum and into drugs and in and out of jail and I called the place where he calls and left two messages about my mom and he didn't call. He did see my mom once when she was OUT of ICU 2 weeks ago. I told him I'd pay $5 to come see her for the bus last time but he didn't. He even talks to that creap who abused my mom!! I don't talk much at all to my 1/2 brothers.

    I stopped by my moms nursing home as her roommate was completely paralized and has slow slurred speach and she gets no visitors. I could not stay long but I had called and told the nurses there to tell her what happened and that I'd stop by (I was thinking my mom would be relased over the weekend). I feel sorry for her actually her name is PAM!

    I gave her my walkman and a tape and I turned it on for her as she said she could not do it. She was talking to herself when I came in her room and goes "I talk to myself". So sad. She can only move her eyes and mouth.
    My mom and her really like eachother.
    Anyway sorry for going on and on.

    How is your dad? Does he have to go to the hopital for follow up where you weren't so happy? Can he go somewhere else?

    Thanks again for everything.

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    Glad to hear from you. How are things now with your Mom. Is she alert and able to talk to you? Hospitals seem to have a lot less people on the weekends, maybe that is why they aare not running the test. I don't think you are in denial. You and your Mom have been thru so much.

    You are a very sweet and caring person. I am sure that your Mom's roomate enjoys your attention. So many people are put in Nursing Homes and forgotten about. It is really sad.

    My Dad is doing really well. He has to go to the Dr. on the 13th and they are going to start him on rehab. I talked him into going to the hospital that is closer to me and him also. There is also a new hospital half way in between us that I plan to see if his Dr. is with also.

    I know what you mean about your half brothers. My brother lives with my Dad and other than fixing a meal now and than he is no help. If I had listened to him that Sunday that I took Daddy to the hospital my Dad would be gone. He told me that he was feeling better. He has also been in troble for DWI's and drugs. He was no help when Daddy was in the hospital, and was the same way when my Mother was sick and passed away.

    He has stolen from my Dad, Daddy is afraid to leave anything laying around. Daddy feels like my brother is his responsibilty, but it is getting old. My Dad wants us to go over all of his paper (life insurance etc.) He asked me to take responsibilty for all of that. I said that I would, I don't want him to worry about any of that.

    Please let me know how things are going. Take care of yourself.

    God bless; Pam
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    Rene how are things?
  6. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam thanks again for your comfort. Glad your dad will be starting rehab soon and that he will go to a different hospital. Are your half brothers older? Mine are 6 and 7 yrs older. They lived with there dad when I was young.

    Well my mom had her angiogram today and she is ok and in ICU. They said that they don't need to do any bypass but actually the dr said they will have more info tomorrow. I feel so sorry for my mom. SHe has metal bars clamped into her arm completely over her left arm (shes left handed) and he said her lung is still really full.

    He was sensitive about getting her out so she can get back in the nursing home (short term care side) so she doesn't lose her place. Awful we even have to think about that.

    I am glad the procedure went good today.

    What types of rehab is your dad going to get? Are you feeling a lot better too now?

    I got a flyer today and this teen wanted to do work. So I called and she took out my garbage and unloaded dishes ect. and only charge $7 for 1 hour. That makes me feel better to have a clean place.

    Well I'll keep you posted.

    Take care,
  7. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Glad to hear that your Mom's test was ok. Why does she have to metal bars clamped over her left arm. I am glad that the Dr. understands about keeping her place in the nursing home. There are good caring Drs. out there sometimes they are hard to find.

    His rehab is to help with his breathing, to try and make it so he can breath a little better. I went and saw him yesterday. He is doing ok, he was not feeling as good as he was. Alot of it is the fact that he really has limitations now. He also finally is not smoking, and can't due to the oxygen. He even jokenly asked to borrow one of mine (I do not smoke and neve have)

    I only have the one brother. He is 47 four years younger than I am. I am so I can not stand to be around him. I hate to say it about my brother but he has definate mental problems. He told Daddy that he spent most of the day Saturday with his son. I saw my nephew yesterday and I asked him if he had saw his Dad lately and he said no he had talked to him a few days ago. On top of everything else he is a compulsive lier.

    I know what you mean about a clean house. My husband says don't worry about it, but I do feel comfortable if my house is messy. He helps but I have my own way. They use to call me Martha Stewart's twin. Not any more.

    I am feeling about the same. My son called last night and wanted to know if we would take him to the hospital. He had knee surgery on 8/18, the Dr. had released him and he was playing volleyball and jumped up when he came donw he heard his knee pop and was in a lot of pain. The ER Dr. took ex rays and said that nothing was broken that it was probably only sprained. He did say that ther was an awful lot of fluid. He is suppose to call his ortho on Tues.

    How are you doing? I hope that you are getting some rest and taking care of yourself. Pleased keep me posted.

    God bless; Pam
  8. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, hope all goes well with your sons dr appt. I didn't know about his knee surgery. How is he doing now?

    My mom is getting breathing treatments too. She may get out of ICU today. Back in Sept when she shattered her elbow and had surgery, they but a rod in her arm. The rod broke through her arm a few weeks ago and that what was causing her sepsis shock that almost killed her a few weeks ago.

    They put rods on the out side of her arm. I never asked why as she was dying in front of me or so it seemed.

    I was gonna go to the hospital but i just can"t. I need a day off as I've been going to er's and nursings homes for weeks and weeks.

    Take care and thanks for your caring and support!
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    Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. Did she get out of ICU?

    I understand what you mean about needing a break. We need to take care of ourselves too. My husband finally told me "take care of yourself because if you get down you are not going to be any good to anyone you are trying to help". He is right. I would never tell him that thou LOL.

    My son is not really doing to great. He was hurting so mad yesterday he could not stand it. His fiance' had the nerve to tell him she was in pain too that the baby keeps poking up under her rib. I hate to say it but no one can have a pain or be ill around her or hers is worse. My Granddaughter had a virus last week and as soon as she found out about it she suddenly had a virus.

    Anyway I got off of the subject. He hurt so bad that he went back to the hospital last night. They gave him a shot of demerol and took some of the fluid out of his knee. It was bloody so there was no infection which is a good thing. Is ortho was not in today so he has an appointment tomorrow. It worries me because he said that it hurt worse than it did before the surgery. It keeps wanting to go out or lock up on him.

    When your Mom gets out of ICU will they send her back to the Nursing Home or will she go to another floor of the hospital?

    I am going to see Daddy tomorrow after I go to my son's appointment with him. Daddy was kind of down today. He told me that it does not pay to get old. I will be glad when he has his Drs. appointment on the 13, I think that he is getting really discouraged.

    Take care of yourself. Please keep me posted.

    God bless, Pam
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    Bump for Rene
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    How are things?
  12. Rene

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    Hi, I super tired today. I've been at an elderly neighbors house who has a recliner and she is sure a great company to me.

    Well had awful night as some new cardiologist called from the hospital yesterday. He said he wants to do these tests on my mom.

    I sorry I can't explain myself, anyway I'm like well my mom needs to be out by Thurs as the nursing home wont hold her bed past that. The cardio said that he can't, in good conscience, let her out by then. I was upset as first I didn't even know him and neither did my mom never see him since yesterday and she had other cardios since Friday when she had the heart attack. Her heart attack didn't do barley any damage thankfully!

    All the drs up til him said they didn't think it would be a problem to get her out. But they rotated all the drs out and in with the new cardio who wants to keep her. Long story short I request a new doc and second opinion. They let me know they aren't doing the procedure and that she will be out tomorrow. I was so happy and I said she isn't in any danger or anything and they said no they couldn't let her out if it wasn't safe. If I wouldn't have jumped in there my mom would have more tests they'd let her out like on Sunday and it would be horrible to get her a nursing home.

    Sorry I'm so flustered.

    So Pam how did your sons appointment go? What are they going to do next? Was your dad in better spirits today? My mom wasn't nice to me today. I only stayed 40 min and thats all I could.

    Thanks guys for the inquiry. I'm not myself as I got no sleep. They did send a team of neurologists to find out why my mom screams so much. They don't know why.

    Take care and keep me posted too.

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