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  1. Cromwell

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    Hy. Wondering where you are? Did you see the Kingston Trio of PBS over the weekend. The middle one, Steve, Danny said was George Bush and you know, they DO look alike.

    Missing you. Hope you are OK Honora too.

    Love Anne
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  2. rockgor

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    Hello, Peturnia

    How's by you? I read that other long thread that goes on forever so I got the latest news about your brother. He sounds like a tough cookie.

    When I was in Bible Camp we used to sing "Life Every voice and Sing" written by the Johnson brothers. James Weldon Johson wrote "God's Trombones", Negro sermons in verse.

    I memorized some in High school. Back in those days we had speech contests. Wonder if they do now. Doubt it. Anyway I never actually recited any. To do them justice you need a voice like Richard Burton.

    Are there any of the original Kingston Trio left? I saw them in the days when they were young. Coincidentally so was I.

    I bought a "Kingston Trio" CD couple years ago. I think there was one of the original members left.

    Don't have too much pep today. Did the dishes. I hope to muster up enuff energy to pay an overdue bill.

    Good thing we have this board or I'd be the next thing to a hermit. What is the next thing to a hermit? In my dictionary it's a bunch of related words. Like

    As it says on Mel Blanc's tombstone, "That's All, Folks!"
  3. Cromwell

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    Well great to hear from you! I get used to your own and mrdads daily quips, you guys are so funny!

    When will your books arrive from the library? I think it is tonight that Sue Monk Kidd's The Mermaid Chair is on tv. I got it out of the library but it lacked general interest for me, a bit too Hallmarkish if you get my drift.

    Did I tell you I plan to write a book, not the non fiction one on autism I am working on, but a novel of sorts?

    My MIL's family decided back in 1835 to save all of the letters the wrote to one another and pool them at the year's end. This practice went on until the end of the second world war when it stopped along with the other modern thinking.

    As a result, though I have the complete volumes of all these wonderful recorded letters, that were typed into five volumes about 20 years ago. So much witting testimony.

    They were educated pioneer types, some were ministers, they detail life on wagon trains. Some towns were founded by a few and a couple of universities. I have to hand written as it happened, the San Francisco earthquake and the great fire. Some of the stories in the letters are trite everyday stuff, some utterly poignant and tear bringing.

    I have thought for some time of writing to Ken Burns about the letters as I feel it is most unusual to have them. My dh's grandfather was friends and lived in,(along with my MIL when she was very young) a house near Stanford where he was a professor, belonging to Harry Truman, and he later went on to create the War Library letters for Truman. He also wrote extensively and I have a sketch book he transcribed from his grandfather's letters written 1839 to 1840 about the slave trade. Very interesting and I will end with a small quote:

    "I attended the party of a wedding last evening, all were strangers to me. 300 guests were invited and perhaps half were there.....if I ever this mortal coil decked with show and ornament it was there.

    Gentlemen were richly dressed while ladies rustled in silks and satins with gold watches beneath their belts supported by rich chains of the same metal thrown about the neck. How unlike those chains which bind the slave from whom the costly articles of all this parade are wrenched,... all seemed to be rolling in the lap of luxury and wealth but still in the lap of slavery."

    More later, if you care to hear a few quotes from the letters, the writing style is wonderful, the use of language so eloquent, so very descriptive, for of course, this was all that could describe: writing and paintings in the main. No instant cell phone pics for sure. Have we actually gained? Or lost?

    Love Anne

  4. sues1

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    This is truely interesting. I love reading about past times.
    I have researched quite a bit on my family lines and every bit I am able to learn, I cherish. Even the trivial.

    There is a poem about "The Dash"......which speaks of that dash between date of birth and date of death....

    The Dash is what I crave to learn. So writting such a book is an important pursuit. You give some "their dash" by doing so.

    I always love to read your postings, along with Rockgor and Honora also. Amusing and also enlightening.
  5. mrdad

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    I really don't expect you to see this until the A.M. as
    it is after mid-nite in N.Y. State. Just wonder if Honora
    is still hooked up with internet service or if she is use-
    ing an Internet Cafe' to reach us when she can?? She did
    inform us that she may not be in touch much while trying
    to get back in balance. Yet I keep hoping to see a reply
    from her on your Post here.

    I'll talk with you in the Morning and I hope all is well
    there! Also anxious for Danny to have a great week at

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thanks sues1, that was nice of you to comment. Pity about all my typos etc.

    I absolutely love these letters. You talk about teh "Dash" and what is interesting is how they describe and accept as a "given" the many tragic deaths of children from things like "the croup", chicken pox, measles etc. So many children died of infectious disease, which was, of course, the biggest killer until vaccinations. This is why, although I have a son with autism, I support vaccinations, I just feel the three and four at a time are wrong, one at a time worked OK. Ditto re antibiotics.

    June 3rd 1865 (re a small child, Sarah

    Sarah is very sick with the typhoid fever... she has not been well at all this spring. She would come home from school and lie on the lounge with a headache and then go to sleep for a while and play, but I am afraid she is in a sleep now from which she will never awake.

    (then follows some heartwrenching paragraphs) then:

    June 6 ...the last rational word she uttered was "good night papa. Three days ago we had no hope. Now we have a little because she don't die.

    June 11th: It is over. Our little Sarah, darling child, is dead. Buried yesterday just as the setting sun hung low peacefully in the rich green of June and in song we laid her away. Her little spirit went up among the bird songs of earth to better songs above. She was a greta sufferer.

    Boy, can you imagine? These people were writing out their lives as they happened. Maybe this is what we do on the boards here? What people are attempting who blog and have their own websites?

    I did not call the family yesterday, I was feeling very stressed and felt overwhelmed rather. I knew they would call if any change for the worse. I just called now and no reply but that is usual for mornings, when they are usually at the hospital. We just keep keeping hope alive.

    It makes me work: Managed to get the entrance hallway/mudroom looking pretty darn good with paint and the dollar store floor tile!!! $20 room makeover! Aching like mad doing it, could not sleep with the head and neck pains last night, so what else is new(LOL)?

    Interestingly, I have been watching a serial on BBC tv called "Life on Mars" about a cop in a coma who is transported back into 1973 and the overlaps between what is reality and what is the comatose mind. Tonight, it is the final episode where I am hoping he regains consciousness and recovers. I sort of find the pararell with my brother comforting. It is actually set in Manchester, UK close to our home town where we grew up.

    What a beautiful day it is today. Blue skies, around 65 perfect temperature for me. We dropped Danny near his school and continued our walk up to the bird sanctuary. We are so blessed to live in such a delightful neighborhood with so many walks, so clean, such nicely behaved children in general. Mrdad, Danny is proud to be dropped at the path just before the school yard and here is where we will meet him. He is so pleased to be "a big kid"- (he is 5ft4in BTW)

    He struggled with the homework this weekend, took about 2 hours to complete a Q/A sheet about reading that would take most kids less than 20mins. He does get modified grading and should get this for homework too. He needed a lot of prompts to get through it, but gave great and inventive answers when he did. I must remind them he is meant to have his alphasmart for both school and home, and so far, has it for neither. He can type and think better than writing and thinking.

    I once read about a woman who would never make right turns, so she spent ages geting to places on a left turn only route system she engineered. Autism is sort of like that, Danny gets there in the end, but the map is very convoluted and full of detours!

    Honora I hope you are getting back on track. I keep thinking about a woman I know who runs a retreat in Port Townsend and who was always looking for live in help.

    Love you all,

  7. 1sweetie

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    The writing is so beautiful and eloquent. I would love to hear more.

    As I was reading what you wrote about Danny, it reminds me of how my brain works now. I can not think and write nearly as well as think and type. I have questioned a couple of the doctors about this and they just look at me. When I try to write it will not flow. I will write my name or address incorrectly and transpose letters and numbers now. Strange. Also when I research my issues with Sensory Overload, I constantly get sites on Autism. By reading their symptoms, it helped me to understand how noise and motion around me can make me so unbearably ill and not the sweet person I was before. I have to get by myself where it is quite when I get to this point. Recently we purchased noise reduction head phones to help me and they do help.

    I am now afraid of vaccinations. I will no longer take the flu vaccine. They have stopped many diseases but there has been so much research of what the government added to the vaccinations in the last several years to decrease the cost and it is toxic. A friend of mine has done so much research on this but I can not remember the details. I guess if you have a child, you have no recourse though.

    Let me know when you learn about your brother's condition. I asked on the other thread earlier.

  8. rockgor

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    Susan, just last week someone sent me a copy of the poem The Dash w/ lots of great nature pictures.

    Reminds me of a novel I read. The hero was paging thru a calendar which reminded him of a book where the hero was paging thru a calendar and noticed his birth date

    and got to wondering which page would be his death date.

    Did you ever notice how people often keep themselves alive for some special date? Birthday, Christmas, etc. A study showed the death rate in a Jewish community fell 15% before the High Holy Days.

    Then went back to normal thereafter w/ a temporty increase.

    Anne, I think the old letters would be fascinating. Do other family members think so? My aunt did years of family research, but found almost nobody was interested. She sent out some info she had discovered and got very little reaction.

    One lady did write and say,"Thank you. I plan to read it sometime." One of our ancestors was a defense witness at a witch trial in Salem. And one founded a college.

    And one was a blacksmith in New York state who was given free land to move to a village that needed his services.

    I thought it was great stuff, but most of the relatives had no interest at all. My granddaughter is a 12th generation American, but my son has no interest in history.

    Read a recent book on the Lincoln assassination. One of my relatives has a cameo role w/ Booth on the day of the assassination. My grandfather was born when Lincon was in the White House. Fascinating to me that history is just around the corner. Boring to most people.

    Well, you know what the British say. "Naught so queer as folk."
  9. mrdad

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    You must have taken it a bit easy this weekend. Did't
    get to hear a lot from ya! Glad you're starting the week
    off early.

    Your family has had a most interesting historical link
    to Amrican History. I'm like you and am very interested
    in my family history and History in general. That other
    saying the British have that I use to hear a great deal
    while there was, "what do you mean "broil" that fill-it",
    we have a pan a boilin' water we can just throw it into!?
    And, "do ya what some chips with that fish"? "Well", I'd
    say, "sure, make 'em the reg. ones though, don't like the
    BBQ ones"!

    I'll get back with you later, Rock, with some family Hist.
    of mind that is not so well back as yours but interesting.

    "talk" later my friend,

    P.S.( That Witch in Salem, was her name Hazel)?

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  10. rockgor

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    I remember when Hazel was a cartoon in the Saturday Evening Post.

    And I remember when Hazel was a popular TV show. Shirley Booth played Hazel. Shirley Booth was a big star on Broadway. She won an Oscar. Think it was for her first movie "Come Back, Little Sheeba."

    The most popular magazines when I was a kid were Sat. Ev. Post, LIFE, and Readers' Digest. Readers' Digest carried no ads!

    Life was put out of business by TV news. It has now been revived and morphed into something else where timeliness does not matter. Stories about national parks for example.

    Sat. Ev. Post has morphed into a magazine for old folks w/ lots of articles about health and planning for retirement. Useful, I suppose, but boring.

    Mad Magazine, Playboy, People, Hustler, and O did not exist.
  11. Cromwell

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    Wow, family histories are so very interesting. You are right Rock, no one else in the family ever looks at these letters and we all have copies.

    Even though these peoople were all very well educated, I see the spellings are different then too, the use of don't instead of doesn't is one that comes up a lot.

    Salem witch trials- how stupid humans are when one thinks about it. Here we are with all this brain, and most of us could not live a week in the wilderness,unlike the feral cats that used to live in the woods behind my house in Oregon. Animal parents are usually pretty good at defending their young (except when eating them....) well you get the point.

    Rockgar: We used to live in a concrete block house c1900 in a small village called Dryden(after the poet). Now, here is the interesting part. The BLAcKSMITH was a one armed civil war veteran, who set up a shop for casting the blocks to look like stone and built the only house in the village. It was a lovely home, lots of carved oak etc.

    Well, here is the interesting thing, and I am trying now to recall his name, he was given the land to entice him to move to the village. Maybe this happened a lot, but that is quite a coincidence don't you think?

    My dh's dad also has a facinating family history too. His grandpa actually served in both world wars and won the bronze star for, at 52, swimming the Mozelle River underwater in order to take lines across for the troops to hand over hand cross. This swim literally allowed the eigth army to eventually take Paris. Amazing: remember "For some there be that have no memorial. They are buried as though they have never been."

    This same grandpa invented prefabricated housing for the loggers on the Rogue River.

    Apart from the Romany and Shipping/rum trade connections my family were a bunch of quite ordinary people, but smart with it!!!!

    SIL just called. Brother(his name is Geoff BTW) is doing better today. They are starting to feed him directly into the stomach as it turns out they have not been giving him his thyroid meds which may account for the sluggish heart.

    Got to go and make "tea" which is also mrdad, what we Brits call dinner. I was goping to mention my favorite cheer me up cheat food which is Cozy Shack chocolate pudding with Bryers choc chip icecream on top. Don't tell Stormskye(LOL) sorry Storm!!!

    Love Anne
  12. mrdad

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    So glad your Brother seems to be doing cautiously better!
    I wrote an extended Post for you on are on going "Honora"
    Post. Hope Danny had a good day.

    "See" ya later,
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wrote a reply to you on the "Honora" network Post. Wanted
    to ask you here if you personally had experience with
    a possible bad reaction to a particular Vaccination?