ot rockgor "young fury"

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  1. 69mach1

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    that could've been me i suppose....i had to look up the mayo...

    thanks to cromwell giving me the tip off...seems like an interesting lady...

    i have calmed down in my old age, 41 going on 42...lol

    but i am blonde like her...

    you are quite the interesting yourself...

    love and peace

  2. 69mach1

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    yucking it up with all your famous stars.

    you go rockgor

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Which Mayo did you look up? Virginia Mayo was known for her beauty. Have never heard a thing about her personal life.

    Mayo Methot was also an actress. She is the one who was married to Humphrey Bogart. She had a more colorful life; well, drunks generally do.

    Hope you and Cody are fine.


    Just read you were named after a label.

    Lucky it wasn't "Old Lumberjacks' Underwear".

    Smiling out loud.
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  4. 69mach1

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    i looked up virginia mayo from cromwell's post...

    now just looked up mayo methot...

    cody and i are fine...nothing a little vino can't solve...you know i live right near wine country...napa is just about 10 miles east of me...

    well i was on craigslist looking up men looking for women in the bay area...and i could've sworn i saw my drunk exhb on there...posting married and in a five year relationship...
    looking for a std- woman...only 1...to go have a discreet relationship with...he was a little bored in the bedroom room dept...oh and this man said he doesn't cheat...

    i thought what the heck is a married man posting, covering up his face and his tatoo...and somehow thinks he isn't a womanizer...too funny....

    i was looking for a particular pic of him...because the man had a tatoo on his left arm, one of those celtic band type...and covered...

    i thought for sure it was him...but wrong arm...i was going to give him a ribbing for it...he turned 40 and he can't get anymore desperate crazy women.lol

    just kidding he is a good catch for the right woman...if she can put up w/his non treatment of bipolar...too bad he was a great man at one time...

    anyways...now i am a free woman and i just don't know if i want to deal w/anymore relationships...i have more fun going out w/my female friends and chatting here...

    now school will be starting for me on monday...i will be needing to do homework..it sounds so strange at my age...
    oh well...

    i should be getting my section 8 voucher here soon...have appt on the 23 of this month...that will be a blessing right there..i have been waiting for over 4 years for this...

    i just hit the lotto....


  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What are you doing up so late? Haha. Most of us have trouble sleeping, don't we.

    I certainly admire your courage in going back to school w/ all your health problems.

    You live in a beautiful area. My son went to school at Sonoma State. Everytime I came back from visiting him, Los Angeles looked uglier and dirtier. You even have a blue sky up there. Ours is pewter colored.

    Remember to put an apple in your back pack for the teacher.

    Haha. I'm so old when I went to school kids didn't use backpacks. You couldn't even buy one unless you found something like it at a military surplus store.
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and using a back pack will kill my back adn shoulders...i have had surgery on both shoulders...they are bad for these kids backs and neck...i hate to see my son wear one...

    i found an over the shoulder sling one last year at costco..

    i tried to find one for me..but i decided i really don't need one. monday and wednesda is math day...

    tues and thursday is psch and english..i have an hour break in between classes so i will walk out to my car most likely and eat some lunch or read up...etc,,,

    then go to class..

    oh i have been done to the la area a couple of times...you could see the smog at ventura coming down highway 101...we drove thru the first time to san diego...oh and my then hb had to show me the armpit or one of the parts of the world...tijuana...oh it stunk like a portapotty walking over that bridge..he said he loved it down there...

    i said let's buy our leather and crap and go...i wouldn't even drink a canned cocoa cola there...i didn't want to catch anything...and our son, cody was ten months old...

    i think we should've just stayed in monterey area for a while...

  7. Cromwell

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    Sorry about the misinformation and thanks Rock for the correction. You are so right on. Virginia Mayo was indeed lovely and had wonderful hair. I always presumed Mayo meant her, never heard of the other one, though my dad was called Bogie by his mates as he looked like him, trilby and all.

    41 old- my oldest son turns 41 in November. Youngest just turned 12...... see what beibng a blonde does for you!!!!

    LOve and best wishes with the backpacking,

    Anne Cromwell

    Rock I bet you remember the States song"Perry Como I think....what did Delaware boys what did Delaware - she wore a brand New Jersey etc

    That was a great song. Do you have the lyrics?

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What did Delaware? The lyrics are on several sites.
    What did Tennessee? She saw what Arkansas.

    Never knew Perry Como or anybody recorded it tho.

    The song "I'm My own Grandpa" has been discussed on this board recently. When I looked for that I got a musical version as well as the lyrics. It was popular when I was a kid.

    My mother had a hillbillie version on a 78 record. She and her brother used to play those old 78s w/ novelty tunes from the 40s and 50s and laugh like crazy.

    When you go back to school, Jodie, you mustn't do too much.
    Altho I don't know this for a fact, I imagine that when Mayo was a kid, the boys used to tell her, "Now remember Mayo. Don't spread yourself to thin."

  9. 69mach1

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    my ex check the tranny fluid...confirmed that i read the dipstick correctly....it is now reading overfilled...so maybe that is why the slippage...

    so he said go to kragen auto get a siphon bulb thing and take some out of the top of it.......

    then i may even buy some tranny fluid stuff that may thicken it...so i might work better..but baby steps first...

    i have my books ready for tomarrow..i don't need to be to petaluma until 12 noon...so i can sleep in until 10 am..i get the reverse commute traffic..so happy about that...then next semester i will try some of my classes online...that will help out on the driving thing...

    i need to go get my pencils sharpend for the math tomarrow..