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    I just read in your Bio that you LOVE Christine Feehan!!! I am right along with ya honey!!! LOL. I have all of her books and absolutely love them all!! I am also addicted to her Ghostwalker series too.

    Have you ever heard of Sherrilyn Kenyon? I don't read all of the series that she does but, I do read her Dark-Hunter series and her Dream-Hunter series that sometimes mingle together.

    I hate that I read the books so fast and then (what feels like FOREVER!!) have to wait until the next one is out.

    I don't know about you but, I wonder if she(Christine) will write a book for Nicolas? I loved him in Dark Secret and I really want him to have his own story. Is there anyone in particular that you want to see a story about?

    I would love to know if anyone else is an avid fan of Christine Feehan like Rosemarie and myself are?

    So please jump on in!!!!

    Sorry I get carried away when I talk about my 2 favorite authors :)

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  2. Treca

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    bump-a-dee, bump, bump

    didn't know if you saw this or not rosemarie


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