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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Did you have a hysterectomy? How did it affect you afterwards? I am curious and worried of course, my sister is going to have it done back home in Sweden, and I can only sit here and wonder.

    Do you eat hormones now and how does this affect you?
    Maybe it will have some benefits on my sister skinny appearance. Skinny looks good when you're younger, but she is 44 now, and it makes her look older than she is! A little "padding" will fill out her face,,,sorry, I am just trying to stay positive!

    Any info or input would be appreciated!
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    Hi- I had a non-surgical hysterectomy. I had radiation treatments for rectal cancer at the age of 40. Eveything is still there but non functional.

    I went into menopause within a month after the treatment. For me it was hard. The hot flashes were killers. I'd wake up and have to change in the middle of the night. Or get my hair and makeup on for work and sweat it all off before I could out the door.

    I had the mood swings and fatigue. I have been on Prempro for almost 11 years. I have tried to stop and after 2 months couldn't stand it and went back. Even tried cutting back but the side effects out weigh the risk for me.

    I know women who don't take the hormones and are fine. I think because of my fibro and CFS it has made it harder for me. I still get the sweats from time to time.

    I wish her luck, I know how hard it is to not be able to be there, you feel helpless. Just call her and send her loving thoughts. Carla
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    I heard that people don't suffer from migraines afterwards. That would be heaven for her, she has chronic migraines like me, and she is working with them, poor thing.

    I will think of her, and stay updated via my mom! Yes, it's hard to be away, I lost my step father from liver cancer (they think long-tern exposure to printer presses at the newspaper where he was the president) while living here in the states. It is iffy to not be there, although this one is just a surgery!
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