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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gramaT, May 3, 2006.

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    My DIL called from TX and said their little two yr old baby girl is sleepwalking two or three times a night. She hears her whimpering or walking down the hall, and picks her up and she goes "limp" in her arms. Then she puts her back in bed and it happens again an hour later. Her daddy is in the army and there are stresses there but who knows?
    Has anyone had this happen?

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    Just a suggestion and a ?? Do they live where there are steps in the house and are they protected by a gate during the evening hrs???

    This is what my mom did when they discovered that I was a sleepwalking tyke. Removed or padded all furniture in my room that had hard edge corners, made sure there was no way for me to open any windows during the evening.

    Got me a big stuffed german shepard that was laying done to sleep with and locked my bedroom door from the outside so that I could not get out and walk around the house and possibly hurt myself while I was doing this.

    When she first discovered that I was a walker she tried to figure out what was causing it, and after 2 weeks decided to try the stuffed animal thing.

    She told me after 2 weeks of have the dog I stopped walking and she thought that it was because I felt lonely when I was sleeping.

    She told me this when my oldest daughter started doing this when she was a tyke, so we tried it and it seemed to work for her also except it took a little longer about 3 weeks if I remember right.

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    Thanks for the help.
    I printed out your reply and will send it on to her.
    I think locking the bedroom door would be good and padding the floor around the bed, windows, etc.
    I heard of one person who went out and they found her up a tree. Her daughter does it and actually fell down the stairs in the night.

    Also, thanks Prickles for your response.


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