OT - Son Almost Got 3 Fingers Cut Off Today in Farm Accident

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Someone was really watching over my son today. He is my baby - a 6'4", almost 25 years old, who got married in March.

    He and my husband were working on (and underneath) a bush-hog (a piece of farm equipment). I still don't know exactly HOW it happened, but from what they would tell me, it was something that my husband did that almost cut off my son's 3 fingers on his left hand--and he is left-handed.

    He went to the E.R. and found out that they are broken. My daughter, who is the doctor, is afraid that the E.R. did not do a thorough exam. From what my son told her on the phone (she lives out of town), he could have some nerve damage since this equipment was so heavy. I don't think they gave him a tetnus shot either!

    I think he needed an MRI on his hand - but maybe they don't do that as an ER visit, I don't know. Maybe I am fussing on them, and her, too, because he's my son!

    One finger, he has absolutely no feeling in, one is very swollen and blue. The ER doc said that he may need to go see his family doc if the swelling does not go down under the nail--that they will need to drill a hole in his nail to drain all of the accumulated blood out to relieve pressure.

    I guess I'm just worrying about him too much, but, gosh, he's still my boy (only son) and I can't help it!!!

    I'm glad he did not have his wedding ring on! That's the worst finger of all--the one with no feeling. He told his wife he would wear it to work all week, but when he is farming in the evenings or on weekends, he is taking it off because he doesn't want it to cause an accident!!! (this happened to an uncle of his)

    Just something else to stress over!!

  2. BethM

    BethM New Member

    gentle hugs and prayers for a comlete recovery for your son. You are supposed to worry, it's what we moms do!

    Suggestions... Your son should see his family doctor for a recheck soon. Usually the ER suggests the patient see their own doctor the next day. He should have had a tetanus shot, unless he has had one within the past 3 to 5 years. The lack of feeling in his finger may or may not be a problem. He probably cut nerves when the fingers were cut, and it takes time for them to grow back, as they grow very slowly. Swelling can also cause numbness because of pressure on the nerves.

    Please encourage your son to see his family doctor soonest, ok? His wife is a doctor? How great to have her as a family resource!

    Let us know how he does through this, ok?

  3. 69mach1

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    hi janet i just had my son who is 15 years, just crushed his left index finger at the big knuckle. he had his surgery on monday the 15th, he has pins ands and a hinge on it so that will stay there for 6-8 weeks. they xray will telll the story for where the breaks are in you son's hand,

    coy, my son, he had numbing and swelling in his finger not much pain until his surgery and then he had only taken his vicodin for less than 2 days.

    he really crushed it badly at the knuckle, the knuckle won't be 100% again but he will have use of it.

    he actually gets his soft cast of tomarrow at 10:15am. the Pt at 11:30 am. he is doing ok, jsut wished he could be out playing football with the team.

    so if your son's finger is not broken at the joints he should heal up much better and quicker than my son. and be able to use it in a fuller functioning matter sooner.

    but the mri, i can't comment on because they didn't do that with my son, on an xray in the er.

    best wishes and your baby boy will fine, i know that was a big ouch! i know i didn't and couldn't fall asleep until the next day after 7:30 am. to much anxiety. jsut what i deal with to begin with.

    it broke my heart that he did that casue his father and just sent him to university of michigan football camp and he just beat out the 11the grader for the inside linebacker position so he was going to be the starter for the team. now he his going to miss at least half the season and possibly all of it. so he feels he let his team down.

    this is a boy who last year didn't know the names of any of the positions on the team except quaterback. so of course i'm a proud single mom. his father had played semi--pro footbal and had offers to the canadian league and over in germany france, adn tryouts for green bay, san diego and for got the others, but his dad was in the us coast guard and the wouldn't release him for vaction time becasue they were doing testing down in san diego, so much for the la combines. that is the same position his dad played. and cody loves playing and cody would wear his dad's football gloves and pads, the team nickednamed him "frosty,

    wellyour son will feel better in a couple of days.

    get some rest if you can.

    lots of hugs and sorry if i bored you w/my story.

  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Beth = thank you for your comments. I worried all night about him. I talked with him at length this evening about the importance of him having a recheck with his family doc. He's going to. He has had a tetnus shot within the last couple years.

    BTW, it is not his wife who is the doctor. It's my daughter (his sister). And ... it is great to have her to rely on! She gets a phone call immediately when something like this happens in the family! In fact, she advised my son on what the E.R. should do for him! She was UNHAPPY with how the ER treated him, too! Did you know that they did not offer any pain medication to him! His fingers were causing him tremendous pain, too! They gave him 600 mg. of Motrin!

    My daughter said that they should have at least given him 2 or 3 narcotic pain pills to take home so that he could get some sleep, at least, from those throbbing fingers -- and they were even broken!!!!! She said she knew it was just because he was a young guy, and they didn't want to give him any "drugs." This really made her angry. She said "this is what pain medication is for!!!!"

    jodieplace = I'm sooooooo sorry to hear about YOUR son's accident. My son's is not nearly as serious as your's is. It was really unfortunate about the football situation. I hope he has a speedy recovery and can play the last half of the season. And ... what a story about his father's football offers and tryouts!!

    My son will be fine in a short time. Hope "Frosty" gets along OK, too, and NO!, you did NOT bore me with your story! I found it very interesting!! Just hated it was about a painful incident for your son.

  5. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m so sorry to hear about your son`s accident. We farm too, so I know all the dangers farmers face with equipment. I think you have reason to be worried, it doesn`t sound like they are being very thorough. Why doesn`t he go in to an orthopedic doctor/surgeon and see what they think? That way, he will be checked out totally and you`ll know for sure what`s going on.

    We have an orthodpedic center an hour from here that does emergency care. You can go in anytime without an appointment if you have an injury that need immediate care. Check on something like that in your area.

    My husband broke his leg in 6 places in December. He was up on a ladder checking something on the bin and the ladder slipped on the snow. He had to have surgery and it took a good 4 monthes to recover totally but it is great now. He had to have a plate put in and about 20 pins. It was very stressful and I`m sure this is for your
    family too.

    It sounds like a serious injury and if it isn`t taken care of properly as soon as possible, it could leave permeanent damage. Go to someone else and get a second opinion.

    I`ll be thinking about you and your family. Let us know how he is doing.

  6. texasmaia

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    I had to giggle when reading your post because you sounded EXACTLY like me. We farm and ranch also. My oldest is 25 and my twins are 22. One of them is living here and helps nights and weekends on the farm. I KNOW what you were going through. Even your thoughts about the wedding ring etc. You can't diferentiate the concerns between a five year old and a 25 year old can you??

    We have had so many accidents and close calls. I know that God's angels watch over and guard my family daily.

    I pray you will find the true condition of his hand and that it is in a correct healing process today. I pray the pain will be minimal as well as the bills.

    Blessings Sister,
  7. louiesgirl2

    louiesgirl2 New Member

    I believe in prayer so I am asking the Lord to watch over you all.

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